The Man Who Determines ‘Wealthy Enough’ Is At It Again

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Headlines 12/08/2011

Many will  go here and there to increase knowledge

Iran exhibits US drone undamaged. US and Israeli intelligence shocked

They scattered my people and divided my land

Candidates Lambast Obama over Israel Policy

Every man’s sword will be against his brother

Saudi Prince Predicts Regional Proliferation

Australian Sentenced to 500 Lashes in Saudi Arabia

…the truth is not in him

Perry Takes Aim at Obama’s ‘War on Religion’

DOD Labels Ft. Hood Attack ‘Workplace Violence’

What I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do

Russia Elections: Vladimir Putin Slams Hillary Rodham Clinton For Supporting Protesters        

Debt Crisis Leading World to Financial Brink

Eyeing 2012, White House Presses Europe on Debt

Obama says EU is wealthy enough to solve crisis

What Once Was Is No More; America Has Forfeited Its Role As The Leader Of The Free World

The ‘little scroll’ of Rev 10

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What is it about that term ‘wealthy enough’ that leads puppets and puppeteers to believe that the health and welfare of a community or country is or should be shouldered solely by the profits of those who have earned their way to prosperity? If anyone and everyone were merely granted success who would be willing or have the desire to achieve? A lasting building can only be built on a sturdy base. The height of that building is reliant upon the breadth and the strength of its base below. In human terms, the heights that one can achieve are unlimited as long as the individual understands that it is growth by the way of earned achievement that starts from the ground up. But there are those who believe that there is or should be a cap on the height which one can reach. They act in accordance to their self-determined standard of what or how much is enough. The higher they get, the bigger target they become. Once they reach a ‘tall’ status, they are deemed by some to be responsible for woes of others. One would think this would be applicable only to people. But history has shown it’s applicable to buildings too.

On 9/11, we watched in horror as this played out before our very eyes. The Towers in Manhattan were targeted and fell from the top down. Their foundations, which had been previously targeted and bombed by Islamists in 1993, could not be shaken from their base. In order to fall, they were hit high in the structure. By attacking the people of the High Towers, Islam intended to disrupt the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that freedom and earned prosperity brought to the United States. To them,  such things are outside of the guidelines of social justice as determined by their founding prophet Muhammad. There are two particular verses in the Qur’an that establish the intent of Islamists:

“Wherever you are, death will overtake you, though you are in towers raised high. And if good befalls them, they say: This is from Allah…” 4:78

“Surely Allah has bought from the believers their persons and their property – theirs (in return) is the Garden. They fight in Allah’s way so they slay and are slain. It is a promise which is binding on him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. And who is more faithful to his promise than Allah? Rejoice therefore in your bargain which you have made. And that is the mighty achievement.” 9:111

The towers in Manhattan represented everything bold and proud in the free west – everything that Islam loathes. They are directed by the image of their prophet and god to kill and be killed. Together, they target those of the highest levels. By destroying those at the high levels, they destroy the support below them. This is sadly reflected by the events of that day. The world has been at war ever since. It is no mere coincidence that verse 9:111 describes a deal made between the devil and his faithful. Those who follow Allah and his prophet make a deal to exchange the act of murder (whether of oneself or of another) for the promise of paradise. He (the illiterate Muhammad) furthers his deceit by telling others that what is written in the Gospel (the New Testament) is analogous with the instruction to kill in the name of some god. To the contrary, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, John 16:2 warns us that a religion would be born whose faithful would do just that against those who believe in the God of heaven.

Jesus was promised and delivered in order to change the curse of the Law from the Old Testament to the gift of salvation by his ransom, paid to God on our behalf, for our transgressions. Multiple times throughout the Gospel (Mk 10:18, Mt 22:37-40, Lk 10:27), Christians are taught not to kill but to love our neighbors.

People in high places are the target of the devil. If he brings them down, he brings down those beneath them. Yet it’s Barack Obama who tells those on the base that they are entitled to be served by those who have earned their prosperity in their pursuit of happiness. This is not voluntarily taking care of widows and orphans, it’s attacking the high towers. Welcome to Barack Obama’s image of social justice. He calls upon the emotions of those who could or should have the opportunity to achieve and sends them into the streets rebelling against the Fat Cats in the tall towers proclaiming that they  are not giving their fare share. His proclamations have sent people into the streets across the United States and the Middle East. Consistent with the social justice of Islam, he wishes to bring down those who sit in high places. Like Muhammad distributing the plunder of caravans to his companions, Obama determines what is wealthy enough and distributes the balance to those willing to take what others had earned. Is it any wonder that he proclaims Islam to be a great religion?

