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Headlines 1/14/2012

See, Damascus will no longer be a city but become a heap of ruins – Isa 17:1

Qatari Emir: Send Troops to Syria

…reports from the east (Iran) and north (Syria) will alarm him (Satan/Allah) and he will set out in a great rage to destroy (al-Mumit) and annihilate many – Da 11:44

A grim outlook for both intervention in Syria and sanctions on Iran

Iran: CIA Killed Nuke Scientist

Report: U.S. preparing for an Israeli strike on Iran

…all who refused to worship the image (of Allah and Muhammad in the Qur’an) to be killed – Rev  13:15

Iranian pastor rejects offer to be released from prison if he acknowledges Muhammad as a “messenger sent by God”

…this will be a divided kingdom …and will not remain united – Da 2:41, 43

At least 61 people killed in suicide attack in southern Iraq

He (Satan/Allah) will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape – Da 11:42

Egypt’s ElBaradei will not seek presidency, in protest of military rule

He (Satan/Allah) also forced everyone…to receive a mark (of Islam) on his right arm (deeds) or forehead (belief) so that no one could buy or sell (as weighed by a faith balance) unless he had the mark… (of Islam) – Rev 13:16 

Egyptian Muslim cleric: “After a while, Europe will become a single Islamic state, which will know nothing but ‘There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger.'”

Continuing tribulation: a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until now… Da 12:1

S&P Downgrades Eurozone Countries As Investors Avoid Eurozone Government Debt

Many will go here and there to increase knowledge – Da 12:4


It’s not funny anymore. With Syria and Iran about to explode, the Middle East is racing toward a chaotic battle which, by domino effect, will likely escalate rapidly into the World’s last war. All of the above Biblical verses are alarmingly consistent with:

1) An Iranian non-believer (Muhammad denier) is given the choice of conversion, imprisonment or death.

2) Iraq has raced toward the prophetic Abyss ever since the U.S. troops exited – just over three weeks ago. As it has been for 1,400 years, it’s once again Sunni v.s. Shi’ah.

3) All the countries of North and East Africa have fallen victim to  the divisions of Islam.

4) Another Egyptian cleric has declared that the entirety of Europe will be forced to accept the ways and ideologies of one man and one religion – Islam.

To buy or sell in Islam is based solely upon faith in Allah and his prophet Muhammad. In the Manual of Hadith, authored by Maulana Muhammad Ali (the Qur’an translator), in chapter XXII titled – “Buying and Selling,” the fifth rule in regard to trade on pg. 240 says;

“Give a full measure when you measure out and weigh with a faith balance.” The chapter continues with verse 3 as: “The prophet said: ‘The truthful, honest merchant is with the prophets and the truthful ones and the martyrs.” In other words; only Muslim merchants and clientele are authorized to transact.

These verses are corroborated by 17:35 in the Qur’an. The men, women, and children being spoken of in Rev 13:16 are being given their measure of goods – not by means of currency but by means of their belief in Allah and his prophet Muhammad. Welcome to Islamic socio-economics…

The financial decline of global communities plays into the world drama as Iran threatens further economic chaos by manipulating the world’s oil supply. Either a grand Middle East war and/or the disruption of oil shipments through the Straight of Hormuz each has the potential to implode and collapse the global economy.

Now, consider the intentions of Iran’s Twelvers, apocalyptic Muslims, who wish to create exactly this kind of chaos in order to hasten their savior’s emergence from a deep desert well. Like the Abyss, desert wells lead deep into the earth. Those who dwell there oppose those of heaven above. The Twelvers are likely to see the Malik-Ul-Mulk (King of their kingdom) climbing from the Abyss in the coming days. A savior he is not.

Most political analysts today talk about Iran from a common sense platform in that it would be national suicide to use nuclear weapons in a world that has tens of thousands of them. What those analysts look past or never knew is the intent of the messianic Shi’ahs. They look for and invite destruction. It has a proper name; it’s al-Mumit, the Destroyer. Like Islamic jihadists are martyrs to Allah; the Twelvers are martyrs to their coming Mahdi. And they believe they have the power to bring him about by instigating the next World War.

The headlines above close with a Bible verse: “Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.” Most Biblical scholars believe this to mean that the prophecies of Daniel will be fulfilled at a time of great intellectual and technological advances – which, according to history, is accurate. But it means much more than that. We now know that many will go to the Bible (here) to increase their knowledge of God and many will go elsewhere (there) to be consumed and condemned by a delusion. For Muslims, their delusional leader gave to them his own representation of knowledge:

“Supremely exalted then is Allah, the King, the Truth. And make not haste with the Qur’an (the image) before its revelation is made complete to thee, and say: My Lord, increase me in knowledge (of you).” The meaning is driven home by the narrating author, Muhammad Ali, as:

“Even today a spiritual transformation can be brought about by spreading knowledge of the Qur’an, which is the greatest spiritual force that the world has ever seen, and it is only on account of being ignorant of this great spiritual force that the world remains in darkness. It is now for the followers of the Qur’an to say, Let there be light!”

According to arguably the world’s most knowledgeable scholar, Maulana Muhammad Ali, in regard to the Qur’an, Allah, and his prophet Muhammad; it is now up to the Muslim people to replace the power of God’s breath. And they themselves should breath light into the world as God did in the third sentence of his image, the Bible, by creating the world.

Looking to the Middle East today, it would appear that the followers of Muhammad and Allah have a bit of work to do on their deific skills before they are capable of giving light to the world. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be laughable. But…

…it’s not funny anymore.

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