Is the God of heaven a religious extremist?

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Headlines 3/12/2012

The 24th day of the second month & the 1,221st day of Obama’s authority to rule

…I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all nations – Zechariah 12:3

Netanyahu pledges decisive response as rockets slam southern Israel


Netanyahu: Iran owns and operates Islamic Jihad

Iran pressing Gaza jihadists on rocket attacks

Gaza truce delayed. Egypt wants Sinai included. Tehran fuels violence

Has the U.S. become the last nation to oppose Israel?

U.S. ‘should be ashamed’ of Gaza rhetoric

See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins – Isaiah 17:1

U.S. ‘seriously’ considers strike on Syria

Activists: Syrians ‘Massacred’ in Homs

O you who believe, take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends of each other. And whoever amongst you takes them for friends he is indeed one of them. Surely, Allah guides not the unjust people – Qur’an 5:51

Raymond Ibrahim: Christians, Jihadists, and the Fate of Syria

North Korea in the Middle East? No…

U.S. frets about N. Korea in Mideast

For the last time…

USS Enterprise sails for the Middle East

You shall not murder – Exodus 20:13

The New Threat to Peace Talks in Afghanistan

Robert Spencer: A Heinous Crime and a Double Standard

All who hate me (God) love death – Proverbs 8:36

Maryland Student Threatens Rampage

Egypt – bending the arc of justice once again

Former Hamas-linked CAIR official running for president in Egypt, pledges to “complete the implementation of Islamic law in Egypt”

They should just be friends – No wait – they can’t. Muhammad said so (see body of article)

Pakistan: Muslims torture woman, shave her head, and parade her through the streets for converting to Christianity

Sudan: South Sudanese Christians face deadline to leave

Boko Haram – Western education is evil

Nigeria: Over 5000 children out of school after Boko Haram attacks

So what if he’s the son of sons of Islam?

Obama’s Religion Still A Campaign Issue: Many Alabama, Mississippi Voters Believe President Is Muslim

Constitutional analyst: Detention now legal

Obama’s secret plan to soar gas prices

Most ‘biblically hostile’ president ever is …


Dems pressure Obama to endorse ‘gay’ marriage

Abomination that causes desolation standing where it does not belong

Critics Steamed over Bible Translation for Muslims

The p.c. talk as though traditions of men supersede God

Hamas-linked CAIR holding rally for accused jihad synagogue bomb plotter

Because truth is found in knowledge…

Robert Spencer: Why Can’t Non-Muslims Criticize Islam?


Is the God of heaven a religious extremist? Is his word, as written in the Bible, intolerant of those who honor and worship Allah, Buddha, Mary and the Pope? By the very definition of extremism – YES!

Extremism is “any ideology or political act far outside the perceived political center of a society.” The perceived political center of the world’s society has progressed in the opposing direction of God’s word and is a long way from being centered upon Him. When one out of four of the earth’s residents follow the directives of a false prophet and pray five times a day to God’s nemesis, not only do they miss God’s target but they blindly shoot in the opposing direction.

While accusations of hate and ignorance are shot like arrows to silence those whose eyes see and whose ears hear, the deaf and blind advance the actual agendas of hate without ever even reading or caring enough to ascertain the knowledge as to which is which. Of those making such charges of hate and ignorance, are many who either do not believe in God or do not know who he is. Without such knowledge, how could anyone possibly know who He is not?

Has the Bible delivered four thousand years of prophecy that coincides with history – to prove religious extremism? YES! That’s the point. There is a God of heaven and he has given us his word and his Son; he has told us the end from the beginning – without error. It’s playing out in the Middle East and here at home. Is God a jealous God who warns us not to honor others besides him? YES! But does the world continue to honor other gods and men – all dead and dying? Does the world progress to honor laws of instinct even though they may conflict with what he warned us about? Yes and YES!

Is it seemingly intolerant, hateful and ignorant for anyone to point out that history and current events match perfectly with biblical prophecy  – prophecy that is thousands of years old? YES, it is!

So, now that we’ve established that God and his word (the Bible) are examples of religious extremism, might we finally be able to step around the politically correct and biblically defiant progress we’ve made and open our eyes and our ears to a religion that directs its followers not to befriend Christians and Jews and to “advance Islam by any means necessary.” Just in case the reader is not keeping up on current events, there is a whole lot of killing going on in the name of some god (Allah) and his followers are doing exactly as their manual (the Qur’an) has told them to do.

Are God and the warnings of the Bible examples of extremism? Maybe so… If only men could be so extremist as to follow its two greatest commandments as described by Jesus Christ – we wouldn’t be shooting such deadly arrows at one another.

“Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” Matthew 22:37-40

These are Jesus’ two swords. He’s the Son of God who chose to be nailed to a tree. He knowingly and selflessly died so the politically correct may be forgiven for following their instincts in lieu of God’s laws. They don’t have to kill anyone in order to earn their way into his presence and they don’t have to be perfect – we can’t be – they need only to believe in the gift of God; the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Now, compare Jesus’ two swords to Muhammad’s – commands created six centuries after Jesus’ crucifixion:

“When thy Lord (Allah) revealed to the (his) angels: I am with you, so make firm those who believe, I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. So smite above the necks and smite every finger-tip of them. And fight with them until there is no more persecution, and all religions are for Allah.” Qur’an 8:12, 39

“Fight those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which Allah and His Messenger have forbidden.” Qur’an 9:29

And as a bonus…

“Those who are spoken of as having been made apes and swine are the Jews.” Qur’an 5:60a

It would seem that being politically correct coincides at times with being biblically ignorant. To be biblically ignorant lends ones-self to be deceived by p.c. assumptions that all gods are God.

As a nation, we’ve been fighting the opposition’s religious extremism, in its biblical form, since September 11, 2001. We can’t erase the 1,400 year-old lies that came out of the mouth of a sick man to an audience of lost and desperate people. But we can reveal his book of lies to those who choose to see with their eyes and hear with their ears. In this p.c. western world – most will freely choose to remain un-seeing and un-hearing.

Is the God of heaven a religious extremist? Is that really the question you want to ask when you stand before Him? If so, then ask him when you meet him…

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