Diary of Four Fathers

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

The body of this letter was drafted between Wednesday, June 15th and Friday, June 24th. The yellow highlights are events and comments posted since the original letter was written. The original letter was intended to be sent and received by Wednesday, June 29th

On or about August 7th

After three-plus years of research and prayer, the manuscript titled Four Fathers has been written and is complete enough to seek publication. In its current form the work consists of 500 pages and contains over 250,000 words. For a reference, that’s a third the word content of the Bible. Its controversial eschatological presentation addresses today’s politics, religions and poignant world events. My main reference is, and has always been, the Bible. Both Old and New Testaments warn us about the existence of evil and evil’s final rebellion against man and God. Four Fathers recognizes this final rebellion, its false prophet and the fallen angel who is responsible for its worldly existence – they too have names and a book. They are not waiting to make the grand appearance. They’re here.

Beginning eight years ago this summer, my life was pitched into multifaceted tribulations of greed, disease, death, disobedience, defiance, hatred and betrayal. I was both; a recipient and a deliverer of some these acts. Last July, seven years in, I found myself on my knees yet again, wallowing in the dirt which had previously been the makings of a very strong man – a rock. When enough people call you a liar and a lunatic you begin to believe them. In that month I found myself at the bottom of a seven-year downward spiral. Whether self-inflicted or not, it was brutal. I took it upon myself to find a resolve to the stress and seek outside opinions on the subject matter of Four Fathers. As it turns out, the stress management was resolved rather simply; the opinions on the manuscript…not-so-much. Little did I know how few were the people who give consideration to the books of Daniel, Revelation and other Scripture; scripture that describes the reality of evil men and lawlessness. Even fewer are those who have a basic understanding of this Scripture and who are willing to discuss it. So, why me..? After all, I’m just an ordinary man. What could I possibly have to contribute that hasn’t already been told or interpreted over the last 2,000 years? I guess we’ll know the answer to that by mid-August…

It’s been nearly a year since that very trying month. In that time, I’ve become a humbled man who has recognized the value of letting go of the strongman image and has instead embraced the one true Rock, the cornerstone of truth – The Son. Like nearly all Christians, I too suffer through moments of hypocrisy. As Christians, we know how we are supposed to carry ourselves and how we are supposed to treat those we encounter. Yet, we all fall short. No man can hold true to all the rules. God made that evident through the Israelites by imposing his laws – all 613 of them! It is by the Father’s law that men are instructed to live. These actions are anchored by the word of the Son who instructs us in them while, through love and grace, freeing us from their curse. He emphasizes that we are to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” And “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I’m the first to admit, I haven’t done a very good job of that but I’m trying. It is by the grace of Jesus that we are forgiven for these and other short-comings.

Why is it that the name Jesus makes people so uncomfortable? Why is it that even Christians will unanimously defend the love of God and the truth of his word yet withdraw and become silent and uncomfortable when God is addressed by name? Why is it that men, even the so-called elect (those whom he has chosen), look upon me strangely and wince when I say and write that God will fulfill the proclamation: “Behold, I am coming soon!”? I understand that those whom he has chosen are those who accept God’s gift of his Son’s sacrifice upon the cross and his resurrection three days later. The elect are those who believe in and follow Him as God.

The answer to the previous questions may be as simple as – fear of the unknown. Is it this fear that congers up terms like racist, intolerant, bigot, sinner, liar and lunatic? These are conversation stopping accusations typically used by those who have little other argument. Is it man’s fear of a dismissed God and their lack of understanding in Him that makes them almost universally recoil and skirt such politically incorrect (man’s terminology) conversations? Is it fear of being wrong in the interpretation? For some, the answer may be ‘Yes’ to both. An educated scholar might not believe in prophecy or determinism and the believer may not wish to acknowledge that evil will actually perish from the world – after all, they have soccer practice, graduations and banquets to attend. With all of our personal goals and pursuits, who has the extra time to seek the truth surrounding an unseen creator – God?

Recent headlines have given way to seemingly well-intentioned men like Harold Camping who have foolishly predicted and announced the day and time of the Son’s return. Yet, it is the Son himself who tells us that such a moment in time is not for us to know. The sixty-six books of the Bible have already been written and are complete. There are no new books or chapters to be added to or deleted from it. The Ten Commandments are exactly that – but one religion has ignored the warning of the Bible; not to add to or take away words from the prophecy of God’s book (Rev22:18-19). Three centuries after the apostles spread the gospel, the Romans gave in. They could not squash the Way of Christ. So, they adapted. To accommodate all of the statues and idols both admired and worshipped, the emperor Constantine found it necessary to completely delete the second Commandment about carved images. This change was ratified by the Catholic Church and it, along with seven additional books were added to the Bible in the 16th century. Today, there is no mention of that Commandment in a Catholic Bible. They simply moved the other eight Commandments up in order and split the tenth into two; thereby retaining ten (not THE ten) Commandments. Most of those who follow the Catholic tradition have no idea that their Bible has been changed by men who have taken it upon themselves to ignore the warnings which are plainly stated.

The reader may find it rather alarming when I point out the identity of the prostitute described in the Bible. Like all prostitutes, she sells a virtue that was gifted to her by God. Like the groom and his bride (the church body), her virtue was not gifted to us as a means to gather wealth. As for those who have knowingly changed his words; “God will add to him the plagues in this book…and He will take away from him his share in the tree of life…” (Rev 22:18-19). The views within these letters and Four Fathers are merely those meant to align historical events with biblical prophecy. Nothing written on these pages is intended to change the words or meaning of biblical writing. That being said, all that remains is its unfolding prophecy. If it’s political correctness you seek; put this down and pick up a copy of Bambi. It may be a little sad at first but it has a happy ending. This is adult time. This politically incorrect letter discusses life and death. It’s not intended to be fuzzy and cute.

Jesus instructs us to stay awake and keep our clothes (in the form of his word) close at hand so that we may not go naked and be shamefully exposed (Rev 16:15). He advises us to watch for him and recognize his word (and approach) that we may be blessed.

Sadly, many men misapply these instructions as a form of dismissal. To not know the day or hour does not relieve any of us of Jesus’ teaching; to look for and recognize his approach. Even many of the saints (the people of the Most High) close their eyes and ears to these times and events; times and events which have been described through scripture in order to assist us in recognizing his imminent approach.


“When evening comes, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,’ and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.’”

Matthew 16:2-3


            Just like the Christ Jesus standing before the Pharisees, most of today’s Christians cannot wrap their arms around the evidence and the signs of today’s times. They’ll firmly claim that the teaching of prophecy is absolute but will look upon men as mentally challenged when it is said that Christ’s return may be now…

In chapter 42 of Four Fathers, I summarize many of the signs given to us by Scripture and the historical event that seemingly fits their description, including but not limited to:


  • The Deepwater Horizon – Revelation 8:8 (see attached image)
  • Cholera in Haiti – Revelation 8:10-11 (see attached update)
  • Fukushima Daiichi – Revelation 9:1-6,11


These events have corresponding calamities that fall upon men during these times but not necessarily in the moment of the particular tragedy. Ask yourself this question; “After the death of a third of the world’s inhabitants, does it really take another sign to convince me God is approaching?” The signs are for all breathing men to see. If the events above do represent the sounding trumpets of Revelation, most of God’s faithful missed it. If they do not… I did.

These signs are obviously arguable. There is no definitive proof that they are or are not the events described in the book of Revelation. As it turns out, proof seems to be an elusive and quickly forgotten ideology of men. (see p.p.s.)

However, we have been given at least one slight bit of Scripture to validate the evidence… Revelation 9:1-11 has a time frame – it’s five months. Five months is a hundred and fifty days – the same number of days that the waters flooded the earth in the time of Noah (Genesis 7:24). One hundred and fifty days from March 11th (Japan’s earthquake and tsunami – Libya & Syrian uprising) is Sunday, August 7th. Biblically speaking Sunday, August 7th would begin at dusk on the preceding Saturday night.

From Scripture and definition we can ascertain that the Abyss emerges from within the sea. It was from the sea that the earth moved and the assumed Abyss opened on March 11th. It created a massive earthquake which triggered the now infamous tsunami. The devastation of the tsunami was well documented as was the unfolding events with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility. Within hours the overwhelmed power-plant lost its cooling abilities which resulted in three of its reactors to melt down. The meltdown caused explosions and fire. The smoke that rose from the power plant looked like that of the smoke from a gigantic furnace (which it actually is). And out of that smoke radiation continues to fall down upon the earth. Like a swarm of locusts, radiation falls upon a people who, for the most part, do not believe in the Father and the Son. The radiation falls upon the grass, plants and trees but its affects are unseen and the greenery unharmed. Thus far, only the people on the island of Japan have been tormented by the sting of radiation.

Although ongoing, the meltdown at Fukushima has been overshadowed by a woman named Anthony and a man named Weiner. Lost in the media driven hysteria are the Japanese people. Forgotten are the more than fifteen thousand confirmed dead and the estimated seventy-five hundred missing. The remaining Japanese people are not yet dying from the scorpion-like sting of radioactivity; they are just agonizing over its affects. In an OpEdNews article titled Nuclear Nightmare Worsens, the International Atomic Energy Agency is considering creating a whole new designation for the TEPCO disaster. Due to the more dense Japanese population, the devastation of Fukushima is rapidly outpacing the Chernobyl meltdown. The disaster has tipped the old scale’s maximum urgency of seven and has served cause to consider a new category… eight!


“…there would be at least six months of emergency stabilisation (sic), about two years of remediation and up to 30 years of full-scale clean-up. Furthermore, the high amounts of ground contamination at the site are raising concerns about the viability of individuals who are working at the site in coming decades.”

Wikipedia, Edward Morse, professor nuclear engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Like swarms of locusts, radioactive leaks devastate huge swaths of land and leave it desolate. The evacuation area covered by Fukushima’s radiation stretches out a current radius of 30 kilometers in every direction – that’s nearly 3,000 square kilometers or 1,750 square miles! The desolation of its affects reaches much further.

If the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is indeed the gigantic furnace described in Revelation 9, then the torment of its leaking radiation should begin to recede five months after its start. That’s on or about Sunday, August 7th. It may be something as anticlimactically benign as the successful implementation of a cold shutdown of the three melting reactors and the storage pools. It could come by way of another, greater tsunami. Or, it could be something much more sinister… Last week South Korea announced that it is likely North Korea has developed the technology to mount a nuclear warhead atop a missile. Like South Korea, Japan is deemed to be an enemy by the North. With Japan immersed in tragedy, they have been set back upon their heels and remain very vulnerable. And it gets worse… Fukushima’s torment was caused by a wave. A far greater menace is the alliance between two of the three evil empires that George W. Bush so accurately deemed the ‘Axis of Evil’ nations, North Korea and Iran. They share technologies and broaden the proliferation of missile and nuclear technologies.

The earth is a very troubled place…

While the end came like a flood to nearly twenty-five thousand Japanese, the rushing waters of woe continued on across the Middle East. As the world watched Japan’s houses float aflame upon the sea, Egypt slipped away while Libya and Syria rose up. With the arrogant commands of an undeniable admirer of Islam, the dictators named Mubarak and Qaddafi – who had been holding back the Brotherhood – were demanded to step down immediately. Doing so (so abruptly) bolstered the protestors and assured other uprisings and chaos in the region. With Obama’s fervor for immediate change comes the false promise of hope called a democracy (not that of a republic), assuring the political vacuum that has swept across the Mid-East countries like a flood. Keep in mind…Iran is a theocracy titled a republic that claims to be a democracy! Instead of the Arab Spring, the chaos in the Middle East should have been named the Summer of Floods…fitting considering the angst also being experienced in the Midwest and Japan.

Israel’s borders are seemingly all collapsing under the Summer of Floods. Libya is about to join Egypt and the Nubian nations of Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia; all of which are under the vicious Taliban-like rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. Like the Medes before them, the Egyptians, Libyans and Syrians are accused and documented to be looting and using rape as a weapon (Isaiah 13:16). Even more alarming are the reports coming out of the east and north of Africa (and Israel) – the West Bank and Syria (see Daniel 11:40-45). The Bathe party in Syria is pushing the Palestinians over the edge and the Palestinians are gearing up for a U.N. vote in September to be declared an independent state with un-negotiated borders. (p.s. see “Worries Grow Over Palestinian U.N. Bid”, Michele Kelemen, July 28, 2011)

The earth is a very troubled place…

Meanwhile, we’re distracted from all of this by the likes of New York State which is likely to join Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington D.C. and the Coquille Indian tribe in Oregon in signing into law the societal right of gay marriage. They all have progressed from an outdated and intolerant ideology of traditional marriage. In doing so, these states and tribes broadened the definition of marriage to rid their local societies of an inequality (so wrongly?) directed by the narrow-minded vision of the design and intent of men by God in 1 Corinthians 7:2… Alas progression! And, thanks to progress’ long-overdue arrival (via the current administration); the U.S. may actually become financially insolvent on or about August 2nd… It would appear that the ‘American Dream’ has been consumed by an earthquake of progression and a tsunami of entitlements.

God seemingly had the right idea when he instructed us to give ten percent to those in need by way of tithing. Yet, it’s Obama’s admired model of zakat (spread the wealth) that thrusts economic equality upon its people; no matter their efforts or risk. This is where I would normally say, “God Bless the U.S.A.!” But “Hurray!” seems more suitable. Someone should prep Lee Greenwood… the lyrics to his song seem to be intolerant and discriminatory to those of other religious beliefs and nationalities. Hurray for the U.S.A. seems to be much more fitting and does not infringe upon the beliefs of those who reside in and around the nation – our nation; the nation that Barack Obama declares is, “…no longer just a Christian nation.”

While the United States’ Commander in Chief utilizes 50,000 troops to hold up the sand walls in Iraq, he has an additional 94,000 troops chasing reformed opium farmers around the mountains of Afghanistan. This is no knock on our troops; most are selfless heroes. There is a time and place to use force by exposing our troops and it’s not in nation building. If and when we are to leave these countries, they’ll fold up like a house of cards and the sands of Islamic jihadists will flow right back into the void. Be it today or tomorrow, withdrawal gives way to the return of oppressive governance in the Middle East. (p.s. see: Middle East News, “U.S. Sees Iranian, al Qaeda Alliance”, July 29, 2011)

Then there is the U.S. ordinance being supplied, guided and dropped upon the ‘bad’ guys in Pakistan, Yemen and Libya. Can we continue to pick and choose the good side from the bad with the majority of remaining Islamic countries falling into civil war? There is no shortage. They include: Ivory Coast, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Bahrain, the Koreas and Syria. As if that wasn’t enough North Korea, Pakistan, India and Iran continue to churn their uranium centrifuges. Then, when the dust clears, what forms? What forms is another democratically appointed Islamic ruler who is bent on getting tight with Allah by implementing and strictly enforcing Sharia law.

The earth is a very troubled place…

Ask the world’s inhabitants who the holy mother is (intercessor) and the majority of them will automatically assume there is such a thing and blurt out the name of a woman – Mary. Over a billion of them will ignore the instruction of Exodus 20:4-5 by lighting a candle and bowing in worship to her image (as they’ve been taught). Ask the world’s inhabitants who the Holy Father is and the majority of them will regurgitate the name of a World War II era German military man named Joseph – who they call The Pope. A Google search yields similar results; holy mother comes up exclusively in the form of a woman long since dead and without biblical resurrection. Even more troublesome are the results for Holy Father. The first five entries give the title to a man named Ratzinger, the 265th man to be deemed infallible by a Roman-born, statue-worshipping, ritualistic tradition; a tradition which has become repulsively rich with its gold, real estate, and cathedrals.

Can anyone answer the question, “How does the worship of men, both dead and dying, glorify the Christ?” How is it that the Roman traditions and pagan rituals that predate Christ are so quickly accepted by men who call themselves Christian? What is Christ-like about traditions that fly in the face of the Bible and teach behaviors that absolutely oppose Exodus 20:4-5, Matthew 23:9, 1 Timothy 2:5-6, Revelation 22:8-9, 22:18-19 and scores of others?

The earth is a very troubled place…and it gets worse!

Ask the world’s inhabitants who the perfect man was and 1.7 of its 7 billion people will answer with the name of a man who led a gang of thieves, thugs and murderers. That’s right! Over twenty percent of the earth’s populations recognize this man as having some thirteen wives; one with whom he consummated marriage at the prepubescent age of nine! Nearly the whole world surrounding Israel believes that ‘perfect man’ to be the man of said miraclesthe false prophet – Muhammad.

The earth is a very troubled place…

I could have simply waited until August 7th before I wrote this. It is said that hindsight is 20/20 – both perfect and clear. But to wait seemed rather cowardly and selfish on my part. There comes a time in every believer’s life to Fight the good fight of faith or throw in the towel. It’s time to stand on my feet. As the manuscript awaits an audience, interest and opposition to it grows ever stronger. There are those who wish to know more and those who advise me to scrap the entire project. The prior ask me what we, as individuals and as a nation, should do next. The latter shake their heads in dismissal. It is the latter to whom I’ll admit; I’ve tried… Multiple times I’ve tried to shelve this book. With every attempt I prayed in our Lord Jesus’ name, telling him of my weakness and defeat. To date, without fail, my abilities have become renewed and I press on.

For those who are looking, my advice is simple; do as I’ve been advised by a graceful instructor – dust off your Bible (or buy one) and read the book of Luke. There are forty days between now and August 7th. The book of Luke is about 42 pages. During those forty days read and have the audacity to pray. Lock yourself in your room or your car if you have to and talk to Him like you would talk to your caring parent, loving spouse or trusted friend. Ask the intercessor – Jesus – the questions you have and share with him your fears. Pray in his name – he’s Jesus. Then, refer to Acts 22:14-16. What happens next is between you and God.

Whether we’re inside the prophetic hundred and fifty days of Revelation 9:1-11 or not, this is not a prediction to an end of time. If, on or about August 7th, the torment suffered by the Japanese people begins to recede (Revelation 9:1-6), Qaddafi’s power again shifts dramatically or Assad’s regime re-enacts the Hama massacre (Revelation 9:7-11); we’ll simply know that the Son is right outside time’s door (p.s. As of 7/27 it appears that B.O.’s economic policies threaten to implode the global economy). No matter what does or doesn’t happen on or about that day, there is no harm in reading one of the sixty-six books of the Bible. Just like my early days in searching, most people won’t know where to begin. The book of Luke is a great start.

I’ve been asked a rather remarkable question, “Which Bible do I use?” The answer is simple: if you wish to worship the body of a church, a dead woman and men claiming to be your father, read the bigger one which has 73 books including; Tobit, Judith, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach, and Baruch. If, however, you wish to worship the resurrected Christ, the lone redeemer, and the true God – leave upon the shelf any Bible containing the above listed books.

I’m going to circumvent the inevitable arguments and concede that the content of Four Fathers will likely not be any better accepted by the realization of the events listed. However, it is more likely that the entire volume will be dismissed if the Japanese are not relieved of their torment from the Fukushima furnace or if the Middle East leaders actually abandon jihad; however doubtful…

“If we decide to, we are able to move to Europe like locusts, like bees.”

Muammar Qaddafi, Friday, July 1st, 2011

What does a bee have in its tail? (Reference Revelation 9:7-11)

It should be noted: John the Baptist, wrapped by a belt of truth, ate only locusts and honey in the desert (Matthew 3:4).

It’s time to stand on what it is I’ve written: like David fighting Goliath, Four Fathers has confidently slung a stone at the proverbial evil giant – fully aware of the stark realities resulting from a hit and the dire consequences of a miss.

I’ve worked on this for over three years and in that time there has been little more than fear to dissuade me from its accuracy. Contrarily, with nearly every new day there comes a tsunami of supporting evidence. And with it is the confidence that biblical prophecy is now represented as historical fact. That being so; the resurrection of the Christ Jesus can now be seen and accepted as both belief by faith and by fact.

C.S. Lewis presented the liar, lunatic or Lord argument in his book Mere Christianity. His conclusion is that Jesus was …neither a lunatic nor a fiend: and consequently, however strange or terrifying or unlikely it may seem, I have to accept the view that He was and is God (refer to John 14:6).

In my past, I have given men reason to accurately call me both a liar and a lunatic. It is now that I attempt to follow a path that gives men little reason to make similar, ongoing claims as I am confident that I’m being led in the right direction by our Lord Jesus. For that statement alone I’ll be unjustly called a lunatic by many. I have prayed and continue to pray that these efforts do not mislead men.

If you’ve reached this point and the letter seems nonsensical and rambling; read it again. This time, read the referenced Bible verse (via Bible or Google) along with the content of this document. If it’s blue, look it up! You may find that what first seemed like babbling is the jarring reality that the Bible is authentic and the world is indeed within God’s control.

This letter is being sent to those with whom I have discussed, been questioned by or who have been sent previous bits of its content. It’s also being sent to those who may have a deeper insight in Scripture and who may be willing to convey how that truth relates to our world today. For privacy reasons, there is no shared list of recipients.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son… (John 3:16-21)

God Bless… In Him We Are Free to Serve,


R. Stetton


p.s.       After completing this letter, New York quaked:


“We reached a new level of social justice this evening…

This state, when it’s at its finest, is a beacon of social justice…”

Governor Andrew Cuomo on passing the Marriage Equality Act on 6/24/2011

            It should be noted that the original Charter for Social Justice was said to be delivered in a speech to 120,000 men and their families (reference Jonah 4:11). It was said to be delivered nearly 1,400 years ago by a prophet; his name was Muhammad. He is said to have delivered that speech in what is known as The Final Pilgrimage and he delivered it to what was the beginning of Islam and a people soon after to be called Muslim. Looking to the Middle East and Islam today, how’s that social justice thing working out? Isn’t it ironic that the city which was the target of Islam’s perverted version of social justice, as carried out on 9/11, was announced to be the beacon of social justice by its elected leader after the majority of New Yorkers voted in a modern version of God’s apparent outdated intent of union (…and the two will become one flesh) among men and women?


p.p.s.    On Wednesday, July 13th with a glaring fulfillment of Isaiah 6:9-10, the courts of New York cleared the way for the bird of prey (Isaiah 46:11) to build one of its nests on the very ground it cleared via Muhammad’s model of ‘jihad’ (jihad – to strive under any circumstances necessary) upon the people of ground zero nearly ten years ago on September 11th. This reveals the meaning of:

“Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.”

Matthew 24:28


Within the footprint left by the carcass of ground zero, at the hands of the murderous 9/11 Islamists, the vultures are gathering under the roof of a mosque with the undeniable cover of America’s freedom of religion – just like they’ve done with the erection of the Dome of the Rock and other abominations. They gather to pick clean the remnant of earthly freedoms and truths we have so cherished in a nation raised under God. It is true; men have eyes but cannot see, they have ears but cannot hear… (Isaiah 6:9-10, Act 28:26-27)


Never Forget has been forgotten…


p.p.p.s. Those who proclaim Christianity but fall short in their deeds may very well still be Christians. But those who proclaim Christianity and then denounce His teachings with their mouths are false – they are deceitful. Christians are to speak; not from their hearts but from their teaching – as Christ spoke…


“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Mark 12:31

“The entire law is summed up in a single command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Galatians 5:14


We’re instructed not to murder our neighbor (unlike Breivik) but instead; love our enemies and our neighbors as ourselves. Christians are instructed to love the truth which gives life and hate the falsehoods and lies which cause men to perish. With his own prostituted version of Christianity and his denunciation of the United States’ Christian identity, Barack Obama has bolstered the undeniable admiration of his ancestral Islam and may very-well have already defined his vision of Fundamental Change for the United States… If Obama is a Christian, he knows the only way to salvation is through the Christ Jesus. How is it that he, a self-proclaimed Christian, can deem something great that causes men to perish? “No” Mr. President, Islam is not a great religion!

There is no surprise that such a man can and has; divided our people, destroyed our financial credibility and emboldened the Muslim Brotherhood by driving and encouraging chaos in the Middle East. He has accomplished what many told me impossible just over three short years ago; he has steered our ship toward the abyss and has endangered the United States. And with it, he brings the global community to the brink of ruins.

The earth is a very troubled place!

On or about August 7th…don’t forget about the book of Luke!


Haiti: 5,547 cholera deaths as of June 25

The Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) has published another five days’ worth of cholera statistics on its Documentation page. We are now up to June 25.

On that day, MSPP recorded 968 new cholera cases with 516 hospitalizations. Six persons died, for a case fatality ratio of 0.6 percent.

Since the beginning of the outbreak in October, Haiti has recorded 370,630 cases with 196,007 hospitalizations and 5,547 deaths, for a CFR of 1.5 percent. Individual departments continue to have higher CFRs: 4.5 percent in Grande Anse, for example, and 5.7 percent in Sud Est. And the report notes that the numbers for Grande Anse are incomplete.

For purposes of comparison, if Canada (population 34 million) had experienced a proportionate outbreak of some infectious disease, we would have had 1.2 million very sick Canadians since last fall, and 18,000 of us would have died.


The Deepwater Horizon

“…Something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea.” Revelation 8:8


Wednesday, August 10th, 2011


Included is the original letter with post-script editing. Please take a moment and read what happened between June 29th and August 5th. If the original letter seemed like the babblings of a man possessed, try reading it again. This time, open a Bible or Google the referenced verses.

If politics bore you; please, read the first couple of lines and then skip right to page five…

On and about August 7th construction began on a giant tent to cover reactor No. 1 at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant; and the world was mauled by an economic bear…

The tent over reactor No. 1 is to; “…prevent rainwater from gathering and offer a barrier from possible leaks or blasts in the future.” Japan Today, Eric Talmadge, August 12, 2011. Due to more pressing news, the article was probably read almost exclusively by a numbed Japanese audience. The world’s media has once again looked away from the giant furnace in Japan and has been distracted by the economic demise of the United States.

In line with his Hope & Change campaign, Barack Obama delivered on his promise of Fundamental Transformation. And on Friday, August 5th the United States lost their leadership in the global fiscal role and has moved in the direction of PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain). Some are pointing fingers of blame at the fiscally sound minded elected officials that have merely slowed B.O.’s pace in his march to the fiscal abyss; with it, he drags the global economy.

There are many arguments being developed; most of them are allocating blame with hate speech. Remember what I said in my last letter? When the finger of hate (in the form of ignorant labeling) is pointed toward people, he who points it forfeits their position in the debate due to a lack of knowledge and no better argument.

In a moment of human triumph; Gabriel Giffords took her place on the floor of the U.S. Senate and cast her vote on the debt ceiling debacle. We all know her story. Gabby was out to meet and greet the people she was freely elected to serve. While talking to her constituents and their children, an untreated schizophrenic shot her in the head. All Gabby had to defend herself with was her trade-mark smile. Nineteen people were shot that day; six of them fatally. The youngest victim was nine year-old Christina-Taylor Green. Sadly, Christina is not the only nine-year old victim I’ll recognize in this letter; there is another. Both suffered at the hands of evil men.

Almost immediately, the fingers of blame began to point. The talking point became political hate-speech which, they said, motivated this psychotic man to shoot nineteen people. Does anyone remember the John Lewis article titled…?

“It’s time to dial down the political rhetoric.”

            It came in response to the Giffords’ shooting and the attempt to lay blame upon the language of a political ideology. The article was written by a man who sides with the current administration. Apparently, seven months is sufficient time to reverse their position on this line of thinking. In response to the S&P downgrade of the United States, the talking points on the weekend talk-shows included some rather colorful labels and descriptions on Conservatives such as; terrorists and holding a gun to the heads of Americans.