As Europe spreads its wealth, which now means increases their collective debt, they act there as Barack Obama acts here. By bailing out PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain) they play into the hand the wrong social justice. Like Greece, we would all have a private to public sector as high as 4 to 1 with all of the entitlements that go with it. Do the math, the effective tax rate would exceed 50% for everyone in order to support such a system. Welcome to Hope & Change Obama style!

It is as ridiculous as the measures of Frank, Dodd, and Waters when they fought the Bush administration in support of the government-sponsored enterprises (GSE’s) of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was those two who purchased ill-advised mortgage packages in order to spread the wealth in what Waters deemed an example of “outstanding leadership.”

“We do not have a crisis  at Freddie Mac, and particular Fannie Mae,  under the outstanding leadership of Frank Raines.” Maxine Waters 2004

Such spread the wealth ideologies encouraged the lenders and borrowers to mortgage twice and thrice their rocketing home values only to have the entire financial sector become an active bee hive that was dropped into the laps of the American people and the world markets. How did that work out? In a fashion like that of Libya filling a seat on the U.N. human rights board, Maxine Waters is in line to take over the empty seat on the Financial Services Committee by a retiring Barney Frank. And Barack Obama is giving campaign speeches targeting the Fat Cats of Wall Street for the inept directions given to them by both Frank and Waters from their Congressional power-seats. It would seem that their strategy is to bring down those in high places and then blame them for the fall. This sounds much like the goings on within the United Nations doesn’t it?

Now, America is loaded with declining incomes, decimated home values, increased bankruptcy, and increased unemployment expenses. To boot, Obama’s America is now loaded with loaded with Occupiers, another five trillion dollars in debt, a credit downgrade (with another on the way), and a sense of shame for who and what made her great. In his eyes, America was wealthy enough…

Now, he’ll spread our wealth and our technology. With pieces of a a stealth helicopter in the hands of the Chinese and our most advanced radar evading drone now in the hands of the Iranians (and soon in the hands of the Russians and Chinese) it would appear he is going here (the States) and there (Europe, Iran, China, and Russia) with our money and our know-how. With a domestic checkbook bleeding a hundred and twenty five billion dollars a month more than it has in its account, what’s another forty-eight billion dollars? That’s the amount of dollars we’ve committed to print for the IMF to support Europe’s failed economic model. Topping that is allowing our technological capabilities to remain in the hands and at risk from the most heinous regime on the planet – Iran. In accordance to his brief history in the Executive Office, what can we conclude about our Commander in Chief and his condemnation of Israeli housing projects, his calls to reduce her borders to the 1967 lines, and leaving our most advanced weapons technology in the hands of the people who want Israel exterminated?

If only the drone could have landed in a modern Islamic society, like Saudi Arabia. We could have exchanged 500 lashes upon some old guy in exchange for the return of our spy plane. And to think, those lashes went out for just a couple of disparaging remarks about Muhammad’s long dead companions. It’s a good thing that the old Australian didn’t call out the obvious and match Muhammad’s history to that of the prophesied false prophet! The Twelvers of Iran might be a little more understanding in this. After all, they place all of their Islamic hopes and jihadist’ dreams on the guy in the well – the next Muhammad. You know – the guy who comes crawling out of the well, much like that girl in the movie The Ring. But before he drags himself up out of  the ground, the Shiites need to bring the world to a chaotic state, something like an Apocalypse. And they plan on doing it by wiping Israel off the map. Forgive us for pointing out the obvious but isn’t that exactly how the conclusion is foretold in Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, Joel, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Acts, 1 Cor, 2 Thes, and Revelation?

If only Islam was really the religion of peace as the west wants to see it. If only Islam were another path to God as most understand and would claim (as though Allah was God). If only the beheadings and lashes by our human rights partner Saudi Arabia didn’t really happen. If only the Twelvers currently ruling Iran didn’t believe in luring al-Mahdi out of his hole in the ground. If only the RQ-170 wasn’t in Iran. If only Israel never left or didn’t re-gather. If only Iran would never go nuclear. If only…

 Islam is not the religion of peace as the west understands it. Peace for Islam comes only when all the world is for Islam. Then, hope to Allah (because he’s all that would be left – see Mt 24:22, Mk 13:20) that, as a converted Muslim, you pick the right sect and are of the male persuasion (not sexually persuaded of course). Islam fits all of the delusional aspects prophesied and allowed by God to fulfill His purpose (Is 46:11, Rev 17:17). Islam and its foreign god have been ushered in by the false prophet Muhammad and is currently being advanced by the apocalyptic vision of those who believe another Muhammad is yet to come (a divided Islamic belief). The beheadings and lashes in Saudi Arabia continue as though Muhammad were still here and are scripted in Muhammad’s book of social justice or human rights as he defined them. Most troubling may be the denial of the west to believe that any society (term used loosely) would not be deterred by the probability of self-destruction but would actually invite it. Iran’s leaders are a group of religiously linked bargainers (like unionized negotiators) who have bargained their way to paradise. The price they have agreed to pay is that of the lives of everyone within their reach. They have agreed to pay for (promised) paradise with their lives, Israeli lives, Sunni lives, and any collateral lives they can muster. Firmly believing they have a personal hand in bringing about an earthly deity, a spirit in a well, A-jad and his group do not base their ambitions on deterrence, they base their ambitions on utilization. According to Ahmadinejad, the first is to be used against Israel. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrote that the end of the world will happen in his lifetime. He’s 55 years old.

