Iran balks, Syria walks and Obama talks

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Headlines 4/4/2012

The 1,247th & 1,171st day since Obama was given authority to rule by election & inauguration


Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Tuesday, April 3: “The Middle East standoff could boil over into military action at any moment.”

Iran ducks away from nuclear talks. Moscow: Mid East at boiling point

The ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons developed by the Axis of evil pair are merely for peaceful purposes – Oh, by the way… Iran wants nuke talks in Iraq

The real implications of the North Korean (and Iranian) missile launch

Uh… wait a minute – didn’t they say ‘Peace’

U.N. Team Races to Damascus

Acknowledged now even by the Huffington Post – It’s not like we called this four years ago or anything…

Barack Obama Birth Certificate: Jerome Corsi, Birther Author, Addresses N.J. GOP Group

Book Obama tried to kill – back from dead

But wait! Fundamental transformation cannot wait for the legislative and judicial branches of government to keep pace with the “The Sweeper…”

Federal judge fires back at Obama

The Vetting – Obama Channels Derrick Bell in Attack on Supreme Court

Obama’s lying, again

We would like nothing more than to say, “We’re mistaken,” but once again, “We told you so…” Question Obama’s support for Israel? Check the facts

Obama finally talks about Jesus

The Vetting – Obama’s War on Catholic Church Began at His First Job

Canadian oil – who needs it? We’d have to pipe it all the way across our northern border anyway. Let’s just continue to bow to the Saudi’s, build their pipelines, pay their companies, employ their people and wait for the nuclear armed Iranians to shut down the shipping lanes of the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and that of their new buddy – Egypt’s – Suez Canal

Oh, by the way… China is Iran’s ally also

Once nuclear armed, who is to control the world’s oil reserves? Russia, China and Iran…

…aka Beth Togarmah and Persia – Ezekiel 38:5

Canada: After Keystone, We’d Rather Sell Oil to China

The fundamental transformation of the United States… if the other two branches don’t fall into line – get rid of ’em. It seems history has told this tale before…

Impeach the Supreme Court Justices If They Overturn Health-Care Law

The fundamental transformation of the following author’s country couldn’t rely on the agreement of three branches of government either: It became one man – one party

Don’t blame Grass, he was but a mere teenager when Hitler ordered the furnaces lit…

Like the new Aryans, the old ones also blamed the woes of the world upon the then displaced Israelis

Guenter Grass, German Nobel Winner, Criticizes Israel Over Iran Tensions

What does a teenage girl, the theatre and soccer have in common?

Somalia: Teenage girl jihad-martyrdom bomber murders six, wounds dozens in theatre jihad attack

Somalia: Suicide Bombing At Newly Reopened National Theater In Mogadishu Kills 10, Including 2 Top Sport Officials

What is the result of allowing freedom of religion when one of the religions is commanded to defeat all the others by any means necessary?

Pamela Geller: Islamization of America accelerates

Just don’t ask ‘her’ what she thinks about traditional marriage between a man and a woman… an answer in support of it just might get her disqualified again!

Miss Universe Allows Transgender Contestant


Iran balks at nuke talks venue…

Syria walks from truce…

Obama talks over the checks and balances constituted by our Fore-Fathers…

Due to the startling reality of today’s headlines, there’s no need for today’s editorial. Please take a few moments and understand the tremendous weight of the articles referenced above.

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