Where is the leadership of B.O. now? Where is John Lewis? Where is the compassion for Gabby, the woman who literally faced down a gun to her head and fought her way back to the very chamber that is suppose to lead this country?

The compassion has been lost in the struggle of arrogance; a struggle for political might.

On October 31, 2008 (Halloween), Barack Obama promised Fundamental Transformation of the United States. And he has delivered on that promise. He had two years of free reign. He held the majority in both houses while he sat in the Executive Office’s chair; he was three for three. There wasn’t even a thought of the Tea Party when he was elected. Upon their formation they were discarded as ‘Astroturf’ by then speaker Nancy Pelosi. Now, the newly elected, fiscally responsible members of Congress are the enemy (his words) of Barack Obama…


“If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us’…

Barack Obama, October, 2010


“The debt ceiling should not be something that is used as a gun against the heads of the American people to extract tax breaks for corporate jet owners, for oil and gas companies that are making billions of dollars because the price of gasoline has gone up so high.”

Barack Obama, July 6, 2011

It would appear that Barack has replaced, “…dial down the rhetoric” with “…gun to the head terrorists.” And on Sunday August 7th, that was the talking point by the administration’s talk-show speaking appearances.

Sorry Gabby, you’ve been thrown aside and trampled by Washington’s ignorance and arrogance. And you’re not all that they’ve tread upon…

Barack Obama cautions us not to hastily call men like Nidal Hassan (Ft. Hood shooter) and Faisal Shahzad (Time’s Square bomber) terrorists. He chimed in after the Tucson shooting and called on all Americans to ‘dial down the rhetoric’. But his leadership and memory are seemingly erased when his policies bring about divisiveness, gridlock and the first-ever credit downgrade of the United States. He’s been the undeniable captain of this ship for two and a half years…


“President Obama listened to Republican gripes about his stimulus package during a meeting with congressional leaders Friday morning – but he also left no doubt about who’s in charge of these negotiations. ‘I won,’ Obama noted matter-of-factly, according to sources familiar with the conversation.

The exchange arose as top House and Senate Republicans expressed concern to the president about the amount of spending in the package. They also raised red flags about a refundable tax credit that returns money to those who don’t pay income taxes, the sources said.”

Huffington Post, January 23, 2009

We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”

Barack Obama October 25, 2010


            Can you fathom the cries of “racist bigotry!” that would have risen if the very same remark had been made toward Barack Obama after he lost the House in the November elections?

Forgotten too are the consequences of wealth spreading by governance. Described as some sort of utopian dove, advancing entitlements is like pushing a Trojan horse through the gates of the world’s last line of defense. It’s a poorly disguised economic beast.

On Friday, August 5th, the beast, in the form of a bear, was released from his cage. S&P opened the door of an animal that had been fattening itself for years. In that time it had been poked, prodded and mocked. When the door opened it emerged, intent upon taking its pound of flesh. On Sunday, August 7th, the bear began to maul. First was a six percent drop on the Arab markets (they trade Sunday through Thursday). That night (the 8th) the Asian markets opened and the bear fed. By the close of the first day of trading, the global markets were down an average of six percent.

Just twenty four hours after it began its mauling, the beast ushered in the scraps of a promise made just moments ago in history:


“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Barack Obama, October 31, 2008


            On August 5th, our fundamentals were officially documented as transformed. For the first time in history the U.S. credit rating took a hit and dropped from AAA to AA+.

We had a friend stop by early in the week following the mayhem. She expressed her fears and fell back on the very thing that our parents fell back on many times in our history. She fell back on the belief that we are the United States and that we’ll pull through this. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the U.S. she remembered has been fundamentally transformed by the decisions and acts of a Hopeful Changer who was freely elected by a majority vote of its citizens. Like our troops in the field, that’s no knock on those who voted for him. He’s a deceiver. He promised hope and change but he never defined them. Just whose hope and what change did he have in mind? To support him upon election was understandable. To support him now is suicidal.

By the end of Bill Clinton’s eight year term, the debt of the United States was 5.6 trillion dollars and 56% of GDP. By the end of George W. Bush’s eight years, he and his administration increased the debt to 10.4 trillion and to 74% of GDP. In the 2.5 years of Obama, the debt has rocketed to 14.5 trillion and 100% of GDP. If Barack Obama were to stay in office, be re-elected and continue spending at the current pace, the debt would be 23.5 trillion dollars upon the end of his term. That’s 170% of current GDP!

Fiscal 2010 saw the U.S. treasury collect 2.2 trillion in revenue receipts (taxes) and spend 3.5 trillion. So far, B.O.’s checkbook has had to borrow 136 billion dollars per month to cash the checks he’s written. See the accompanying visual of what a billion and a trillion actually is in cash form.

Finally, credit agencies have sent their three-fold message to Washington; balance your budget, reduce your debt/deficits and govern responsibly. How can that be accomplished by a government that now spends 50% more than it collects? Do they increase taxes on corporate jet owners, oil & gas companies, and income earners over 200 & 250k? Do they eliminate the Bush tax cuts? Do they listen to B.O. and make all of us put some skin in the game by collecting a flat tax from the current 50% of U.S. citizens who pay nothing? Do they delay the eligibility of Medicare, Medicaid and social security recipients? Do they cut spending, get out of unwinnable wars, reduce government and eliminate collective bargaining from state and federal institutions?

The answer to all of these is, ‘Sure, go ahead!’

And it’s still not enough…


Annual deficit                                                             $1,300,000,000,000

Additional interest from credit downgrade                $   100,000,000,000

Just revealed added annual cost of Obama care         $     50,000,000,000

More tax on jet owners, oil & gas companies             $     70,000,000,000

Discontinue Bush era tax cuts                                                $   280,000,000,000

Flat tax on no-pays & non-filers                                 $   120,000,000,000

End the wars                                                               $   170,000,000,000

Extend out eligibility of M & M and S.S.                  $   120,000,000,000

Eliminate federal employee collective bargaining      $     52,000,000,000

Reduce federal workforce by 20%                             $     52,000,000,000

Remaining deficit                                                       $   586,000,000,000

Even if all the actions above were to be enacted, it would still take a combination of economic growth (greater revenues from a healthy economy), privatizing & taxing 25% of all current Federal programs (in addition to Obama care) and stiff budget cuts to fill the void of the remaining 586 billion dollars; thereby balancing the budget. Sadly, implementation of all the steps above would lead to street riots and bring the economy to a grinding halt. Look what austerity attempts brought to Wisconsin…

I hope this made it a little easier to understand the enormity of the debt/deficit issue and the reasoning behind our credit downgrade. With the Euro-economics imploding, it’s very unlikely we can cut government (austerity measures) & grow the economy (privatize jobs) enough to see daylight. The government’s last bullet is super-inflation. Keep watch, they’re about to dump yet more cash into the economy but they’re not going to do it by announcing another quantitative easement. Oh No! They’ve (Bernanke) announced 0% interest rates for the next two years. And that’s not good news, it’s a vehicle to infuse cash, reduce the value of the dollar and shrink the debt; with it goes your 401k’s, IRA’s and savings.



So, what does any of this have to do with Japan and the events of August 7th?

I’ll answer that question with a question; “Within my first letter, what would your reaction have been if I would have added a global economic plunge to the list of possibilities that would reduce or overshadow the torment caused by Fukushima?”

In their haste to dismiss me as a lunatic, many people mistake my belief, understanding and writing to be that of some kind of self-acknowledged prophet, fortune-teller, and/or outright nut-job. I’m none of those things. I don’t see visions or hear voices. I’m not schizophrenic or bi-polar. I’m simply a man who has been through life’s meat-grinder, only to be reformed. And I read… I read with the faith that God is who the sixty six books of the Bible say he is and that he’ll do or has done what he has promised to do – through those books. The Bible is the image of God and we are made in that image.

As my letter stated, I was confident that the 150 days following the tsunami would result in a grand event. Because I do not have visions or hear voices, I simply did my best to illustrate what might have occurred. Describing the imminent insolvency of the United States was obviously right on target.

As for Japan; the beginning of construction on the giant tent over reactor No. 1 (which began the week of August 7th) is to keep the rainwater from flooding the open reactor. Just as in the days of Noah, after a hundred and fifty days, the people around the plant are watching the waters recede and having their torment from the sting of radiation supposedly removed.

But then, there’s the economic bear. Just imagine a man who, after five months, has become numb to the sting of bees (stings in their tails – Revelation 9:10) only to be mauled by a bear. The existing numbness from the still striking bees seems meek in comparison to the horror of being torn to pieces by the bear.

In this way, Japan has forgotten much of the torment of the radiation oozing from the Fukushima plant only to suffer the much greater agony of being the bearer of nearly one-trillion dollars of U.S. debt. In an economy leaning upon 250% of debt to GDP (Japan), the Japanese understand that a global economic crisis will implode their economy; as will super-inflation and the devaluation of the dollar.

Although the reactor vessels at Fukushima continue to spill out radioactive torment, the event is all but forgotten by both the Japanese people and the world media. The articles  about the beginning of the tent construction could be found only in the Associated Press, the Daily Beast and the afore-mentioned – Japan Today. The title of the article was Contained – Giant tent being built over Fukushima plant’s No. 1 reactor. For most of the world, that news was a yawner. After two thousand years, men aren’t waiting for big tents; they’re waiting for meteors to hit the oceans. They are waiting to see a third of the oceans (meaning sea-water) to turn into literal blood. They wait for a time when a third of the sun and a third of the moon mysteriously and inexplicably disappear. Until then, the thought of Jesus’ return seems largely ridiculous. Might it be for this very reason that Jesus states he will come at an hour when we do not expect him? Matt 24:44

Two thousand years ago the Pharisees in Jerusalem looked upon Jesus, listened to his teaching, witnessed his miracles and then rejected him as the cornerstone, the Messiah (see Hadith XVIII). They refused to believe that what they were witnessing the Messiah in the flesh. In their fear, they nailed him to a tree (Acts 2:23, 5:30). By doing so they fulfilled prophesy (Isaiah 53). It was the Pharisees who, by their deeds, affirmed previous scripture. In doing so, the Ark of the Covenant was changed from stone to Son; from Moses to Jesus and from law to grace (Galatians 3:24-25, Colossians 2:13-14).

Two thousand years later it’s happening all over again. Most people scoff at me and mock my understanding (refer to Acts 13:41). They dismiss the evidence as coincidental and vague. Like the Pharisees, even the Biblically educated look upon these events and either can’t see it or refuse to acknowledge their biblical significance.

I went “all in” by taking the risk of writing a letter two months in advance of August 7th  (Galatians 1:10). I have faith that my understanding is not misguided. If I had any other motive in mind, it would have been about me and not about the one, true God. (1 Thessalonians 2:2-3). Can you imagine the amount of money that could have made by manipulating world markets before the weekend of the credit downgrade? I was sure enough to write the first letter and risk being called a lunatic. If it was recognition or money I was in pursuit of – I had my opportunity. But faith is not to be prostituted and used for profit – just as has been done by the Vatican and her daughters; daughters who are scattered and sit on many waters (with many people) around the world (Rev 17:1). As we’re likely to soon see, her storage of wealth, gathered by selling herself, is of little value (Mathew 6:19-21).

When I first started writing about this, it wasn’t about selling virtue and prostitution (or so I didn’t think). It wasn’t even about God or the devil. I started researching and writing because a man without a history appeared from out of nowhere. And he had his sights set on the Presidency of the United States; the most powerful position on mortal earth.

Just over three years ago I began warning people about that man. His name is Barack Obama. There was something wrong… It wasn’t just that he is way left; so is Hilary Clinton. It wasn’t because he is black; so are Colin Powell & Allen West (of whom I admire greatly). No! Something was wrong with Barack Obama’s pursuit of the Presidency because he was and is deceitful. I know that is a heavy accusation but it’s accurate. Liars are deceitful and Barack Obama is a liar. Men can call the tail of a dog a fifth leg, but it’s still a tail… In this manner, Barack Obama claims to be a Christian (as does the perversely splintered Pope, his priests, and Warren Jeffs). He admires, promotes and invites the lie that causes men to perish. By biblical definition, the liar “…is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist – he denies the Father and the Son.” 1 John 2:22

That man includes Muhammad – the prophet Muhammad.

I can’t speak of the other truths or lies within Barack Obama. But, what I can speak of is that he undeniably admires the nation built by the liar who, by definition, is the Antichrist. He has assumed the role of Jesus as the Morning Star (Isaiah 14:12-15, 2 Corinthians 7:14, Qur’an 86:3*).

On August 31, 2009 during a dinner to celebrate Ramadan, Barack Obama called Islam;


“…a great religion and its commitment to justice and progress.”


There are some who argue that Obama was just being politically correct. But Obama is not naïve to Islam. He was fathered by a Muslim and he was raised like a Muslim, in a Muslim community; including attending Muslim schools. Barack Obama knows that Islam denies Jesus’ deity as the Son of God. And as a self-proclaimed Christian, he knows the only way to God is through Jesus. How then, can the most powerful man on earth lead so many people to perish by acknowledging the ways of the liar Muhammad and describing those ways, those marks, to be great?

At best, he’s horribly mistaken. And at worst…he knows exactly what he is saying. His fathers were Muslim. And, coincidently, out of that sea of people arose Barack Obama; Barack Hussein Obama.

Also coming out of the sea (the abyss) is Allah. Allah was an angel of God’s. To the prophet John, he looked like a lion with wings like an eagle. That is, until they were torn off and he was thrown to the ground (earth). It is there (on earth) that he stood like a man; with the heart of a man (Daniel 7:4).

Just exactly what are lions in the Bible? Consider the following:


“I am in the midst of lions; I lie among ravenous beasts – men whose teeth are spears and arrows, whose tongues are sharp swords.”

Psalm 57:4


“The lions may roar and growl, yet the teeth of the great lions are broken.”

Job 4:10


“Break the teeth in their mouths, O God; tear out, O Lord, the fangs of the lions. Let them vanish like water that flows away; when they draw the bow, let their arrows be blunted.”

Psalm 58:6-7


“A nation has invaded my land, powerful and without number, it has the teeth of a lion the fangs of a lioness. It has laid waste my vines and ruined my fig trees…”

Joel 1:6-7


“Their hair was like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lion’s teeth.”

Rev 9:8



The ravenous beasts referred to as lions are men. Their teeth are spears and arrows. Their tongues are swords. They are terrifying in their words and appearance but the weapons in their hands are broken and useless against God. Like the bitter water of a contaminated flood, they flow away. Just as prophesied twenty-five-hundred years ago, they’ve grown into a massive nation who has laid waste to the men of God’s creation. Their turbans flow like women’s hair. Their spears and arrows have become tanks, guns and bombs. And leading them was the lion beast; whose spiritualistic wings were snipped and he was raised to appear as a man.

As a man possessed by the devil, he hid in a cave – like a bear. He had the bones of three kings in his teeth; subdued by spears and arrows (teeth). They were the kingdoms of Sheba, Dedan and those of Tarshish (the sum being Arabia). His hunger for flesh was insatiable (Dan 7:5). Like Barack Obama, he was a man without history and his appearance was consistent with that of a man who just crawled out of a cave.

He arose out of the sea of people in the Middle East. He uttered proud words and blasphemies (Rev 13:5) as he spoke of a god unknown to his fathers (Daniel 11:37-38). He, guided by the foreign god Allah, spoke like a dragon. He is one of two horns, the two bears; Muhammad and Abu Bakr, his companion in the cave (hadith XXXI, 10, 9). These two clearly state (in the image of Allah – the Qur’an) that Jesus was a prophet of Allah (Qur’an 5:75) and that he did not die on the cross (Qur’an 4:157). This image (the little scroll {Revelation 10} – the Qur’an) proclaims that God has no Son (6:101 & Chapter 112). The Qur’an also proclaims that the Trinity (which Allah and his prophet deny) consists of the Father, the Son and the Mother (Qur’an 5:116). What prophet of the one true God could confuse the entities of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Spirit)? Maybe one who could neither read nor write and who was raised in the 7th century A.D. as a merchant on the Arabian trade routes? And maybe the very same one who spent those years within the borders of the Roman Catholic region of the Middle East, a traditional Rome that had been practicing its man-made rituals in that region for 300 years prior to Muhammad’s appearance?

He knew of Christianity only that which Catholics practiced. He could not have learned it from his father; he died before Muhammad was born. He didn’t know the God of his Father’s. Neither did Barack Obama learn of the God of his father from his father. Senior abandoned his wife and son when junior was only two. Barack learned about the god of his father’s from his step-father, his school and his community. The God of his fathers was Allah. It is there that he studied the Qur’an.

In chapter 1 of the Qur’an, there are seven verses. These seven verses are the covenant of Allah (the dragon) to many; approximately 1.7 billion breathing people. These ‘seven’ are the Oft-repeated verses; the verses repeated during Muslim prayer. They are repeated seven times, five times a day; for a grand total of thirty-two times a day. {This was very likely part of the prayers from Muslim’s during the pray-in at the White House on September 25th, 2009}

They are also the seven thunders spoken of by the devil, described as “like a lion” in Revelation 10:3-4.

The verses outline the entirety of Islamic teaching. In the middle of the seven (Daniel 9:27) the image of the beast (Revelation 9:14-15) gives the following command:


“Thee (Allah) do we serve and Thee (Allah) do we beseech for help.”

Qur’an 1:4

In doing so, Muslims serve the dragon and they look to him for help. By following Allah and his false prophet Muhammad, Muslims forfeit the gift of life and the ransom offered by the Christ Jesus. Instead, they turn to the dragon (Satan) who, for them, will put an end to the sacrifice and offering (Daniel 9:27) of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. And on a wing of the Temple Grounds, followers of Allah and his prophet Muhammad set up the abominable shrine – the Dome of the Rock (Daniel 9:27). Within that shrine sit Allah and his prophet; masquerading as God (2 Corinthians 7:14).

Then, of course, there is ‘the Muslim prayer’:


“Allah is the greatest.” (repeat four times)

“I bear witness that nothing deserves to be worshipped but Allah.” (repeat twice)

“Come to prayer.” (repeat twice)

“Come to success.” (repeat twice)

“Allah is the greatest.” (repeat twice)

“Nothing deserves to be worshipped but Allah.” (repeat twice)

“Prayer is better than sleep.” (repeat twice)

Then there comes the indicting statement…

“O Allah! Lord of this perfect call and ever-living prayer, grant to Muhammad nearness and excellence and raise him to the position of glory which Thou hast promised him.”

The Muslim Prayer Book, Maulana Muhammad Ali

Again, I refer the reader to Isaiah 14:12-15. Muslims don’t speak to their Lord as their father. Islamic prayer is primarily scripted.

Ask yourself, “Just how much power does the Qur’an (the image of Allah and his prophet) have over Muslims?”

It speaks for Islam and all who refuse to worship it are to be killed (Revelation 13:15).

Warren Jeffs was just given a lifetime jail sentence for having sex with his spiritual wives; wives as young as twelve years old. He has thousands of followers that continue to believe in him and support his actions. The prophet Muhammad had many wives as well; thirteen. His youngest, Aisha, was committed to him at six years old. Their marriage is said to have been consummated in her childhood at age nine (Biography of Aisha Bint Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, Dec 31, 2008, Christine Beniafquih). Yet, Muhammad is known by approximately 1.7 billion breathing people as the perfect model.

The promise of God offers all of us the free gift of grace and forgiveness through the blood of his Son – a blameless, perfect man – our Lord Jesus. The command of Allah calls for jihad and a ticket to paradise earned by way of the spilled blood (murderous deeds) of those who refuse to worship Allah and his prophet Muhammad (refer to John 16:2-4).

Islam’s perfect model spoke of a god foreign to his fathers (Daniel 11:37-39). Muhammad’s father died before his birth; he never knew him. Nor did he know his father’s God. He did not sacrifice his own life for the lives of his people. Instead, he was killed, but not by human hands (Daniel 8:23-25). He robbed people of their lives, the lives of their sons, those of their daughters, and robbed them of their possessions. He is not the one desired by women (Daniel 11:37). Muhammad, the man who by trade was a merchant, began his rise by pillaging the caravans on the trade routes he knew so well. His murderous slaughters began in the north with the merchants of Tarshish; moving south to Dedan (Medina) and then to Sheba (Mecca) {Ezekiel 38:12-13}. In the process of subduing these three, Muhammad changed the calendar system from A.D. (a time of Jesus) to A.H. (a time of Muhammad). This is the time and date of his pilgrimage from Mecca to Medina with Abu Bakr, his only companion. It is there that the two bears shared the same cave. It is of these two that the world came to know the laws of the Qur’an and the institution of Sharia law – a change to the law instituted by God and given to Israel. Muhammad was the 11th (Daniel 7:24-25)… He appeared after the ten settlements established by the sons of sons of Noah (Ezekiel 38). He is the little horn (a man versus a tribe) of Daniel 7:8!

His reign went unchallenged from the end of 628 A.D. until he was slain (not by men) in April of 632 A.D. (Rev 13:5, Dan 7:11)

Although stripped of Muhammad’s authority, the remaining nations of Islam live today (Dan 7:12). They believe the lies because of the strong delusion of Muhammad’s counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12) as listed in the Qur’an and the hadith that supports it.

I love the Muslim people… but I detest Muhammad’s religion – Islam; the lie!


“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil…”

Romans 12:9


Walk into any Catholic church and up on the wall you will see a man nailed to a tree. That carved image represents the limited ability of those dead and dying. It represents a mere man, not our resurrected Lord, whose image cannot be sculpted by the hands of men. Consistent with Catholicism is the teaching that the ransom paid by the Christ wasn’t enough in itself to redeem men. The man seen on the cross is un-resurrected, he still bleeds and the sculpted image is limited in scope, power and glory.

How does any man sculpt the glory of our Father God and Lord Jesus?

According to the second Commandment (Exodus 20:4-5, Deuteronomy 5:8-9, and deleted by Catholic Bibles), they cannot.

To further Roman tradition and diminish the glory of the resurrection, the sculpted man on the cross still bleeds in yet another way; transubstantiation. This is the magician’s act (Deuteronomy 18:10-12) that supposedly turns ordinary wine and bread into the actual blood and flesh of Jesus. So, a man who adopts the title of our God in heaven (Father – Matthew 23:9) churns his magic spell (Deuteronomy 18:10) and the blood of a man continues to flow, his flesh torn away and consumed by misled traditional ritualists who act as some sort of mystical blood-drinking vampires & flesh eating werewolves!

Jesus certainly did not drink his own blood nor did he eat his own flesh! Jesus drank wine and ate bread with his apostles in remembrance of the sacrifice of his blood and flesh that would be spilled the following day. The miracle of Christ is not that he was severely beaten, nailed to a cross and murdered. This fate fell upon untold thousands throughout history. The miracle of the Christ is that his bleeding came to an end upon his death, with the last of his blood poured over those who pierced him and he rose again to sit at the right hand of God.

The many men who have adopted the title of God (Abba, Father) even go so far as to suggest that the abilities of the resurrected Jesus are not enough in themselves to redeem the lives of the church’s followers. Rather, they teach their church body to call on Jesus’ dead (Deuteronomy 18:11-12, Isaiah 8:19) earthly mother to pray for and hasten their redemption.

Just like biological fathers, the so-called fathers of the Catholic Church are a mix of; gentle caring men – mean, abusive men – and outright assailants. And tradition dictates that the Pope, known as Papa or the Holy Father, is infallible; all 265 of them! The one true Father is in heaven. He is forever compassionate, merciful and loving.

Most who practice Catholicism will undoubtedly consult their priest after reading this. One of their favorite arguments is that ‘over a billion people can’t be wrong’. I have two responses to that; if that argument were valid, Islam, which is nearly 50% larger in members, would be the correct way. The other is Matthew 7:13-14…

I love the Catholic people… but I detest the Roman Emperor Constantine’s Catholicism; it is a falsehood. Roman Catholicism is the mother of all other falsehoods (false religions).

There is no malice intended to the people of Islamic or Catholic faiths; they have grown exclusively on the man-made traditions that their religions have fed them. They are to be loved as are my Christian brothers. I have family and friends who are Catholics, agnostics and, atheists; and I love them all the same. I have no friends who are Muslim. By command of the image of their foreign god and his prophet, I (as a Christian) cannot knowingly be befriended by a Muslim (Qur’an 3:28, 4:144, 5:51, 81). Thankfully, on occasion, the human heart trumps the false traditions of man and allows a genuine love to make null and void the commands of evil. Those who overcome are slaves no longer.

With all true hope, the love of neighbor will triumph and those having been misled will look in a new direction. The manuscript and these letters are my signatures of love for my neighbors. I don’t wish for anyone to suffer or perish from falsehood and lies. I hope I have helped some to understand;


“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven…

a time to be silent and a time to speak,

a time to love and a time to hate,

a time for war and a time for peace.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7, 8


The hundred and fifty days since the tsunami have passed. The giant tent is being built over Fukushima Daiichi and the water there is said to be receding; as is the torment from the sting of radiation upon the Japanese people. Now, the world teeters on the brink of foreign, domestic and economic rioting and chaos.


“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

Matthew 24:37


“At the end of the hundred and fifty days the water had gone down, and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.”

Genesis 8:3-4


The seventeenth day of the seventh month would be 197 days (6 x 30 + 17 = 197) from March 11th which is September 23rd (my daughter’s birthday). Over time, God’s ark has taken on three identities; the ship, the box and the promise. The ship carried those who God saved by faith. The box carried the laws in which no man can or ever could uphold. The promise is Jesus; he is the ship that carries me. If things transpire as they did in the days of Noah, it would seem He and those that he carries somehow come to rest on September 23rd.

Before the reader gets too far ahead of themselves, there is more to Genesis 8…

With the five months behind us, the first woe is past. The Bible says there are two woes remaining (Revelation 9:12). But Revelation 11 tells us about the two witnesses of God; those being Jesus the Christ and the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is that of those who have delivered his image. They are the prophets of the Bible; prophets like the authors and those of story – like Elijah, Jonah and John the Baptist. Elijah controlled the rain. Jonah was killed, lay dead for three days (in the belly of a beast out of the sea) and was raised again. The seven thousand killed in the earthquake (Rev 11:13) were the same seven thousand reserved by God (1 Kings 19:18) and resurrected (Matthew 27:50-53), and who reigned with Christ a thousand years (Rev 20:4-6).

This was the second woe (Rev 11:14). In our time, it came first…

When the thousand years were over (first millennium), Satan was released from his prison and ushered in the Dark Ages, the Crusades and the Ottoman Empire. The dragon has tormented the world ever since. He is about to join the beast out of the sea (the people of Islam and all of the previous six kingdoms; Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, and Roman {Rev 13:1}) and Muhammad in an eternity of torment (Rev 20:10).

I have now shown my cards to forty-some individuals; some are brothers, some are neighbors, and some are teachers of the Way; the Christian Way. There still remains a 500 page manuscript that clumsily (I’m no C.S. Lewis) gives evidence to the views I have shared with you here. There are billions (literally) of people who don’t have any of the insight within this letter. What you do with it is between you, God our Father, and our Lord Jesus. I mailed out the first letter six weeks prior to the giant tent construction at Fukushima and the downgrade of the United States’ credit. Three years before that, when I first began to write, I told my family and friends that Barack Obama, if elected, would likely be our last freely elected president. We’ve been given a few events to watch for in the Gospels of; Matthew 24:4-8, 15 and Mark 13:5-8, 14 and Luke 21:10-11, 20.

