God’s people Israel stands alone – just like He said they would

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Headlines 12/06/2011

The People Will Be a Mixture and Will Not Remain United

Kabul Blast Kills Dozens

Car Bomb Kills 4 Near Egyptian Embassy in Somalia

Something Like a Huge Mountain, All Ablaze, Was Thrown Into the Sea

BP: Halliburton Destroyed Key Gulf Oil Spill Evidence

The Great Tribulation

AP News in Brief at 5:58 a.m. EST

S&P Threatens to Downgrade Eurozone Countries

Kings of the Earth Gathered Together to Make War

Panetta, Clinton and Gutman—Israel tsuris for the Obama administration

Hillary Meets With Syria Opposition

Iran’s Guards on war footing – London. Spy drone capture is US, Israel setback

Iran will retaliate “outside its borders” for US drone, may also block Hormuz

Israel and Syria brace for regional war between mid-Dec. 2011 and mid-Jan 2012

Surrounded by Foes, Israel Preps for Bioterror


In a desolate country, long on a history of war, a divided kingdom turned upon its own today and murdered at least 55 of their own people. Their crime? Worshipping the death of their prophet’s grandson Imam Hussein. Like it or not, politically correct or not, the ancestral link here (Hussein) is key in tying up all prophecy. Hussein is an honorary name in Islam. The people celebrating the memory of Hussein were Shiite. The bomber was likely of the Taliban which the United States has spent the last ten years trying to eradicate from Afghanistan. The division between the two sects of Shi’a and Sunni is the rift created fourteen hundred years ago in regard to the Muhammad directed, democratic installation of his successors. Shi’as believe the reigns of Islam belong in the hands of the best candidate (democratically elected of course) within the bloodlines of Muhammad. At the time of muhammad’s death, this would have been Ali. . Sunnis believe the rule belongs to the best Muslim candidate – blood relative or not – and Abu Bakr (the second) was handed the reigns. Ali would become the fourth Caliph after the assassinations of Umar and Uthman before him. Hence, the rift that will be resolved only by blood.

Both sects agree to all that is written in the Qur’an but they differ on the supporting hadith (third hand quotations of Muhammad); the extent of which is nearly endless and impossible to confirm or deny. Thus are the divided people – whose origins began with Ishmael – the result of a mix of iron (Abraham) and clay (Hagar). As stated previously, it’s very important to understand that prior to Muhammad, the great nation born of Ishmael began by honoring the God of Ishmael’s father Abraham. Ishmael honored the same God as did his younger brother Isaac.

It wasn’t until two thousand years later that Muhammad brought Allah and the Muslims into existence.

Now, the Middle East sees brother against brother. Muhammad said, “O you who believe, do not take the Christians and Jews for friends” and they don’t (Qur’an 5:51). They can’t. The Shiites want to kill the Sunnis, like Iran – Iraq. The Sunnis want to kill the Shi’as (Shiites) – like today in Afghanistan. And all of them want to act as their model of conduct, Muhammad, commanded them to act “And
fight with them until there is no more persecution, and all religions are for Allah” 8:39.

In a directed manner (like a drone or worker bee), the al-Qaeda linked al-Shabab of Somalia detonated a car bomb killing a police officer and three civilians. Their crime? Living in Mogadishu. Between Islam, cholera, and drought, Africa makes for a rough neighborhood. Death rules there. And the death who rules there has a name, he’s the Malik-ul-Mulk, the king over them. He’s al-Mumit, the Destroyer. See Who Is the False Prophet?

Destruction is not limited to Africa. In a reminder of Rev 8:8, the huge mountain all ablaze and thrown into the sea (the Deepwater Horizon) has reappeared in the headlines (below left). The event epitomizes the description of God’s second trumpet and reminds us that the time has come for the world to be divided into thirds; a third who call upon Jesus and two-thirds who do not. Without coincidence, one-third of the earth’s current population holds claim to a Jesus-based religion. See below right.

