Beheaded Men, Rising Peaks, and an Intelligent Israel

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Headlines 12/12/2011

I Saw the Souls of Those Who Had Been Beheaded

Saudi Woman Beheaded for Sorcery

The Tops of the Mountains Become More Evident

Obama Hails ‘New Day’ In Iraq

Taliban: In Peace Talks With Pakistan

Massacre Feared in Syria

Syria Death Toll Rises to 5,000

US units exiting Iraq deployed in Jordan to forestall Syrian attack

Persia, Cush and Put Will Be With Them

Iran in End Times Prophecy

Iran propositions Saudis, seeks anti-US pact, offers nuclear cooperation

Iran to practice Strait of Hormuz closure while unlocking US drone secrets

Leaders are defiant, but many Iranians fear war

Israel Rightly Mum About Iran Attack Plans

Power Play: Turkey’s Bid to Trump Iran

False Prophets Will Deceive Even the Elect –

What would Jesus think? Churches now promote Islam


 A Saudi woman beheaded for sorcery… You can’t help but wonder, was her sorcery of the pre-Islamic Roman Catholic type which turns a regular wafer into flesh and wine into blood? Was her blasphemy a matter of rubbing a set of beads together and calling upon a dead woman to intercede for those who paid for her help? Were the 75-plus Saudi executions this year for similar ‘crimes’? Whatever her offense, it must certainly have been deserving of having her head removed. Saudi Arabia is arguably our closest Islamic ally and we, as a country, would not stand aside and pretend such atrocious religious rituals were culturally justified. How is it that a culture of prophetic acceptance that not only excuses but calls for decapitation and child rape?

As was so eloquently stated by Barack Obama in speaking of Islam as “a great religion and its commitment to justice and progress,” one has to wonder if this incident lends itself to the mindset behind encouraging the Arab Spring revolutionaries to take to the streets and create change within their borders. It was Barack who encourages peaceful demonstration in Tunisia and for their trouble they got Islamists. It was Barack who encouraged peaceful protests in Egypt and they got the Brotherhood. It was Barack who encouraged peaceful protests in Syria and they’ve received 5,000 dead. Somewhere within the 5,000 dead Syrians and the 75+ beheaded Saudis must lie the foundational spirit of truth that would drive our Commander in Chief to bow to the Saudi king, open Egypt up to the Brotherhood and subject Syrian civilians, including 300 children, to execution. Whatever his insight, Obama’s brilliance pierces the limited understanding of this author in that he can see “the contribution of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalog because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country.” I guess I can see that. They have built a new community center in the devastated streets of Manhattan and they have a rocking new reality show called ‘American Muslim.’ I guess I shouldn’t be so short-sighted. The honor-killing of Noor al-Maleki, the wedding of an imprisoned Afghan woman named Gulnaz to her rapist, the beheadings of heinous offenders in Saudi Arabia and the revolutionaries of the Arab Spring yielding to hard-line Islamists must all be for the good; good of a foreign god, his prophet, and the advance of their ‘great’ traditions into our communities and our country.

The ‘new day’ in Iraq began today with the explosions of two car bombs in the southern region. With the U.S. military just two weeks from complete withdrawal, the sand walls of that war-torn country are just beginning to collapse. Without any means of protection, the Iraqis are know on their own and subject to the direction of the queens who have waited for this very moment to direct their drones. The only thing the directors have in common is hard-line Islam. With the Taliban talking peace with the same Pakistanis who hid Osama bin Laden and Syria upping their kill rate to 25 a day, the entire region from Morocco to Pakistan is in turmoil. And when the bees are in turmoil, someone is going to get stung.

The Persian Aryans (Iranians) are wooing the Saudis with the promise of nuclear technology in exchange for an anti-American agreement. They are putting a strangtlehold on the Straight of Hormuz where 40% of the world’s oil passes. They offer to share the technology of their captured ‘precious,’ our RQ-170 drone, to the Russians in exchange for their S-300 anti-aircraft missile system and to China for their advanced technology on nuclear weaponry. If they were to succeed with the Saudis, Iran could ally them with Russia and South America (who they already control) to harness most of the world’s oil production and distribution. It being an election year, Barack decided to leave the drone with the Persians instead of destroying it. He didn’t want to create the perception of an act of war by destroying our spy plane that was in their air space. He’d much rather give our stealth and radar evasion technology to Iran, Russia, and China. With Russia and China as the two major holdouts on sanctions against Iran, who was the most likely to assist in bringing down the drone in the first place? What Israel suspected from our Commander in Chief has been verified; Barack is no ally of Israel.

Like the air strike on the Iraqi nuclear facility in 1981 and the air strike on the Syrian reactor in 2007, the Israelis are not going to tip their hat on their plans for Iran. Even with friends in the White House like Reagan and Bush, the Israelis acted alone. With the likes of Obama, Clinton, and Panetta forbidding a strike and possibly harming Barack’s re-election efforts, chances are they’ll do it alone. After all, hasn’t Obama done enough damage in the region?

What began as an announcement of withdrawal from Iraq on 10/31/2011, the first day of the tenth month, has grown into a panic by our associates and an all-out assault by the Republic of Islam – the Persians. With them are the Tunisians and the Libyans (Cush), the Egyptians, Sudanese, and the Somalians (Put). They are bolstered by the Syrians (Gomer) and Turkey (Meshech and Tubal). The Russians (Togarmah) round things out with the original three (Sheba, Dedan, and the long dead merchants of Tarshish) of Saudi Arabia who were Muhammad’s first three victims.

Whether a seasoned veteran or a mere novice in regard to the Bible, there is an odd statement made in the book of Daniel that appears unrelated and stand-alone. In verse 12:4, Daniel is told “to close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end.” The angel goes on to tell Daniel, “Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.” Some consider this verse to mean that in the time of the end, technology and scientific understanding will be vastly increased; as it has. But it means something more. The angel told Daniel many will go here, the Bible, to increase knowledge. He added that many will go there, outside of God, to increase knowledge. With this in mind, consider the following verse:

“Supremely exalted then is Allah, the King, the Truth. And make not haste with the Qur’an before its revelation is made complete to thee, and say: My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” Qur’an 20:114

The narrator of the Qur’an explains this verse as: “Even today a spiritual transformation can be brought about by spreading knowledge of the Qur’an, which is the greatest spiritual force that the world has ever seen, and it is only on account of being ignorant of this great spiritual force that the world remains in darkness. It is now for the followers of the Qur’an to say, Let there be light!” Let there be light… are the words spoken by God within the third sentence of the Bible. God gives life to creation by breathing words. Muhammad spreads the knowledge of Islam by killing those that stand in his way.

We are left with the inconvenient conclusion that the scenario described so long ago has formed in and around the land and people of Israel. With men being beheaded (Rev 20:4), the peaks rising higher from the water (Ge 8:5), and the bees buzzing (Ps 118:12, Dt 1:44), Obama’s ancestral Islam is preparing to pounce.

Just three short years ago, America accepted the delusion. Today, Barack Hussein Obama seals the lid on prophecy. And they told me this could never happen.

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