How’s it looking so far?

September 23rd is forty days away. Just like the tsunami and the furnace smoking at Fukushima, I have my own thoughts about that day. However, this time, it’s up to the reader to decide what that day may or may not bring.


R. Stetton


p.s.       Recently, I was a witness to a conversation about Tim Tebow. Within the group of men it was stated that the only admirers of Tebow were right-wing, religious nut-jobs. How sad is it that our society has stumbled so far as to describe the admirers of one of today’s most talented athletes, an upstanding young leader, and a morally accountable young man as nut-jobs. While the world admires socially deplorable assailants like Brandon Marshall, Ben Roethlisberger, and (post-edited) Jerry Sandusky – young men of honor and faith like Tebow are sneered at because of their upstanding character and their conviction to the Lord our God … Really?

Really! After Tebow was drafted and left the college ranks, the NCAA banned the trade-mark type Bible verses that Tebo valiantly displayed in his Eye black.

Is there not a shred of compassion left out there?

For the record; I’m a conservative, evangelical Christian; meaning – everything goes through the Bible filter. What flows through is truth. What gets caught up is falsehood or lies.

Catholicism is like dirty fuel; there is some truth that flows through but there is enough falsehood to clog the filter and cause the follower to lose faith in the one true redeemer, the Son.

Islam is not fuel at all, it’s dirt. There is no power in it; it’s nothing more than an eternal grave or abyss. Being bottomless, the abyss reaches the lake of fire (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12).

I’m a conservative, evangelical Christian. But, if you must, go ahead and call me a right-wing, religious nut-job; if you must…

…the Bible promised many would (John 15:18-27).


We promised to Never Forget 9/11. On that day, Islam pushed (to strive under all circumstances – jihad) their way into the West by slamming those occupied planes into the Twin Towers. In doing so, they struck a blow to the very heart of America’s capitalism and markets; markets that have so brilliantly shined within her freedoms. In the last few years, capitalism seems to have become a dirty word; as has – fat cat bankers (B.O), hedge fund managers (B.O.), corporate jet owners (B.O), oil company executives (B.O.), Wall Street (B.O.), millionaires and billionaires (B.O.).

Is it just me or does it seem that the target of Islam – capitalism – has a shared enemy? Which social justice is being served; that which is promoted by Manhattan or that which is targeted in Manhattan? In his policies and recent talking points, has Barack promoted or targeted capitalism and free markets? In his deservedly earned credit downgrade, did he promote or target capitalism and free trade? In his vision of zakat (spread the wealth), has he promoted or targeted our foundational base? With his Obama care, did he encourage privatization or Federal Unionization?

The political winds have shifted in an ugly direction and the United States of America has experienced a promised fundamental transformation. Isn’t it time for someone to ask, “Just who do you stand with Mr. President?”

When asked, the answer can be found in writing:


“I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama

*Hadith XVIII: 13-15 – “The other corners may also be kissed, but the kissing of the Black Stone, the cornerstone of the Ka’bah, is one of the chief features of the pilgrimage. Jesus Christ was referring to this very stone when he said, ‘The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner’ (Matt. 21:42). It is, in fact, an emblem, a token, that part of the progeny of Abraham, Ishmael and his descendants, which was rejected by the Israelites, was to become the cornerstone of the Kingdom of God.”

There is evidence that the stone built within the corner of the Ka’bah is the very stone, broken and burned, which was discarded from a house of Baal in 2 Kings 10:26-27. And we know Jesus was describing himself when he quoted Isaiah…


“See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation…”

Isaiah 28:16


“The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.”

Psalm 118:22


“The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.”

Matthew 21:42


*Qur’an 86:3 – “The star of piercing brightness”

English Translation of the Qur’an and commentary by its author Maulana Muhammad Ali, 86.3.3a, page 1201, “Tariq (from tarq, striking a thing) originally signifies a comer by night… It may be added that Tariq is also the name given to the morning star.”

This is the exact quote from the English version of the Qur’an and the commentary of its translating author. As stated earlier, Muhammad is the false prophet who attempted to unseat & replace the Lord Jesus. The Bible warns us of him in the book of Isaiah. For his efforts, Muhammad was killed by the sword of the Lord’s mouth and was thrown alive (2nd death) into the lake of burning sulfur (Daniel 7:11, Revelation19:19-20). His Lord, the dragon, is soon to follow.

It should be noted: the book of Isaiah was written around 700 B.C.; that’s 700 years before the appearance of Jesus, almost 1,300 years before Muhammad, and 1,350 years before the compilation of the Qur’anic verses.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This is the third in a series of letters. The previous two were dated June 29th and August 10th. In order to keep the literary content as brief as possible (like the previous two letters) most applicable verses are referenced by book, chapter and verse. I highly recommend having access to a Bible as you read this. For those who are interested, the manuscript of Four Fathers contains a twenty-some page summary of “Disturbing Qur’an Verses”, which are stand-alone statements and can be easily searched on Google in reference to those in this letter.

            I have also included an updated page 7 for the letter dated August 10th. It further details and combs through the tangled web of those who make up the beasts in Daniel 7 and Revelation 13.


On the morning of December 7th, 1941, the United States was attacked by an enemy who wished to unseat it as a socio-economic powerhouse and open up greater natural resource channels for themselves. They were advancing westward and the United States stood in their way. The target that day was the 7th Fleet in Hawaii. Like the attack on Pearl Harbor, a not-so-new enemy attacked us on the morning of September 11th, 2001. Unlike the Japanese, the enemy directly attacked our socio-economic heart. They bypassed our military and dropped their bombs of terror in the heart of Manhattan. But this time, unlike the Japanese, the enemy wished not to gain resources or pre-empt an attack as a defense of their citizens. No! This time, the Soldiers of Allah descended upon Manhattan and Washington in order to revoke our freedoms and to fracture the very foundation of our beliefs; that of God the Father, the Son, and steal-away all of the God-given rights we’ve cherished under that roof. In doing so, those nineteen men commandeered weapons that not only looked like birds of prey but were piloted in a manner mimicking birds of prey. Their actions were consistent with the teaching of their fourteen hundred year-old General, Muhammad. It’s been ten years since that attack. It’s also been nearly ten years since those initial battles which have grown into what will likely be man’s final war.

Like the Japanese’ cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, this one will likely end with fire descending from the heavens (2 Kings 1:10, 12, 14 – 2 Chronicles 7:1 – Isaiah 30:27, 43:2, Revelation 13:13).

Note: Rev 13:13 fire is caused by the beast out of the earth. It’s not brought or directed by his abilities… He is and always has been the cause and source of sin, the lie, which causes men to perish.

Like most, I was quick to laugh aside the existence of the one true God. To me, the Bible was just another compilation of mystical fairytales, dreamed up by superstitious old men with little else to do. I’m not laughing anymore. Through the Bible, we can recognize history’s multiple stories and events; realities that we were told would happen only to realize that they have happened. There is a devil and he is recognized as a god. He is the dragon who recruited a loathsome General. The General was an illiterate nomad who became recognized as a prophet. In turn, that prophet created an army. The army consists of men, women and children who are committed at birth to enter into the ranks as military soldiers. According to their prophet; “Their first word is Bismillah…” – “In the name of Allah.” (Qur’an, pg. 1, commentary of Maulana Muhammad Ali)

They are known by their mark – Allah, Muhammad, and jihad. Together they make up the religion of peace.

Ten years ago, those of the mark, the S.O.A.’s (Soldiers of Allah) murdered three thousand people. They were acting on their promise to fight them until there is no more persecution, and all religions are for Allah (Qur’an 8:39). In doing so they literally brought down the most powerful nation on earth. Like snipers, they have strategically placed their soldiers and spies in our cities, our schools, our planes, our Congress and in our nation’s Executive Office. Though he may proclaim otherwise; the actions, writings and words of our Commander in Chief reveals that he “…is winning the future…” for the General and his god.

The religion of peace is a nation; a nation of its own politics, religion, calendar and laws. It’s a nation in a perpetual state of war. It devours people of its own and those of its neighbors. It’s a nation at war in the countries of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. On their heels are the countries of Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan (again) and Yemen. Then, there’s Palestine…

Though not yet a country, they are pressing the U.N. hard and fast. Backing the Palestinians are the superpowers of China, Russia and the terrorist state of Iran. Pushing them over the edge and over Israel’s borders are Syria and Egypt. Squeezed between Syria and Egypt is the tiny nation of people who, just as God promised, have been persecuted for over three-thousand years – Israel. (Leviticus 26:32-39)

Surrounding Israel are the countries of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine (West Bank), Jordan, Iran (Red Sea battleships and submarines), Egypt, Palestine (Gaza Strip), Iran (Mediterranean battleships and submarines) and Turkey (Mediterranean ships). Israel is again surrounded by her enemies. They are surrounded by the S.O.A.’s and the divided nation of Islam. And, this time, they are surrounded by a nation that has survived twice as long as the Roman Empire. Islam seemed to have died with the dissolution of the caliphate (an all inclusive Muslim governing body which institutes the constitution of Islam and insists upon the implementation of Sharia law) after WWI. But, without question, it came roaring back to life. Islam is and always has been divided (post Patriarchs) by differing beliefs of the right to leadership and governance but they’re united in the call of the Qur’an to: “Fight them; Allah will chastise them at your hands and disgrace them…” (Qur’an 9:14). Allah (Islam’s god) commands Muslims to fight; not in battles just of ideology but in battles of flesh, blood and death. There are those who defend this type of fighting as a struggle.

To understand how Islam is to deal with their struggle, refer to Qur’an: 2:191, 2:216, 3:151, 4:89, 4:104, 5:33, 8:12, 57, 65, 9:5, 9:30, 38-39, 73, 88,111, 123, 25:52, 33:60-62, 47:4, 48:29, and 61:4, 9. Then, refer to Bukhari 8:387, 52:177, 220, and 256; Abu Dawud 14:2526, 2527; Muslim 1:33, 8:387, 19:4321-4323, 20:4645; Tabari 7:97, 9:69. Finally, there is always Ibn Ishaq: 327, 990, and 992…

Unlike the God of heaven, Islam’s god, the god of this age (2 Corinthians 4:3-4) delivers his punishment by lies, deceit, and death at the hands of his mortal believers.

How does that statement go? “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” that is – until my enemy is dead. Then, “my friend is again the enemy.” That summarizes the sects of Islam.

Three times in the book of Ezekiel, God calls on a character he refers to as Gog. Gog is the pronoun or synonym for leaders (point-men and generals) of ruthless armies of men, those being similarly named Magog or those who follow Gog. The first of these described men is the General, Muhammad and his Magog force, the Muslims (Ezekiel 38:12-13). The third Gog describes, in detail, Hitler and his Magog force, the Nazis. The mysterious one is the man in the middle (Ezekiel 38:14-23). This man or these men is and are working their evil now. On the cover of my manuscript, there are three pictures of four fathers. The images are that of Barack Obama, Joseph Ratzinger and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The blank, open-space is that of the one true Father. He is our Father in heaven and he is unseen.

Barack Obama has stated that the devil and his General (Islam) have developed a “great nation.”

Joseph Ratzinger (the current Pope) teaches that the effort of Jesus’ sacrifice, his blood upon the cross, and his following resurrection is incomplete and, on its own, insufficient for Catholics to receive redemption. He (the Pope) bows before the image of a woman, whom he un-officially speaks to as a co-redeemer, and in turn, has his followers bow to him (contrary to: Revelation 19:10).

Full of superstitions, his worshippers see the Pope as divine and they take pride in their man-made rituals. The Vatican and her daughter churches are full of silver and gold; there seems no end to their treasures. The message they carry is abounding in cathedrals; houses which stand on nearly every shore. Swimming in wealth is the nature of their lands; lands full of idols. They bow down to the work of their hands, to what their fingers have made. (Refer to Isaiah 2:6-9)

Then, there’s the Holocaust denier in Iran. On August 26th, in speaking about Israel, Ahmadinejad said, “There is no room for you (Israel) in the region. Recognition of a Palestinian state is the first (emphasis) step in the liberation of the entire Palestine.”

So, which of these four fathers might be earth’s final Gog in the flesh? Have you figured it out yet?

We know that God is God (The Father) – it can’t be him. And we know that the beast (all of Islam and the previous six Middle Eastern empires before it) hates the prostitute (Catholicism, Mormonism and all other isms that morph the teachings of the Christ Jesus). They will eat her flesh (like the Eucharist formed by transubstantiation) and burn her with fire (Revelation 17:16).

So, it’s not (just) Ratzinger – he’s simply a manufactured falsehood of a man-made tradition that has fire brought down upon it (and its church) by the beast; that beast being Allah and his nation.


“They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to give the beast their power to rule, until God’s word is fulfilled.”

(Rev 17:17)


The reference ‘leave her naked’ is for over one-billion Catholics who have been dissuaded, by their church and its priests, from reading the Bible. And those who do read it; read a Catholic version that has been altered, edited and added to; in order to adopt and incorporate the already existing paganistic traditions of the Roman Empire (hence; Roman Catholic). I have actually been told by a Seminary educated professional that the Bible I carry is not all there is in regard to God’s word to man. In itself, if accurate, that statement would nullify the entire Bible by contradicting one of its final and ultimate warnings as is stated in Revelation 22:18-19.

No! The evil one that many biblical people expect to appear is not Ratzinger.

And, it can’t be the prophet Muhammad – he’s already dead – killed not by human power.

It can be noted that one of the reasons that Islam is so divided is because the entire nation looks to the Qur’an, which they claim is pure and unchanged. But each sect recognizes its own supporting hadith (what Muhammad was heard to have said) that is contradictory, even more inflammatory, and nearly endless in content. With Catholicism and ever-changing Church doctrine, they too incorporate other teachings (just as the Seminary student stated) to alter the biblical word in order to accommodate their culture, positions, and traditions. In this manner, Islam and Catholicism have similar flaws. Each relies on men to add to and to delete from non-conforming books and statements as their tradition finds need. One of these religions created an entirely different book that challenges the basics of the Bible. The basics of the Bible can summed up as simply as; Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, and mind. And, love your neighbor as yourself. (Refer to Matthew 22:34-40) The opposing book calls on its followers to mirror the perfect model Muhammad and advance Islam by striving (jihad) in any means necessary. The perfect model Muhammad was a General of an army – an army that killed those of non-belief. Before you balk, read the book. It has seven directives (main themes) that diametrically oppose the two greatest commands of the Bible. Both of those commands are to love.

There was a reason that John was told to “Seal up what the seven thunders have spoke” (Refer to Rev 10:2-4). Those seven thunders were the seven lies that make up chapter 1 of the Qur’an. They outline the entirety of that little scroll (one-tenth the word content of the Bible).

The Bible tells of man’s existence; both through history and through that of what is now realized prophecy. Within its pages is revealed nearly a four thousand year history of people, beliefs and empires. Literary compilations like the Qur’an, Catholic canon and the Golden plates of Mormonism appeared (or were said to have appeared) centuries after the apostles rested their pens (quills). The twenty-three years of Muhammad’s warring history represented by the Qur’an can be found prophesied nearly twelve hundred years earlier in the book of Daniel. Muhammad makes his appearance in verse 21 of chapter 11. From that verse through the end of the chapter, it reflects Muhammad’s battles with the caravanning merchants, the rulers of Medina (of the north) and Mecca (of the south). It goes on to describe Islam’s battles with Pope Urban’s Catholic Crusades, battles of WWI, and the latter U.S. conflicts (all considered as ships of the western coastlands). The jihad (fighting in the defense of) presented by the Antichrist Muhammad, is that which Daniel warned us about six centuries before the arrival of Christ. Verses 36 through 39 further match the described king to the recorded life of Muhammad. And events described in verses 40 through 45 are being enacted by the remaining beasts (the lion and the leopard’s descendants) at this very moment in time.

Daniel wrote on papyrus. Muhammad’s companions wrote on the bones of dead animals and, two hundred years ago, Joseph Smith claims to have unearthed some nether-to-be-found golden plates. And, the Catholic Church documents their seemingly abundant and endless corrections and revelations via current-day word processors and electronic printers.

These are the conclusions as supported by history, not solely by my understanding. The Bible describes God’s undying love for you and me. It also warns us of falsehoods and lies; falsehoods like the Catholic Bible, Ronald Weinland, and Joseph Smith. It warns us of the lies of Muhammad and the little scroll, the Qur’an. I know how much that must sting for anyone who has been raised to believe anything other than the Bible.

Truth is not contradictory. If its contradiction you seek, step out of God’s arena and into that of the god of this world, the Lord of the earth. He has an ‘ism’ to appeal to any taste.

Now, let’s get back to revealing the final Gog, shall we?

By eliminating Ratzinger as a candidate, we are left only with the two leading candidates; Obama (free world) and Ahmadinejad (Islam). While Mr. “O” leads the Islamic nation(s) into a political abyss, Ahmadinejad mops up the spoils of a frightened, leaderless and vulnerable people. This is right out of the satanic playbooks; playbooks such as Mein Kampf – written by Hitler and the Qur’an – compiled by Abu Bakr, the companion of Muhammad. Remember, the General was illiterate.

While one shakes up the mix arousing and distracting the bees, the other collects the honey. Today, Obama does the shaking and Ahmadinejad collects the power. His terrorist nation is dipping its fingers unto the waters all across the region. They are taking advantage of the chaos, building the Muslim Brotherhood, and organizing the Soldiers of Allah – S.O.A.’s.

The brotherhood has spread across the region like a cancer; a fourteen-hundred year-old cancer. From the south of Somalia to the north of Turkey and into Chechnya is the brotherhood. From the west of Morocco to the east of India is the brotherhood. From the southwest of Ivory Coast to the northeast of Kazakhstan is the brotherhood. And from the rapidly growing Islamic populations of the northwest (clear into Norway) to the southeastern point of Indonesia is the brotherhood. The latter is the boyhood home of young Barry Soetoro (sic), is the brotherhood!

And, right in the middle of them all, is Israel. Surrounding her are the biblical lands settled by Noah’s sons and descendants. They are the ancient lands of: Cush, Put, Tarshish, Meshech, Tubal, Togarmah, Gomer, Persia, Sheba and Dedan. The map has been redrawn and the geographic lines of conquest have moved but the territories of these lands remain the same. Refer to the red and blue dots on image No. 1.

Overlay a biblical map onto Africa, the Middle East and Europe. What erupts off the page is a nation, a great nation; the nation of Islam. Some four hundred-plus years before Moses, God promised that Ishmael (older half-brother to Isaac) would be the father of a great (large) nation (Genesis 7:20). In the seventh century A.D., Ishmael’s promised great (large) nation had been realized and was transformed into Obama’s great (admired) nation by a man, a self-proclaimed prophet who did not know his father because his father died prior to the man’s birth. Nor did he know the God of his father’s (Daniel 11:37). Nor did he know the God of his father’s father because his grandfather also died in this man’s early childhood. Adding insult to injury, his mother died when he was just two years old. It is then that he was given to his uncle, the merchant, to be raised.

In the seventh century A.D., an angry and parentless nomad – named Muhammad – wandered about, pillaging the merchants he knew so well; killing, enslaving and raping its people. His conquests included all of the land and people between the Persian Gulf, the Mediterranean Sea, The Red Sea, and the Arabian Sea. He controlled all of what is Saudi Arabia today. His anger, lust and unquenchable thirst for flesh went unsatisfied by the mere conquest of Arabia. After his death, the thirst of Islam continued to spread…

The silver signet ring that Muhammad (the bear of Daniel 7:5) wore on his right hand was removed and given to Abu Bakr, the companion of Muhammad in the Cave (Hadith XXXI, 10, 10.9) He was the second bear and the second horn of Rev 13:11. The ring had Muhammad’s seal on it and it read:





Because Muhammad was illiterate, it was necessary to seal his letters and documents with a mark that made his documents identifiable as genuine. His mark, listed above, reads; “Muhammad – Messenger – Allah”. (Note: I’m pursuing the theory that the original symbols written by John (for 666) read “Muhammad-Messenger-Allah” in Arabic. To date, I’m lacking only the confirmation on “Messenger”. The other two have been confirmed. )

This mark was passed From Muhammad to Abu Bakr and from Bakr to the succeeding Muslim Patriarchs. It rests today with the entire nation of Islam.

It should be noted here that the seal of the God of heaven was and is the Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1:13-14).

In 2 Kings 2:23-24, the Spirit of God, known as Elisha, called down two bears out of the woods (out of the trees or people) as a curse upon the earth. They mauled 42 of the boys that mocked Elisha. Could the boys they mauled represent the forty two months that the beast exercised his authority (Revelation 13:5)? Coincidently, Muhammad’s rule went largely unchallenged from December 7, 628 A.D. until June 8, 632 A.D. Maybe it was the two witnesses (Rev 11:3-4), Jesus and the Spirit of God (which won’t include  the likes of Ronald Weinland), who stood before the Lord of the earth (the beast) for forty-two months. We are confident that these two witnesses are Jesus and the Spirit – by two means; first – Jesus says so in John 8:18 and second – there is no witness of God but God and those who, through his Spirit, have already recorded what His will wished to convey. It is by this very understanding that the witnesses of God are his two – Jesus and the Spirit; plus the forty authors who embodied the Spirit of God. The sum of these being the forty-two witnesses of God. Then, of course, there is the most likely answer about the forty two;

“In fact as many as forty-two of the Companions are related to have acted as scribes for the Holy Prophet.”

Qur’an, Introduction 7, Purity of Quranic Text, pg. I-57

Jesus taught from the age of thirty until his crucifixion at the age of thirty-three. Although his birth date is unknown, its setting is described as being in the cold of winter and celebrated in December. His most likely date of crucifixion was April 3, 33 A.D. Turning the clock back forty-two months places the beginning of his witnessing in the beginning of October 629 A.D.

These two bears who brought the curse are most likely the same two identified as horns in Rev 13:11. Unlike Jesus and the Spirit (John the Baptist, Elijah, Jonah, and others), who prepared the way; these two demons ushered in the curse and the promised delusion sent by God in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 (sent for those who delight in wickedness). As the Qur’an states in 9:40, 40a., “We are two, but God (Allah) is in the midst a third.” This quote was made in a cave when Muhammad fled from Mecca to Medina. In that cave, and fleeing with him, was Abu Bakr. The three entities in that very cave were the false prophet – Muhammad, his second – Bakr, and the spirit of the fallen angel – Allah (aka Satan).

It was Bakr who ordered the image of the first beast(s) Allah (the lion-beast in Daniel 7:4, Rev 10:3) and Muhammad (the bear-beast) to be set up (Rev 13:14-15). Allah was the first beast out of the sea (followed by all of his demonic angels) and Muhammad was the first beast out of the earth. And he (Bakr) had compiled the supposed revelations of Muhammad in the form of the Qur’an. Upon his death, Abu Bakr passed the cursed silver signet ring to Umar and from Umar to Uthman and from Uthman to Ali. These are the four heads of what John recognized as a leopard beast. The words of Muhammad were carried on the wings of four men;

“Anas reported that the holy prophet died while none had collected the Qur’an with the exception of four men: Abu Darda, and Mu’adh ibn Jabal, and Zaid ibn Thabit and Abu Sa’id.” Qur’an, Introduction: 7, Purity of Quranic text, 7.2, pg. I-65 and Bukhari 66:8

These are the four wings of Daniel 7:6.From these men, the Patriarchs, grew the empires of the Umayyads, the Abbisids and the Fatimids. They were the beginnings of the seventh empire to occupy the territory and people of what is now and was Israel (following the Romans, Greeks, Medo-Persians, Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians). They, too, have grown into the eighth and final worldly empire to surround and torment Israel. They have risen from their apparent death (Rev 13:3) with the dissolution of the Ottomans in WWI. The raging seas (the vast, angry people) which make up the Nation of Islam are also the fourth beast to appear in Daniel 7:7. Within it are Islamic countries that occupy the ten settled territories of Noah’s descendents. Of these ten, three were subdued by Muhammad. (Refer to the blue dots on Image No.1). And of the ten, all suffer the unquenchable thirst of blood and power begun by the religion of Muhammad. They thirst and perish because the well they drink from produces only bitter water; it’s water poisoned by Wormwood (Rev 8:10-11).

“The Holy Prophet (pbuh) had the power of divination…He as well as all of his companions who did not leave Mecca were banned from all kinds of social activities, such as having relations with, buying from, selling to, and conversing with anyone except Muslims for three years. The polytheists of the Quraish wrote a testament declaring their decision and agreement and hung it on the wall of al-Kabat-al-Muazzama (aka the Kab’ah). Allah, the Almighty, caused a little worm (wood borer) named Arza to eat the written voucher. The little worm ate it completely except the small part where Bizmik-Allahumma: (In Thine name. O! my Allah) was written.”

Prophet Muhammed’s (sic) Miracle, by Administrator, Friday, August 7, 2009


Not only do current Muslims believe Muhammad to be capable of divination (like the Pope), they believe in a worm named Azra who ate through the wooden sign (Wormwood) leaving only the phrase “In Thine name. O! my Allah”. The star named Wormwood (Revelation 8:11) is none other than Allah! But, I’m certain this will be dismissed as just another coincidence.

The more bitter water that delusional people drink, the thirstier they get. From these waters, many men die. Those who continue to drink from this well are deluded, enraged and forever tormented…

The next section describes the ten horns of Daniel 7:24 and the identities of Gog in Ezekiel 38 & 39. It’s important but can be confusing and may slow the flow of this letter. It can be skipped and then referred back to.



Aroused, like a hive of bees smacked with a stick, are the war-torn people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. Syria and the West Bank are about to spill over in blood and war. They are the territory of what was Gomer. (See image No.1)

Desperate – are the starving wanderers and pirates in the deserts of Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan (both North and South); formerly – the territory of Put. Split – are the people of Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt; formerly the land of Cush. Split – are the countries of Turkey (western was Meshech and eastern was Tubal). Murderous – is the terrorist state of Iran who was and still is Persia. The Persian territories also encompass parts of Pakistan, and India. Terrified by Iran are; Bahrain, Jordan and Saudi Arabia; all formerly Sheba, Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish. Silent are the battered countries of the former U.S.S.R.; Georgia, Armenia, Chechnya – the old Togarmah. Related to (Beth) them are the dissidents to the east of the Caspian Sea; the ‘stans’. Beth-Togarmah is the sum of the Muslim countries that split away from the former U.S.S.R.

Alarming – are the S.O.A. groups of; Hamas, Hezbollah, PA (formerly P.L.O.), al-Qaeda, AQAP, al-Jihad, Boko Haram, Ansar al-Sharia, al-Shabab, the Haqqani network, and the Taliban. All of these people, tribes, and nations follow and obey the beast’s laws of Sharia and the memoirs of his image – the Qur’an.

