‘It’s like deja vu all over again’

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Headlines 12/04/2011

Iran Threatens Spike in Oil Prices

Barak vs US: We can’t wait until Iran declares it has a nuclear bomb

Report: Iran Preparing for Final Conflict with Enemies

Syria Faces New Deadline

Pakistan: Drone Air Base To Be Vacated By United States

Nigerian Muslims and Christians Clash, Leaving Dozens More Dead

Fukushima Plant Has New Leak

Italy Unveils Austerity Package

George Soros: Global Financial System In ‘Self-Reinforcing Process Of Disintegration’

Bahrain: Bus Explodes Near British Embassy

Occupy DC Arrests: Structure In McPherson Square Prompts Police Action


In the immortal words of long-time legend Yogi Berra, “It’s deja vu all over again.” With Iran’s imminent threat of weaponizing its nuclear facilities, the escalating threats of spiking oil prices abound; and the threats are legitimate. There are only two options left with Iran – increased sanctions of their oil and central bank or a military strike; a big military strike! The reality is that further sanctions on Iran will be counter-productive. The world’s two largest oil producers and consumers (outside of the U.S.) are Russia and China. If you are new to the issues, Russia and China are on Iran’s side.

Yogi could not possibly have known how true his words would ring in this maniacal world. The Biblical fighters of the final battle are entrenching. With an oil embargo placed on Iran, the market price for a barrel of oil would likely double overnight. The winner would be the oil producers of Iran and Russia with China buying the product. On the outside looking in are the United States, Japan and the European Union.

With the wobbling top of the E.U. celebrating their extended ability to borrow another $150,000,000,000 (billion) dollars via the IMF, the stock markets have momentarily celebrated in kind. What we hear is the sucking sound of mom & pop’s IRA’s sliding into the (spread the wealth) pot. In the coming days, world markets will likely begin to clear their heads like sobering drunken sailors only to realize that the extended borrowing came partly from the Unites States ability to print an additional $48,000,000,000 (billion). Like the $5,000,000,000,000 (trillion) he’s spent in excess of the Treasury’s income (in just the last three years), these mere hundreds of billions of dollars are but chicken feed to him.  Given a paycheck of $6,600 (X a billion), Obama has spent $11,600 (X a billion) and he keeps on asking to spend more. Borrow from overseas and spend it overseas; he’s given away what we and our parents built and paid for. He’s given away America’s Dream and he’s given it away largely to benefit the Bible’s nemesis; the great Islam (his words, not ours).

Barack Obama is seen as the king of giving over there. He is… He is the king of redistribution and the god of give it all away. Today he spoke on national T.V. (again) expressing his displeasure at the Republican Party who, according to him, refuse to extend the Bush tax cuts. On the contrary, the Republican Party wishes to extend the current tax rates but refuse to let this man tag the bill onto his already vulgar mound of debt and deficit. In a European meeting and another arrogant teleprompter moment, Obama has demanded another $220,000,000,000 (billion) be spent for ‘the good of everyone’.

Although we listened intently, we must have missed Barack’s congratulations to the Egyptian people for a democracy well done…

Many of those intoxicated by his beverage of many hues (hocus pocus of Rev 10:9-10) have realized their error in electing him. Like a guide ensuring his group of the foundational rigidity of a worm-infested platform, the President Obama sells promise to America and marches her blindfolded people (like lady liberty and her scales of justice) further out onto a bending and creaking plank. His charming eloquence repeats the phrase, “Trust me, change is coming” – like a wife-beater promising his wife.

His efforts in Egypt have paid off for his ancestral Brotherhood. His Allie defying, democratic revolution has given Egypt 45% of the parliamentary seats with a bonus of an additional 25% to the ruthless Salafis…that’s 70% of a newly elected parliament who favor the barbaric practices of Allah’s Islam. Barack Obama not only encouraged this in Egypt but his ouster of Mubarak told the world that he would support it anywhere they wanted to implement it – like Libya, Palestine, and Syria. The religion of his father and that of his father’s father before him is being furthered and instituted by the man. Freely elected to the most powerful seat in the world, Obama promotes the religion of Muhammad. The descendants of Ishmael prayed to the God of Abraham until about 610 A.D. Then, all hell broke loose. Now, a population without Christ pays the price, while those with Him are ransomed. The price is twice death.

Israel has all but said that the time for the final option has arrived. The Iranian conflict has already begun.

Coptic Christians and the youth movement in Egypt have been beaten and silenced by the beast that lurked there so long. Held back by the Mubarak regime, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, with its large iron teeth, has been unleashed (by you-know-who) to crush and devour its victims and trample underfoot whatever is left (Da 7:7). These are people we’re talking about. Women and children who will now suffer the bitter wrath of Muhammad’s laws and the men who will lose their disobedient heads to Obama’s worldwide democratic revolution and the pursuits of Muhammad’s direction, “And fight with them (jihad) until there is no more persecution, and all religions are for Allah.” Qur’an 8:39

Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Nigeria, Libya, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and the rest of the ten are all still in the news. They are still in the news and growing stronger and more frightening by the day. And a duped people continue to follow the instructions of their guide Obama – as though he held the map…

Barack Hussein still has a voice because the citizens of the States allow him to hold the keys to the printing press. Don’t get us wrong, there’s no longer an alternative. This beautiful country, the biggest and most luxurious ship ever to sail on the face of the earth, can see the iceberg ahead. But instead of heeding the printed warnings of Islamic ice, the American people voted for full steam ahead. Like Egypt, all Hope of Change is frozen in the steely hearts of a people deluded (2Thes 2:11). America, Egypt, Libya, Israel – you have been duped. God has sent his delusion and it has many faces.

In a subject almost forgotten, the agony suffered by the Japanese didn’t ease up until the 151st day, June 8th. Rev 9:5 tell us only that their torture would last 150 days. That was the day that construction began on a tent to keep the floodwater out. As though the crisis were resolved, the world has largely forgotten Fukushima and their torment. But cleanup and complete shutdown is estimated to be some thirty years away. If we could only be so lucky…

For the saints, ‘It’s like deja vu all over again.’

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