With the Launching of Four Fathers Revealed, World News Takes a Front Seat

On November 21, 2011 by Admin

Syria: Wave Of Violence Kills 90 In 1 Day, Activists Say

Syria Continues Crackdown

Will Dennis Ross’ Resignation Raise Pressure on Obama for a Tougher Iran Stance?

‘Supercommittee’ Far From Debt Deal

Why the Supercommittee Flopped at Reaching a Deal to Cut the Budget

Solyndra: Energy Asked to Delay Layoffs

European Debt Crisis Threatens U.S. Money Market Funds

Gingrich to Occupy: ‘Take a Bath’

Tens of Thousands Protest in Cairo

Egypt Brutally Clears Tahrir Square

Egypt Cracks Down on Protests

Egypt Elections: Tahrir Square Clashes Raise Fears About Future

WH Shooter Claimed to Be Jesus

Man Arrested in N.Y.C. Bomb Plot



On this 21st day of November, the day of our launch, World News is taking the driver’s seat. Within every headline above screams the echoing resonance of a single commonality surrounding current events; deceitful. Syria promises the Arab League that they’ll back off of their bloody oppression only to heighten it.

Iran continues to build nukes while the Obama administration campaigns for four more years and watches as the so-called ‘Super Committee’ does nothing to cut a mere $120 billion from a $3.7 trillion dollar budget. Now, defense cuts will automatically take effect in January 2013 – two months after the Presidential election.

While forty Senators call for the resignation of a lying or incompetent Attorney General – Holder, another committee investigates the payoffs made by the Obama administration to their supportive Solyndra investors.

PIIGSJA continues to take its economic toll. Like a lumber jack swinging an ax at the base of a two hundred and fifty year old tree, the foundation of economic stability is beginning to wane. Can you hear the creaking as it begins to fall? With the failure of the Super Committee to find just 4% in annual cuts, the United States is facing their second credit downgrade in all of history. It comes only four months after the first; both under the watch of Obama.

Of PIIGSJA; Greece, Italy, and Spain have seen recent administration change. Barack Obama has sent his deluded masses into the streets of America demanding that the Fat Cats (as he calls them) throw money out of the towering windows above. In a single term as President, Barack Hussein has created a hatred and division previously not seen on America’s shores between the job creators and those who cannot rationally think for themselves. His supported hordes are threatening to treat Macy’s with Molotov cocktails, police with bricks, working people with vulgar acts of street defecation, masturbation and open air sexual conduct. The magician has slipped his cape over the opening of his upended hat and revealed the wiry-haired goat he calls Hope & Change.

The first to march toward democratic revolution is the new, Islamic led, Tunisia. Following them is Cairo. At the demands of B. Hussein, the block under the wheels of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mubarak, was removed from power. This weekend, restored anarchy has killed many dozens and the promised elections in 2013 appear to be a rapidly dissipating illusion; a dissipating illusion much like the promises of the ‘Christian’ who believes Islam is a great religion. Like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Bahrain, Somalia, and Kenya – Egypt is now falling right back into the hole dug for it by the U.S. President. Waiting in the shadows is the now nuclear Iran.

Just as Mark 13:5-6 promised, many will come in Jesus’ name. Whether they rest their faith on the butt of an AK-47 or the ridiculous fallacies of a stack of golden plates buried in America, all who claim to be him or recognize a version of Jesus that is outside of the Biblical definition is deceitful. Be his name Obama, Romney, Huntsman, Gingrich or Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez; acceptance of; a Christ-denying prophet, a ‘new-found’ Jesus buried in U.S. soil by Joseph Smith, the bowing and lighting candles in honor and worship of a woman named Mary and a counsel-approved mortal deemed Holy Father or some psychotic with a gun – they are all of the same group – deluded.

In what is now the 14th attempt of terrorism within New York City since 9/11, an American citizen and Islamic convert has aspired to reach the heights of Islamic martyrdom by killing the faceless and the nameless. Changing his name to that of his idyllic heroes Osama and Hussein is of major importance as he follows the path of the perfect human being (al-Insan al-Kamil), the best of mankind (al-Khairul Bashar), the original model of murder, and the number of his name (Χξς) – Muhammad.

Somehow, the Normalcy Bias that keeps people from differentiating between reality and fantasy are skipping down a path frequented by the likes of Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez.



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