And, right in the middle of what is known as the ten, is Israel. And, in the middle of Israel is Jerusalem (see Zechariah 12:2-3). It is there – between the people of three religions (the seas) of Christianity, Islam and Judaism – that the devil and his prophet have pitched their tent (Dan 11:45). It’s called the Dome of the Rock. It’s a shrine honoring Allah and his prophet; the beast who many mistakenly recognize as God. The devil who sits there has taken on many identities and has embodied many (all) evil men. And, in a rage, he sets out to kill many – using these evil men and their armies as his instrument for war. Few were as heinous as Hitler. But…

Hitler (Gog) is dead. So are an estimated fifty to sixty million people who were caught in his wrath. They died at the hands of his armies (Magog) and the armies of his axis powers – Hirohito and Mussolini. The Prophet Muhammad (Gog) is dead. So are billions upon billions of history’s S.O.A.’s (Magog) and the infidels and saints they murdered. By their actions and beliefs (the mark on their right hand or forehead), both liar and saint are sealed to either; suffer a second death or participate in eternal life; there is no third option; want to or not, men cannot opt-out. The difference between the two destinations resides solely in whose seal they have accepted in their lives; God’s or the devil’s.



 It is none other than the one true God who could utilize a mere man (a prophet of God) to write three symbols which would be both a statement and a number XE5’.

  • In Greek they mean “666”.
  •  In Arabic they resemble (from right to left) –“Muhammad – Allah – jihad”

(Wisdom guided by God’s War on Terror, Walid Shoebat)

 X – “And know that paradise is beneath the protection of the swords.” Bukhari 56:22. Translation – Paradise lies within the shadow of Allah’s murderous men.

E – Arabic (rotated counter-clockwise 90’) for the actual name of Muhammad’s god – Allah.

5’ – The closest image I can type that represents the symbol written by the apostle John. Depending on the exact script it means either Muhammad or In the name of.


(Note: If the X represents Muhammad’s illiterate mark or signature, the symbols would read – In the name of Allah, Muhammad)


  • In the Qur’an, these symbols lead us to the verse:

“O you who believe, save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is men and stones; over it are angels, stern and strong. They do not disobey Allah in that which He commands them, but do as they are commanded.”

Quran 66:6


This may be one of the very few near-truths in the entire Qur’an. The devil is the Lord of the earth, the god of this world. He was once adorned by God, like Enoch. Then he was removed, like Enoch (see Idris, Qur’an, 21:85, 85a., 38:48, 19:56-57, 57a.) and thrown down to the earth along with the rest of his rebellious angels. It is he, the devil, who wishes to direct his demonically stern angels in the pit of fire. But it is he (Allah) who will soon join his twice dead prophet Muhammad, Hitler, the mysterious third Gog, and the entirety of their Magog (followers) into the lake of fire. In that lake, he won’t rule; he’ll simply burn. He’ll burn just like everyone and everything else who shares the mark with him. Day and night, they’ll be tormented (Rev 20:7-10).

In that lake are the antichrists – those who deny that the Christ Jesus is the Son of God. They are those who believe in a deity other than the Father and the Son. They include those who have no opinion or who hold a belief in any God. Of their own choosing, they’ll die a second death by denying, mocking and ignoring his gift of life. Naysayers might argue that I can’t possibly know that. But, unless everything I’ve written is mere coincidence, the Bible and all of its content must be true. And if all of its content is true, so are these statements which come from that book. Can I be the judge of who will be considered a sheep and who considered a goat? No, of course not! That has been left solely to God. However, it does appear that the stamp selected by many people is quite obvious.

Which stamp do you bear? Ask yourself these three questions, “Do I believe that Jesus Christ sacrificed his life as the sole ransom for mine? Do I believe that a crucified Jesus defeated death by his resurrection three days later? And, do I believe that the only way to the God in heaven (The Father) is exclusively through the Christ Jesus? If you struggle with answering these, it may be time to look in a new direction. I have faith that the stamps can be changed from one to another by choice. It was just eight short years ago that I debated against the existence of the God in heaven. If you are reading this, there may be time remaining to look in a new direction; the choice is yours and yours alone. But the window is soon to close…


“The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ And let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.’”

Revelation 22:17

There are no coincidences… even the scholar cannot calculate the statistical odds of history matching prophecy as it’s been presented here. History is history; it’s not subject to editing. As for those stubborn-hearted, there’s this:


“Abu Hurairah reported, The Prophet said: ‘Allah did not raise a prophet but he pastured goats.’”

Maulana Muhammad Ali, Manual of Hadith, XXIV, 1, pg.256


In itself, that’s no big thing – right? Wrong…

Not every morsel that fell out of Muhammad’s mouth was a lie. One thing is true, Allah did not raise him – he was not capable. One of the five scripted Islamic prayers is the Adhan which calls on Allah to “…raise him (Muhammad) to the position of glory which Thou hast promised him.” Muhammad was killed (but not by human hands) 1,379 years ago. So, why do billions of Muslims still call daily upon Allah to raise just one man? They do so because the devil cannot overcome death. Muhammad is dead; he was destroyed but not by human power (Daniel 8:25). He was not raised. With his body destroyed, he was “thrown into the blazing fire.” Daniel 7:11

By Muhammad’s own words, those pastured by Allah are not sheep, they are goats. Goats are put on God’s left and they too are thrown into the same pit, into the same fire, and suffering the same fate as the devil.


“When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his throne in heavenly glory. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

Then the King will say to those on his right, ’Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world…’”

“Then, he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels…”

Matthew 25:31-34, 41


Men known by the Son are sheep – his sheep. Men unknown by the Son are goats. Sheep are known by the seal upon their foreheads and accountable for the acts (deeds) upon their hands. Although we are known by our beliefs and practices, we are saved only by our faith, by the seal of God on our foreheads. As offensive as it may sound, all of the self-less sacrifices of Mother Teresa did not earn her access to heaven. The mark or deeds of the right hand cannot buy salvation; the mark of God is acquired by faith and faith alone. There are articles that declare Mother Teresa advocated the elevation of Mary to that of officially being recognized as Catholicism’s co-redeemer. If so, her fate is in doubt and known only to God. The point is – no man can live by the 613 commandments to earn a seat next to God. It took the people of Israel over a thousand (some would argue 3,000) years to prove that. Eternal life comes by only one method and it is summed up in these two words…Jesus Saves. Somehow, it doesn’t sound quite so trite anymore.

One of the things that keeps me awake at night are my friends and loved ones who believe they are stamped by God with the seal of the Son. Yet, they defend the rituals of their tradition; rituals that the Bible deems contrary to the will of the Father (like the Catholic faith of Mother Teresa). For them, I’ll try again. The following verses are not my words; my words can be doubted. These words are true… and somewhat frightening to me. Please understand – I too fear God.


“And why do you break the command of God for the sake of your tradition?”

Matthew 15:3


“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’”

Matthew 7:21-23


The last three-plus years have been exasperating in trying to relay our unchangeable history and unfolding current events as biblical prophecy. It seems that no matter the amount of historical evidence, realized prophecy or coincidently matching of current events; men seem to be locked onto the false belief that they are in control. It’s as though they can rid the world of evil by not speaking it, not hearing it, and not seeing it.

Speaking of feigning ignorance; just this week, the Washington Post reported that, according to a new U.N. inspection; Iran (is) Accelerating Nuclear Program. The strongest Islamic and deadliest terrorist state on earth is advancing their religion of peace by the peaceful production of highly enriched uranium; production now into its fifth year. The product, they claim, is for medical purposes. That’s why they have the centrifuges buried deep inside recently built, bomb proof bunkers.

In similar headlines, Turkey has removed their Israeli ambassador and cut all military cooperation with Israel over the Gaza Flotilla raid last year. But I’m certain these recent events are merely coincidental. J

Just as the love of God is real; so is the hatred of evil – no matter one’s willingness (or lack thereof) to acknowledge it. Political correctness is for politicians. It is they who attempt to please everyone. But the man who places his own power and acceptance before God is out to please men – only men. He’s not out to please God. As the reader has already come to understand, these letters and Four Fathers were not written to please men (Duh!) but to point to the truth of God.


“Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

Galatians 1:10


 The truth is not a slave to politics and it is sometimes brutally intrusive and painful. Jesus was crucified for it.

Of course, there is another argument. It goes something like this…


Men like me are hateful bigots who go crazy after life runs them over and spits them out. Their drug of choice is God and the vehicle they use (to run people over with) is the Bible. Their conclusions are coincidental and applicable only by convenience. No just God would allow war, disease and starvation. “I find it hard to believe that my God would consign four-fifths of the world to hell. I can’t imagine that my God would allow some little Hindu kid in India who never interacts with the Christian faith to somehow burn for all eternity.” Barack Obama, 2004.

Of course, there is no God, and there is no Allah. There is no Buddha, Supreme Being, demons, devil, or creation; there’s only evolution, imperialism, bigotry, intolerance and global warming. Even the New York Times columnist Bill Keller likens God to space aliens. He sums up the GOP candidates pretty well by saying this of Perry, Bachmann, and Santorum; “…raise concerns about their respect for the separation of church and state, not to mention the separation between fact and fiction.” Barack Obama was a step in the right direction; a king of Christian-Muslim mix. He’s a man of much needed progressive tolerance and reason. Now, if we could just get more people to listen to his reasoning and fall in line with his policies. The world would be a much better place with more men like Barack (Barry) Hussein Obama (Soetoro), Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, and Bill Keller!

Men, creatures, the sea, the air, and the earth all began with a massive explosion billions of years ago and we have evolved, accidental and godless to this point. And now, we’re gonna kill everything off very slowly by driving SUV’s, burning coal, and over-heating the earth (that last part is true – it was just reported that archaeologists excavated a Tyrannosaurus-Rex; still strapped into the driver’s seat of a Hummer!).

So what if the Hebrews were enslaved and released? So what if they lived in Israel for over a thousand years before they were dispersed? So what if someone predicted (via the Bible) the events of August 7th? So what if Israel was gathered as a nation again 1,900 years later? So what if they retained their original Hebrew language? So what if the nations around them follow a foreign god and a murderous prophet who claimed to be a perfect model? So what if Muhammad was a General who sought the slaughter of men to advance his religion? So what if 3,000 people died at the hands of his S.O.A.’s ten years ago? So what if we’re involved in three un-winnable wars? So what if Libya builds a post-Gadhafi constitution incorporating Sharia law? So what if Egypt performed virginity inspections after the riots in and around Tahrir Square? So what if a particular religion condones honor killings? So what if Islamic justice (an oxymoron) dictates that they bury women up to their necks and stone their protruding heads? So what if there are three nuclear S.O.A. countries teetering on the edge of chaos? So what if Barack Obama is enthralled with Islam? So what if he was raised there under two names? Even if he is or was a Muslim… SO WHAT?  This is America, remember? You know… freedom of religion and all that.

Who are we to dare question the President’s past, religious persuasion, and his choice of friends and mentors? Who the hell do Americans think they are anyway? Haven’t we had enough of those war mongering, Bible thumping old white guys? Isn’t it about time we incorporate those of all beliefs; complete with absolute social and economic equivalence? Get over it! This is the new, fundamentally transformed United States! Get out of the Dark Ages! Anyone could make history conform to those ridiculous Bible fables. Didn’t one of them actually say a man was swallowed by a whale only to be spit out a few days later? What the hell? Yuck!  Who could possibly accept a man who was killed by a beast out of the sea (like a beast out of the abyss), only to be thrown back into the land of the living?

Those stories are like astrology – vague and all encompassing. We should all take a lesson from the Mystic Apes; as long as we feign ignorance, evil men will leave us alone. All that religious stuff is why the world is so horrible now anyway. If only we could progress faster and get rid of religion altogether – the world would be a much better place…

You know… a better place – like one without having to rely on a grid-locked government. Thank God (he that doesn’t exist) for Barack Obama who is undeterred by the ridiculous formality of a congested Congress. His loaded House of Representatives and the Congress may not have passed the basic human rights of amnesty for lawless men and protection of the earth via cap & trade. But, by the stroke of a pen, an Executive order, and seven new proposed EPA regulations (additional $100 billion annually), he strives to deliver on what he promised by implementing my image of change and that of the world’s Hope.

“What I believe in is that if I live my life as well as I can, that I will be rewarded. I don’t presume to have knowledge of what happens after I die. But I feel very strongly that whether the reward is in the here and now or the hereafter, the aligning myself to my faith and my values is a good thing.” J Barack Obama, 2004



Yes, we’ve all made such arguments. As a matter of fact – Me Too!

There is an argument expressed above about the condemnation of a Hindu boy who was never subjected to Christianity. It is well understood that children grow only on what they are fed. The sustenance they receive is almost exclusively that which is delivered by his or her parents and family. Is it the fault of the baby who fails to thrive? Is it the fault of the infant, who has no conscious ability to stake their claim in following or recognizing any god, only to be baptized by parents who knew no better? The story is the same for most of us. We grow on what we’re fed by our parents and only a few question what it is they eat. This applies to tradition as well. There is a reason why we have hope for the children caught in the web of their parent’s wrongful teaching. It is revealed in 1 Corinthians 13:11-13.

As for the balance of the arguments against a loving God, as the saying goes; that was then – this is now. Prior to the end of WWII, the order and very thought of these events was inconceivable. The devil of the moment (Gog) and his axis of evil partners, including Japan, had been burned up and defeated. There was a new world order; and, for the first time in man’s history, it wasn’t in or about the lands of Israel – it was the United States. With this newfound order came the United Nations and their cumulative vote to gather the remnant of the world’s Jews and graciously return them to the arid desert wasteland that was previously Israel. And God’s people were re-gathered (Isaiah 11:12, 66:8, Ezekiel 37:11-14, 39:27-29)…

That was just sixty-three short years ago and in that time we have seen the Arab-Israeli war (War of Independence), the Sinai Campaign, the Six-Day War, the War of Attrition, the Yom Kippur War, the Lebanon War, the Gulf War, and the Second Lebanon War. And even with an ever-present enemy and continual terrorist attacks, Israel has expanded its borders and has become the safest home that the Jews have seen in almost three thousand years (Zechariah 12:2-3).

As for the United States? Not-so-much

The Unites States has entered the theater of war by liberating Kuwait in the Gulf War. That was their only victory. With the 9/11 attacks, the Afghanistan War, the Iraqi War and the war in Libya, we have already done what Barack Obama said we would never do; we have engaged in war with Islam. The winner will be the last one standing. That’s not my opinion; it’s by order of their prophet and that of our God. God made evident this end from the beginning.

The prophet’s order is over 1,350 years old. A few years later, by the sword of God’s mouth, Muhammad was destroyed. God won – period! For Muhammad to take on Jesus, the Prince of princes (Daniel 8:25), was a really bad idea! Muhammad and his foreign god lost… The last one standing doesn’t actually ever set foot on earth again. When it’s all over, we are all raised to stand beside him with the earth behind us.

Those who sought the narrow gate are his sheep; they will stand to his right. The weighted imbalance is of those who didn’t have time or interest in finding that gate. They are the goats who will come through the wide gate. They will stand to God’s left. Both right and left will consciously know of their choice. And of their own choosing, each man’s eternity will be decided. With the ransom already paid, there will be no negotiating. This all comes about in the same manner 9/11 was ushered in; nearly everyone on earth will be shocked and terrified by the fire that falls upon us; just like the Japanese on August 6th & 9th in 1945. The readers of these letters can no longer be all too shocked. However, terror can befall us all – no matter what amount of faith we have. Even Jesus prayed for strength that such terror, in the form of crucifixion, might pass from him.

Like lightning from the east that can be seen in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man (Matt 24:27). We are ten years out from the birds of prey (from the east) that slammed into its unsuspecting victims as seen (in the west) on 9/11. From that moment to this, the United States has lost her economic footing. She’s lost her way in a fog of politically correct hypnosis (another delusion) which makes its citizens believe that they can drink from the cup of the Lord and from the cup of demons too (1 Corinthians 10:21). Those who drink from both cups also believe that the message of tolerance (made famous by way of a bumper sticker) exhibited as COEXIST, is actually attainable. To them I say, “Look to Europe and the Middle East.” That’s what happens when love and evil are forced to sit at the same table. Europe has attempted to mix and coexist. Just listen to the conclusions of such attempts as recognized by the leaders of Europe’s three countries of Germany, France and Britain.


“And of course, the approach to build a multicultural society and to live side-by-side and to enjoy each other…has failed.”

Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel

“My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure. Of course we must respect differences, but we do not want…a society where communities coexist side by side. If you come to France, you accept to melt into a single community, which is the national community, and if you do not want to accept that, you cannot be welcome in France.”

French President Nicolas Sarkozy

“’Our country’s long-standing policy of multiculturalism is a failure.’ He then proceeded to call on the Muslim youth to combat home-grown terrorism.”

British Prime Minister, David Cameron


We have COEXISTed for thousands of years. And for thousands of years, men have butchered their neighbors. Of the few things that have changed, one has grown much more powerful and ferocious.

Yet, it’s the Hope & Changer who calls upon the beast and invites his army to take a seat at our table and that of the world’s (after all, he knows best):


“Obama, who wants to build a coalition of Muslim governments to back his diplomatic moves, affirmed his commitment to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Reuters, June 4, 2009

“’That is in Israel’s interest, Palestine’s interest, America’s interest, and the world’s interest. That is why I intend to personally pursue this outcome with all of the patience that the task requires.’”

Barack Obama, Reuters, June 4, 2009

“The Islamic world does not need moral or political sermons. It needs a fundamental change in American policy.”

Hassan Fadlallah, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Reuters, June 4, 2010

“…some in Congress would ‘love to see us as second-class citizens” and “some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me… hanging on a tree.”

Andre Carson, Politico, 8/31/2011

*** Andre Carson is the second Muslim to ever serve in Congress ***


Woe to you Mr. Carson!

I’ll repeat: The truth is not a slave to politics and it is sometimes brutally painful. Jesus was crucified (hung on a tree) for it. So, Congressman Carson, you may choose to be a goat, pastured by Allah, but the only transparency within this administration and your comments are that of the endlessly focused efforts to enrage minorities, spew hate-speech, and further divide Americans. From your comments, it would appear that the ways of your Generals (Obama & Muhammad) have been driven home in your efforts as a Muslim-American (So what if he is?) And, as a man in a position of power, you lead like he led – with a thirst saturated by water made bitter by Wormwood.

Now, Mr. Obama, let’s see how you are doing…

ü  …build a coalition of Muslim governments… Summer of Floods – check!

ü  …two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict… Sept U.N. vote – check!

ü  …decide interests of Palestine, Israel, America, and the world… check!

ü  …Fundamental change to America(n) policy… check!

AAA to AA+, bankruptcy, amnesty to illegals, Obama care, gridlock, beer summits, $100 billion in additional regulations, 4.5 trillion in additional debt, stimulus, more stimulus and $400 million in election contribution payback to the unions.

ü  …ethnically divide America by identifying the opposing political party as the enemy and the real enemy as… misunderstood.

e.g. Maxine Waters, Andre Carson, and many in the Congressional Black Caucus. Someone should inform Mr. Carson that the last documented ‘hanging from a tree’ was in 1968. But, Mr. ‘let’s go back forty-five years’; there have been four honor killings of young Muslim women in the U.S. in the last three years. Go on ahead, Congressman Carson, keep accusing the other party of acting as a lynch mob. It takes the focus off of Allah’s pastured goats; goats who slaughter their own daughters; daughters who are looking in a new direction and may be deciding to become the sheep instead.

Check Mate!

And now, we’re transformed. With the magical promise of Hope (that the beast will change) and Change (checked off above), America watches as Islam’s blood relative, the magician, steps upon his world stage. From behind his magical table (the podium), he directs our attention to the smoke (that which he claims is transparent) and mirrors (Teleprompters), and he tells us that the beast has been a great contributor to America.

And he reaches in… to pull a beast out of the hat.


“The contribution of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalog because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country.”

Barack Obama, Ramadan Dinner, White House, Sept 2, 2009


“…Ramadan’s rituals are a reminder of the principles Muslims and Christians have in common, including advancing justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

Barack Obama, video message prior to Ramadan


What flippin planet is he on? The only fabric of America that Islam is woven into is the footprint left by the blood and guts spilled upon ground zero. There, they sent nineteen of their S.O.A.’s to mix their blood with that of 3,000 unsuspecting men, women and children. Now, their vultures gather under the roof of an ever-expanding mosque; laughing at the ease to which they have been permitted to build their nest. It is there that they build; in the very footprint of their vicious attack. The insatiable blood-lust of Muhammad’s Islam, the east, races ever-westward.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.” (Isaiah 5:20 -21)

Nice weaving Mr. “O”!

And just where the hell does the Bible or Jesus teach us that we pursue the same justice as that of Islam?

Isaiah 1:16-17 states;

“Take your evil deeds out of my sight! Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.”

Has Islam taken their evil deeds out of God’s sight? Have they stopped doing wrong and learned to do right? Have they encouraged the oppressed or been the oppressor? Do they defend the fatherless or grow their numbers? Do they plead the case of the widow or throw her aside as insignificant? Is this the justice we have in common or is it the polar opposite, the anti-justice?

Firsthand, we’ve witnessed Islam’s tolerance of; the West, capitalism, women, gays, military personnel, Manhattan, the Pentagon, Times Square, Germany, France, Britain and families on planes. Oh, thank God (the alien) that you are there to clear up this obvious misunderstanding! For the last ten years I thought they were just indignant, hateful toward the infidel, and driven by an ultimate source of evil. As long as you’re comfy with Islam’s parallel beliefs in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and dignity – I guess I’m good! I’ll fall back into line now…

I don’t know what he’s smoking (he has claimed to have quit) but the only interweaving Islam does in free societies has already been addressed by the European leaders who have first-hand experience with it. The only justice Islam (practicing Muslims) knows is the social justice given in a speech by Muhammad in his Final Pilgrimage. And that social justice calls for tolerance only for Muslim brothers, progress only in the expansion of Islam and dignity of all human beings only as defined by Muhammad and his god of fortresses – Allah. Islamic dignity is another oxymoron. What dignity is there when a woman who, after being gang-raped, is accused of sexual immorality; and who then is buried and stoned?

Turn on the television – there’s the promised tolerance of Islamic dignity for all human beings!

Could it possibly be that Muslims only recognize their own as human?


“Say: Shall I inform you of those worse than this in retribution from Allah? They (the Jews) are those whom Allah has cursed and upon whom He brought His wrath and of whom He made apes and swine, and who serve the devil….”

Qur’an 5:60

And, if Muslims are the only true human beings, which gender does it apply to? And after the gender thing is settled, which sect is the true authority? From this seat, it would appear to be the Shiites. They (Iran) seem to have had the most success in oppressing and suppressing their citizens and they appear to have the greatest current military capability. So, today, the answer seems to be Shiite men… men like Ahmadinejad. He’s O.K. with the stoning (and shooting) of Iranian women. I’ll never forget Zhila Izadi or Neda Soltan. Will you? If you’re still in doubt, read Why Do Muslims Execute Innocent People by Denis MacEoin.

The most frightening thing about this is not the revelation that stoning is still promoted in Islam; it’s the reality that people (primarily of western cultures) are still shocked by the acceptance of such an inhumane act. We are talking about a nation that promotes, predicts, and just announced (yet again) another Holocaust brought upon the Jews. Are we truly no more civilized than the three wise monkeys? The Bible tells us that Israel will again be surrounded and invaded by her enemies. But, of the Bible, most (those of the wide gate) have eyes but cannot see and ears but cannot hear. Hell, it’s not even just those who reject the Bible; it’s also those who cannot bear the reality that Muhammad’s Islam is the massive reincarnation of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. They seek world domination and the annihilation and extinction Israel and the Jews; their words – not mine.

Obama has mocked the Bible by reflecting on similar, stoning entries and verses. They are from Leviticus and Deuteronomy, written in the time of Moses. It would appear that Mr. Obama, a Christian convert (like a tail is a 5th leg!), has not been introduced to the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. It was Jesus who saved the prostitute from the law and stoning by asking those without sin to be the first to throw stones. But, I’m sure that was an honest mistake on Barry’s part. After all, Jesus’ grace is rather new to him and his reverend Jeremiah Wright. It has only been offered for two-thousand years. Barack Soetoro – wait, what’s his name? – was in Wright’s church for twenty years but he missed some key sermons (so he says). That grace-thing must have been one of those he missed.

Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, or whoever you are – you are a brilliantly deceitful man! But, you cannot feign ignorance. You grew up with Islam. You studied the Qur’an. The schools you attended made it part of their curriculum (as do all Islamic schools). You know exactly how deceitful your words are. This letter and the manuscript of Four Fathers reveal not only the identities of the devil and the false prophet; it reveals you


“The man who says, ‘I know him,’ but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in him.’”

1 John 2:4


With or without conscious knowledge, you are on the march to take down the United States in just a single term as Commander in Chief. America is getting exactly what it voted for; a fundamental transformation of the United States of America. For good reason, you kept your true identity and alliances from the voting public. Somehow, you must have bought into the hype about being a modern-day messiah. You reworked a brilliant catch-phrase and fooled many. As time passes, your brilliantly designed veil begins to recede, your true features are being revealed, and the sheep are being separated from the goats; goats you have corralled with your deceit. By eating what you feed them, their numbers grow. Your enactment and pursuit of Jeremiah Wright’s warped teaching of “collective salvation” is a deceptive lie. You didn’t miss that sermon, did you? Like a tail can be called a fifth leg; Allah has been, is and will be called God just as you are called a leader. But, a tail is just a tail. Allah is just a fallen angel named Wormwood and you just corral the goats he pastures. The United States is falling Mr. President and you claim, “It’s not fast enough.”

Thanks to industrialization and technology, America reached the pinnacle of power and excellence in record time. And, like the Romans, America has fallen. It’s been entitled, equaled and tolerated nearly to death (literally). And, just like in the days of the Romans; there is a beast standing in the shadows, waiting to pounce and tear away at our flesh, our nation and our God. That beast is Islam. And today its membership reaches nearly 1.7 billion people. Each and every one has been told that their ticket to paradise lies in the blood of those who don’t believe in Allah and his prophet Muhammad. There-in is created an army; an army who’s only real hope (or so they’ve been told) lies solely in dying by way of jihad. In and of itself – that is nothing less than pure evil. It’s an evil that seems undeserved, yet wholly earned; it’s earned by deeds, bought and paid for in the acts of those who choose to believe the lie (the curse of the two bears). But the rest of us live with a different understanding of what it is to be bought and paid for. We are ransomed. It wasn’t money that ransomed us though; it was by the blood of Jesus Christ. You know, the one the Qur’an calls a mere prophet of Allah; the man (Jesus) who came down off the cross still alive. What greater a denial of the Son could there be? Yet, you call it great.

Without coincidence, Islam is just the opposite of the Way, Christianity. They too believe in ransom. But their ransom is in the way of money, goods or services in exchange for captives (Qur’an 47:4). They too believe in spilled blood to attain a paradisiacal destination. But it’s not given freely by the blood sacrificed of their god; it’s by the blood taken from the infidel, an un-believing people (all of them) who do not worship their god, the Lord of the earth –Allah and his prophet. Again, that’s nothing short of evil.

Outside of Islam, buying and selling is based upon a monetary system which gives value to each nation’s currency. Although practiced in Islam, that’s not the ultimate scale of trade. According to rule 5, chapter XXII, called – Buying and Selling in the Manual of Hadith;


“Give a full measure when you measure out and weigh with a faith balance.”

Qur’an 17:35


Ultimately, no one in the underworld of Islam may buy or sell (Rev 13:17) without faith (having the mark or seal) in Allah and his prophet Muhammad.

