God: all who hate me love death

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Headlines 4/16/2012

The 1,259th & 1,183rd day since Obama was given authority to rule by election & inauguration


“Netanyahu directly accused the president (Obama) of reneging on the US-Israeli understandings”

Bible prophecy: “In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering” – Daniel 9:27

Study Bible narrative – what ‘scholars’ think: “The ruler who will come refers to the Antichrist who will make a treaty with the Jews then break it.” – Daniel 9:27, narrative

As we see it: In the middle of ‘seven’ is the fourth verse (of seven) in chapter 1 of the Qur’an directing men away from the saving grace of Jesus and to the deceit of Allah. Further, Barack Obama is just one of many ‘antichrists’ (1 John 2:22). With Muhammad being the false prophet and the Antichrist, Obama is merely a son of sons who follow the original liar but with extraordinary power. He confirmed the U.S.’ covenant with Israel for three and a half years before he broke the long-standing alliance between the U.S.A. and Israel. Netanyahu has already confirmed Obama’s betrayal of God’s chosen people.

“Israeli official sources now suspect that in their secret contacts, the US has granted Iran far-reaching concessions on its nuclear program”

Israel: Obama’s secret dealings with Iran conflict with US-Israeli understandings

“The troubled interactions between Netanyahu and Obama and their potential ramifications would be fascinating in theory, of course, if they weren’t so frightening in reality”      

Obama-Netanyahu mistrust is the ticking time bomb of Iran nuclear talks

Biblical prophecy: Persia readies its horses and riders (missiles and warheads) – Refer to Revelation 9:17-19; Zechariah 12:4

Iranian nuclear scientists were present at failed North Korean missile launch, says source

Biblical prophecy: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins” – Isaiah 17:1

UN cease-fire monitors arrive in Syria, as heavy clashes erupt on border with Turkey

Bachmann: “The world is being turned upside down because of radical Islam and our media is refusing to tell the story – this subject concerns our very survivability as a people.”

 Widlanski: “These groups have created a climate where legitimate criticism of Islamist ideology is branded as ‘bigoted’ – “You can see and feel the Said message in many of the things that Obama says” – Said believes the West is the aggressor and the Muslim world is the victim

Elites Failing America in Battle against Terrorism

 Afghan jihadist Maulana Inyadullah: We love death. You love your life! – The Americans love Pepsi-Cola, we love death.”

Biblical warning: “But whoever fails to find me (God Almighty) harms himself; all who hate me love death” – Proverbs 8:36

Islamic Jihad celebrates jihad attack that murdered eight civilians as a “great achievement”

Recordings of 911 emergency calls from terror suspect: Medunjanin identified himself, made jihadist statements, and declared “We love death! There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger!

Biblical warning: “But whoever fails to find me (God Almighty) harms himself; all who hate me love death” – Proverbs 8:36

Biblical warning: “Just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned…” Romans 5:12

According to the image of the beast: Allah is the causer of death Al-Mumit and death entered this world through sin. Therefore, Allah is sin; he’s the liar.

Man plotted suicide bomb on NYC subway

Adis Medunjanin Man Faces Terror Trial

Joe Biden: “The Taliban per se is not our enemy”

Taliban Begins Spring Offensive

Karzai Faults NATO for Attacks

Farrakhan – Just another death loving son of Islam

Farrakhan Threatens: People Will Kill Their Leaders In A Few Days

The son of sons of Islam encouraged foreign and domestic revolution against the “Fat Cats”… Now, Obama’s revolutionaries take on the characteristics of their leader

Bible verse: “When you hear of wars and revolutions, do not be frightened.”

Bible verse: “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon” (and in English, Destroyer and in Arabic, Al-Mumit)

The image of the beast: The 62nd name of Allah is Al-Mumit Qur’an 3:156, 7:158, 15:23, 57:2

According to the image of the beast: Allah is the causer of death Al-Mumit and death entered this world through sin. Therefore, Allah is sin; he’s the liar.

New Violent Occupy Phase Begins: Assault And Destroy ‘Black Bloc Tactic’ Employed In NYC

Satisfied by the leadership of the son of sons of Islam who masquerades as a Christian?



God – the religious extremist who recognizes His Sovereignty only – has the audacity to proclaim that all who hate him love the other. The other being the left hand – God’s opposition – the causer of death. The other is the one that lovers of death follow. In the numerous headlines above – terrorists, Imams and heads-of-Islamic-states all seem to agree on one thing; that Muslims love death. It’s their only ticket to the Garden as promised by their god. Isn’t it curious that the image of the beast (the Qur’an) claims that Allah is the causer of death, the Destroyer? But isn’t Allah supposed to be the one and only God? And if he’s the one and only God, how is it that his instructions to fight and kill the non-believer were not received until six centuries after Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross?

