Proof of the God of heaven or all just coincidence?

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Headlines 1/6/2012

See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins – …rumors of wars

Explosions Kill 25 In Syria

Hezbollah says Syria attack part of U.S. plan

They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact a time is coming (and has arrived) when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God

Nigeria Church Attack Kills 3

Boko Haram means:  ‘Western education is a sin’

25 killed in northern Nigeria as sectarian violence surges

Joe Biden: “The Taliban is not our enemy” – …wars 

Afghanistan Bomb Hidden In Trash Heap, Kills 6 Children

Barack Obama: Islam ‘is a great religion’

As U.S. Explores Dialogue with Muslim Brotherhood, Israelis Urge a Tougher Line Against Islamists’ Rise

…rumors of wars

Franklin Graham: War Looms in South Sudan

Eighteen militants, 4 troops killed in Yemen clashes

Iran to hold another naval drill near Strait of Hormuz next month

Iraq’s Maliki supports Iran-backed Shi’ite group that waged jihad against Americans


Barack Obama – “But I will say that first Islam is one of the world’s great religions and over a billion people practice Islam.” Islam is “a great religion and its commitment to justice and progress.”

To correct Barack Obama, Islam is not just one of the world’s largest religions. With an approximate 1.7 billion followers, Islam is the world’s largest religion. That’s nearly one in every four people on the planet. Barack is said to be his father’s-side, first generation removed from this ancestral one-fourth. How is it that a man who wields so much power can deny the faith he claims to hold only to bolster the Christ denying Islam that he obviously admires and is linked? The pre-election question of ‘Just who is Barack Obama?’ still stands. His administration boosted the troop levels in Afghanistan only to deny that the Taliban is our enemy. So, who the hell is detonating the I.E.D.’s against the tribal people and our troops? He unseats Mubarak knowing full well that the Muslim Brotherhood and the strict shari’a based Salafis were laying in wait. Now, his administration holds high level talks with the Israel-hating government he help seat. And can someone please enlighten us as to just what the ‘commitment to justice and progress’ that the ‘great religion’ of Islam has delivered among the nations of the world? Is it the burka, the hijab, jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, the PLO, the Twelvers, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, shari’a law, honor killing, the crime of being raped, murderer of those opposed to Muhammad, smiting necks in the name of Allah (Allahu Akbar!), threatening annihilation upon Israel and the U.S., or is it the justice and progress they blessed upon us by razing the Twin Towers?

The Manhattan skyline will forever reflect the ‘commitment to justice and progress’ shown by Islam’s faithful. They were merely carrying out the orders and directions of their divine prophet:

“Wherever you are, death will overtake you, though you are in towers raised high. And if good befalls them, they say: This is from Allah; and if a misfortune befalls them, they say: This is from thee. Say: All is from Allah..” Qur’an 4:78

This makes every tall tower and its occupants in the western world a target of Islam. Not all Muslims are terrorists but all Muslims are jihadists. It is commanded by the ‘perfect model’ Muhammad. You, the reader, can define the line dividing the two. Best of luck doing so. The Muslims have been killing each other over that line’s placement for nearly 1,400 years. As for us; we’ve really only known it for ten…

Ten years… How does our national hand look after extending it out to the Muslim world? How long did it take for Iraq to implode upon our troop withdrawal? How long will it take before the killing squads return to the soccer fields in Afghanistan after we negotiate ‘peace’ with our not-enemy the Taliban? How much ‘friendlier’ do we have to get and how much longer do we stall with Iran before they ‘wipe Israel off the map?’ How many wars and rumors of wars will it take before the blind eyes and the deaf ears of the western world begins to see Islam for what it is – the devil’s brigade?

There seems not yet to be enough evil in the world to convince the naysayers that such a thing as evil really exists. All we have to do is pull our troops out of other countries and extend our hand in friendship – just like in Iraq. We should have left Osama bin Laden to the Afghan authorities and the Pakistanis who housed him. We should have made a greater effort to better understand the holy nature of Anwar al-Awlaki’s journey on the path to his god. In the ongoing trial of Nadal Hasan, let’s all keep in mind that he was killing people in service to his Lord – Allah. Iraq, Iran, and Syria should be and should have been left to their own devices and within their rights to building their own atomic arsenals.

We should model Ron Paul; gather up our military and be nice to people. If we could only act as innocently as those kids digging through the trash in Afghanistan or the woman who was stripped and beaten senseless in Tahrir Square. If we could only report the news and be sympathetic to the world’s woes, like CNN’s Anderson Cooper and CBS’ reporter Lara Logan; the world would be a better place. Let’s trade our aircraft carriers for books and shoes. Let’s start an exchange program for our teen and pre-teen kids with all of the newly forming pro-peace ‘democratic’ countries in the Middle East. Oh, what our girls could learn from Libya, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Gaza. The possibilities are endless!

Forget for a moment the relief brought to the Afghan people by America’s military. Forget that 3,000 people died in a day. Forget about the food and water brought to the widows and orphans in Afghanistan. Don’t think about what happens to the schools, clinics, and water wells when American troops withdraw. Don’t give pause to the girls who have been raped and then convicted of a morality crime. Blot from your mind those who are drenched in acid for attending school. Hopefully, our actions of dismissal will warm the hearts of the Taliban and they’ll become our new-found friends. Maybe then they’ll look upon us as their bosom buddies and will abandon the directions of their god. Or maybe they will return to the soccer fields as the Iraqis have returned to the streets.

The inherently negative tone of this post is the result of exhaustion and frustration with the political candidate, Ron Paul, who leads our youth down a dark alley with a gesture of ‘let’s be friends’ and a promise of ‘peace.’ The exhaustion and frustration stem from the obvious link between our nation’s Commander in Chief and his ancestral ties to Islam. Today’s post is pure exasperation inspired by the die-hard deaf and blind who sit cross-legged in our city parks; holding signs of accusation and disgust for the country who gave them the freedom to do such things without being butchered. With a plea for reality, we urge those who still believe that Islam is ‘a religion of peace’ to read and understand the history of their ‘perfect model’ Muhammad. It is to them that we respond; to COEXIST needs the cooperation, understanding, and freedoms from all sides. With Islam’s divine direction – that’s an impossibility. The ‘religion’ of peace has one objective:

“… I am with you, so make firm those who believe, I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. So smite above the necks and smite every finger-tip of them. And fight with them until there is no more persecution, and all religions are for Allah.” Qur’an 8:12, 39

These directives are not 3,000 years old and they are not taken out of context. These directives are issued from the queen bee, Allah, to his workers and drones – the Muslims. Their directives came after Jesus separated the law of God from the grace of God; grace that he ushered in by telling those who ‘are without sin to throw the first stone.’ The beheading directives of today’s Islamists were spoken and written 600 years after Jesus and 300 years after man incorporated ancient traditions to God’s teaching and created Roman Catholicism. Islam is now the largest practiced religion in the world – and it came from the mouth of one man; a man who could neither read nor write. By his mutterings, women are allowed to publicly present only their hands and faces; some can bear only their eyes. Born under the Islamic threat of being beaten, tortured, and beheaded for practicing anything other than Muhammad’s religion, they have little choice. In such an environment, what would you have your sons and daughters believe?

Is it time to recognize that there is a God of heaven or is it all just coincidence? The answer is within His Word.

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