With an upsurge in recognized honor killings and heightened talk of implementing Sharia law around the world, it’s necessary for the reader to understand that, for a Muslim, law is above all – Sharia law. To a Muslim, Sharia is the trump card, even above the king or supreme authority; and order against the Qur’an and authoritative hadith cannot therefore be accepted (Bukhari 58:108). This means; with an ever-growing Muslim population, the oppression of women and girls will continue to escalate. Our laws, like those of Europe, are secondary to the laws of Islam. This is in accordance with the teaching of Allah’s image; that being Muhammad, the Qur’an, and 1.7 billion Muslims.

September is approaching rapidly. Obama is going to deliver another speech about winning the future by means of a fair(er) investment (taxes) by corporate jet owners, oil companies and hedge fund managers. He’ll call on Congress to further extend un-employment benefits and payroll tax cuts. And he’ll make a veiled reference that we’re economically stuck because of the gridlock between political parties. He’ll lay down a challenge for Congress to enact another form of stimulus (called investment) and blame our continuing economic slide on their vote against it. As he says, “Things are not as they appear.” The magician is about to move blame away from his podium and make it appear across the stage. In this manner, he’s a master of illusion.

Libya may reveal Gadhafi’s location or continue to play on the theory that he is moving around dressed as a woman (Rev 9:8). Syria will promise reform while they suppress the rebels in the streets and threaten the world with tens of tons of chemical weapons. No matter how they describe it, it’s still homicidal anarchy; the General’s preferred method.

Palestine may or may not become an independent state. All we know for certain is that the deciding action is by the vote for or the veto against the measure. And that vote or veto lies within the hands of the United States. With China, Russia, and all of the Arab states already onboard, the swing vote is likely to be cast by none other than Barack Obama. Voting for the measure abandons Israel. Vetoing it inflames Islam.

None of the countries of Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia or Syria will be any closer to having functioning governments. Japan’s newly downgraded AA3 status will continue to slide as will our AA+. The plant at Fukushima will continue to melt under the giant tent intended to keep the floodwaters out but few will notice. Markets will continue to see wild swings with the weight of insolvency offered up by PIIGSJA (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Japan, and America) likely grinding it down. Is it just me or is that acronym getting a bit too large to be useful?

Earthquakes will continue in the most likely and the most random of places – like Colorado and Virginia. Starvation in South Africa will claim the lives of tens of thousands more of its people. And, with all of this, most Americans will look almost exclusively inward and notice only our own unraveling woes.

There will be a ten-year 9/11 memorial of which the talking points have already been sent down from the White House. The new message will deflect the focus away from that heinous moment in time and try to equate it with other terror acts around the world. Those talking points include many Islamic states that have seen home-grown and foreign terrorism. Suspiciously absent from that list (as of August 31st) is the one ethnic group and its country that has been victimized the most – Israel. With public scrutiny already calling out and deploring the omission, I’m confident they’ll be added to the administration’s short-sided list of victims.

And all of that is just what we already know…

The brilliant Obama will imminently and ultimately recognize his failed policies and the far reaching scope of his world-wide rejection. Even the liar, whose nation Obama admires so much, will offend his senses and send the rapidly aging President into a rage. In a statement that sounds more like the dignity of an Andre Carson than that of a prophet of God, the liar Muhammad is known to have said:


“Anas reported, The Prophet said: ‘Hear and obey though a Negro whose head is like a raisin is appointed (to rule over you).’”

Maulana Muhammad Ali, Manual of Hadith, XXXI, 2, pg.329


These are the words of a prophet, the holy (ugh!) man of the largest religion on earth, and the perfect model?

This was not taken out of context. It is a stand-alone statement. Stand-alone statements are the essence of the ‘poetry’ of the Qur’an and its supporting Manual of Hadith. The author of the manual is one and the same man who translated and interpreted the Qur’an. His commentary of this statement is as follows:


“Thus even a Negro, if he is fit for the job, may be placed in authority over people of a white race; consideration of race and colour (sic) carry no weight in Islam.”

Maulana Muhammad Ali, Manual of Hadith, XXXI, 2.2, pg. 329


It would seem to me that in a nation where race and color make no difference, comparison of a man to a shriveled grape might be rather inaccurate and insensitive…but this was Muhammad, the perfect model. Somehow, somewhere, someone is surely mistaken! It is a little strange that he went so far as to eliminate race and color as qualifiers for leadership and authority without including a man’s religious ethnicity. Surely he meant to include those of alternate religions or that the world’s unified movement toward progress would simply demand it. After all, the world has seen a fundamental transformation. Surely the Obama endorsed and prompted Summer of Floods (which now includes those in the path of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee) has opened a new door in the Middle East! And a Jew, a Christian woman, or a gay man could certainly be democratically elected and seated in Saudi Arabia and even appointed to fill the vacant leadership seats of Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and the soon to be liberated Syria.

Only a nation of racist bigots could see it any other way…

In Saudi Arabia, a Jew or a gay man would be decapitated in the public square. And in any of the above listed countries, a Christian woman is lucky if she can expose her hands and face without being accused of breaking some sort of morality law. By the direction of Muhammad, all Islamic countries are to be democratic (see Manual of Hadith, The State); Islamically democratic (another oxymoron). The most qualified Muslim applicant is to be chosen by the people themselves. I hope that this information is comforting to all those who have called for and supported the liberation of Islamic countries and the implementation of democracies within them. Ha!

Muslim women cannot marry a non-Muslim man. But, a Muslim man can marry outside of Islam; as long as the woman converts…

Just a final note, Muhammad coincidently recognized democracy in a similar manner as does our commander in Chief. He describes it as follows:


“I enjoin him to do good to the dwellers of the towns, for they are the support of Islam and the collectors of tribute and the terror of the enemy, and that nothing shall be taken from them save what they can spare, (and that too) with their assent; and

I enjoin him to be good to the dwellers of the desert, for they are the original stock of the Arabs and the auxiliaries of Islam, so that only the less valuable of their cattle shall be taken (as zakat), and these shall be  returned to the poor among them…”

Manual of Hadith, XXXI, The State, 16


“The conditions under which the urban and the rural populations lived were different, and Umar was therefore anxious that the Muslim State should have regard for the welfare for both. So, people were to be taxed with their assent, which shows that the State worked on purely democratic principles.”

Maulana Muhammad Ali, Manual of Hadith, XXXI, The State, 16, 16.


Barack Obama is not a socialist who wishes to return the United States to a European-style government. Barack Obama is an Islamic sympathizer who wishes to interweave the slaves of Islam with the freedoms of the West, thereby exposing America to the European-like woes of multi-culturism. Like the three-wise-monkeys, we can feign ignorance all we want. But, in the end, the Bible warned us about this. Events have transpired just as the image of God promised. And what He promised so very long ago, He delivers upon today.

With Egypt in hand, the Libyans (Libya and Algeria) and the Nubians (Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan) in submission, he will respond to alarming reports in the east and north; and he will  set out in a great rage to destroy and annihilate many (Dan 12:42-44). So, who’s he?

Who’s the final Gog? Is it Muammar Qaddafi (Gadhafi)? Could it be Mubarak? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Bashar al-Assad? Vladimir Putin? Hu Jintao? Or, is it Barack Obama?

Who most resembles the fundamental changers, the previous Gogs; Hitler and Muhammad? Gadhafi is in submission and may be in hiding, disguised as a woman. Mubarak lies in a hospital bed, within a cage, and displayed as a zoo animal while he is tried for crimes against Egypt. A-jad certainly has the Holocaust ideology and the nuclear capability to fulfill the role. Al-Assad actually has the facial features of Hitler and the paternal modeling to be his successor. He also has a cache of chemical weapons thought to be in the tens-of-tons. But fearing those weapons conjures up ghosts of the past and bad memories like those of suspicions of WMD’s. As for Putin – “Nah”, he’s too busy with his teenage groupies to be anything more than a back-up; a tag-along. Jintao is building China’s military might as well as their cyber-war capabilities but he is too comfortable manipulating China’s rise to the top spot of the economic power hill. Then, there is Barack Obama…

By biblical definition, Barack Hussein Obama is an arguable antichrist (1 John 2:4). Although he claims to be a Christian, I cannot find a single quote, before or after his presidential bid, where Obama admits to believing Jesus is the Son of God. When asked directly, “Who is Jesus to you?” He answered, “Jesus is an historical figure to me, and he’s also a bridge between God and man, in the Christian faith, and one that I think is powerful precisely because he serves as that means of us reaching something higher.” Does that statement hold true as a description of Jesus as just a prophet of God?

Again, by omission of such a foundational basis in Christianity, that being Jesus is the Son, it would biblically qualify him as a liar, an antichrist (1 John 2:22-23). If any reader has a knowledge refuting this, please – send it my way.

By the interviewer Falsani, Barack Obama was questioned, “So, you got yourself born again?” After answering in the affirmative, he expanded his answer to include the following;


“…I think that religion at its best comes with a big dose of doubt… I think that, particularly as somebody who’s now in the public realm and is a student of what brings people together and what drives them apart, there’s an enormous amount of damage done around the world in the name of religion and certainty.”

Barack Obama, interview by Falsani, March 27, 2004

He’s the quintessential COEXISTer. He claims to drink from the cup of the Lord God but adores, worships and calls upon the devil and his agents; those of his boyhood and ancestral identity (1 Corinthians 10:20-22). Out of all of the above candidates, he is the most frightening. With the others, we at least know who they are and in what they believe. But Barack Obama appeared on the world stage in a puff of smoke, standing amongst mirrors; mirrors that tell him what to say. And they tell him to say, “I’m a Christian who believes in the historical figure Jesus.”

Islam believes in Jesus too…

The interview with Obama is too long to quote entirely within this letter but there was one more exceptional Q & A…

Falsani: What is sin?

Obama: Being out of alignment with my values.

Barack is the magical mystery man; the one that all of the naysayers have been waiting for. He’s not the Antichrist, that’s Muhammad. He’s just another antichrist. But he’s one of many knowingly or unknowingly endangering Israel today. The final Gog may very well be the sum of the remaining Generals of the dragon.

Amongst us stands the magician; the President of the United States and admirer of Muhammad’s religion. With his eloquent speeches to distract us, he waves his hands, he drapes his cape, and he taps his wand. He tells his mesmerized audience that things are not as they appear. From a seemingly empty hat, he pulls out a beast. He cuddles it as though it was fuzzy and soft. He strokes it with the love of a loyal pet and he displays it with pride to his once-adoring audience. But, to their horror, after sitting through most of the show, the audience recognizes the beast from its two horns, course hair, hoofed feet and unmistakable bleat. The magician did not pull from the hat a cute little rabbit or a harmless little lamb. The illusion of the hat hid the reality of a gate; a very wide gate. And through that gate walked the goat.

Now revealed to the audience, not even the starry magician can stuff the beast back into the hat.




“The water receded steadily from the earth. At the end of the hundred and fifty days the water had gone down…”

Genesis 8:3


As far as I can tell, the water is receding steadily from the reactors at Fukushima. At the end of the hundred and fifty days, construction began on the giant tent to keep the water out and assist the water level to go down (Gen 8:3). And just like in the days of Noah, the water level began to recede 150 days after the tsunami in Japan.


“Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man.”

 Luke 17:26.

Now, there’s another tsunami building.


“We are facing a political tsunami most of the public isn’t aware of. There is an international movement which will recognize a Palestinian state on 1967 borders. It would be wrong to ignore this tsunami.”

Ehud Barak March 13, 2011

It is very likely that Ehud Barak was correct in his statements last March when he said the tsunami was coming.

Sometime during the week of September 18th, the U.N. will have to respond on a measure to recognize or not recognize Palestine as an independent state. Therein lays the earthquake. No matter which way the vote goes, the countries around Israel will pounce. And the waves of this imminent tsunami will reach the borders and shores of Israel. It is likely that we will see the prophecy of Israel’s final invasion begin within days or weeks of the U.N. meetings beginning in that third weekof September.
Somewhere in the mix is the imminent release of the information embodied by these letters and Four Fathers. No matter your politics, religion, race, or nationality – history is history; it’s undeniable. History documents a man named Jesus who was hung on a cross. History documents a man named Muhammad who spoke of a foreign god unknown to his fathers. What Jesus and his Father warned us about in both Old and New writing has been partly realized in the life and death of that Antichrist, the false prophet, Muhammad. He and his life’s short history fulfill Biblical prophecy precisely. His Lord and the militaristic beasts he created live today; supported by the image of the devil – an image that is undeniable in its content. The curse of the Qur’an not only ignores Rev 22:18 but it completely mauls the truth of God’s forty-two witnesses and lies to its readers. Those believing readers and its followers surround the apple of God’s eye and, once again, threaten Israel’s very existence. The difference is – this time is the last time

There remains more to Genesis 8. And somehow, I feel that my next letter in this series (God willing) will have a much deeper context for the reader.


As with any attempt to identify biblical people, places or things; mutterings of judgment are inevitable. If you’ve asked, “Who’s he to be appointed judge?” In response, I can simply state; I have pled guilty to all the sins but murder in Revelation 21:8 and 2 Timothy 3:1-6, only to offend again.

Could such a man be deemed worthy to judge? No, I am of the judged and have been found guilty. We, the guilty, have been warned not to give false witness; meaning – even guilty men can and should bear witness to the truth. With undeterred faith and knowledge that God is who he says he is; I have done my best to bear witness to what it is I’ve heard with my ears and seen with my eyes. It is mostly nights, in the dark, that I seek and have asked Jesus the Son to forgive my sinful deeds of the previous day. After all, “…he is like the light of morning at sunrise…”


In Him I am Forgiven and Free to Serve,


R. Stetton


September 15, 2011


I recently corresponded with a beloved family member. Within that correspondence I told him how fast things were moving now. Events are progressing so quickly that these letters are but weeks apart. Once again, I have followed the guidance of my faith.

After signing off on the letter dated August 31st (the third letter) I was headed to the post office. It was Monday, September 5th. Before I left the house, I was stopped dead in my tracks. For whatever reason, I wasn’t supposed to send it. As it turns out, the reason I was compelled to wait and not to mail it finally appeared; I had it wrong. It wasn’t Fukushima or the U.S. economic woes that I was mistaken about, they both played out over the weekend of or about August 7th.

I was wrong about what came next and when it would happen.


“…and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.”

Genesis 8:4


I mistakenly believed this to be 197 days from the tsunami on March 11th.

It’s not… at least it’s not just that day.

The seventeenth day of the seventh month is not just September 23rd – it was August 8th!

I have removed all references of September 23rd from the third letter and will explain what happens in this short supplement. So, strap in folks. The ride gets much more tumultuous!



From previous reading we know that;


“Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man.”

 Luke 17:26.


After reading and re-reading Genesis 7 & 8 it finally came to me. There are two informative dates. Those dates are the day of the tsunami, March 11th, and the foundational date of January 24th, Noah’s birthday

Don’t leave yet! Hang in there. I promise it’s worth it. The dates coincide with what’s already been written.

We know that the tsunami was ushered in by an earthquake from the sea to Japan’s northeast. On that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of heaven were opened. And the rush of water swept away much of Japan and many of its people. That’s also what happened on the seventeenth day of the second month of Noah’s six hundredth year (Gen 7:11). Not that this is the six hundredth year – it’s not. But, the coming of the Son of Man is just like the days of Noah – just like the six hundredth year.

The devastation on Japan and Fukushima was much more than a sign. It was much more than just the sounding of one of the seven trumpets (Rev 9:1-6). The event(s) of March 11th was a marker and a key. It’s a marker that no man could have used as a reference point prior to its happening. In regard to the future, we can speculate all we want. In regard to the past, eyesight is always 20/20. The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that wrecked Fukushima Daiichi changed everything.


“No one knows about the day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”



Assuming we can accept the Biblical guidance that the return of the Son of Man (Jesus) is like that in the days of Noah, we can apply the detailed daily accounting. Using the Gregorian calendar, Noah was 47 days beyond his 599th birthday on March 11th when the waters burst forth. The date is not important in itself. It is the day count that matters. By backing off 47 days from March 11th, we can deduce that Noah was born on January 24th.

Now, let’s take another look at what God tells us happens in the days of Noah:


“At the end of the hundred and fifty days the water had gone down…”

Genesis 8:3


Inclusively, a hundred and fifty days rests on August 7th. In other words, August 7th was the 150th day after the tsunami – after the flood. At the end of the hundred and fifty days was August 8th. That was the day that construction began on the giant tent over Fukushima that kept the floodwaters out. That was the day when the water at the plant began to go down. We’ve covered this numerous times now. But, here comes the amazing part:


“…and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.”

Genesis 8:4


The seventeenth day of the seventh month is (30 x 6 + 17 = 197) the 197th day of his 599th year. Coincidently, that also falls on August 8th! (January 24th + 197 inclusive days) So, two things happened on the 8th of August; the water had gone down and the vessel of God, holding those it has saved, came to rest.

But wait a minute! Wouldn’t we be able to see or recognize such a grand event or occurrence – an occurrence that would seemingly be monumental? Of course we would! If we were to witness a boat 450 ft x 75 ft x 75 ft, we’d certainly have seen it. But the ark that carried God’s saved men in the time of Noah is not the same ark that carries the saved men in the coming of the Son of Man. The ark of God came by way of boat, law, and grace. Today’s ark is in the form of the saving grace of Jesus. He is the vessel, the groom, who we rest in. Within that vessel is his church, his bride. And they (God willing – WE) came to rest in the very place where life began again; on the mark of salvation in those chosen by God. The date is and was August 8th.

Again, wouldn’t we have seen that? The answer is, “Not yet”.


“The waters continued to recede until the tenth month, and on the first day of the tenth month the tops of the mountains became visible.”

Genesis 8:5


On August 8th, the ark of the Christ came to rest on the tops of the mountains but they were just under the vessel and not yet visible. As the waters continued to recede, the tops of the mountains began to appear. And they began to appear on the first day of the tenth month which is (9 x 30+1= 271) the 271st day of Noah’s 599th year. That day falls on Friday, October 21st.

Does anyone remember my comments on Harold Camping? You might want to look him up… He has been ridiculed and barbequed for his hollow predictions of 5/21/1988, 9/7/1994, and 5/21/2011. Mr. Camping has renewed his prediction. And he now claims that the physical Rapture will occur on October 21, 2011.

I’ve been reading and writing about this for three and a half years. I’ve been doing my best to communicate it to others for almost three of those years. For those efforts I’ve been dismissed as delusional. Frankly, the old Randy would have acted in kind. After all, even the majority of Christians dismiss apocalyptic discourse as a ridiculous myth. My old self would argue facts and actualities without  getting derailed because I may hurt someone’s feelings. In my past, I have fought to make people aware of the devastating effects of cigarette smoke – only to piss off family, friends, and listeners. The pursuit of Biblical characters and their real-world identities has left me isolated and nearly alone with those of my few supporters who, for their own privacy and security, cannot even be named. Yet, I continue on and resume where Harold Camping left off and he left off with October 21st.

God’s people won’t necessarily all disappear on that day. But, watching the current events in and around Israel, something like the events listed in Zechariah 12, 13, and 14 is looking more and more like a distinct possibility.

Reasonable people don’t have to necessarily believe in the end of days by agreeing that events around the globe are looking more and more lethal. They are. I just happen to notice that these lethal events have been previously described. Is it crazy and racist to point out the similarities? Popular opinion would seem so…

But, as long as I’m breathing and world events support this similarity argument, I’ll press on with the un-popular opinion.

“All the nations surrounded me, but in the name of the Lord I cut them off. They surrounded me on every side, but in the name of the Lord I cut them off. They swarmed around me like bees, but they died out as quickly as burning thorns; in the name of the Lord I cut them off.”

Psalm 118:10-12


“The United States must support the Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations this month or risk losing the little credibility it has in the Arab world. If it does not, American influence will decline further, Israeli security will be undermined and Iran will be empowered, increasing the chances of another war in the region.”

Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal, New York Times, 9/12/2011

The fifth letter has already been drafted. Since we have a big week with the U.N. coming between the 20th and 23rd of September, I’m going to leave it at that for now.

Please know that I pray for all those who receive these letters. There is a purpose in this. The next letter (God willing) will likely be comparably brief…


In Him I’m Free to Serve,


R. Stetton



Sunday, September 25, 2011


After all of these letters, after all of the continuing events in the Middle East, Fukushima, PIIGSJA, and after all of the lunacy demonstrated by most of the attendants at the U.N. conference, are we really holding onto hope that it’s all just coincidence? Or is it time to believe what our eyes see and what our ears hear?

If we believe what was Biblically written and assume that future events may very well develop “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man.” Then, Friday, October 21st may come in with one heavenly bang!

So, just for grins, ask yourself, “If this means the imminent arrival of Jesus, what happens first?”


“For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.”

1 Thessalonians 4:16


It would seem reasonable that the world will be under a tremendous amount of stress, distress, confusion, terror, and high anxiety from the chaotic events beginning on such a day. Even those who recognized the signs and who anticipate big trouble ahead, tremble with the consideration of its implications. But here’s something to take comfort in…


“After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.”

1 Thessalonians 4:17


Unlike the magical disappearing act of now you see me, now you don’t that many envision of the mysterious Rapture, the reality is something much more probable, more reasonable. Everyone wants to make God into some kind of magician. Instead of believing that he has orchestrated events to take place in a manner of his will, they want to pretend that all of his people will gather into some theatrical booth only to be spun around and to disappear into the mist, leaving the rest of the world asking where they went.

So, let me ask you: Of those who have died before us, did any of their bodies disappear only to be explained away as being raptured? And what about those who died thousands of years ago? Will their bodies be reformed from the dust they became? Hardly – the dead that we see are simply that – dead. Their bodies are not reclaimed.

Those who still draw a breath in Christ at the end moment will be transformed in the blink of an eye and will be at Jesus’ side but no one here will notice. They’ll not notice because one or both are dead; their bodies left. At the very moment that one is left and one is taken, the one left is left for dead but both bodies remain. The ones left behind are not walking around taking a tally on the lucky ones who disappeared. They’re lying dead in a field or next to their grinding stones. The ones left behind will be made to understand their fateful decisions. But it won’t be in a manner where pilot-less planes fall out of the sky or a third of those attending a football game are beamed up sans beer.

No, the two men in the field and the two women at the grinding stone (Matt 24:40-41, Luke 17:34-36) will likely find an end to this life in the same moment and under similar circumstances. The difference can be found in just where the vultures gather. These birds of prey will gather where there is a dead body (Luke 17:37). And dead bodies only appear on the ground – here on earth – not in the air where the faithful are captured up to. Throughout history, how many dead bodies have been left on or near the Temple Grounds? And what is built there?  How many dead bodies fell into the print of the Twin Towers? And what was just opened there? In both instances (two among thousands), the vultures gather in a mosque.

This is probably as good a time as any to unfold and reveal one the most condemning aspects of Biblical narrative on the devil and his attempt to unseat and replace God. In Isaiah 47, God directly addresses the fallen angel.

From Four Fathers, the reader understands and recognizes one of the faces of Satan to be the Virgin Daughter of Babylon. Though referred to as feminine, he is certainly no lady. Still, he is referred to as a queen, some sort of royal leader. What the reader does not yet know is the identity of the queen. But she, the queen, is now revealed. This chapter in Isaiah is so important that I’ve broken it down line-by-line and can be referenced at the end of this letter. For now, I’ll paraphrase who and what she is.

With little argument, it can be said that much of the Bible can be dismissed based on one interpretation versus another. I agree whole-heartedly. But what happens when the negative description of a character from the Bible (a named description) matches the arrogantly depicted description of a character in an opposing book (the Qur’an)? In other words; what happens when God describes the devil in the exact manner that the devil describes his own self? What happens in our world when Satan is mockingly described by God as tender and delicate – only to be recognized in the devil’s own book and by his followers as Rahman & Rahim and Al-Latif (tender and delicate). How is God to be perceived when he demands that the masquerade ends and, by the word of his mouth, he removes the veil and the skirt that hides the true identity of the imposter? Who wears the veils in our world? I’ll give you a hint – it’s not just Islamic women; it’s also their queen.

If polled, I’m confidant most would agree that the Redeemer, the Lord Almighty is the term that describes God. Sadly, most of those who agree with that statement also believe that Allah is just the translated equivalent of the Lord Almighty. Many seminary students believe it. After all, God is mysterious and, according to Oprah and those like her, there are numerous ways to seek him – right? He is the Holy One of Israel. Whether Judaic, Christian or Muslim, there’s a building in Israel today to house the holy intended.

So, what in the world is Isaiah talking about when his writing mentions a queen of kingdoms, an eternal queen? We would certainly know if a royal queen were to enter the religious scene. She would certainly gather one hell of an audience. But of all of the promised messiahs I don’t recall any religion calling on a queen as their savior. Not even Catholics go so far as to officially declare Mary the queen of redemption. Nor do they predict an earthly return of Mary – do they? Nope – to Catholics, Mary is a personal secretary of sorts to Jesus; arranging the paperwork of her faithful so they might get preferential treatment and a quicker entry into heaven.

The Jews await a king that has all the qualifications of Jesus but who will actually topple the persecuting enemies of Israel’s day (wait – that’s still Jesus). Christians await Jesus, the Biblical Christ. And Islam (the Shiites anyway) awaits Ahmadinejad’s favorite Al-Mahdi. Of course, Al-Mahdi is the perfect being who will appear and who will recruit Jesus as his enforcing General (wait – I thought the perfect model was the General Muhammad). Huh…

…No queens.

Yet, God points his finger and mocks, you eternal queen. But the one he points to says, “But I’m Malik –Ul-Mulk, Al-Hayy!” I’m the Master of the kingdom, the ever-lasting. To this God repeats, you are the eternal queen who laid a heavy yoke on my people and who claims to live forever. God knows; in a hive of bees, the master and king is the queen. She directs her workers and drones to protect her and the hive under all circumstances. They are to use their stings against all threats, both real and happen-stance. They sting even those passers-by who did not know the hive was near and who had no intention of causing it harm. But, if in doubt, sting it! Babies on planes, in buses, and in the womb are not exempt. School-age children walking to class are not exempt nor are their parents or siblings. The bees don’t know any better, they’re just bees. They are trained to act as directed. They gather honey in the manner they’ve been taught since birth; work, don’t think. It is the deeds of the bees that reward them with a heavenly journey. Or so they are told.

God expands his condemnation upon the impersonator by calling out his (her) claims, You wanton creature, you say, ‘I am and there is none besides me.’ You claim to never be a widow or suffer the loss of children.’ To this Al-Wahid (the One) answers, ‘How can I, Malik-Ul-Mulk (Master of the kingdom), suffer the loss of the mere eggs I’ve laid or the unknown drones who have fed them?’ The eggs are not my children and I have no husband among the drones. I am the old queen, an ever-aging virgin.

Believing he/she/it is hidden behind his mask or veil, Al-Batin (the Hidden) fools even himself into thinking there is none but him (a claim made no less than 24 times in the Qur’an). And after eight-plus satanic empires, he keeps on plugging. For almost fourteen centuries now he has continued with his hocus-pocus antics and the illusions of false miracles demonstrated through the littlest of horns in this, his last worldly kingdom. He has captured children at infancy with his calling of Bismillah (tenderness) only to throw them to the wolves with his direction to sting. Malik-Ul-Mulk has directed her swarm to sting and feed in order to save the hive but no stinger or infusion of royal jelly can save the queen from the fire of God. There is not a bee capable of repelling the flames. They just sting (smite) and feed (lie). As master-queen of the kingdom, he has changed the set times and the laws (Dan 7:25) but a calamity is about to overcome him. His veil is now useless and his skirt is being lifted. The world is about to see him – naked. The world is about to know who he really is.