Consider the following quote in the article Saudi Prince Predicts Regional Proliferation (above) penned by Nick Ottens: “In the long run, a nuclear Iran make the region a safer place. Just as during the Cold War, when mutually assured destruction stopped the superpowers from going to war, Iran and Israel may be compelled to reach an understanding which includes a de facto recognition of the Jewish state by the Middle Eastern parties involved.” Mr. Ottens article has one major flaw; Iran wants the global fire. The greater powers that Ottens refers to are the Russians who have a carrier opposing ours in the Mediterranean and the Chinese who are likely to share the spoils of the downed RQ-170 right along with the secrets they acquired with the downed helicopter in bin Laden’s compound. No matter the damage, the primary oil reserves remain within the continent and within the reach common to all three countries.

Muhammad has been here and is forever gone (Da 7:11). He fulfills every aspect that the Bible describes. There’s no room for another. However, with the Shiites convinced there is another, war is imminent. Mutually assured destruction (MAD) is no longer a deterrent, it’s now an attractant. It is MAD that they seek. It is MAD that they want. And it is MAD that they tempt almost daily now. Iran now looks only to the short-term. The supreme leader Khamenei has made claims to have spoken with al-Mahdi. Whether the rest of the world believes him or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the Iranian Shiites, with their prophet’s royal buildings atop the Temple Mount and the anticipation of another appearing from below their feet, will set out to destroy and annihilate many.

The Qur’an gives many directions to its workers (the bees) to follow but it gives no prophetic time frames – it cannot. There is only twenty three years of history (610 A.D. – 632 A.D.) within it. Like many who know of the Bible, future world events can be determined and literally mimicked in other writings but the times cannot.

The book of Daniel tells us that; “None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.”

From the time that the Jewish Temple was destroyed in 586 B.C. until the royal tents, the abomination of al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock, were set up spanned the years between 586 B.C. and 685 A.D. Without the month and day of razing and dedication that’s [{586 + 685} x 365 / 360 = 1,289] about 1,290 Biblical years. Reference Da 12:11

From the time that the abominations known as the al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome (royal tents) appeared in 685 A.D. until the beginning of the great tribulation of September 11, 2001 was [2001.8 – 685 x 365 / 360 = 1,335] 1,335 years. Reference Da 12:12

From the time of dedication of the abominable tents, which included the fleeing of Israel into the desert (where they were cared for), until they were drawn out was [685 + {1,260 x 360 / 365} = 1928] 1928; 1,260 Biblical years later. 1928 was when Hitler began his march in building the Nazi Party.

Christians believe that Jesus returns upon the clouds with a loud call (like a big blast) and in that coming the lord of this earth, the devil, will be destroyed. Islam believes that Judgement day arrives after they have fought their jihad and all religions are for their god Allah – a time when there remains no Jews or Christians (or any other belief). Shiahs believe that Judgement day comes when all religions are for Allah – after their savior crawls out of the Abyss (they call it a well). Like the six empires before Islam, the lord of this world has crawled out of his Abyss and applied his deceit upon men. We believe he’s been out for a very long time, flying like a raven. But as the world turns to fire and dries up, so does his reign, kingdom, and his very existence.

The United States is governed by a man who tells the world he is Christian but who also claims there are other pathways to God, that Islam is great, and that he approaches all belief with a big dose of doubt. His administration refuses to link even the obvious cases of terrorism, like Nidal Hassan, to Islamic belief and jihadist duty. He has ripped open the Middle East and America by encouraging their origins and supporting their escalation in the street while he disparages those who built the tall towers. He has visited and encouraged; Afghanistan (2x), Australia, Brazil, Canada (2x), Chile, China, Czech Republic (2x), Denmark (2x), Egypt, El Salvador, France (4x), Germany (2x), Ghana, India, Indonesia (2x), Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan (2x), Mexico (2x), Norway, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea (2x), Trinidad, Tobago, Turkey, U.K. (2x), and the Vatican City. He has made forty-three foreign trips as President of the United States but has not made a single appearance to our most vulnerable Allie in the Middle East – Israel.

Maybe he has determined that they have become ‘wealthy enough.’

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