Normalcy has taken a “U-turn”

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Normalcy has taken a “U-turn”. In just a matter of years, we Americans have largely come to accept tent cities and riot police in place of slides and fountains in the city parks where our children used to play.  Today’s norm seems to be mapping out a route to work that avoids the drumbeat of Occupiers, their demands to spread the wealth (apparently by throwing money out of the towering windows to the hordes below), and the new likelihood that someone will be mugged, raped or shot by those preying in and among the protesters.

The new norm  comes with intelligent people believing its O.K. for the government to spend as much money as they wish – after all, they print it don’t they? It was just four years ago that then candidate Obama ridiculed George Bush for increasing the debt from 5.6 trillion to 10.4 trillion dollars in eight years. But the new norm turns a deaf ear to the fact that Obama has driven the debt to from 10.4 to 15 trillion in just three years. And he wants more… In addition to the 1.5 trillion dollars a year he borrows now, he wants another half trillion to throw out of the windows to the demanding masses below. There is no end to the Solyndras – they are of the masses who are just waiting for their supportive campaign pat on the back to be returned in the form of a big check.

Once a shining star of independence, the United States and its people have been reduced to rubble by those who find her old self detestable in comparison to the norms of the rest of the world. It’s now normal to apologize for who and what we used to be. It’s now normal to accept that – just maybe – we were responsible for the acts on 9/11. It has become the new norm to accept an enemy combatant as a citizen surrounded by the protection of law, entitled to all of the rights granted to those who don’t actually oppose our existence. That’s ideology is consistent with taking captive every enemy soldier on the battlefield, bringing them onto our shores, giving them a trial, and then shooting them if they are found guilty by a group of their peers.

The new normalcy is to look upon those of Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, and pretend that if we just made friends with them everything would be O.K. Yet, there’s hardly anyone who will accept the written word of their prophet Allah  who forbids such a friendship. We’re not talking about the widows and orphans, we’re talking about those who made them widows and orphans. The new norm automatically conjure up the thought that the U.S. military is that cause. Normalcy comes with the delusion that the Taliban, Haqqani, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Shaba’ab, Boko-Haram, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Twelvers of Iran are just a few misled groupies!

In the days following 9/11, people were terrified that someone might take over another passenger plane and plant it in an additional civilian occupied target. We promised to “Never Forget”. Yet today, the resurrected Hitler, Ahmadinejad, tells the world he will not give one iota on their nuclear ambitions. And even after all of his public threatening upon the Jewish state, the world looks at Israel and says, “its their problem.” In an eerily similar manner, Nazi Germany got used to a new normal also. It was 1938 and the world said of Hitler, “It’s just rhetoric.”

In days past, what was of exemplary fortitude was America’s word and credit rating; both were AAA+. In the last three years, our word has become a campaign slogan, our heavy hand of defense has been replaced by the door to door knocking of a community organizer. As the world laughs, our credit rating is about to drop for the second time in history; for the second time in four months. For every notch we drop on the credit scale, we drop a notch in the world’s respect and consideration. We’ve gone from walk softly and carry a big stick to blabber constantly and give the stick to NATO. Instead of warning our enemies against any harmful intent toward us, we tell them that they’ll not be water-boarded, they’ll receive full protection under the law, and – at the very worst – we’ll sanction them; which just means they’ll keep right on doing what they do at the expense of their citizens. In turn, they tell their citizens that it is the United States who have taken their bread. And the hate becomes more hateful.

As normalcy takes a U-turn, Americans actually debate whether or not it was legal to target and kill Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki.

Instead of softly calming the revolution in Egypt, Obama threw a match into the human pool of gas by demanding the resignation of Mubarak. Every Allie and every enemy witnessed that match fall from his hand. Every allie recoiled. Every enemy leapt for joy. The revolutions were on and the United States would do nothing to calm the storm. The many hives of bees had been kicked with the emerging swarms looking for a new place to live. The place they look is Israel.

As a society, we are accelerating toward coerced acceptance of the legal marriage between a man and whatever it is he wishes to marry, be it even a goat. We are fed the royal jelly that makes us believe those who bow to the east are merely misunderstood and poisoned by a few bad apples. They bow to the east in honor of a blackened rock, fastened to the corner of a building and claim it to be the cornerstone of their faith.  We accept a predator’s nest to be built in the very footprint of the buildings they razed just ten years ago and we tell ourselves, “This time it will be different.”

We accept those who bow before statues of women and who cry ‘Father’ to a mere man, wrongly recognizing them to be the picture of Christianity. Normal is as normal does. And normal stands on the sidelines of life pretending that Islam is just another religion, that Allah is God, that the Arab Spring is a good thing, and that the actions of Barack Obama are in the best interest of Jews, Christians, and those who still believe in the American Dream.

Israel had no voice when Nazi Germany carried through and nearly succeeded in their threats to annihilate them. Today their voice is loud and clear. Carried by Benjamin Netanyahu, the voice of Israel echoes throughout the world. He warns us that another messianic General lurks in our midst. He warns us that this General’s sword is a very big bomb. Of the echoes created by Netanyahu, France’s Sarkozy says, “I can’t look at him [Netanyahu] anymore, he’s a liar.” To which America’s Barack Obama responds, “You’ve had enough of him, but I have to deal with him every day.”

America, is this the change you hoped for?

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