Thirteen hundred years before the birth of Islam, a prophet of the God Almighty wrote about the fallen angel who would adopt the names and characteristics associated to the one true God. He that was thrown from heaven to earth would be called; God (Allah), tender (Rahman, Rahim, rahmat), delicate (Al-Latif), queen of kingdoms (Malik-Ul-Mulk), eternal (Al-Hayy), the One (Al-Wahid), the Hidden (Al-Batin) and from Rev 9:11, the Destroyer (Al-Mumit). The last one is simply a coincidence I’m sure. On 9/11, we saw Al-Mumit, Abaddon, Apollyon, and the Destroyer; they are one and the same and they appeared on the day of his revealing Biblical verse – 9:11. And here’s the most chilling parallel reference:


“They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon.”

Revelation 9:11

Key Word study Bible footnote; m11, “Abaddon and Apollyon mean Destroyer”


Two of the names of Allah;

“Malik-Ul-Mulk, Al-Mumit”

(King of kingdoms, The Destroyer)


There is no language barrier to hide his identity anymore. He has adopted and he owns all of these names; whether they’re accurate or not. Yet, the world refuses to recognize him. To do so; to recognize him and point him out, means the unthinkable.

It is a true wonder though. It took a delusional man, a self-proclaimed prophet to introduce him. And that introduction came six centuries after the Christ, Jesus. He (the false prophet) has all the markings of the one he represents – and then some.

Gee, I wonder, who is the false prophet and when will he finally appear?

Let’s see – he’ll be called Morning Star (Tariq). He’ll lay low the nations (Sheba, Dedan, the merchants of Tarshish, Put, Cush, Meshech, Tubal, Togarmah, Gomer, and Persia). Oh crap – not Persia again! He’ll lay claim to heaven yet be thrown to earth (night journey). He will claim to raise his throne above the stars of God; you know – above the heavy hitters like; Adam, Moses, Jesus, John, Aaron, Enoch (more on him later), Joseph, and Abraham. He’ll need to sit in and surround himself in a temple on some of God’s most sacred ground and claim the most sacred of places as that of his own. And, finally, he’ll need to make himself out to be just like God. Oh yah! And he has to appear sometime after Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.

No problem, this guy is gonna be easy to spot! So, keep watch!

Hmmm… Let’s see. Jesus fulfilled all of the written prophesy that preceded him which identified him as the Messiah but he was rejected by the religious law scholars of the day and, by their direction, thereby nailed to a tree. So, the lesson is, the false prophet can’t be the most obvious guy with a fully qualifying prophetic and historical resume. It has to be something or someone much more vague and, and, something in the future; yah – in the way, distant future.

Really? Oh, come on! I’ll say it, “Muhammad is the false prophet!” He’s not the almost false prophet, the kinda false prophet or the mistaken prophet. Hell, you can’t even call him a nice guy – because he wasn’t! He had a nine year-old wife and the blood of others on his hands. Call him what you want, that’s not exactly what I consider the perfect model.

And if Muhammad is the false prophet, who or what are those Muhammadans who follow his queenly direction? Ah, rat-farts! It just gets worse! I mean it gets really gets ugly from here… Certainly there is some form of tolerant catch-phrase in the book of political correctness that eases this uncomfortable moment and resolves this inconvenient truth! So what if Muhammad is the false prophet and Allah is Satan; is there no way to continue to COEXIST?

There comes a moment when the reader has to ask, “Where does rational coincidence (aka denial) end and the reality – that God has done what he promised to do – begin?”

There are many right answers. Coincidence ended with the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. Coincidence ended with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Coincidence ended with the appearance of the beast out of the earth (Muhammad and Bakr) in the 7th century. Coincidence ended with the re-gathering of Israel in 1948. Coincidence ended with the appearance of the Master (King) of the kingdom, the Destroyer, Al-Mumit, on 9/11 and the wars that followed. Coincidence ended with the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11, 2011. Coincidence ended with the giant tent over Fukushima Daiichi on August 8th. Coincidence ended with the Arab Spring, the Summer of Floods and the ongoing slaughter in North Africa and the Middle East. Coincidence ended with Barack Obama’s speech today (Sept 21st) at the U.N. conference. Coincidence ends with the enemies of Israel swirling about her like a swarm of bees (Psalm 118:10-12). Coincidence ends at this Friday’s Palestinian request for statehood and full voting recognition within the United Nations. Coincidence ends with the murderous Muhammad and his foreign god who have claimed every name and descriptive identity prophesied by the Bible – and then some! Coincidence ends with the undeniable history of Muhammad and the evil match he makes to Biblical prophecy.

Like Bibi says, “You couldn’t make this thing up.”

Coincidence ends with the terrifying reality that the battles of WWIII have already begun. Like it or not – this time it’s God against the dragon. And the real war is likely to start with another probable invasion, intrusion, or attack on Israel. All eyes now look to Friday, October 21st . That day has been mistakenly quoted (by another) as the last day. But I absolutely do not believe it’s the last day. I do believe it’s the day that the mountains of Christ (and that of his sheep) begin to rise. It’s the tip of the emerging iceberg…




I have been editing this letter throughout the week of September 18th. I have watched and listened to yet another speech by the eternal campaigner, Barack Obama. I watched as the Palestinian President Abbas submitted his request for the recognition of a Palestinian state and listened to his claims that it was the only action left for the suffering Palestinians. I listened to the little devil, the latest GogAhmadinejad – as he insinuated that the attacks of 9/11 were an American conspiracy; a conspiracy used as an excuse to occupy Arab lands. I sat through his speech, cringing with the knowledge that there are many who call themselves humanely progressive and who blindly agree with the ignorant hatred of that puny but giant evil man. He calls on the fictitious Shiite savior, the Mahdi, to come about from the imminent chaos derived from a push toward a Palestinian state and the re-patriotism of the Palestinian refugees. These refugees are the Arabs caged by an unwelcome Egypt and an infuriated Syria. Few recognize that Israel welcomes and houses both Israeli and Arab citizens. The PA has made it crystal clear that a Palestinian state will not allow a Jew to set foot upon it. Like Nazi Germany; like Saudi Arabia; like the world vision of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; the Hamas driven Palestine wishes to exterminate the Jews from the earth. Yes, I listened to the Holocaustic wishes of both; Ahmadinejad and Abbas (the puppet of Hamas). And their pursuits are satanically Hitlerish.

And just now, I listened to the calm and reason of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bibi, as he is called, says it plainly; “The truth is that Israel wants peace with a Palestinian state, but the Palestinians want a state without peace.” I would take it a step further:  Palestine does not want to live in peace with the state of Israel. Palestine wants to live instead of the state of Israel. Those who oppose the reasoning of Netanyahu, those who side with Abbas are largely the same crowd who agree with Ahmadinejad’s terror conspiracies. This is the mindset of what God calls goats. It is the reasoning of those who are destined to rise to the left of God. They can’t hear Bibi saying, “Peace, just recognize our right to exist.” They are the selectively deaf and the willfully blind, those who place the blame of the ongoing Middle East turmoil squarely in the laps of the Israelis. Bibi said it all by pointing out the real issue with peace; Palestine refuses to recognize the right to exist for the re-gathered state of Israel. Period…

Most of my peers missed these speeches. They are too busy with their banking, brokering, litigating, accounting, buying, selling, and advising. In the process of building upon their houses and inventorying their wealth, they simultaneously fill the gaps in their lives with banquets, soccer practice, and personal bests. I know. I know because I was one of them – I is (purposeful) one of them. I expanded upon my houses, counted my wealth, and mapped out a future with my late-wife; only to have it all taken away in what seems like a day. Now, I am what I am. I am no longer what I was. And I am blessed by the tragedies that chauffeured me here. And, it is here that I have a new wife, a new life, and the blessings that come from the grace of God.

Some would argue that I have nothing to lose by writing this and subjecting myself to the ridicule and the stings of others. I argue that I’ve been blessed and have everything to lose by not writing this.

Few men, not even those of the elect, recognize the bear lingering in the shadows. With winter coming, he’s devouring everything in his path and attempting to fill his insatiable appetite. In doing so, he eats even his own. With three ribs in his mouth and his paws dripping with honey from the hive, the beast that looks like a bear consumes nearly all he encounters. He eats fat till he is glutted and drinks blood until he is drunk (reference Ezekiel 39:19). And, staggering from his drunken feast, the bear-like beast stumbles in the dark and meanders onto the field of God’s harvest.



An interesting thing happened this week at the U.N. Of the many countries and peoples present, four particular men spoke and each of the four said, “Peace and safety (security)”.


“More nations have stepped forward to maintain international peace and security.”

Barack Obama, U.N. address, September, 21, 2011

“Conducive ground must be prepared to ensure collective participation and involvement of nations in an effort to promote lasting peace and security.”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, U.N. address, September 22, 2011

“We extend our hands to the Israeli government and the Israeli people for peace-making. I say to them: Let us urgently build together a future for our children where they can enjoy freedom, security and prosperity.”

Mahmoud Abbas, U.N. address, September 23, 2011

“The truth is that in the Middle East at all times, but especially during these turbulent days, peace must be anchored in security.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, U.N. address, September 23, 2011

The not-so-funny thing about this is that I wrote the opening line without having to look through the transcripts of their speeches. I knew they all spoke of peace and security. I heard them. But even more compelling than trusting in my own ears, is that I trusted in the word of God. He said they would speak of such things – they being all of them.


“While people are saying, ‘Peace and safety,’ destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.”

1 Thessalonians 5:3

Netanyahu began his address with something even more compelling. In speaking of the Arab Spring, he vocally stretched out his hand in peace, personally addressing the countries and peoples of; Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Libya, Tunisia, North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. “But most especially, I (Netanyahu) extend my hand to the Palestinian people, with whom we seek a just and lasting peace.”

He opens with exasperated calls for peace and closes with a chilling warning: “Can you imagine that man who ranted here yesterday (Ahmadinejad) – can you imagine him armed with nuclear weapons? The international community must stop Iran before it’s too late. If Iran is not stopped, we will all face the specter of nuclear terrorism, and the Arab Spring could soon become an Iranian winter.”

What began in Tunisia and spread throughout the Islamic Middle East was the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring grew into a Summer of Floods, both metaphorically and literally. And now, we watch as the Summer of Floods flows into new financial challenges presented by PIIGSJA and the Fall of Nations. All the while, the bees swarm Israel. As Abbas says, “Peace and safety” he calls upon the U.N. for an independent state of Palestine and he does so without having to guarantee either peace or security to the Israeli people.

With the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi on December 17, 2010 the Arab Spring began. It was largely ignored and dismissed by the Summer of Floods that began on March 11, 2011 with the Japanese tsunami. For a hundred and fifty days the waters and the bodies piled up. And, on August 8th, the Fall of Nations began with the construction of the Fukushima tent, the U.S. credit downgrade, and the fleeing of Muammar Gadhafi (Qaddhafi or whatever). And now, on the 5th day of the ninth month, we wait in nervous anticipation about what comes next. We’re a mere two days out from Netanyahu’s warning about the Iranian (nuclear) Winter and, already,  the world body has largely forgotten about him and his pleas for peace and safety.

It’s Sunday September 25, 2011 or 26 Shawwal, 1432. These are the calendar dates of Jesus and the wanna-be god Muhammad. It’s also the 5th day of the ninth month since Noah’s birthday. The first day of the tenth month – Friday, October 21st – is just twenty six days away.


This is the last of my presumptuous mailings. There will be another letter or two written after this (God willing). But, going forward, receipt of any further correspondence must be requested. Assuming the twenty-first of October ushers in the appearance of the tops of the proverbial mountains (the tip of the iceberg), we, as a generation, are likely to witness to the most colossal denouement in the book of human history. And, like fireworks on the fourth of July, we very well may see its Grand Finale.


In Him I’m Free to Serve,


R. Stetton        



The following commentary is as understood in the manuscript of Four Fathers. The italicized verse is the Biblical quote.



Isaiah 47

Written 1,300 years before the emergence of Allah and his prophet Muhammad

“Go down, sit in the dust, Virgin Daughter of Babylon; sit on the ground without a throne, Daughter of the Babylonians.” – Thrown down from heaven, the wingless angel is commanded to sit within the dust of the earth. Removed from his heavenly position, Satan takes on many forms of falsehoods and lies. In this case, God is addressing the virgin daughter of Falsehood (Babylonians). She (the virgin daughter) is not the prostitute that committed adultery with the kings of the earth (Rev 17:2). The virgin is the daughter of lies while the other is the daughter of falsehood. One hates the other.

Thrown to the earth, the fallen angel sits on the ground without a throne and with him sits the last of his earthly empires – Islam.

“No more will you be called tender and delicate.” – The similar reference for this word in the Bible is Deuteronomy 28:56. In that verse it used as “gentle & sensitive.”  Now, compare that to the phrase Bismillah. It’s the very first entry in the Qur’an. It means – In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. The Arabic words for Beneficent and Merciful are Rahman and Rahim. They represent love & generosity, favour (sic) and mercy. These words are derivatives of rahmat meaning – tenderness.

Of Allah’s 99 other names, three are of note here. Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, and Al-Latif. Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim reflects the supposed love and mercy of Allah. The two names together translate as tenderness requiring the exercise of beneficence. The latter name, Al-Latif, is the Subtile or the Delicate. (Qur’an 6:103, 22:63, 31:16, 33:34, 67:14)

These names are the 2nd, 3rd, and the 31st of 99 names of Allah.

Bismillah, listed in the opening of 113 out of the 114 chapters of the Qur’an, signifies the calling of Isaiah’s description of the Virgin Daughter of Babylon. It is left out of only chapter 9 which is considered to be an extension of chapter 114 and is therefore not a new chapter.

“Take millstones and grind flour…” – A reference intended for a queen who has lost her throne and must labor to exist. Within a few lines we’ll learn that the only difference between a queen and one of her servants is what she is fed throughout her upbringing.

“…take off your veil.” – There’s but one religion, one prophet and one spiritual entity that asks of its women to wear a veil. And God is commanding her, the queen, to remove her mask. It is from behind that mask that she stays hidden; or so she thinks.


“And it is not vouchsafed to a mortal that Allah should speak to him, except by revelation or from behind a veil…”

Qur’an 42:51

“Lift your skirts, bare your legs, and wade through the streams.” – No longer hidden, she is to bear her skin to the chilling coolness of the people she has oppressed.

“Your nakedness will be exposed and your shame uncovered. “ – The purpose of these letters and that of the entirety of their supporting pages of script is to reveal the queen as the nemesis of God. She is the fallen angel who gives rise to the Antichrist, the deliverer and issuer of God’s promised delusion. The lies she has told are being revealed and she’s left naked. Once revealed, her deceit is no longer hidden. Her lies cannot be unwound. The shame of her blasphemy reaches around the world and even at this very moment, she thinks she is the Master of her worldly kingdom. Both literally and metaphorically, she is about to be stripped of her veil and her long flowing skirts. Her kingdom(s) is and are delusional lies have covered the identity of its false god and its false prophet. No longer will men fear her murderous threats and evil intents.

“I will take vengeance; I will spare no one.” – Promised throughout the Bible, this verse needs no clarification. God is coming. And when He arrives, we are to be lifted into his presence either as his welcomed sheep or as the goats of who delighted in shame and wickedness.

Our Redeemer – the Lord Almighty is his name – is the Holy One of Israel.” – The book of Isaiah was written about 700 B.C. Isaiah authored the book some thirteen hundred years before the entrance of the false prophet and his introduction of a foreign god. The Redeemer, the only redeemer, is Jesus – the Biblical Jesus – the Christ.

“Sit in silence, go into darkness, Daughter of the Babylonians…” – Without the ability to speak life into the dead, the dragon can only spew lies into the ears of the living. He and his slaves remain in the dark, fumbling around without the light of God.

In Rev 8:12, a third of the sun, moon, and stars turned dark. These are the men watered by Wormwood. They are those of bitter waters who deny the light of the Son and relish in the wickedness of darkness; darkness that is like the cold of the sea at night. Those who swim in suck darkness, swim with extinguished stars. The lies they tell are veiled so as to hide the guiding light of night and the skirts they wear darken the light of day. These are the liars and the murders. These are the Virgin Daughters of Babylon.

“…no more will you be called queen of kingdoms.” – The queen of kingdoms is the master, owner, and king. Malik-Ul-Mulk (84th of the 99 names) means Master (Qur’an 43:77, 77a.) of the Kingdoms. It is used twice in the Qur’an:


“Say: O Allah, Owner of the kingdom to whom Thou pleases, and takest away the kingdom from whom Thou pleases, and Thou exaltest whom Thou pleases. In Thine hand is the good. Surely, Thou art Possessor of power over all things.”

Qur’an 3:26

“And they cry: O Malik, let thy Lord make an end of us. He will say: You shall stay (here).”

Malik means literally master.  Here it signifies the angel appointed over those in hell.”

Qur’an 43:77, 77a.

But wait, we’re not nearly finished yet! Apparently, Malik also means king. The 4th name of Allah is Al-Malik – the King. This name is referenced five times in the Qur’an (20:114, 23:116, 59:23, 61:1, and 114:2).

So, if the definition of Malik is master, owner and king; what else might it mean? For instance, who is the owner, master and king in a hive of bees?

In a hive of bees, the Malik (owner, master, and king) is the queen. The queen is king!

Chapter 16 of the Qur’an is titled – Al-Nahl: The Bee. The description of The Bee is best made by that of the translating author Maulana Muhammad Ali:


“This chapter is very appropriately named The Bee, because the bee, guided by instinct, which is called a revelation in its case – ‘And thy Lord revealed to the bee; Make hives in the mountains and in the trees and in what they build…’ (v.68) – gathers together sweet honey from flowers of all kinds, taking what is best from them, thus producing “a beverage of many hues, in which there is healing for men.”

“The first section announces the approach of the doom, and then shows by reference to the great Divine gifts for the physical welfare of man that such a benefit Master could not have neglected his spiritual welfare.”

“The chapter is closed by giving the Muslims certain directions, which they must follow in order to become, and to remain, a great nation.”

Introduction to The Bee, Qur’an chapter 16

The great nation referenced by Ali is the very same great nation as proclaimed by President Barack Hussein Obama… It is a nation of bees guided by a master, a queen. She gives them certain directions that must be followed to become, and remain, such a great nation. They are to build their hives in the mountains, in the trees, and in what they build. The bees have been directed to build their hives in Africa, Asia, Europe, the city of Detroit, and in the footprint of the buildings they razed in Manhattan. They now build their hives in the Congress of The United States of America.

From these hives, they produce a beverage of many hues called honey.


“So I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll. He said to me, ‘Take it and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, but in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey.’ I took the little scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour.’’

Revelation 10:9-10


The little scroll is the Qur’an. The angel who gives it to the prophet John is the fallen angel, the old queen of the hive, and the old queen is the director of the director of Muslims. And the director of Islam and Muslims is – Muhammad.

The fallen angel is Allah. Allah is the eternal queen.

“I was angry with my people and desecrated my inheritance; I gave them into your hand, and you showed them no mercy.” – From Egypt through Islam, Israel was shown no mercy by the seven (now eight) earthly kingdoms. Time and time again, the Hebrews, who became the Israelis, and who are currently known as the Jews, were persecuted and oppressed by the dragon’s earthly empires. And today, it’s happening again.

This is a bit of a sideline but God’s people (not just his inherited people) include the descendants of Ishmael. At least it used to. Though at odds, both Ishmael and his brother Isaac honored the God of their father Abraham. And that held true until a fatherless nomad, a descendant of Ishmael, began to speak of a foreign god; a god unknown to his fathers. In the seventh century after Jesus Christ, Muhammad first muttered the words that began the last earthly kingdom. And the Lord over his earthly kingdom is the subject of Isaiah 47.

Fourteen centuries later, we see brother against brother in and about Israel. We see a want-to-be-god against God. As they’ve been directed for so long, Islamic swarms are buzzing like bees all around Israel. And like the victorious Prince of princes whose word defeated Muhammad, the sword of the Father’s mouth is about to remove their satanic hives from the mountains, the trees, and from what he’s built in the world.

“Even on the aged you laid a very heavy yoke.” – The self-proclaimed Beneficent, the Merciful, the Tender, and the Delicate (Subtile), has shown none of those characteristics to the people of God; not those of Ishmael’s large (great) nation nor that of Isaac’s – the Apple of God’s Eye.

“You said, ‘I will continue forever the eternal queen.’” – Al-Hayy the Ever-living, eternal (Qur’an 2:255, 3:2, 25:58). Allah is literally called the Ever-living Master.

Malik-Ul-Mulk – the Owner of the Kingdom. Who owns the kingdom within a hive of bees? It’s the queen. She is king. Who does the entire hive of workers and drones live to protect? They feed and protect the queen.

Remember the beginning of this chapter? It began with the address going to the Virgin Daughter of Babylon. Assuming the reader is not an expert on the life of bees, I’ll summarize it: The only difference between a queen bee and a worker is what and how it is fed.

“A virgin queen will develop from a fertilized egg. The young queen larva develops differently because it is more heavily fed royal jelly, a protein-rich secretion from glands from the heads of young workers. If not for being heavily fed royal jelly, the queen larvae would have developed into a regular worker bee…

A virgin queen is a queen that has not mated with a drone. Virgins are intermediate in size between workers and mated, laying queens, and are much more active than the latter. When a young virgin queen emerges from a queen cell, she will generally seek out virgin queen rivals and attempt to kill them. Virgin queens will quickly find and kill (by stinging) any other emerged virgin queen (or be dispatched themselves), as well as any unemerged (sic) queens. Queen cells that are opened on the side indicate that a virgin queen was likely killed by a rival virgin queen…

If the prime swarm has a virgin queen and the old queen, the old queen will usually be allowed to live. The old queen continues laying. Within a couple of weeks she will die a natural death and the former virgin, now mated, will take her place.”


Are you ready for this? Let’s place the physical representative of Allah into the place of the virgin queen…


Muhammad was developed from a fertilized egg. Yet, he had no father. The young nomad developed differently because he was more heavily fed the royal jelly of Allah, a lie-filled secretion from the spirit of evil. If not for being fed the revelations from a demon, he would most likely have developed into a man who worshipped the God of his fathers.

Muhammad was unique. He was a Gog who was raised between the merchants his uncle served and the foreign god who led him. With his short history and warring ways, he was very active. He sought out other leaders and killed them by way of the sword; he killed them via jihad. Without it, the religion would have died out. “So from the first to last, the Holy Qur’an allowed fighting only against those who fought the Muslims first; it allowed expressly fighting in defence (sic) without which the Muslims could not live…” Qur’an, Introduction, pg. I-41

Muhammad was described by the prophet Daniel as a bear raised up on one of its sides; meaning – he was thought to be dead, killed in battle. In the battle of Uhud, Muhammad was struck in the head. He was badly injured with his teeth broken. It was announced by the opposing Quraish commander, Khalid, that ‘Muhammad was slain’ (see Rev 13:3).

The primary swarm of Muslims followed Muhammad and grew in numbers until his natural death (not by human power – Dan 8:25) on June 8, 632 A.D. And the royal jelly fed virgin, Bakr took his place.


Wouldn’t this then make Muhammad the subject of Isaiah 47?

No! Muhammad was just another virgin queen (Gog) fed by the ultimate, eternal queen, Satan (aka Allah). These hives with their virgin queens have been placed among the mountains, the trees, and in the things that are built of the earth.

The workers protect the vulnerable, mortal queen. She can be killed. This is why the worker is directed to protect her by any means, including a battle to the death.

God needs no workers to protect him. It is his workers who are directed not to kill. He is the only Ruler, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords, and the Prince of princes. (1 Timothy 6:15, Rev 17:14, 19:16, and Dan 8:25).

 “But you did not consider these things or reflect on what might happen.” – The eternal queen bee did not consider ever actually being any of the things that he/she/it has declared to be. She, the owner of the kingdom, did not reflect on the consequences of its actions and how they play into the promise of God.

“Now then, listen, you wanton creature, lounging in your security and saying to yourself, ‘I am, and there is none besides me.’” – God is using the sword of his mouth to command the vulgar fallen angel into hearing him. And He sarcastically mocking the dragon on his proclamations that he (the dragon) is God and God alone. The name for it is Al-Wahid.


“Allah – there is no god but he…”

Qur’an 2:255, 3:2, 4:87, 47:19, 52:43, 64:13

“’I will never be a widow or suffer the loss of children.’” – The queen bee simply lays the eggs. She relies on the drones and workers to become and remain a thriving hive. She has no husband, no groom, and she cannot suffer the loss of children she never knew. Her sole function is to lay more eggs. The function of the queen is to create a few new queens (Gogs), drones and workers (Magogs).

Among others, we have seen; the pharaohs of Egypt, Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, A-jads of Persia, Nimrods of Assyria, Alexanders of Greece, Caesars of Rome, and Muhammads of Islam. Hitler and the Nazis were simply a side show, a warm up act that attacked the Israeli’s camp. They didn’t even have a homeland to remove them from. Each evil leader was a queen, a master, of their hive. The blood-shed by their subjects was merely that of instinctually directed drones and workers.


“All the nations surrounded me, but in the name of the Lord I cut them off. They surrounded me on every side, but in the name of the Lord I cut them off. They swarmed around me like bees, but they died out as quickly as burning thorns; in the name of the Lord I cut them off.”

Psalm 118:10-12


“Both of these will overtake you in a moment, on a single day: loss of children and widowhood.” – The dragon has prowled the earth as a queen since the creation of Adam and Eve. He has lounged in the luxury of earth and its naïve people. But his lounging is at an end. The workers and drones he created with his beverage of many hues will perish and the hives he formed will burn like stubble. He is the beast who partnered with many but he is about to stand alone, all alone. He’s about to be widowed from the earth and from men.

“They will come upon you in full measure, in spite of your many sorceries and all of your potent spells.” – The devil lacks the power to stop God’s will. The beast in Rev 17 is one and the same spirit whose power of lawlessness appears in 2 Thessalonians 2. And that power of lawlessness appeared with the work of Satan, in the form of a man (Muhammad), who displayed all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. That man was Muhammad and those who perish include the non-repenting Muslims. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends (sent) them a powerful delusion so that they will believe (have believed) the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

“You have trusted in your wickedness and have said, ‘No one sees me.’” – Al-Batin – the Hidden, name number 77… With his veil removed and his skirt (burqa) lifted, he is revealed to show his shame.

“He is the First and the Last and the Manifest and the Hidden, and he is Knower of all things.”

Qur’an 57:3

“Your wisdom and knowledge mislead you when you say to yourself, ‘I am, and there is none besides me.’” – There is no need to narrate this. Allah proclaims it in 2:163, 2:255, 3:2, 4:87, 171, 5:73, 6:19, 163, 101, 14:52, 16:22, 51, 17:111, 21:108, 22:34, 25:2, 37:4, 38:65, 41:6, 47:19, 52:43, 64:13, and 112:1, 3.

“Disaster will come upon you and you will not know how to conjure it away. A calamity will fall upon you that you cannot ward off with a ransom; a catastrophe you cannot foresee will suddenly come upon you.” –

“Those who disbelieve, even if they had all that  is in the earth, and the like of it with it, to ransom themselves therewith from the chastisement of the day of Resurrection, it would not be accepted from them; and theirs is a painful chastisement.”

