The New Era Began With the Election of an Islamic Descendant as President of the United States of America

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Headlines 2/12/2012

Economic Armageddon

Greek Protests Continue As Lawmakers Pass Severe Austerity Measures

See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins – Isa 17:1

Ayman al-Zawahri, Al-Qaeda Chief, Urges Muslims To Help Syrian Rebels

…the people will be a mixture and will not remain united – Daniel 2:43

Bahrain Protests: King Hamad Mocks Opponents’ ‘Bad Manners’ Amid Violence

He (Allah) who it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with the guidance and the Religion of Truth that He may make it (Islam) prevail over all religions – Qur’an 48:28  

Islamic coup in Maldives: members of new president’s cabinet have demanded Sharia law

…all who refuse to worship the image (are) to be killed – Revelation 13:15

Hamza Kashgari Reportedly Sent Back To Saudi Arabia To Face Possible Execution For Tweets,

Gomer (wins out against opposition) as Togarmah and Persia (strengthen ties) – Eze 38:5-6

Assad wins out against opposition as Russia and Iran strengthen ties

Frightening is the day when MAD becomes irrelevant and Israel is offered as the sacrifice for a gallon of gas

Israeli attack on Iran could spark new Middle East conflict

As chronicled in Diary of Four Fathers, Iran has likely long been nuclear armed and strike capable

Countdown! Iran’s finger on nuclear trigger

Gomer (Damascus) and Persia

War games on two fronts

Barack Obama: For in Egypt, it was the moral force… that bent the arc of history toward justice once more.

Egyptian Christians to be forced to leave?


The consequence of assuming Iran would not utilize their nuclear arsenal in fear of mutually assured destruction (MAD) is submitting to the delusional belief that they actually fear it.

In regard to Iran’s fear of MAD, read Mark Hitchcock’s The Apocalypse of Ahmadinejad. In the preface, he explains Ahmadinejad’s life pursuit as our growing nightmare.

In his book, Hitchcock takes an excerpt from David Smick’s article in The International Economy from 2006: “Those  of us trying to make sense of the Middle East remain perplexed by the recent rise of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the lunatic-like leader with decidedly socio-pathic tendencies. Not only will Iran soon develop a deliverable nuclear device, he promises, but the first hit will be Israel. These are the rantings of a crazy man. The only question is whether President Ahmadinejad is crazy like a fox…. Dealing with al-Qaeda may turn out to have been child’s play. After all, in the case of the new Iranian president, who studied traffic planning in a doctoral program, we are talking about an individual who recently wrote that the end of the world will occur in his lifetime. He’s fifty years old.”

Smick is supported by the comments of Joel Rosenberg at the National Review on August 10, 2006: “As a devout Shiite Muslim, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is telling colleagues in Tehran that he believes the end of the world is rapidly approaching. He also believes that the way to hasten the coming of the Islamic Messiah known as the ‘Hidden Imam’ or the ‘Mahdi’ is to launch a catastrophic global jihad, first against Israel (the ‘little Satan’) and then against the U.S. (the ‘Great Satan’). What’s more, Ahmadinejad is widely believed to be pursuing nuclear weapons that would give him the ability  to carry out his apocalyptic religious views.”

These articles were written over five years ago. On October 28th, Ahmadinejad turned fifty five years-old.

Being led by Barack Obama, the might of the western world is restrained by the arrogant objectives of a self-absorbed narcissist whose re-election ambitions are more important than the survival of Israel. To protect them as our nearest ally in the Middle East means to pound Iran’s nuclear hardware, software and know-how back into the Abyss. And to do so would mean a spike in fuel prices. The fuel price spike Obama supports. Prices will necessarily sky-rocket because of their invented greenhouse emissions harm. But in his vision, the spike comes after Israel is lost to an Iranian bomb and the U.S. becomes reliant upon the inefficient so-called Green energy resources his administration has so heavily invested in. So, in his mind, he must delay the inevitable Israel-Iran conflict until after his re-election.

The arrogance of his convenience comes at the expense of Israel. And this time, what falls upon Israel falls upon the rest of the world.

The book on world history may very well end with a chapter titled – The New Era Began With the Election of an Islamic Descendant as President of the United States of America.

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  • Mat

    James;Subsidies on gasoline is ONLY ONE part of the dsesiuibs, Ahmadinejad is also trying to eliminate the dsesiuibs on the bread! Bread is the staple food of the poorest in Iran! In fact bread dsesiuibs does not help the household of the wealthy all that much. They eat tons of meat (red meat, chicken fish), plenty of fruits, diary products and vegetable. Whereas the poor who can’t afford protein has to fill up his belly by bread or potatoes (and hence the SHAMEFUL slogan of death to potatoe by the greens). In fact the disproportionately larger part of bread consumption is among the poor.And on the dsesiuibs on gasoline: There are tones of ways to serve the same purpose without taking the gasoline prices up which could adversely affect a lot of things from public transport to people who rely on cheap gasoline to do unofficial taxi business and make a living.The easiest way would be to give out cupons to the households for fuel consumption say for X liters/week. With the cupons they would be able to buy fuel at the subsidized price and any more consumption after that could be done at the global market prices. Meanwhile to those who do public transport they can give a much larger quota (and in case of public busses they can make it completely based on subsidized prices).

  • Ahmadinijad is a punk ass bitch. He kneels like a puss to the surempe leader Khomenie! The US could very well hit Iran with a limited nuke strike. With Iran decapitated there would be the free flow of oil, no atomic ayatollas, and Hammas and hezbolla would rot to shit!!

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