Attention: due to Normalcy Bias today’s events will be ignored

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Headlines 3/27/2012

The 1,237th & 1,163rd day since Obama was given authority to rule by election & inauguration


Persia… Ezekiel 38:5

Has U.S. delivered ultimatum to Iran?

The plan hatched together by Iran, Syria and Hizballah stands side-by-side with Barack Obama’s mentor – Rev Jeremiah Wright.

Iran flies thousands of pro-Palestinian activists to Syria. IDF fortifies borders

Palestinians to fan Israeli-Arab Earth Day disorders Friday. Damascus to pitch in

March Madness

I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all of the surrounding peoples reeling – Zechariah 12:2

Germany official: Meeting with Israel’s Barak left me ‘more concerned’ of war with Iran

The axis of evil is still… evil

North Korea Still Plans Missile Test

Peace as we know it cannot be made in or with Islam – as directed and commanded by Muhammad

Support for Afghan War Plummets

See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins – Isaiah 17:1

Turkey agitating for NATO war

In Islamic Turkey, Hitler is a man’s man

Turkish TV ad features Hitler to sell shampoo

What people would permit and encourage such an evil edict upon one another other than the Babylonians (Godless) – people who were prophesied to do so? “Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses will be looted and their wives ravished.” – Isaiah 13:16

Syria: Muslim cleric says it is permissible to kill Alawite women and children

Barack Obama: For in Egypt it was the moral force… that bent the arc of history toward (my definition of) justice once more 

Egypt: Muslim cleric calls for implementation of Sharia punishments: crucifixion and amputation

Attention all readers: Due to Normalcy Bias, the enormity of this story will be ignored – Thank You

‘Ethnic cleansing’ sparks new civil war

This will help the reader sleep well tonight

CIA’s counterterrorism chief is convert to Islam

“The writing may be on the wall for Obamacare” Kennedy says: Obamacare would change the government’s role in a “very fundamental way.”

Kennedy Gets Tough on Obamacare

Gee, yet another strange coincidence! Read the opening paragraph at Obama: After my (re)-election I have more flexibility

EPA Limits Power Plant Emissions


Due to normalcy bias, most Americans do not know what is being planned by Israel’s enemies this coming Friday. On Friday, March 30th, Iranians, Palestinians, Syrians and supporters of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright plan on storming the borders of northern Israel. In the name of ‘peace’ they will cross into Israeli territory hoping to be fired upon – thereby taking the world’s attention away from Syria and Iran and placing it squarely upon the shoulders of the Israelis. They will claim human rights violations and point their fingers at the very people who warned the Gaza Flotilla not to approach Israeli shores.

Like the Gaza Flotilla involving Turkish-flagged cargo ships, haters of Israel will once again defy Israeli sovereignty and security by becoming threatening intruders – hoping for blood-shed. How can an Israeli soldier tell the difference between a duped mother of liberation theology from a Hezbollah terrorist with bombs strapped to his chest? The woman has flowing hair and the terrorist has a flowing turban. The mother has breasts and the terrorist has bombs. And they both charge the border with hate and rage in their eyes.

We’re just days from such an event. We’re just days from the Supreme Court concluding arguments about the Constitutionality of Obamacare in Obamistan. And we’re just days from a catalyst which will turn the world upside down.

Justice Kennedy has already said that such application of the Commerce Clause as is argued to be in the Obama administration’s health care plan would change the government’s role on the individual in a “very fundamental way.” He went on to say that such commerce could be applied to everyone needing food, so the government could say, “You’ll eat broccoli.” Isn’t this exactly what the son of sons of Islam’s – Bill Ayers sculpted – and Jeremiah Wright’s guided Barack Obama promised he would deliver?

Look to Israel… whose side does the black liberation theologist Jeremiah Wright support – Israel or the other guys?

Look to the United States… whose side does the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers support – the American Dreamer or the other guys?

Now look to Barack Obama… whose side does the man of no documented history support – America and Israel or the other guys?

If you answered “America and Israel” to that last question, you are likely condemned to the ignorance and indifference inflicted by the normalcy bias and you also believe that these events are merely that of Barack’s insinuated utopia of Hope & Change actually taking shape.

If you answered “the other guys” and you’re not a ‘scholar’ who arrogantly elevates himself above God, you can see the forest through the trees and are likely to be one of God’s elect and of his faithful body.

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