According to the image of the beast, Jesus came off of the cross alive and died a natural death (Qur’an 4:157). In fact, that pack of filth called the Qur’an even references a statement made by Ibn Kathir, vol. ii, p. 246, that Muhammad said Jesus lived 120 years and that upon his natural death he was given a grave in Kashmir.

The Bible clearly states that sin is the causer of death. If the Bible is in fact the true word of God, then the causer of death is Allah. As a matter of fact, both the Bible and the Qur’an accredit Allah as the causer of death. The Bible names him by characteristics and description while the Qur’an calls him by the actual name Destroyer – causer of death (Qur’an 3:156, 7:158, 15:23, 57:2) But, if the Bible is wrong, Allah is still the causer of death – by self-description. No matter how one looks at it, Allah is the Destroyer. He is the one who adopts the name in Revelation 9:11 – just a coincidence I’m sure.

It is the false prophet Muhammad, the messenger of the causer of death, who ultimately causes fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men – just as the fallen angel did himself. It is Allah’s Islam, the seventh and eighth head of the bloodthirsty beast of nations, which hates the prostitute known as man. It is the majority of men who will be left naked, without the knowledge of God. Two out of every three men that have lived since Jesus was crucified will perish at the hands of an army guided by the words of a false prophet and his vulgar, lying god. They have been eating man’s flesh and burning her (them) with fire ever since Egypt. Muhammad began the era of the seventh and eighth kingdoms almost 1,400 years ago.

God is not the causer of death, Allah is. For God has put it into the hearts of the devil’s eight kingdoms to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to give them their power to rule, until his (God’s) words are fulfilled. What this means is that the devil has been allowed to rule in order to exterminate himself and his people. His army has been given directives via the Qur’an and its supporting hadith to convert or kill all non-believers and wrong-believers. Due to the different sects of Islam, their directives fall upon one another – they are a divided nation and their solution to this divisive betrayal is to kill the other. And as we well know, the other is the left hand – God’s opposition.

After 1,400 years of lies and deceit, the sons of Islam have killed tens of billions of people in order to reach the Garden that has been falsely offered to them for their deeds by their god. And just like yesterday, today they say, “Come, let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.” – Psalm 83:4

The United States of America was not discovered and inhabited by those of “the kingdoms” until fifteen centuries after the resurrection of Jesus and nine centuries after Muhammad’s unholy influence. Without coincidence, Spain sent an Armada of ships out of the Mediterranean in order to find new shipping routes. The long-navigated Mediterranean routes were polluted by the lawlessness of Muslim pirates – much like the waters off of Somalia today. The western ships that oppose Muhammad’s kingdom in Daniel 11:30 are the ‘ships’ of the Spanish Armada, the ‘ship’ that was Pope Urban’s Catholic Church and the actual battle ‘ships’ of the United States and her allies.

Now, the last ‘ship’ navigated by man (other than Israel) to oppose the kingdom of Muhammad and his god is captained by the son of sons of Islam. How do you think that might turn out?

In a single word answer… “Biblically!”

Three Islamic nations now hold the power of atomic fire within their hands. This number goes as high as six nations when including the Islamic sympathizers of Obamistan, Russia and China. They have been given sufficient power to rule so that the kingdoms developed by the false prophet and his god will immerse themselves into a lake of fire. It is the word of God that makes this all happen. The God of heaven doesn’t contradict himself. The devil, the false prophet and their many kingdoms inhabited by evil men create their own end. The “lake of fire” that they’ll spend eternity in is here – upon the burning earth. All the kingdoms, children and soul-mates of the devil will perish. Whether or not the devil perishes is of no importance – he will be among the flames with no one to take his bribes and nothing to bribe them with.

Those of us who have accepted God’s gift are to be pulled from the flames. Those of God’s chosen people are just that – chosen by God to be saved.

The Word of God is perfect. The mystery of God is beginning to unfold and reveal his words of faith. As was faithfully stated by Binjamin Netanyahu; “You can’t make this up.”

For those who still believe that the foreign god Allah is God or those who believe that neither exists, remember these words when the ‘horses and their riders’ (missiles and their warheads) are released upon men; “…whoever fails to find me (God Almighty) harms himself; all who hate me love death.” – Proverbs 8:36

In the day when this happens, the initial blasts will likely cause what is known as an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that will blind the remaining horses – just as God promised in Zec 12:4. There will be no winners among earthly kingdoms… but only among the few men who know and can recognize the Father God and his Son.

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