“Never Forget” is long forgotten

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Headlines 1/4/2012

Gomer – See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins

Arab League: We’ve Failed in Syria

Israeli drone over Turkish-Syrian border. Battles in Syrian-Jordanian-Israeli border triangle

Soon I will return to fight against the prince of Persia

Iran Warns U.S. Carrier to Stay Away

Iran provokes showdown, warns US carrier not to return to Persian Gulf

US-Iranian armed showdown impending

U.S.: Iran is desperate for friends, due to rising pressure

Afghanistan: Kandahar Explosions Kill At Least 13

Taliban To Open Qatar Office: Move By Militants Seen As Possible Step Towards Peace Talks

Egypt will not escape

Egypt Elections: Third Round of Parliamentary Vote Begins

“A religion of peace”

First Al Qaeda operational cell in Jerusalem area

U.S. Engages Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: Fate of Israel peace treaty may be decided in referendum


Persia is as Pershia was. There are ten territories that are prophetically named as conspirators in the final war against Israel. Of those ten, nine are named after the descendants of two of Noah’s three sons. The only territory that remains unchanged is the Aryan (Iran) nation of Persia. Persia is the only kingdom mentioned that refers to an earthly resistance to Michael; who is arguably preincarnate Jesus, the chief prince of God’s Spirit. It was he and the Spirited hand of God who dealt with the prince of Persia and its king. Like Gog is the king and Magog is his kingdom; Persia is king and the prince of Persia his kingdom. Revelation 9:11 describes this directly and by proper name: “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek Apollyon.” They had as king over them Satan, whose name in English is Destroyer, and in Arabic al-Mumit.

It is above the Tigris river that the vision of a future war was prophesied. And it is across the Euphrates that the kings from the east (Persia and their hordes) will go on their way to seeing Damascus in ruins and to invade Israel. The lines on a map that make up Iraq have disappeared with the withdrawal of U.S. troops. Like in the days of old, Persia is emerging as a body of men; a body who can now freely cross both the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Persia is as Persia was – the battleground of those who oppose God. With Iran flexing its military might in the pursuit of nuclear weapons, how might we expect them to act after they have succeeded and built an arsenal? Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was more fearful of Iran than he was of the United States – he said so after capture. That was a decade ago. Like Hitler’s Germany, Iran has proceeded unhindered ever since. At the podium appears a Hitleresque figure in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Both are Aryan and both speak from the same playbook. They aspire to advance their kingdoms toward world rule and they follow false gods who instruct them to annihilate the Jews.

Like the countries on Germany’s borders, neighbors of the Persians are none too excited about Iran’s ambitions. Saudi Arabia is terrified by the notion of a nuclear Iran because their oil kingdom is at risk. Bahrain is rioting in the streets largely because of the Shiite influence from Iran. Iran’s proxies Hamas and Hezbollah are on the borders of Israel in three strategic locations; Gaza to the south, West Bank to the east, and Lebanon to the north. The Assad regime remains in power largely because of Iranian influence. At immediate risk from the Persians are the countries of Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, and Israel.

In the short-run, Iran is a threatening menace to the world’s oil distribution and its very unstable economic balance. Worse than that, they are an existential threat to Israel. If there were to be a long-run threat, Iran would acquire nuclear weapons and advance upon all of its neighbors.

Iranian army chief Attaollah Salehi told the official news agency IRNA that the navy drill was meant to convey two messages: “To our friends, the message was peace and friendship and to our enemies, the message was ‘learn to fear us.'” Looking to the Middle East today, how’s Iran’s ‘message’ working out for their ‘friends’?

Their vision is to advance like a tsunami and they need nukes to do it. North Korea is and has been their prolific model. Upon the detonation of North Korea’s second test bomb in May 2009, it was Ahmadinejad who realized that the United States, under the direction of Barack Obama, would respond with nothing more than words. A nuclear Iran will race unhindered into Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. The world’s oil will be theirs. They can partner with Egypt’s newly instated Muslim Brotherhood and conspire about the navigation allowances in the Suez Canal. With control of the Middle East’s oil, the Straight of Hormuz, and the Suez Canal; Persia is king. The western world would be crushed by Iran’s oil manipulation.

In his pursuit of re-election, Barack Obama has given Iraq to Iran and he is in the process of giving the Afghans back to the Taliban. North Korea will be rewarded for their nuclear effort by American cowardice. And the Aryans (Persians) will set their eyes and their swords across the Euphrates and upon Israel.

Once again, the world shrinks away from a people whose very existence is being threatened.

“Never Forget” is long forgotten.

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