PIIGSJA, Syria, and UAE Watching it All Unravel

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Report: U.S. Supplying Weapons to Counter Iran

Italy Approves Economic Reform

At Least 50 Killed in Syria


Will we never learn? The Obama administration is now reportedly selling the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) up to 4,900 precision guided bunker busting bombs under the thinly veiled guise of arming it against a nuclear driven Iran. Selling arms to Israel is one thing, necessary. But selling arms to a country that is part of the Islamic nation is insanely counterproductive. The U.A.E. might request the munitions under the pretences of going to war but what happens when Iran goes nuclear? Is the U.A.E. going to send their limited number of U.S. purchased planes into the mouth of the beast only to be another intended target to be wiped off the map?

Selling such lethal weaponry to yet another Islamic country fortifies them against only one constant; the united  States military stationed in the region. With the Obama administration pressing to build a coalition between the  U.S. and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait; they are placing their military eggs in a basket that is anything but stable. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman have all experienced unresolved domestic turmoil with Arab Spring uuprisings. With Yemen in civil war to the south,  the Saudi government infighting over control after prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz dies, and the Shiites in Bahrain still wanting reform, we may be selling arms to sworn enemies of Iran today but brothers in Allah linked in arms tomorrow.

The Unites States has bases in Iraq,  Afghanistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and are allied with the strongest military in the region – Israel. There is no need to hand a gun to a son of the gunman in the face of a standoff. Obama is trying to convince Americans that a regional coalition can move against Iran like they did Libya. Libya did not have the support of the Chinese and the Russians. Libya did not have a nuclear weapons program. Libya did not have the missiles available to Iran.

With China and Russia threatening veto on more biting sanctions upon Iran, the only option is a massive U.S. and Israeli missile strike on the nuclear sites in Iran – all of them.

Like him or hate him; George W. Bush hit the nail on the head – there is an axis of evil in the world and it consists of Iraq, Iran, North Korea,  and now Pakistan. China and Russia won’t stand aside and let these mosquito-like countries interfere with their oil and weapons trade. The only country with the might and reasonable abilities to stand up against Iran and its super-power buddies is the United States. War in Iran will be hell. Iran with nukes is hell at home.

Undeterred by mutually assured destruction (MAD) the Supreme Leader and his democratically elected puppet A-jad have already told the world – the first bomb is for Israel.

Already under siege from Palestinian mortars, Israel is facing some very steep hills. They have Gaza to the south, the West Bank to the east, Lebanon to the north. Within them are Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Brotherhood. Of course,  that’s just what’s pressing their borders. Just a thousand miles away is a radioactive Iran. between them is the broiling country of Syria. for the last eight months, the Assad regime has been killing an average of fourteen people a day. All that changed today. The latest news has the death toll nearing sixty today. How much longer before Bashar Assad releases his dogs and turns his chemical weapons upon his own people? There is another possibility…

Bashar Assad and his administration cannot quit now.  He has seen the consequences suffered by Mubarak and Qaddafi – both of whom Barack Obama demanded to step down. No, Assad won’t step down. Neither will he kill tens of thousands of his own. much more likely is his munitions dropped upon a local enemy – Israel. If he were to start a major conflict with the Jewish state, Hamas and Hezbollah would join in. The chaos would be so great that the Syrians would likely join the fight against the Jews and live to fight their domestic regime another day. Of course, Egypt would restrict the flow of traffic through the Suez canal, open the Israeli border to Hamas suppliers and see many of their very unhappy reformers go fight their historical nemesis.

All of these scenarios have two things in common; oil and the world economy. Any conflict with Iran will constraint the flow of oil from the Middle East. Least to be hurt by this are the buddy-buddy Chinese and the Russians. Between the three; western Europe and the U.S. get choked off. Already affected by recession and credit downgrades, the countries in the PIIGSJA pack would fall like dominoes. With Greece already in the tank and Italy on its heels, western Europe is in serious trouble. Japan is continuing to ease its currency. And America is two weeks from another downgrade under the failed leadership of Barack Obama.

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