War Will Continue Until the End

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Headlines 11/23/2011

Egypt’s Military Moves Up Elections

Egypt Protests: Death Toll Rises As Clashes Between Police, Protesters Continue

After Egypt’s Revolution, Christians Are Living in Fear …

Muslim Persecution of Christians: October, 2011 “The World Remains Silent; It Is As If We Had Been Swallowed Up by The Night.”

Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen President, Agrees To Sign Power Transfer Deal, UN Envoy Says

The next Islamist domino in Middle East?

Syria: No longer revolution, it’s a civil war

Report: Hezbollah considering military coup if Assad falls

Rick Santorum Claims He Supports TSA Using Ethnic And Religious Profiling Of Younger Muslim Males

Will Israel Face Iran Alone?

Report: Israel to employ high-tech weapons in Iran strike

Israel, Iran on Collision Course with History? 

What’s Really Wrong with the Middle East

Pentagon Not Ready for Budget Cuts

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia President, Says Missiles May Target U.S. Missile Defense Sites


 War will continue until the end… It’s not that we are fatalists or portrayers of gloom & doom. On the contrary, we are doing our best to replace the apathy of Biblical perception as that of some futuristic mystique and pull from its pages the dialogue that explains today’s headlines. Such headlines include the Egyptian revolution Part II which consists of fewer Christians, more women (applying tear gas relief) and hundreds of thousands of naive youths who believe that toppling the current ruling party, the military, will magically result in the form of money falling from the skies. Like the current Occupiers, they follow a pathological lie (liar). With the first movement successfully removing Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood has moved its highly organized group within sight of becoming the ruling power in the most powerful nation in Africa. In its wake, the world has watched as Coptic (Catholic) churches have burned, the Israeli embassy has been stormed, and that the Egyptians are left in a more dire socio-economic position than before they were urged to rebel the first time. It’s been only five days since Rev II began and already some fifty people have died.

And just as we watch a people divided, like iron mixed with clay, the people are a mix of sects without the ability to unite. The Islamists don’t want the Coptics, the military doesn’t want the Brotherhood, and none of them want the Jews; not in Egypt or in Israel. As the world listens to the likes of Ron Paul saying, “It’s none of our business” and “Let’s make friends with the Iranians,” they fall victim to the very same naivety that envelopes him. We can’t make friends with a state or statesman whose constitution specifically calls for advancing the revolution of Islam – when the revolution of Islam (the Qur’an) specifically states; “O you who believe, take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They  are friends of each other. And whoever amongst you takes them for friends he is indeed one of them. Surely Allah guides not the unjust people.” (5:51) For the interpretive denier, this quote is rather inconvenient. Unless Ron Paul believes he can unseat the divine Muhammad, making friends with a state of Islamic Revolution is a non-starter. The saints (Jews and Christians) will be handed over to him from the beginning of his reign until the end. Refer to Da 7:25

With Egypt, Palestine, and Syria on the revolutionary ropes, Jordan prepares itself for the inevitable wave of uprising. With uprisings and street protests comes the cracks in the dam and through those cracks seeps the Party of Allah – Hezbollah. Like Hamas of Palestine, Hezbollah is a proxy of Iran and is rooted in the Lebanese government. It now seems coincidentally inconvenient that every bordering neighbor of Israel is broiling in revolutionary chaos. The divided people of these nations have but one thing in common. It can be heard on nearly every news telecast portraying street rioting, fighting, and war scenes. It is the cry for Allahu Akbar! – Allah is great! This great god is the god of a mixed and divided people. He is the god referenced and warned about two thousand years ago: “They will put you out of the synagogue (Coptic churches and the Temple Mount); in fact, a time is coming (that time was 1,400 years ago) when anyone who kills you (Islamic jihadists) will think he is offering a service to God (Allah – the other god). They will do such things because they have not known the Father (God of heaven) or me (Jesus).”

As though Israel didn’t have enough problems, they have to negotiate their way east, across either Syria or Jordan, across a war-torn Iraq and into the third country who has attempted to fulfill Muhammad’s vision of a Jew-free world by the acquisition of and utilization of nuclear arms. Ironically, the only country who may open their airspace to Israeli war planes is Saudi Arabia; the country who has successfully accomplished an ethnic cleansing and disallows Jews on their soil. No one can get away with dismissing Iran’s holocaustic visions as that of mere rhetoric. The nightmare deemed the Arab Spring has played through and the world now recognizes it for what it is and what we warned it would be in its infancy; destabilizing.

Looking at today’s featured image – is it a scene from Egypt or 9/11 Manhattan?  Is it Syria, Yemen, or the interim border of Sudan? Is it Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, or Libya? Is it Pakistan, Afghanistan or India? The answer to them all is – yes it is – yes it was – or – yes it will be.

With the memoirs of a dead (false) prophet leading the world’s largest (nuclear armed) religion against the tiny nation of Israel, isn’t it time we as individuals recognize that the God of heaven got it right? With the Hope & Changer down & out and the GOP field clogged with misfits, our continuing hope of a (Ronald) Reaganesque saviour to appear has been dashed. Believe Him or not; acknowledge Him or not – war will continue until the end. The only savior we should be looking to now (or ever) is the One who wrote the Book.


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