With a swarm of bees (drones and workers) surrounding Israel (who they cannot befriend), the mountain all ablaze (above left), the Fallen Star and his false prophet identified, a third of the world Islamic or allied to Islam (bitter waters), a third following God (living waters), and a third having a belief in neither the God of heaven nor the blazing star who fell from the sky (Satan – now known as Allah); the second, third, and fourth promised signs have been realized.

With the Japanese tsunami created by a massive earthquake, the nuclear reactor at Fukushima Daiichi was opened up and smoke rose from it like that of a gigantic furnace (above center). Out of that smoke fell radiation that didn’t harm the grass or plant or tree but tormented the Japanese people who do not believe in the God of heaven. Most Japanese (4 out of 5) have no deity belief whatsoever. The balance (1 in 5) look to forms of Buddhism and Shinto. Their torment from the radiation began to subside with the construction of the giant tent built over the top of the facility. It was erected to keep the flood-waters (rainwater) out and stop the radiation from spreading. From the time of the tsunami (March 11th) to the tent construction (August 8th) was a hundred and fifty days. Then, as though the crisis was over, they were merely forgotten.

Not forgotten are the Muhammadans who keep “horses tied at the frontier, to frighten thereby the enemy of Allah” and wear turbans and headbands “whose ends hang in their back…wearing yellow turbans which they had thrown back between their shoulders.” (Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine) Like the lion-beast of Da 7:4, “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion (with lions teeth) looking for someone to devour.” (1Pe 5:8) The Muhammadans are the seventh and eighth face of this devil who are referred to in Ps 58:6; “Break the teeth in their mouths, O God; tear out, O Lord, the fangs of the lions.” Need it be said again? Muhammad was rumored to have died in the battle of Badr with a blow to the face – a blow that broke his teeth. He is al-Insan al-Kamil (the perfect model) and al-Uswa-e-Hasana (the model of conduct). The Islamists seek to mirror their Uswa-e-Hasana and prowl like roaring lions looking for someone to devour. “A nation has invaded my land, powerful and without number, it has teeth of a lion, the fangs of a lioness.” Joel 1:6

Like the flowing yellow turban of Muhammad, it was a flowing golden headdress that Muammar Gadhafi wore atop his mere resemblance of a human face. It was of the lions teeth (the devil) that he spoke. Like the horses of Muhammad, he had tanks of iron that thundered around the desert. It was Gadhafi who warned of “…throwing ourselves on Europe like a swarm of locusts and bees” on 7/01/2011. We’re five months out since Gadhafi made those threats to sting us by his tails (like bees and scorpions). He is six weeks dead but there are other bees swarming. They have Malik-Ul-Mulk (as king over them) the angel of the Abyss (Satan), whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon, and in English, Destroyer, and in Arabic, al-Mumit. Al-Mumit and Malik-Ul-Mulk are the 62nd and 84th of Allah’s 99 names…

And the kings of the earth gathered together to make war… Their number is tw0 hundred million; twice that of ten-thousand times ten-thousand (Da7:10). Their number is two-thirds of men.

The horses (tied at the frontier, to frighten thereby the enemy of Allah) looked like missiles; with red, blue, and yellow sulfur burning exhaust. Their warheads resemble the lion-beast; they destroy and bring death. From them comes the fire, smoke and burning sulfur that inflicts injury and kills (first death) a third of mankind. The rest are the two-thirds who mockingly disregard God. They are the earth and the trees of Rev 8:7. They too die. But they die twice – and the second death is to perish. They are burned along with all of the green grass of the earth. They and the earth are destroyed.

Syria’s regime has its back against the wall. They watched as Mubarak  was caged – as Gadhafi was hunted and killed. They’re not going to step down; they have Iran. And Iran is ready for war. They likely already have nukes both bought from North Korea and built within the depths of their own soil. Pakistan is seething at the United States, Iraq’s sand walls are collapsing and the Afghanistan Taliban continue on in their quest to please Allah. Palestine has followed Barack’s lead and will never again approach the facade of peace with a people they are divinely directed to fight. The only common enemy of those fighting against one another are the infidels whose towers have been razed and God’s people who have been returned to their land. And with Barack Hussein Obama having an ancestral tie to the Brotherhood, it would appear that God’s people Israel stands alone – just like He said they would.

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