Battered Wife Syndrome (Have You Said You’re Sorry Yet?)

On November 22, 2011 by Admin

Headlines 11/21/2011

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Bashar Al Assad Must Step Down

Occupy Wall Street After Zuccotti: Protesters Debate Whether They Need A Place To ‘Occupy’

Iran: US Sanctions Will Have No Effect

Egypt Protests: Fighting Rages In Tahrir Square

Three Americans Detained in Cairo

Egypt Military Cedes Some Demands

Congress Balks at Across-the-Board Cuts Triggered by Supercommittee Failure

Obama Issues Veto Threat


Human nature dictates that no matter the amount of abuse one takes from an assailing entity, returning with good intent will change the next encounter and outcome. Even Turkey’s prime minister, Erdogan, is equating the blood-lust Of Assad’s Syria to that of Gaddafi’s Libya, Mussolini’s Italy, and Hitler’s Germany. What he passed by was Mubarak. Remember the fate of Mubarak, of whom we last saw in a cage inside an Egyptian courtroom? How are things in Egypt today? Like Mussolini had Hitler, Assad has the Supreme leader and A-jad of Iran. Bashar Assad is not likely to walk into the barred cages of the Syrian people. Nor is he likely to succumb to the likely fate of a now captured Saif Gaddafi. With the support of a nuclear Iran, the chemically enhanced arsenal of Assad’s Syria will likely fight to an end. Bashar Assad and his administration knows that they must either remain in power or die.

Like Hitler and Mussolini, the Supreme head of Iran and Assad seek the same thing; world rule and the extermination of Israel. Those aren’t our words, those are the written foundational principles of Iran that include “Leadership shall continue the revolution of Islam.” Intentions to exterminate the Israeli state has flowed from the bigoted mouth of A-jad continuously over his two  terms as the freely elected President. The difference between Nazi Germany and Iran? Nukes… Like Hitler fighting until the last bullet was fired, the Islamic revolution of Iran will fight until the last bomb has been used. They do not yield to MAD (mutually assured destruction), they embrace it. Upon their death, they believe they return to Allah. It’s actually in their articles of constitution; There is only one Allah, Allah’s divine nature is fundamental in setting (sharia) laws, human beings return to Allah after death, Allah is just, and the leadership thing… All of this constitutes a fight to the death.

The model of Middle East behavior was anchored by the grand-illusionist Obama. Demanding that each dictator yield to the chant of the people in the street, we have seen one come to his end in a cage and the other by a bullet to the head. Instead of standing by our ally Mubarak and assisting in a structured democratic, Obama delighted the masses by doing exactly as they called on him to do – create absolute chaos. Libya was next. Supported by NATO planes, the third of three new Muslim Brotherhood states is about to raise its ugly head in the region.

The model of street disobedience wasn’t limited to the naive youth of the Middle East – look around the U.S. Who else has Obama groomed, modeled, and supported in their revolution of change? And what is it that they are demanding be changed? The Fat Cats… You know; anyone who has achieved the American Dream and actually made more than 200k a year. Why those (rich) people are purely the vulgar slime mistakenly thought to be keeping the poorer of Americans down. Yes, it’s the Fat Cats, those who Obama has claimed do not contribute their fair share to his unending spending. He has made the American Dream…repulsive. And if our own President looks upon American Dreamers as repulsive, how does the rest of the world see us?

Can Barack Hussein Obama actually be sufficiently brilliant enough to simultaneously bring down the world economy, end the American Dream, drive rioters into both domestic and international streets? Can he be smart enough to hatefully create gridlock in Washington thereby instituting massive defense spending cuts and increase everyone’s taxes? By the new riots in the streets of Egypt and Oakland; by the failure of the Super-committee – expiration of the Bush tax cuts – triggered defense cuts – and his threatened veto of anything that waves the triggered cuts; Barack Obama has accomplished what no other could do before him. He has burned the United States to the ground and with it goes the world. He’s not brilliant, he’s a tool…and a means to the end.

Today brought more riots in Cairo and Syria, more Occupiers to Zuccotti and on college campuses, more ridiculous sanctions on the devil’s brood, and another campaign speech blaming Americans for America. Have you said you’re sorry yet?

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