“Islam sees him (Obama) as a son of Islam…”

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Headlines 2/21/2012

Persia… with all its troops… the many nations with you – Ezekiel 38:5

Experts Say Iran Attack Is Irrational, Yet Hawks Are Winning the Debate

Decoding Leon Panetta’s Iran press dance

Iran threatens pre-emptive action amid nuclear tensions

Americans consider Iran to be U.S.’s greatest enemy, poll shows

Iran nuclear program: 5 key sites

Huckabee: Americans Would Support Israeli Attack on Iran

Israel and Iran: What Might History Tell Us?

“Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… believes that the way to hasten the coming of the Islamic Messiah known as the… Mahdi is to launch a catastrophic global jihad” – Joel Rosenberg 9/10/2006

What would happen if Iran did get the bomb?

…a time is coming (here) when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God – John 14:2

Resolution Condemns Iran for Pastor’s Death Sentence

See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins – Isa 17:1

30 Killed in Syria Violence

Syrians sense war in Damascus while Assad tries to score points

So I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll. He said to me, “Take it and eat it.” – Revelation 10:9

U.S. Apologizes for Quran Disposal

Sheba… Ezekiel 38:13

Violence Mars Yemen Vote

I am with you, so make firm those who believe, I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. So smite above the necks and smite every finger-tip of them. And fight with them until there is no more persecution, and all religions are for Allah – Qur’an 8:12, 39

Pakistan: Thousands shout “death to America,” demand jihad

No jihad threat in the U.S.? Really?

In Egypt, it was the moral force… that bent the arc of history toward justice once more – Barack Obama

Egypt: Senior judge says fellow judges are eager to apply Sharia

Egypt will not escape – Daniel 12:42

Egyptian presidential candidate: Egypt will go to war with U.S., Germany and Israel within three months

“Nobody who enters Paradise will (ever like to) return to this world even if he were offered everything on the surface of the earth (as an inducement) except the martyr who will desire to return to this world and be killed ten times for the sake of the great honour that has been bestowed upon him.” – Muslim 20:4635

Egypt: Mother of Sadat’s killer “proud of him”

Those upon whom wrath is brought down are the Jews and those who went astray are the Christians – Qur’an 1.7a

Reza Aslan blames Spencer and Geller for rise in “anti-Muslim sentiment,” says radical Christians far greater threat than jihadis

…so take not from among them friends until they flee (their homes) in Allah’s way – Qur’an 4:89

Bull’s-eye placed on Mideast Christians

Barack Obama – His fathers are sons of Islam

Franklin Graham Calls Obama’s Religious Beliefs Into Question

State warned Obama fails ballot requirements

There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilence in various places – Luke 21:11

Swine Flu Virus: Ferret Study Suggests New Virus May Have Pandemic Potential

East Prairie, Mo. Earthquake Felt In At Least 9 States

Economic Armageddon of PIIGSJA

Greek Debt Crisis: European Union To Give $170 Billion Bailout To Greece

Greek Bailout Could Easily Go Off The Rails, Confidential Study Shows


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One Response to ““Islam sees him (Obama) as a son of Islam…””

  • have been following the Egypt rivoluteon on Al Jazeera.I have been comparing their coverage with BBC, Sky News, France 24, Russia Today (I leave out Press TV on purpose as I have been watching them a lot to0BBC Jeremy Bowen seemd to know what he was talking about and what was going on. He seemed to have grasped the magnitude of what was happenin at an early time. Unfortunately, John Simpson has been his annoying self by been patronising and seeing things via secular and Islamist lens. On one report of his from Alexandria, his main news was, the crowd consists largely of men with beards and women with heardscarfs the crowd is largely Islamist (I hate that that term its like a very loaded -ve word that colors people). The other journalists have just been drafted in and are doing their best and a lot of their commentary is going to be basic (hey they gota do their job). I wasnt impressed with the BBC since they recieve so much money from the British public. Sky News awful lack of people who really understand Arabs and the M.E again everything reduced to dangers of Muslim Brotherhood hijacking revolt, the dangers of this to Isreal and interviewing Isreali experts (in other words, letting the only people who can be racist towards fellow semites Arabs say what they want on live TV and for the presenters to feel good about it as they are not saying it!) At the start of this, their screen was calling TAHRIR Square, Tahir Square!Russia Today fair coverage but its main focus is the going ons in Russia and ex-Soviet countries. Peter Lavelle hosted his programme Cross Talk, which covered this very well and had good people to discuss it. One of them from the Foundation of the Defense of Democracy, a Muslim guy (forgotten his name) said that, during the Cold War, Arabs were seen as potential Communists (and hence a danger to West and Isreal) and after the Cold War, Arabs are potential Islamists (again danger to West and Isreal). So in essence for West, Arabs are never ready for real democracy and independence as they are a threat.France 24 might aswell by isreal 24! I have never seen a news programme (outside of the Fox, CNN, MSNBC et al. orbit) that is so Isreal-centric in its reporting and analysis. The constant words you will hear is, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamists, Extremists, danger to isreal .you know the rest. They interview some good commentators to explain the ongoings in Egypt but this is the exception and not the norm. Its mostly pro-Isreal pundits or Isrealis who are banging on about the safety and security of Isreal etc. I was watching it yesterday and the silly folks there were busy interviewing an American under secretary at the State Dept. and the interviewer wants to know if the uprising in Tunisia and Egypt going to propel the Green Movement in Iran against Akhmedinejad!!! I nearly choked! IHe then went on about nuclear profileration and is sanctions working or not against Iran, how Russia, China, Malaysia and Turkey have increased investments in Iran etc. I was thinking these peole have lost it, its like the people on the Titanic the ship is sinking but they still want to sit and listen to the orchestra and enjoy their fine meal!Also they are very anti-Islamic Republic and Ahemdinejad. What happend to the France that opposed Bush and Blair in the invasion of Iraq and demanding a second UN resolution which so p1ssed off B-Liar..???

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