How the Arab Spring became the Islamic Winter

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Headlines 1/7/2012

See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins

Thousands Attend Funeral for Bombing Victims

…a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God

Nigeria: Jihad against beauty parlors, as gunmen shout “Allahu Akbar”

20 killed as Nigerian gunmen attack Christian mourners

…rumors of wars

Thousands of US troops land in Israel. Aircraft carrier coming soon

Report: Britain dispatches advanced warship to Persian Gulf

Iran atomic chief says new uranium enrichment facility to soon become operational

Egypt will not escape

Egypt: Islamic parties claim 62% in latest round of voting

Egypt’s ‘Brotherhood’ to Electorate: ‘No Israel’

How the temple grounds appeared in the days before ‘the abomination that causes desolation’

IDF rabbinate edits out Dome of the Rock from picture of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount


How the Arab Spring became the Islamic Winter…

Nigeria’s Boko Haram has summed it up perfectly; the Arab Spring is little more than Shari’a Rising. Look at the newly seated governments in Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt. They are all based upon the divine laws (changed laws Da 7:25) as dictated by the false prophet Muhammad. Under the guise of ‘democracy’ the old guard, who held the Islamists at bay, have been uprooted. Revolution has been encouraged by the Obama administration and Qur’anic rule is now set in stone in North Africa. The Nigerian Muslims are not even bothering with the farce of democratic transition. They’re merely wielding their swords (like Muhammad did) and killing their way to power. The Nigerians who don’t convert or flee are captured or killed (Mt 24:9). It is the way of Muhammad. If they disbelieve in Muhammad or his Allah – smite them. If they believe in only the Twelfth Imam, smite them. If they disbelieve in the Twelfth Imam – smite them. If they have committed an immoral act, such as being raped, stone them. No matter the justification, holler ‘Allahu Akbar’ to reflect ‘service to Allah.’

Throughout the Arab Spring conflicts, whether killing or being killed, news-reels repeat the echoing cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ Allah is al-Mumit, Allah’s 62nd name. Al-Mumit means Destroyer. Destroyer is the name of the devil in Revelation 9:11. Call it coincidence or call it crap; it is the name of the destroyer that is called out in nearly every scene of Middle East ‘revolutionary uprising,’ every Islamic terrorist attack, and nearly every stoning, shooting, or beheading of those who disobey the directives of Muhammad’s Allah. Left behind these swarming actions is little more than death and destruction.

We are watching the Biblical battle of God v.s. god unfold; they are Yahweh v.s. Allah. The false prophet is dead and burning; he’s been doing so for almost 1,400 years. The beasts he created are divided and battling within themselves and amongst their worldly neighbors. They will either spread the worship of their god, Destroyer, throughout the world or they will die trying. A clearer picture could not be painted.

With wars and rumors of wars; it’s obvious that war will be waged until the end. The Destroyer’s prophet gave his followers seven basic instructions to follow (Qur’an 1:1-7) and in the middle of those ‘seven’ was the instruction to rely upon Allah instead of the sacrifice and offering given by Jesus the Christ (Da 9:26-27). The Destroyer and his prophet have set up an image that appears to have been given life; it’s the Qur’an. Those who do not worship the Qur’an are killed in service to Allah. The mark that the servers carry is that of Islam.

The (false) prophet Muhammad has his name depicted by calligraphic script in the three Greek symbols; Χξς (see Did You Know…?) One no longer needs the wisdom of translation to understand the meaning. Any pair of eyes can piece together the three piece puzzle. Muhammad’s boss, the Destroyer, is still at work but his end is imminent. His hives of bees are stinging all who near them; even other bees. People are dying – lots of them. The world is about to eclipse the rampant horrors seen during WWII. However, this time, the war will escalate and culminate very, very quickly.

It’s been ten years since the destroying bird of prey directed its drones to plow into the Towers, the Pentagon, and a farmer’s field. It’s been ten years of escalating world-wide tribulation. It’s been ten years since three thousand American fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons were slaughtered by and in the name of the Destroyer – Allah. Since that day, nearly twice as many Americans (6,000) have died trying to keep Islam within its borders. Then along came the man of Islamic ancestry – Barack Obama. With his poetic words, he has released Islam from within its cage and unleashed the workers and drones who seek justice in the name of Allah by strictly following the changed laws of the prophet Muhammad.

It’s been ten years and Islam has claimed the lives of nearly ten thousand Americans. It’s been ten months and Islam has claimed the lives of nearly seven thousand Syrians. No matter the country, the death toll created by Allah’s followers is growing exponentially. The numbers of widows and orphans grows with it. But in Islam, their numbers are uncounted; for uncounted is the manner in which the ‘perfect model’ Muhammad directed his Muslims to recognize women and children.

“Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath. For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now – and never to be equaled again.” Matthew 24:20-21

Warnings of the Arab Spring becoming the Shari’a Winter are materializing. No one’s laughing anymore.

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