What are The five ‘I’s of Isaiah 14:12-14 – besides arrogant and boastful?

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Headlines 3/3/2012

Who is Obama warning – Iran or Israel when he says “I think that the Israeli government recognizes that, as president of the United States, I don’t bluff…”?

Isaac Herzog: Israelis Feel Obama-Netanyahu Summit Will Decide on Iran

Obama’s tougher stance aims to delay Israeli attack

Obama: I don’t bluff on Persia… Ezekiel 38:5

Obama: ‘I Don’t Bluff’ on Iran

See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins – Isaiah 17:1

Syria Blocks Red Cross Entry

Monitoring station against Persia or Israel? Turkey’s pre-condition: No shared intel with Israel

US military buildup in Turkey opposite Iran, Syria

The five ‘I’s of Isaiah 14:12-14: What is the fruit of the tree born of the foreign god and his false prophet? Maybe the son of a son of Islam?

The imperial ‘I’

Investigators now in hunt for forger

I’ve got videos – this election we’re going to vet him (Obama),” Breitbart said at CPAC

Michael Savage: Was Breitbart assassinated?

The power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails were like snakes (vapor trails), having heads with which inflict injury (warheads) – Revelation 9:19

Israel to Test Missiles

What’s it gonna be Obama; American justice or Islamic justice (sharia)?

Military Leaders Will Face Punishment

Senior Afghan cleric threatens “storm of fury” if there is no public trial over Qur’an burnings, and troops are not punished under Afghan law

Afghan clerics: Obama’s apology can never be accepted

Put… Ezekiel 38:5

Algeria: Al-Qaeda offshoot claims military base bombing that injured 24

Libya (Put) mirrors Egypt – of which the son of a son of Islam said: “For in Egypt (who will not escape – Da 12:42) it was the moral force of nonviolence, not terrorism, not mindless killing, but nonviolence, moral force that bent the arc of history toward justice once more.” We’ll ask again: “Just whose justice has the moral force of Islam bent the arc toward – God-given justice or sharia’s justice?

Libya: Muslim Brotherhood forms political party


The five ‘I’s: I will ascend, I will raise my throne, I will sit enthroned, I will ascend and I will make myself like the Most High. Huh… weird right? The son of a son of Islam has ascended through the political ranks. He has raised his throne and now sits enthroned as President. By bypassing Congress and skirting its check on his powers, he issues executive orders and bribes lawmakers to enhance his rapid and lofty ascension. Is he Commander in Chief of the United States or of the world?

The five ‘I’s of Isaiah are those spoken of by the dragon (Allah) and his false prophet (Muhammad). They are also the arrogant and boastful words of a man who ascends to the highest throne on earth – a man who has one foot of his family tree firmly planted in the soil of Islam. The fruit of his heritage plays out by his actions, hidden records, support of the ‘great’ religion of Islam (his words) and the bolstering of Islamic rule around the globe.

Iran listens and hears his words clearly: “I think that the Israeli government recognizes that, as president of the United States, I don’t bluff.” Who continues to move the Red Line of Persia’s nuclear program further out? Who insists upon giving Iran more time by arranging for deceptive talks and ‘smoke and mirror’ inspections? Who looks at pictures and videos of Ahmadinejad walking amongst centrifuges, fuel rods and stockpiles of uranium yellow cake and says; “Don’t be hasty”? Who hears the rulers in Persia calling for the destruction of Israel and the Jews but says we’ll wait ’til after my re-election and re-assess?

The one man who has done all these things is Barack Hussein Obama – the indisputable grandson of Islam. Those who have read and recognize the deceit of the Qur’an, recognize the deceptive words of our Commander in Chief. According to the definition of 1 John 2:4 and 2:22, 23 – Barack Obama is a liar – biblically so. According to these verses, so was Muhammad – the prophet. Any man who knows and understands that Allah, Muhammad and their image (the Qur’an) all deny that Jesus is the Son of God, is the man who cannot support such lies without himself being a liar. The Commander in Chief cannot claim ignorance – his father was Muslim, his step-father was Muslim and he was raised in the schools of an Islamic Indonesia. He knows the foreign god and his prophet…

So, what are the five ‘I’s of Isaiah 14? They are the words of bad fruit; produced by Allah, Muhammad and Barack Obama.

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  • Interesting….I do have one question thuogh; since we cannot prove or disprove the existence of a supreme being. And, since all teachings, etc. are all the writings of fallible men, how can one honestly have faith in something that is obviously fictional? The equivalent would be to have faith in Darth Vader as the true savior of the world. He was created and only exists in literature and media. Therefore his existence is something we should put our faith in?Not sure I can get behind that logic…

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