Qur’an 5:36

Oh Satan! How right you are! There is no ransom to save you. The kingdoms that you laid claim to, those you owned and mastered were refused by Jesus and it is all you had. You had all the riches of the earth (or so you thought). Yet, you could not ransom yourself with it.


“The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him, ‘I will give you all their authority and splendor, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. So if you worship me, it will all be yours.’

Jesus answered, ‘It is written: Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’”

Luke 4:5-8


Oh Satan, a catastrophe comes upon you!

“Keep on then, with your magic spells and with your many sorceries, which you have labored at since childhood.” – So smug is the devil that he is verbally recognized by infants, even before they speak of their mother or father.


“The phrase has besides acquired such a wide usage among the Muslims that it is the first thing which a Muslim child learns, and in his everyday affairs the Bismillah is the first word which a Muslim utters.”

Qur’an, Maulana Muhammad Ali, Chapter 1, narrative

“Perhaps you will succeed, perhaps you will cause terror.” – By first marauding caravans, then moving on to conquering Medina & Mecca, Muhammad strived via jihad throughout the entire region that now makes up the Nation of Islam. The bees of Allah and his false prophet now blow themselves up, shoot unsuspecting people and plunge passenger planes into occupied buildings; all while hollering Allahu Akbar – Allah is Great! (Reference John 16:2-4)

They detonate back-packs; throw acid in the faces of school-bound girls, and stone victims of rape. They shoot people up at military bases while screaming in honor of their god. They go to war against their brothers and against their neighbors. No matter which side they’re on they scream the war cry; Allahu Akbar. Anyone who dares to speak out against their Lord or their murderous prophet is threatened with beheading.

The bees stand at the podium at the U.N. and call for an expansion of their hive (religion) of peace and they call for its expansion further into the land and heart of Israel. They have been buzzing around Israel since its very inception. All that is requested of them, the bees, is that they acknowledge that Israel has the right to exist. But, no such statement will be made. And if made, no such intent will ever be honored. They are bees. They do as their queen directs.

Still, there are those who refuse to believe that bees have to act like bees. They are convinced that only the most radical of bees feed and protect the queen. Very, very few understand that bees are bees. They all eat the beverage of different hues. The only difference from the queens, workers and drones is the amount of beverage they ingest. But, no matter, they all protect the hive to the death. So does that mean all of Islam equates to terror?  All of Islam drinks the beverage of many hues.


“All the counsel you have received has only worn you out! Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you.” – The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar. It is used to date events in Muslim countries and it is used by all Muslims to celebrate Islamic holy days and festivals. The current year, 2011, is recognized as the year 1432 A.H. It began on December 7, 2010 (what a coincidence – Pearl Harbor day). December 7, 628 A.D. was the beginning of Muhammad’s forty two month reign. He was killed by the sword of God’s mouth on June 8, 632 A.D. – forty two months later.

May the moon and stars of their calendar guide the satanic Lord to the lake of fire.

“Surely they are like stubble; the fire will burn them up. They cannot even save themselves from the power of the flame.” – Amen.

“Here are no coals to warm anyone; here is no fire to sit by.” – The fires of hell are no lakeside picnic. It is also not a destination wished upon any living man. If they breathe, they have the ability to repent of their wicked ways and turn to God.

“That is all they can do for you – these you have labored with since childhood. Each of them goes in error; there is not one that can save you.” – So take millstones and grind flour; take off your veil. Lift up your skirts, bare your legs, and wade through the streams. The people you misled will perish. There is not one that can rescue the fallen star.

His days have finally come to an imminent end…



So, now what?

The very writing of the Qur’an fulfills the warnings of Biblical prophecy in regard to Isaiah 47. It delivers on Allah and his many aliases; Allah (God), Ar-Rahman (the Beneficent), Ar-Rahim (the Merciful) the combination meaning Tender. Then there’s; Al-Malik (the King, Owner, Master, and Queen), Al-Latif (the Subtile or Delicate), Al-Mumit of Rev 9:11 (the Destroyer), Al-Hayy (the Ever-Living), Al-Wahid (the One), Al-Batin (the Hidden), and Malik-Ul-Mulk of Luke 4:6 (Owner of the Kingdom).

If, in fact, Allah is the devil in disguise, then Muhammad is without doubt his false prophet. Like Isaiah 47 is the exact description of Satan, Isaiah 14:12-14 is the exact description of a man who appears as a prophet and who elevates himself to that of a god.



Isaiah 14:12-14

“How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn!” – Whether faithful to the Father in heaven or not, most of the world will agree that the fallen star, the fallen angel, is that of Satan. In this verse, God mocks the angel for his self-proclamation of being the Morning Star. This proclamation comes six centuries after John wrote of Jesus claiming to be the Morning Star in Rev 22:16;


“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”


Now, compare Jesus’ statement and God’s mockery of the fallen star to that of Muhammad and the Qur’an:

“And what will make the know what the Comer by night is? The star of piercing brightness –“

“The Comer by night is here the Holy Prophet; the revelation of the Qur’an is also spoken of as taking place on a blessed night. The reason is that the Holy Prophet appeared when total darkness spread on the earth…It may be added that Tariq is also the name given to the morning star.”

Qur’an 86:2-3, 3a


“Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn, -“

Qur’an 113:1


The significance of this set of opposing verses is huge! Jesus, the bright Morning Star, walked this earth in the first century A.D. Six centuries later; another man appeared (just as was forewarned) claiming to be that of the bright Morning Star. Not only was the proclamation made, but it was made recognizing him, Muhammad, as that star and as that Lord. In two short verses, the man who claimed to be a prophet of a foreign god also assumes the throne of God.


“Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.”

2 Thessalonians 2:3-4


The man of lawlessness was Muhammad; he was doomed to destruction by the power of God. That is history. He opposed and exalted himself over everything that was called the Biblical God. The worship of men he brought upon himself and his god. He set himself up in the Dome of the Rock on the very Temple Grounds which many have expected to see a new Jewish temple built. And, according to his own book, he proclaims himself to be both the Morning Star and the Lord of the dawn – aka God.

“You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! – Like his satanic boss, Muhammad was destroyed and thrown into the blazing fire of God’s throne (Dan 7:11). He was a goat, raised to the left side of God and destroyed. Muhammad once laid low the nations of Sheba, Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish (Arabia). The nations that lived after him laid low many more.

“You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven…” – So says the Qur’an about Muhammad’s infamous night journey;

“Glory to Him who carried His servant by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Remote Mosque, whose precincts We blessed, that We might show him of Our signs. Surely He is the Hearing, the Seeing…

The carrying by night of the Prophet from the Sacred Mosque At Makkah (Mecca) to the Remote Mosque (the rock which became Domed) in Jerusalem is in reference to the Prophet’s reported Ascension (to heaven).


“…I will raise my throne above the stars of God…” – The highest place that Muhammad carried his throne was that of the eighth level of heaven. There he was elevated to that of the Lote-tree.

“And certainly he saw Him in another descent, At the farthest lote-tree. Near it is the Garden of Abode. When that which covers covered the lote-tree…”

“The qualification of sidrah by the word of al-muntaha shows that it is a place beyond which human knowledge does not go, one of the explanations given by Kf (Kashshaf – a commentary – by Abu-l-Qasim Mahmud ibn ‘Umar al-Zamakhshari) being, ‘the knowledge of angels and others ends there, and no one knows what is beyond it.’ Hence the significance conveyed by the words is that the Prophet’s knowledge of things Divine was the utmost which could be vouchsafed to man.”

Qur’an 53:13-16, and 14a.


The seven heavens included the stars of God. According to Islamic hadith, the levels of heaven are as follows; Muhammad met – Adam in the first heaven, John and Jesus in the second, Joseph in the third, Idris (supposedly the name of Enoch – that’s a whole different letter) in the fourth, Aaron in the fifth, Moses in the sixth, and Abraham in the seventh.

But Muhammad said he was lifted (ascended) yet again, above them all. “Then I was made to ascend to Sidrat-al-Muntaha (i.e. the Lote-Tree of the utmost boundary).” Volume 5, Book 58, Number 227 of hadith, Narrated by Abbas bin Malik


“I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain.” – And there he sits. He set himself up on a wing of the temple and sits enthroned in the Dome of the Rock. He sits as God on the mount of assembly, the historical Temple of God, the Temple Grounds of Jerusalem. He is Muhammad; the prophet turned god in the last chapters (86, 113, and 114) of his little scroll. He’s the self-proclaimed Tariq, the false Morning star

“I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”- So, it seems he did that very thing. But…

“But you are brought down to the grave, to the depths of the pit.”  – Killed by the word of God, the queen bee that is Muhammad is dead and perished. He was a liar. He was delusional. And he deluded the bees he directs and those he has directed. He’s the false prophet. He’s Muhammad.

The following was written between September 20th and October 20th, 2011

Just as the Bible described the end from the beginning, this letter describes the beginning at the end. As I sit writing this intro, the television bears images of the life-less body of Muammar Gaddafi. Within the chaotic scene can be heard the celebratory and exasperated screams of Allahu Akbar. Somehow, I’m not finding much joy or comfort in either the death of Gaddafi or the unnerving repetitive screams thanking the dragon for the carnage.

It’s the 30th day of the 9th month, October 20th. Tomorrow (this evening) is the first day of the tenth month and the feelings here are much more than just a little anxious. The man of locusts and bees (Qaddafi) is just another queen whose hive has been infested and toppled by other bees. To the northeast is Syria whose people are being stung to death at a rate of about fourteen a day. East of them is Iraq whose people are being blown up by car bombs. East of them is Iran who plots the next Holocaust. East of them is Afghanistan whose people (and our troops) are being stalked by the Taliban and the Haqqani. East of them is Pakistan who is revving their ballistic missile engines while they play a high stakes shell game of hide the nukes.

There is no comfort in seeing these events materialize. There is only comfort in knowing God is in control and he has us tucked under the wing of his salvation. The hate that consumes men might cut short our mortal lives and the lives of our family and friends short but what more can hate do to us? (Reference Luke 12:4)

The locusts, having stings and tails like scorpions (and like bees), are now the body of people that make up the world’s majority religion and men have become completely wicked. With their hives having been kicked, the bees are swarming all about like a thick, black cloud.

It was just a few weeks ago that the last letter was delivered. Where we left off then, we start from now – the further description of Revelation’s locusts.


“The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces. Their hair was like woman’s hair, and their teeth were like lion’s teeth.”

Revelation 9:7-8


In this, the second section of the sounding of the fifth trumpet, God is depicting the Islamic army as they depict themselves. We’ll begin with their belief on the role of horses in coming battle.

“And make ready for them whatever force you can and horses tied at the frontier, to frighten thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them, whom you know not – Allah knows them.”

Qur’an 8:60


“Force means all those things which are a source of strength, including all kinds of implements of war and other defensive and offensive operations.”

Qur’an 8:60, 60a.

It is quite clear that the mechanism for war was the horse. The metaphorical emphasis has remained throughout the centuries. Take note of the following proclamation from:


The Sunni Ittehad Council, an organization representing the country’s Barelvi sect, often referred to as the most moderate among Pakistani Muslims, issued a statement saying it was obligatory on all Muslims to wage jihad against the United States if it attacked Pakistan.

The Pakistani government and the armed forces should start preparing to counter any possible American attack as the Islamic law suggests ‘keeping the horses ready’ to counter any sort of foreign aggression,’ the statement said.”

Huffington Post, Chris Brummitt, September 28, 2011

The following quotes are pulled from: Questions on Islamic Dress and Head-dress for Men, (Libas wal ama’im), by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani as excerpted from the ‘Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine, As-Sunna Foundation of America, 1998.

“The following six narrations are from Suyuti’s Commentary on Qur’an entitled al-Durr al-manthur fi al-tafsir al-ma’thur. In Tabarani and Ibn Mardawayh on the authority of Inn ‘Abbas with a weak chain: ‘The prophet said concerning musawwimin: it means mu’aalamin or marked, Ibn Kathir mentions it.”


“…The latter was wearing a yellow turban on the day of Badr, so the angels descended wearing yellow turbans…”


This verse confirms what Muslims believe – that during the battle of Badr, the prophet wore a yellow turban. And the angels (demons) who supported his fight descended (out of the smoke locusts came down upon the earth… Rev 9:3) wearing the same yellow turbans (something like crowns of gold… Rev 9:7). The evidence continues to mount;

“…on the day of Badr al-Zubayr was wearing a yellow turban among the people so the Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘The angels have descended wearing the same mark as Abu ‘Abd Allah,’ and the Prophet himself came wearing a yellow turban.’”

Muhammad said, “The angels (his supporting demons) descended (from the smoke like locusts) wearing the same mark (of the beast) as Abu (Bakr) the ‘slave of Allah,’ and the Prophet (Muhammad) himself came wearing a yellow turban (something like a crown of gold).


Thank God for the phrase ‘just a coincidence’! Without it, this would seem rather frightening! But the save-the-day coincidences just keep coming;


“The day of Badr the angels came down on piebald horses, wearing yellow turbans.”


On the day of the battle of Badr, the angels (of Allah) came down (like locusts upon the earth) on painted (Pale – Rev 6:8) horses, wearing yellow turbans (something like crowns of gold). This interpretive coincidence crap is really becoming quite bothersome!

“The mark of the angels on the day of Badr was white turbans whose ends were hanging in their backs, and on the day of Hunayn, red turbans.”


The mark of the angels (mark of the beast) on the day of Badr (March 13, 624 AD – 2 AH) was white turbans (wait a minute – I thought they were yellow!) whose ends were hanging in their backs (like women’s hair – Rev 9:8), and on the day of Hunayn (a decisive victory for Muhammad in 630 A.D. – 8 A.H.), red turbans. Thank God again that it was just red turbans and not red horses! Because, Rev 6:4 says; “Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other.”

Whew! It appears we dodged a bullet there – huh?

Just a little side note – in the battle of Hunayn, along with the booty of 24,000 camels, Muhammad took 6,000 women and children prisoner… Ah Muhammad, the perfect model!” (Qur’an 33:21, 68:4)


“If I had my eyesight and if you came with me to Uhud, I would tell you about the mountain-pass out of which came the angels, wearing yellow turbans which they had thrown back between their shoulders.”


“At the breath of God they are destroyed; at the blast of his anger they perish. The lions mat roar and growl, yet the teeth of the great lions are broken.”

Job 4:9-10


If I had my eyesight (see verse above: Muhammad was badly injured by a sizable rock which hit him in the face breaking his teeth, knocking him unconscious and fueling speculation that he had been killed) and if we were with him at Uhud (March 19, 625 AD – 3 AH) I would tell you about the mountain-pass (see Zechariah 6 below) out of which came the angels, wearing yellow turbans (crowns of gold) which they had thrown back between their shoulders (like women’s hair).

The Bible is like a puzzle of eighty thousand pieces; all of them white. The mystery of the puzzle doesn’t even begin to form a picture until the last of the pieces are meticulously fitted together. And without history, its piecing together has proven to be impossible – until now. This is the best description that can be given about the journey men have gone through in order to be righteously guided and place the pieces of God’s puzzle into their proper place – one agonizing piece at a time. This is one of those very big pieces.

Because it can be rather cumbersome, we’re going to summarize the scripture of Zechariah 6. It would be extremely helpful for the reader to have a Bible handy and follow the verses as they apply here. Like so much of what’s been previously written, the following prophecy fits history like a hand in a glove.

the four chariots (rider-less) coming out from between two mountains (Uhud’s mountain-pass) of bronze. Bronze is the ore that makes up the belly and thighs of the statue in Dan 2:32. The inference of the bronze belly and thighs is that of the simultaneous existence of the Greek and Roman Empires. Although faltering, the remnants of both empires were still in existence in the year 625 AD. It is at this time that the chariots of red horses (men slaying men by the removal of peace in Rev 6:4), black horses (food, oil and wine for the worker in Rev 6:5-6), the white horses (conqueror bent on conquest in Rev 6:2), and the pale horses (Hades, the chariot only – there is no rider called Death -Rev 6:8).

These are the four spirits of heaven. They go out from standing in the presence of the Lord of the whole world. True to the nature of the two witnesses in Rev 11, they are the Spirits of God that stand before (and hold back) the Lord of the earth, the Lord of the whole world, the fallen angel – Satan.

The chariot drawn by the black horses goes to the north, that drawn of the white horses to the west, and the cart pulled by the dappled (pale, piebald) horses to the south. There is no mention of the direction of the chariot pulled by the red horses, that of men slaying men. That is because men slay men in all directions. The horses pulled their respective chariots in their commanded directions until they covered the earth.

The angel that is explaining these events calls to the prophet Zechariah and says, “Look, those going toward the north country (black horses of food, healing oil and wine) have given my Spirit (God’s people and prophets) rest in the land of the north. And what had been (past tense) given them was the land of Israel; which is coincidently, directly north of Medina. Medina is the base from which the battle of Uhud was launched.

From the statue in Dan 2:32; through the mountains, chariots and horses of Zechariah 6; to the seals of Rev 6; and finally ending with the locusts, horses and chariots of Rev 9:7-9; the Biblical prophecies are fulfilled and described in detail by the unknowing Satan who could not recognize his image of evil as described by the word of God. But he reveals himself through a delusional man (Muhammad) and a condemning book of evil acknowledgement – the Qur’an and its supporting hadith. And we’re still not through with the statements from the Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine.


“Malik said: Jibril was seen in the image of (the Companion) Dihja (ibn Khalifa) al-kalbi, and he was wearing a turban with its extremity hanging between his shoulder blades.”

Malik (the Master – King) said, “Jibril (supposedly the angel Gabriel who grasped Muhammad by the throat and filled him with the sayings of Allah) was seen in the image of Khalifah (successors to Muhammad), and he was wearing a turban with its extremity hanging between his shoulder blades (like women’s hair).

The lesson from these verses of Islamic Doctrine is as follows:

“We caution Muslims to beware of those who claim that they are reviving the Sunna, while they discard the turban, the jubba, and the beard, and they bring Western-style shirts, Western-style pants, and even boots into the masjid thinking that they are doing an excellent deed! We seek refuge in Allah from misguidance and innovation.”


So, they come down upon the earth like locusts (devouring everything). Their hair was like women’s hair (flowing turbans). Their faces resembled human faces (angels and Companions of Muhammad). Their teeth were like lion’s teeth (spears and arrows). They had breastplates like breastplates of iron (horses prepared for battle). And the sound of their wings was like the sound of thundering of many horses (red ones, black ones, white ones, and pale ones) and chariots rushing into battle throughout the earth.

From the last letter we know that they are bees with stings;


“They had tails and stings like scorpions, and in their tails (the stings), they had power to torment people for five months. They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon.” Rev 9:10-11


and whose name in Arabic is Mumit, and in English, Destroyer.


Certainly, this is nothing more than a bigoted comparison of convenience from a naïve and intolerant position of religious arrogance and exclusion! Today’s world is so much more progressive and further advanced than those of such primitive cultures of yesterday…

Sure it is…


“Gaddafi told Britain in secret messages sent to the Foreign Office that he was willing to start a political process that would end with the Libyan leader becoming a head of state like the Queen.”

The Guardian, Patrick Wintour and Nicholas Watt, Sunday, October 2, 2011




Our progression into a one-world economy has given rise to equality of all human beings. No longer will there be the exclusivity of the rich of the West. With the new economic realities, all men will now share in the wealth that was previously and apparently unjustly hoarded by Americans and Europeans. With their wealth drained into the swamps of the earth, we are now more equally catered. That is exactly the meaning and relevance of Muhammad’s Final Pilgrimage and his charter for social justice. All but the king (Or queen in this case) are to be workers and drones. The better share of the royal jelly is to be fed only to her (the queen) and to other up and coming (to be) queens. And anyone or anything that appears to be a threat to her or to her interpretation of the hive’s directive of social justice is to suffer the sting of the tail. Islam’s image of social justice does not allow the freedoms of capitalism – neither do the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Every man should pause and recognize just what it is he asks for – for he may get exactly as he asks, demands or protests for.


“Each time the Americans appear (in a Pakistani advertisement), a shrill voice sings: ‘Enemies, you have challenged a nation which has a growing knowledge of the Quran and the support from Allah. Our task in this world is to eliminate the name of the killers!

Huffington Post, Chris Brummitt, September 28, 2011

Whoa! Hold on a minute! Islam is a religion of peace!

Sure it is… guided by the perfect model whose armies have killed billions, he is remembered: Muhammad –


“Is this the man who shook the earth and made kingdoms tremble, the man who made the world a desert, who overthrew its cities and would not let its captives go home…

[Remember the 6,000 women and children Muhammad claimed as war booty]

All the kings of the nations lie in state, each in his own tomb. But you are cast out of your tomb like a rejected branch; you are covered with the slain, with those pierced by the sword, those who descend to the stones of the pit. Like a corpse trampled underfoot, you will not join them in burial, for you have destroyed your land and killed your people.”

[The great nation promised to Ishmael is that of Muhammad’s father – his people]

Isaiah 14:18-20


Just in case the reader isn’t keeping up on current events; all Islamic leaders, heads of state, dictators, and religious appointees kill their own people. They are the queens that mimic the behavior of the perfect model who received his (her) directives directly from the fallen angel. I realize that such an all-inclusive statement is bold and arguable but the evidence is weighted to the point and indefensible by the politically correct Tolerants. This is the foundation of the religion of peace; a foundation built not on stone but erected upon the sandy mix of blood, flesh and bone.

Behind the religion of peace is the practice of Taqiyya (saying something that isn’t true) such as; the promise of peace… Just as their perfect model did when he signed (with a signet ring) a ten year treaty with the Meccans that allowed them free movement and access to Mecca while he prepared his band of thugs (Companions) to take it over. This was the vulgarly adopted practice by the ever-evil Yasser Arafat. Time and time again, he would make agreements that he had no intention of honoring. This is perfectly acceptable to the religion of Muhammad.


“Speaking from a position of power at the time, Ali confirms that lying (taqiyya) is permissible in order to deceive an “enemy.’”

Bukhari 84:64-65


“And (the Jews) planned and Allah (also) planned. And Allah is the best of planners.”

Qur’an 3:54


The practice of Taqqiya and the false promise of peace is as old as Islam itself. It was just days ago that it happened again. And, once again, most of the world shrugged it off.


“Behind the murder of former Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani was a cruel trick.  Sami Yousafzai and Ron Moreau have exclusive details on how insurgents fooled him with an offer of peace.

A household servant who was bringing tea for Rabbani and his guest has described Rabbani’s final moments… The purported envoy, wearing a large, traditional Afghan turban, walked toward the intended victim, bowed his head to Rabbani’s chest, touching it with the turban. ‘We thought he bowed in respect,’ says the servant. Instead, a huge blast shook the room, instantly killing Rabbani and the suicide bomber…

The servant…says that as he and others helped remove the dead and injured, a cellphone (sic) started ringing in the debris. ‘When we picked up the phone…someone said in Pashtu, ‘Congratulations to the martyr…’

The Taliban fooled us again. Our leader was killed for seeking peace at the end of his life.”

Newsweek, Sami Yousafzai, Ron Moreau, September 21, 2011


As our troops leave, Iraq falls further apart. Libya’s Qaddhafi has disappeared along with 20,000 shoulder fired, heat seeking missiles. Syria is ramping up their renewed Hama massacre and leans upon its amassed arsenal of chemical weapons. Iran has developed new cruise missiles and has placed them upon the naval ships that are sailing toward our coastline.

Their centrifuges spin at record rates with estimated dates of their bomb making capabilities being snowplowed and ignorantly assumed to be just months away (as it has been for three years now). Agence France-Presse quoted Ambassador Gerard Araud as saying. “’The powers last held full talks with Tehran in January. If we don’t succeed today to reach a negotiation with the Iranians, there is a strong risk of military action,’ the envoy said. He did not identify any nations that might conduct an armed strike.”

And, just this month (Oct 2011), the Iranians have sentenced an Iranian citizen to death for converting to Christianity.

How’s that democratic tolerance and Arab Spring thing seem to be working out?

Palestine is pouring over the Israeli borders and beating on the U.N. members with its request for statehood and claims that a ‘declared state’ is the only option left. Of course, this is in contrast and violation to the terms of the Oslo Accords, signed in 1993 by; Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin and Bill Clinton. Seeking a U.N. vote on statehood without agreed peace terms between Israel and Palestine is expressly forbidden in the agreement. Chalk yet another perfect model ploy of taqiyya up to the Palestinian Muslims.

Turkey has withdrawn their diplomats and expelled Israel’s ambassador and threatens to escort cargo ships J into Gaza under the protection of a Turkish naval escort. Egypt is burning Coptic Christian (Catholic) churches and people are being starved to death in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan by the al-Shaba’ab (Islamic Muhammadans) who refuse to allow delivery of relief and food assistance.

Saudi Arabia just issued a warning to Westerners about probable terrorist activities in their country; even as they withdraw the sentence of ten lashes they placed upon one of its female citizens for the heinous crime of driving.

Before our very eyes, we are watching the Haqqani family (a Pakistani arm of the Taliban) pull Afghanistan deeper into the Abyss with their acts of “spectaculars” against the Afghans and the American military who are liberating Afghanistan from secular persecution and oppression. If you really want to read something that makes your skin crawl, read John Barry’s article in Newsweek titled Obama’s Haqqani Dilemma. It outlines the argument that Pakistan is a sea of taqiyya where there is no trust but lots and lots of Islamic attitude – nuclear attitude.

They won’t say it publicly but they are pissed about Osama (that’s Osama with an “O”) bin Laden. As a side – has anyone else picked up on the media attempt to change his name from Osama to Usama? Now, why in the hell would they do that? Might it be that Barack Obama, his administration and campaign camp label as ‘racist’ anyone who dares mention Obama’s middle name? How many times have you heard a discussion about the terrorist Osama mistakenly called Obama? The only one who can utilize Obama’s middle name is Obama himself. It must be racist! We would never talk about Ronald Wilson Reagan, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and William Jefferson Clinton. But call out Barack Hussein and the Tolerants pounce!

This sure sounds familiar… let’s see, who else threatens those who speak plainly? Maybe al-Uswa-e-Hasana, the model of conduct, Muhammad…


“Criticism of Muhammad is often equated with blasphemy, which is punishable by death in some Islamic states.”

Muhammad in Islam – Wikipedia

 Nah, that’s just paranoia…

Let’s see, have I left anyone out? Oh, yes! Those also in favor of a Palestinian declaration of statehood are those two little countries of China and Russia. You know – those silly guys who respectively buy Iran’s oil and sell them state of the art weapons – like cruise missiles and anti-aircraft missile systems. J

How ironic is it – that with all of this silly frolicking going on, there are these crazy rumors floating around that the Bible talked about these very events – by these very people – at this very time? Is it problematic that the Lord of those in the Middle East is the iconic dragon that has captured people’s imaginations since the creation of man? The only thing that has evolved in our history is the fulfillment of prophesy; both written and imprinted for the last – oh – three thousand years! Yes, you silly ol’ evolutionists, we have evolved – all the way to what is now the ninth day of the ninth month (9/29) of this very crazy year!

With Hope & Change steadfastly anchored and the orchestrator busily campaigning for four more years, what could possibly go wrong with the great nation of Islam or any of its friends in the next twenty two days?

