Error (Era) of Men: ‘Wait and See’

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Headlines 11/27/2011

America’s Pakistan Mess Gets Worse With Alleged NATO Strike

Pakistan NATO Helicopter Attack: 24 Troops Reportedly Dead

Egypt Military Head: Crisis Must End

In Egypt, Elections Process Complexity Threatens Vote

Terrorists Linked to Phone Hacking

Occupy Los Angeles Plans To Stay At City Hall, Ignore City Deadline To Vacate

Morocco’s Arab Spring election won by Islamists

Afghanistan: Marines To Wind Down Combat In 2012

Syria: Elite Military Pilots Reportedly Killed In Ambush

Iran would attack Turkey if U.S. or Israel go after their nuclear weapons

Iran’s parliament votes to expel British ambassador

Iran adopts ‘wait-and-see’ policy, eyes Turkey in Syrian crisis


In the days leading up to August 8th, men said, “Wait and see…” Again, in the days leading up to October 21st men said, “Wait and see…” In regard to the Arab Spring, men said, “Wait and see…” Now, in regard to Iran, men are saying, “Wait and see…”

In letters written prior to August 8th, the creator of this site warned of significant events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant (which were key to Biblical time-lines) and of the consequences of Obama’s failed economic policies. Over that weekend, the flood-waters began to recede from the devastated nuke plant and the United States suffered its first-ever credit downgrade.

In letters written prior to October 21st, Ron wrote that the tips of the icebergs (mountains) would peak through the surface of the receding waters (worldly events) and begin to show themselves. To an audience of approximately forty recipients (including others who had predictions on that day) he wrote that Friday, October 21st would be the unveiling of a very troubled future. And on that Friday, while the world celebrated the demise of Muammar Qadhafi, Barack Obama announced the removal of America’s stop-gap troops from the country of Iraq. In front of a national audience, he told our regional enemies that Iraq and its people would be available to them by the end of the year. The waters of the Arab Spring are seeping into every Islamic entity on earth and it is Barack Obama opening the flood-gates.

With the flood-waters of Islam flowing like gasoline throughout the world, westerners continue to hold out hope that something so obviously evil will turned magically righteous by way of a riotous people. Like the Wall Street Occupiers, the revolutionaries of Islamic nations have been guided, authorized and endorsed by the likes of Obama and Pelosi. As the world holds its breath in a futile game of ‘wait and see,’ the Arab Spring has given rise to a democratically elected Islamic Morocco and Tunisia. Given time – Egypt, Syria, Libya, and a host of others would likely follow their lead.

With governing revolutions flooding the Islamic nations and economic revolutions in the streets of Greece, Italy, and the United States – it may appear to some as though the world were on fire. Not yet. The igniters of Obama and Iran’s Supreme leaders (Khamenei & A-jad) have merely stacked the fuel for the big blaze. As Barack picks off the weak leaders of vulnerable countries, Iran rakes in control and military authority in the region. Other than Barack’s boyhood home of Indonesia, is there a single Islamic majority state not in the news or being threatened by Iran?

While Pakistanis march in the streets demanding American blood, their government (almost laughable to call it that) plays a dangerous shell game with their own nukes; hiding them from both the insurgents (of whom they cannot recognize) and the Americans who they no longer trust.

While Hamid Karzai announces the takeover of eighteen of Afghanistan’s provinces, Obama announces thousands of troop withdrawals in 2012. While Egyptians crowd Tahrir Square for the second time in nine months, Obama calls for another political step-down and Egyptian military leaders threaten grave consequences to the troublemakers that left them in power – the now (nearly) Coptic-free Egyptians.

While Iran says, “Wait and see…” about Syria, the Syrians snub their chemically clad arsenals at the the Arab League and falls deeper into civil war.

While American Dreamers still believe that collapse can’t happen here (because it hasn’t before), their dreams morph into the Biblical nightmare promised so long ago. The jobs are gone – lost to cheap labor overseas – never to return; a consequence of ‘spread the wealth.’ Barack’s bought and paid for enforcers are those whose once protective unions are seeing the fruits of their $400 million in campaign donations to the Hope & Changer. Did any of our union members (including police, firefighters, judges and teachers) ask the question, “How do we get paid when Obama’s ‘spread the wealth’ policies remove America’s jobs and reduces the overall average pay of the American worker?” Don’t ask the Occupiers, most of the remaining rebels have given up on or never really looked for a job. They’re still waiting for the money to come pouring out of the corporate windows above them. We can assume that their presumed representation of the 99% of the rest of us will be valiantly displayed in their continuing vile and misdirected acts and threats of violence, law-breaking and anarchy. Their only common demand? Give us some more of your money! Shall we cave and act in a manner consistent with Obama’s lead – just give them some (more) money? His answer is clearly stated and obviously represented by those on the streets; both here and abroad – problem solved!

Barack has been quick to create a political vacuum in the countries we used to be allied with but rather slow when it comes to creating a void in the terror anointed states such as Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Obama couldn’t wait to get on the phone with Palestine’s Abbas on his first day in the Oval office to assure assistance in gaining pre-1967 borders and a halt to Israeli settlement building on Palestinian land. Instead of dropping daisy-cutters on our enemies’ military installations, he spreads our troops around the globe only to call them back, mission un-accomplished, to gain his base support for the 2012 election.

Call him Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama or Mr. President – all are correct – just don’t call him Christian. His quoted words of, “I think that religion at its best comes with a big dose of doubt” mixed with his admiration of Islam as that of “a great religion and its commitment to justice and progress” make erroneous his self-proclamation that he is Christian. The Son and Spirit of God taught the apostle John that those who deny that Jesus is the Christ are liars and antichrists (1Jn 2:22). The Commander in Chief believes that the largest religion on the planet, the one which denies that Jesus is the Christ and Son of God, is a great religion. In the Occupied mind of his Islamic ancestry, Barack Hussein Obama can most probably find justice and progress within Islam – so can Bashar al-Assad, Khamenei, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Might that give the reader a little heads-up about what the  Hope & Changer, the Commander in Chief, envisions for America in regard to what he sees as his justice and progress in his direction.

The enlightened Obama Era (error) of ‘wait and see’ has become the irreversible ‘here and now’ and the horrifying reality of “the fundamental transformation of the United States…”

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