[As it turns out – Iran would back a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States on U.S. soil. – Oops! Updated 10-12-11]



I awoke to three significant headlines today (Friday, September 30th). First, the evacuation zones around Fukushima Daiichi have been reduced due to the successful cooling and reduction of flood waters from the ground levels of the four problematic reactors.

Second, Anwar Al-Awlaki, the AQAP (Al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula) head was killed in a U.S. drone strike. And third, the stock market is down yet again, due primarily to the instability of PIIGSJA.

The first and the last are self-explanatory and a mere continuation of previously defined occurrences. But, the Awlaki thing is new and most timely.

His being killed by a U.S. drone strike obviously confirms our military presence in the nation of Yemen – yet another country rumored to be heading toward or fully consumed by civil war. Not only does this confirm our presence but it exaggerates our futile hope in Islamic tolerance. What I mean is this:

“…before and, remarkably, after 9/11, the Washington Post, The New York Times and the Baltimore Sun, along with NPR, fawned over Al Awlaki as one of a “new generation of Muslim leader capable of merging East and West,” in the Times’ words. In Nov. 2001, just two months after the 9/11 attacks, the Post did a video profile of Al Awlaki and hosted him in an on-line Q & A session with readers. “[T]he greatest sin in Islam after associating other gods besides Allah is killing an innocent soul,” the bridge-builder told questioners.”

“Just a few years later, Al Awlaki was praising Nadal Hasan as ‘heroic,’ saying ‘may God richly reward him.’”

NewsBusters, Matthew Philbin, September 30, 2011


The embarrassing ignorance of their reporting is now clearly visible. What’s not clearly visible is the ongoing insistence that Islam is a religion to be treated as all other “God” honoring faiths. Certainly the reader caught al-Awlaki’s comment about the greatest sin (in the Islamic faith) is honoring a God other than Allah – al Mumit. The obvious question is: As Commander in Chief, will Barack Hussein Obama, the latest and greatest merger of East and West, concede his embarrassingly erroneous written statement of standing with them (Muslims) when the political winds change in an ugly direction?


Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. A likeness of His light is as a pillar on which is a lamp – the lamp is in a glass, the glass is as it were a brilliantly shining star – lit from a blessed olive tree, neither eastern or western…”

Qur’an 24:35


“The parable becoming clearer if the word nur (light) be taken to refer to the Holy Prophet.”

Qur’an 24:35, 35a.


“The reference seems to be the welding together of the East and the West in Islam, a prophecy which is now approaching its fulfillment in the awakening of the West to the truth of the principles of Islam.”

Qur’an 24:35, 35a.


“They desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, and Allah will allow nothing save the perfection of His light, though the disbelievers are adverse.”

Qur’an 9:32


“This is a prophecy of the ultimate triumph of Islam in face of severe opposition from the Jews and Christians.”

Qur’an 9:32, 32a.


So, it would appear that the efforts of Barack Hussein are that of Islamic prophecy and he’s the Islamic Messiah. The ultimate triumph of Islam over the Christians and Jews must be inevitable because it’s declared in the Qur’an and supporting by America’s Commander in Chief.  Not only is it supported by him, it absolutely must be true because it was spoken of by Allah (An-Nur, the light of the heavens and the earth, name #93), through Muhammad (An-Nur 24:35a.) and currently carried by the remaining beasts who believe in their light. Did you get that? Their light… the 93rd name of Allah and Muhammad (according to the Qur’an 24:35, 5:15, 33:46).


“And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

2 Corinthians 11:14


This verse, written six hundred years before the Qur’an, portrays the fallen angel as an angel of light. And, consistent with 2 Thessalonians 2:4, Muhammad sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God (an angel of light). This is the promised triumph of a one world religion, the victor over Jews and Christians. And, Biblically speaking, just who and what strives (jihad) to be triumphant over Jews and Christians? In a few words; the devil, the false prophet and Muhammad’s created beasts of Islam.

This is the Hope & Change supported and advanced throughout America by Barack Hussein Obama. J

Just in case he’s not keeping up on current events, the political winds have changed in a very ugly direction. So, who has the cojones and the podium to ask him the most important question of his presidential positioning; that of his alliance – is it East or West? Just an FYI – this was being screamed aloud prior to his election! The man who began his campaign in the residence of an unrepentant American terrorist, Bill Ayers, has given written notice to America… He stands with (them) the Muslims. If you don’t believe us, just ask him…

According to Allah, taqiyya can be practiced by anyone looking to further Islam. History has proven Al Awlaki (Aulaqi) to be a practitioner of taqiyya. Will history play out to prove the same of our Commander in Chief? According to his own words, he (Barack Hussein) believes there are paths to God other than through Jesus Christ, the belief in him, his sacrifice and offering given as ransom for our savior. Might one of those paths be that of the perfect model Muhammad? Is there anyone out there with the podium and the cojones to ask him who he stands with now?

Of the readers who have been reading these letters, how many are actually angry that these coincidences continue? Our guess is that there are more than a few out there who will forever be truly angered and who will continue to give lip service to these revelations as those of raving loons. After all, the reality of these writings and their convergence with current events are much too troubling to actually acknowledge. It’s a square peg of tolerance in the round hole of truth.

Our hope is that there are others; others who have children, careers, lives, spouses, and a blossoming field of faith in God. Our hope is that some who read these periodicals begin to see a clearer picture of the God of heaven and the fulfillment of his promised, written word. For these few, the anxieties of anticipated birthing pains will be trumped by the comfort in knowing that God is, and always has been, in control.

In the last letters, we spoke briefly of personal experiences and how difficult life can be. Some of those difficulties appear without fault; others are deserved and self-imposed. Either way; our life’s stories have been a microcosm of sorts of Biblical stories. There is a little bit of every Biblical character within us all. Just twenty seven verses into the Bible, we are told that man was created in the image of God. The image of God is that which we have been given by his two witnesses. And those two witnesses are Jesus and the Spirit of God. The evidence of which we have been given in order to know Him and them is through the written word – the Bible. We are created in the image of those described in His book.

One of the most relevant questions we get is, “Who are you – and what gives you the right to think you’ve been given the answers to questions that have been asked for so long? What gives you the right to claim to hold such knowledge?” The only answer we can give that makes any sense is that we were created in his image; of ordinary men whose belief in his creator enabled him (them) to do extraordinary things. The capability to do such things resides within us all. It’s not a matter of intelligence or vision hat has enabled a few men to recognize world events as Biblically consistent. It is merely guidance of and by faith.

What better witness can a man make than one who has debated for decades against the existence of God? It was not Bible school or Christian Academies that led to the conclusions within this site. It was a blind calling and a simple desire to make sense out of a senseless world that drove the authors. There have been many steps in the process of bringing man around and drawing fully into God’s light. Without getting into personal detail, the journey has been riddled with face-plants, failures, and unwelcomed discipline – like that of a father over a rebellious child. The point is – we have spent our lives looking at things as black and white. Like up & down, left & right, black & white is not a matter of pigmentation but that of continuation – decided by what the reader considers to be true and false.

For good reason, this site was built to argue the merits of actualities while leaving the distraction of feelings aside. Biblical direction is delivered in a manner that presents it honestly and without the emotional easing and distraction that can be misleading and false. We all have or have had friends and family who have been directly affected by many of the things written. There has been something within the now 600 pages of dialogue that upsets nearly every reader. Nearly every reader will have family and friends who are; Catholic, Mormon, gay, agnostic, atheist, alcoholic, womanizing, sexually immoral (Biblically), covetous, and/or virtuous intruders (thieves). That’s not a slam on anyone. It’s the image of man as described by God. But all is not so gloomy. Men are also capable of love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness.

No matter the grand amount of wealth we gather or the size of the family we create, all of us will see an end of days. Whether we are lost within the womb, in the crib, on a sled, in our 20’s to cancer, in our 40’s to cancer, in our 50’s to cancer, or in our early and late senior years to a plethora of ailments and incidents – the last day comes. All of those previously listed emotions, actions, and tragedies were personal experiences of some family, somewhere, and at some point in time.

So, to speak of a day when it comes ultimately for us all – in a brief moment of time – is to speak of it in a manner that we can come to understand as not necessarily tragic but necessarily imminent and absolutely perfect in judgment. And, with great sadness, that day will arrive with the understanding that everlasting life or death will be had by every individual.


“It is clear that Christ died for all (1Jn 2:2). The invitation to believe in Christ and be saved is extended to all (Jn 3:16-18, 36; 6:37; 10:9; Ac 10:43). Everyone who hears the gospel is responsible to either accept or reject Christ. If one perishes in his sin, he is condemned as a result of his own choice (Jn 3:18).

Biblical narrative, NIV Key Word Study Bible, Ephesians, pg. 1368




There are three woes in the Bible. With the identity of Abaddon (Apollyon) revealed in Rev 9:11, it would seem that the first woe has passed (as is stated in 9:12). It has.

So has the second

The second woe came and went with the death of the two witnesses. They were killed by the beast out of the Abyss. They were Jesus and the Spirit. The Spirit (multiple parts of one body) is argued to be represented partly by Jonah who was killed by a giant fish; a beast out of the sea (Rev 13) – a beast out of the Abyss. Just as Jesus was in the heart of the earth for three days, Jonah was in the belly of that beast for three days, only to rise again (Matt 12:39-40).

Now, the world teeters on the sounding of the last two trumpets. And I believe the first of the two (the sixth – Rev 9:13) is like the alerting sirens of emergency vehicles and a city’s early warning system. These sirens take a moment to build in tempo and intensity. The sound builds in strength as the sirens approach. The shriek of these sounds builds and builds until the moment that they close the distance or actually pass by. Then, they fade away rapidly. That’s what we’ll hear in the days after October 21st. It approaches with the sound of slowly receding waters.

We have witnessed the first five signs of the trumpets with the darkening of the hearts and minds of a third of men who believe in the lie or who believe there is no God at all. We have witnessed a third of men who believe not in the lie or in atheism but in other godless traditions. And we see a third of men who stake a claim as a Jesus follower (of multiple forms). This third is inclusive of all the splinter groups developed by men long after Jesus’ teaching and the teaching of his accompanying apostles. They include Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc. Combined with Evangelicals, they make up a coincidental 33% of today’s worldly population.

We have seen the appearance of something like a huge mountain, all ablaze and thrown into the sea (Deepwater Horizon). We have seen Haiti suffer the bitter waters of cholera. And we have watched in horror as the waves of the Japanese tsunami washed tens of thousands of people out to sea. We have seen the sting of the locusts fall out of the smoke of the giant furnace (Fukushima Daiichi) and those of the Islamists who have protected their queens and their hives – many times attacking and stinging even those who innocently walk by and those of neighboring hives.

We have witnessed nation against nation (U.S., Iraq, and Afghanistan), kingdom against kingdom (Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, and Bahrain). We have seen famines in Haiti and nearly all of South Africa.

We have seen earthquakes unlike any other time in recorded history. Among them are the quakes in Japan, Haiti and the Indian Ocean quake – which unleashed a tsunami that killed almost a quarter of a million people.

We have come to understand the meaning of horses dressed for battle as those of Islamic verse. Together, we have discovered that they have as king over them the angel of the Abyss whose name is Destroyer (al-Mumit), the 62nd name of the god of Islam, the Lord of the earth – Allah.

With the sound of approaching sirens, the two hundred million horsemen of Rev 9:16 is stirring. John heard the number. John heard the number two hundred million – like Daniel heard the number ten-thousand times ten -thousand. That was the number of souls who stood before God in Dan 7:10. As scholars continue to debate who they may be and how they may reach two hundred million, they lose sight of the fact that two hundred million is twice that of ten-thousand times ten-thousand. Those who are mounted against Him (God) are two thirds. And those that stand in His presence are a third. Of the third of mankind who stand in his presence of God and testify in the name of Jesus, all will be tested and refined but that is another letter entirely.

The horses and riders (mounted troops) that John sees in Rev 9:17 are red, blue and yellow as sulfur. Funny, that’s the color of a burning flame. It burns red, blue and yellow, like the propulsion system of a missile. The heads of the horses (jihadists) resembled lions (ravenous men with spears and arrows). The heads resembled the evil of an angel whose wings had been stripped and who was lifted upon his feet like a man. And out of their mouths came fire, smoke and sulfur – like an explosion! And a third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur.

Time out! Have you picked up on it yet? With the three plagues, two thirds of men are burned up; two thirds of men and all the green grass – not just the dead brown stuff but all of the living, green grass.

With the sounding of the first trumpet, these things happen. We have seen the second through the fifth and part of the sixth. We have yet to witness (or be part of) the first. The sounding of the first trumpet burns up a third of the earth – which is a third of man. It burns up a third of the trees – which is  another third of man. And it burns up all of the green grass, all of it. With fire falling upon the earth, two-thirds of men’s souls perish within the entirety of the earth. These two-thirds are those who are/were left behind and not captured up in the blink of an eye – in the moment. They are/were the men in the fields. One was/will be taken and one was/will be left.

With all of the green grass burned up, the world will be destroyed. Many believe it is God who destroys it. But he makes it clear in Rev 11:18 – “The time has come…for destroying those who destroy the earth.”

God doesn’t destroy the earth – man does. “The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to give the beast their power to rule, until God’s words are fulfilled.” Rev 17:16-17

The fire that comes and the men who deliver it are those of the seven faces (now eight) of the devil. The ten horns he bears are the ten Biblical territories that now occupy the Nation of Islam. (See image)


Ten Kings

Ten Kings


And within that nation lives a group of men (Mullahs of Iran) who believe that war and chaos brings about their Islamic savior – al- Mahdi. And those men taunt Israel and the United States with their apparent nuclear ambitions.

Iran’s nuclear capabilities lay within the horses of their arsenal and the arsenals of their sympathizers. The horses of these arsenals are dressed for war like the horses of North Korea, Pakistan, India, the U.K., China, France, Russia, the U.S., and Israel. NATO even shares their horses with Germany, Italy, and Turkey. Did you know that nuclear weapons used to be had by Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and South Africa?

From recent history and documented accounts, it can be easily assumed that whatever North Korea has, Iran has more of. And what Iran has more of – it shares with Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas. These entities immediately surround Israel.

These signs are troubling aren’t they? Troubling too are today’s (Tuesday, October 4th) headlines:

Spooked – U.S. Stocks Tumble Again

Terrorism – Somalia Bomb Kills 70, Islamist militants target education ministry

Scandal – Eric Holder must explain ‘Fast & Furious’

Scandalous – Obama defends loan to Solyndra, calling it a ‘good bet’

Frightening – Panetta warns Israel is getting more isolated

Terrifying – Israel fears Iran will copy its policy of nuclear ambiguity

Arab Spring – Syria detains 3,000 activists in 3 days


Wednesday October 5th


Van Jones Praises Occupy Wall Street, Says Progressive Launching ‘October Offensive’ to Rival Tea Party

OpEdNews: Occupy-Wall-Street Actions Bloom All Over – We’re finally seeing the American people wake up…

U.S. ‘Paid a Price’ on Egypt – “Our policy with regard to Mubarak as interpreted by some of our closest Arab allies in the Gulf has not gone over well.”

“Israel is a threat to its region because it owns nuclear weapons.” – Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

China and Russia veto UN resolution condemning Syria over its crackdown on anti-government protesters.

U.S. ambassador Susan Rice says, “Opponents of the resolution ‘would rather sell arms to the Syrian regime.’”


While the White House scrambles to hold onto the unconstitutional Obama Care (deemed a Big F***ing Deal by V.P. Joe Biden), Eric Holder tries to explain how he forgot about being briefed on the designed and intended armament of the Mexican drug cartels by the Obama administration. Meanwhile, Obama defends the half billion dollar dump of tax dollars into a failed Green jobs hopeful – a hopeful that coincidently contributed to his presidential campaign fund.

Speaking of Green Jobs – Obama’s former czar of Green Jobs, the self-proclaimed communist Van Jones, leads the charge in bringing the Arab spring onto the shores of the United States (his own words). Van Jones has taken off with the President’s lead and has taken class warfare to the streets. Is this really what America voted for in the man of Hope & Change? He has sided with the religion of Muhammad, ushered in Class Warfare , divided black and white (skin), spent like a drunken fool, loaded his cabinet with the alarmingly incompetent (Holder) and the dangerously radical (Van Jones).

Is this the same America that our fathers and our forefathers fought for? No! The freely elected Barack Obama promised fundamental change.


Islamists (Al-Shabab) continue to kill their own in the horn of Africa while Iran builds more nukes. The Islamic Baathists, on the border of Israel, go house to house rounding up and killing 4,000 of their own citizens while their super-power sympathizers, China and Russia, veto international efforts to ease the bloodshed. While twenty people a day are killed in Syria, Leon Panetta warns us of the obvious – Israel is becoming more and more isolated.  She’s teetering on the edge of prophecy and, once again, is alone and overwhelmed by the opposition of bees that swarm her – like a cloud of locusts.

And it’s all just coincidence. With signs like these in the headlines, who needs to merely imagine Biblical catastrophes? Obama, his administration, and his policies are the very elements necessary to clear the stage for the next act in Biblical prophecy. Allowed to be elected and placed in the most powerful position on earth, Barack Obama was necessarily seated to complete what Malik-Ul-Mulk (the king over them) began on 9/11 (Rev 9:11). According to Barack Obama, the bad guy is the American Dreamer not paying his fair share. Currently paying only 40% of the entire revenues collected by the Internal Revenue Service, Obama demands more.

The average American income is roughly 40,000 per year. Those above the average pay all the taxes. They pay the taxes supporting those occupying the streets demanding more be poured out of the windows above. The drones and workers have been directed by the queen of the hive to swarm about their hives and sting those who may pass by. That passer-by includes the Fat Cats, such as; Corporate Jet Owners, Oil Company Executives, Hedge Fund Managers and anyone earning over 200k a year. According to Obama and Van Jones, the ‘bad guy’ is anyone who achieves (the American Dreamer). The title American Dreamer, earned by our forefathers, has morphed into the Pour-Some-More-On-Me entitled by Hope & Change – which now lays its hopes in Occupy Wall Street.

So, their answer to bringing down the bad guy is to change the dream. The new dream is tax, spend, litigate, open borders, arm the rebels (Mexican drug dealers) and free the misunderstood (including those at Gitmo). Barack Obama, the progressive thinker, the deliverer of zakat and a man of false hope, false change, and miraculously false signs is simply that – false. But the consequences of his words and actions are alarmingly real. Look at the hate from within this country. Anyone calling him a Uniter must not have a mirror in their home.

The sign of the sixth trumpet is that which is similar to the signs before it. It’s just a sign or a limited dose of what the trumpet represents. Let’s read on…

The power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails (Rev 9:19). The power of the horses – not the riders – was in the front and in the rear.

“…for their tails were like snakes…” – If you are reading this out of doors, look into the sky. Do you see the vapor trail of a plane? What does it look like? Do you see how it goes from a straight line to that of a winding snake?

“…having heads with which they inflict injury.” – Again, the heads are that of a lion-beast; evil and satanic. It’s important to remember, there is the lion and a lion-beast; one is the King of beasts – the other is just a beast.

The injurious nature is troubling but the event is much more than that; it is a promised transformation. It is the end of this generation and the beginning of the next.  It is a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet call of God (1Th 3:16). And the commander is the very one who gives comfort to those who believe he is the exclusive reason to hope for something far greater than the warehouses of wealth we gather today. He is the hope for us, for our children, for our families, and our friends. In moments of fright and terror we, as trusting believers, can take comfort in the sound advice of the following;


“Do not weep! See, the lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed…”

Revelation 5:5


The lion (the real one) of the tribe of Judah is not the lion-beast who was stripped of his authority and thrown to the earth. The lion of the tribe of Judah is Jesus. In the moment when the destructive nature of men becomes fully realized, there will be a minority of men who can look beyond the terror and dance in the flames. We few have enough understanding to calm our family and friends as events spiral out of control. The comfort and safety of the United States is rapidly slipping away. We are threatened by foreign kingdoms and degraded by orchestrated, domestic unrest. With such unthinkable events falling into and upon our lives, we few know that we are cared for. Believe in him or not, the many heads of the dragon are about to be lopped off. Those vulgar heads, which have inflicted injury by brother upon and against his brother, have brought war, famine, injury and death. They, evil men and suffering, are to be no more – forever. There’s a flicker before the flame of evil goes out. And that flicker comes with one hell of a finale!

The heads which inflict injury are warheads. They have been exchanged between men for hundreds of years (starting with rocks, thrown from medieval arms and catapults). The warheads have increased in range, design, substance, and power. The most devastating ever to be used upon men came with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki over sixty six years ago. That was just two heads and they were rather small compared to today’s arsenal that numbers between twenty and thirty thousand. But these aren’t the heads we’ll likely see unleashed in October.

What is likely to be revealed on that Friday is a sign, a comparatively small indicator of things to come. Whether it’s Assad’s chemical bombs, Ahmadinejad’s newer cruise missiles, Pakistan’s Haqqani whackos, our own military’s firepower on the likes of AQAP, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, or just another nut-job like Rezwan Ferdaus (model plane bomber).

Remember the threat provided by the still un-accounted for Muammar Qaddafi and his shoulder launched anti-aircraft weapons? He’s the one who orchestrated the Pan-Am bombing. His arsenal of 20,000 shoulder fired, heat seeking missiles – is missing. What did he threaten Europe with? I believe it was something like;


“If we decide to, we are able to move to Europe like locusts, like bees.”


In regard to passenger planes and heat-seeking missiles, does it really take 20,000 to fulfill prophecy? How about a tenth of that – say… 2,000? How about a hundredth of that – say… 200? A thousandth – say… 20? A ten-thousandth – say… 2?

No! It will take just one in twenty thousand to create the havoc promised by a virgin queen and to be carried out in the way of deeds by bees and locusts. Their numbers, those who oppose God, stands at two-thirds of seven billion. About half of that number is either Islamic or sympathetic to the nation of Islam. And that half is a third of mankind.

Just like Bibi says, “You can’t make this thing up!” It’s not crazy – it’s prophecy!

And, prophetically speaking, it’s Israel that is in the literal crosshairs of her surrounding enemy. She, the woman of Rev 12:1-2, 13-17 is in the middle. We stand with her as those who hold to God’s commandments and to the testimony of Jesus. We are not perfect, nor do Christians pretend to proclaim that we live holy lives. But, being as or more imperfect than most, we hold onto the only hope, the truth, and the righteousness of God’s words and to those of his one and only Son. And, it is by those words we recognize and confidently disagree with our Commander in Chief and declare him mistaken (at best) when he addresses the nation of the great dragon – that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan who leads the whole world astray (Rev 12:9), as admirably great.

With the emergence of the mountains on October 21st begins five months of the most troubling days that man has seen yet. It’s not the beginning of the tribulation (which has existed since the rebellion in the seventh century) and it’s not the start of some seven year kitchen timer. There is no peace treaty to be had, nor is there some mystical horned man to ratify it. There’s just five months of ever-increasing trouble. It is through such a defined moment in time that man’s rebellion will be obviously revealed. As to which day that is, no one knows – each man has his own level of denial – no matter the mountain of evidence to the contrary. Through it all, Jesus’ words hold true:

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Matt 24:36


In the last letter, I was struggling with the meaning of XE5 (666). I have since resolved it. In question was that of the crossed swords meaning jihad. Although it is figuratively correct, the true meaning of X is given forthright in Luke.


“It is written: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors’; and I tell you this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment.

The disciples said, ‘See, Lord, here are two swords.

That is enough,’ he replied.

Luke 22:37-38


And, what was found in Luke was written in Isaiah.


“Therefore I will give him a portion among the great, and he will divide the spoils with the strong, because he poured out his life until death, and was numbered with the transgressors. For he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.”

Isaiah 53:12


Now, compare that to what the Bible says and what we already have learned:


“If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.

Revelation 13:18


It’s really very simple; man’s number is the number of transgression represented by the two (crossed) swords. Although there were twelve apostles among Jesus at the last supper, two swords were enough to symbolize the transgressions of men. And even though Jesus himself was guilty of no such transgression, he was numbered and paid for the transgressions of many. The swords represent not the error of Jesus but that of men.

These symbolic swords can be found in nearly every aspect of the Islamic world, their flags, and their national emblems. The number of the beast is – In the Name of Allah, two swords (jihad).

If the nature of God is represented by Jesus’ statement calling for us to love one another; doesn’t it make sense that the nature of the devil is to call on his faithful to proudly draw the sword upon one another?



Headlines on Thursday, October 20th, the thirtieth day of the ninth month


8 Questions about the New Rapture – Harold Camping’s new prediction

Report: Gaddafi Captured and May Be Killed – Self explanatory


For all of Harold Camping’s mathematical finesse and repeated declarations, all he probably got right was a date of marked increase in the severity and extent of a growing world war. The faithful need only be able to count in order to recognize October 21st as a day of transition. It doesn’t take the squaring of God’s favorite numbers and blind guesses to know that date. It just takes a reader with faith, a calendar, and the ability to count forward.

What began as a murderous attack on an unsuspecting people on 9/11 has developed into the world’s last war. Whatever may happen in the next thirty six hours will be highly visible and recognizable as a definite step toward world-wide unrest and war. Today’s report of a dead Gaddafi doesn’t ease that concern, it solidifies it. Can you guess what can be heard being screamed as the lifeless body of Gaddafi was being loaded onto a truck? You guessed it! It was the very same thing that was being screamed by a self-declared S.O.A. as he sprayed service members and pregnant women with bullets.

“Allahu Akbar!”


What does the death of Gaddafi say to Assad and his regime in Syria? With the forced ousting of Egypt’s Mubarak and the reported death of Libya’s Gaddafi, what does this do for the hordes of Muslims intent upon toppling their governments? Make no mistake; what replaces these regimes is another Islamic regime. But this replacement will be much more ruthless and islamically directed.

The shoulder-fired heat seeking missiles missing from Libya are now saturated throughout the Middle East with the going price on the Black Market dropping from $10,000 each to a mere $4,000 each. The missiles are arguably everywhere.

With the Washington armament and financial scandals, wars, rumors of wars, PIIGSJA, debt, deficit, terrorist plots, missing missiles, earthquakes, floods, religious volleying, riots, protests, blame, shame, and the darkest shade of transparency ever to set foot on the world stage –We can no longer keep up. The so-called birthing pains of Mat 24:8 have reached a crescendo. New life is inevitably near.

Contrary to Harold Camping’s prediction of the end of the world, Friday brings forth the crowning edge of new life. The pain will heighten as birth gives way to something much more tangible and apparent. In one of the most painful moments within the promise of God’s word, the mountain’s peaks will become much more apparent as the waters of evil ebb. At some approaching moment, in the agony of indescribable pain, all men will look toward the clouds. Those of the wide gate will recognize only the pain; whether that be in physical, emotional or psychological form. Those of the narrow gate will understand that the pain will pass and that they will shimmer in the joy of new life and a new start with God’s next generation.

Current events around the world have bolstered our understanding of the Biblical end of days. October 21st marks the beginning of this generation’s next five months. Though he wears no watch, His timeless words have become the words of our time. We are nearing a time when man will witness the grandest moments of his brief history. It will be equal only to the first time that Jesus’ feet tread upon the earth some two thousand years ago.

We have cautiously done our best to reassure family, friends, and colleagues that God is who he says he is and he will do as he said and promised he would do.


“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. Men will faint from terror, apprehensive at what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

Luke 21:25-28


May God Bless those who recognize His will in the coming days of dawning change.


In Him I’m Free to Serve,

R. Stetton




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