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Headlines 4/20/2012

The 1,263rd & 1,187th day since Obama was given authority to rule by election & inauguration


Walid Shoebat cannot see the forest through the trees. The Antichrist is dead but one of his antichrist followers is the freely elected President of the United States

America in Bible prophecy

Your chance to talk about ‘Isaiah 9:10 Judgment’

“Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who himself had just received worried phone calls from French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron. They wanted to find out how far Washington had gone in concessions to Iran. Concern was also registered from Berlin”

Barak to Panetta: What is your bottom line for Iran?

“Israel Loses Patience with Obama, Starts Countdown to Unilateral Decision on Nuclear Iran”

Bible prophecy: “See, Damascus will no longer be a  city but will become a heap of ruins” – Isaiah 17:1

“Turkey and Saudis Chart Joint Syria Campaign – Possibly in Sync with Potential Israeli Strike on Iran”

Syria Crisis: Troops Shell Homs, Thousands Protest Across Country

Atheists helping atheists ready their horses…

Panetta: China Helping North Korea Missile Program

Ishmael’s divided descendants – Islam – declares war upon their Jewish and Christian brothers… Genesis 16:11-12

Sudan Declares War on Israel Ally South Sudan

Demography. Enough Muslim voters to topple a president: “‘Fed up’ French Muslims mobilize to unseat Sarkozy”

Egypt is ‘bending that moral arc of justice’ yet again…

Egypt Protests: Thousands Gather In Tahrir Square To Demonstrate Against Military Rule

A warning from God, “But whoever fails to find me harms himself; all who hate me love death” – Proverbs 8:36

New York: Would-be jihad mass murderers misunderstood Islam, thought killing Infidel women and children justified in “jihad”

Yemen: Sharia Supporters Behead ‘Sorceress’

The son of sons of Islam moves ever-closer to the death of liberty by the dagger of International law

Obama quietly seeking to cede U.S. oceans to U.N. law

Does anyone recognize the name Kala Golden? The likely answer is “No” because she was white and her murderer was black – it doesn’t advance Obama’s revolution

6 of 10 say ‘race activists’ exploiting Trayvon


The following was posted as a comment to the WND articles above: America in Bible prophecy and Your chance to talk about ‘Isaiah 9:10 Judgment’

Walid Shoebat has always been on the right track but he can’t see the forest through the trees. The Antichrist has been here, is long gone, and is soon to be spending the balance of his second life swimming in a lake that is far from paradise. He was the Christ denying prophet Muhammad who spoke of a foreign god – Allah. With Muhammad came new laws and directives which have remained breathing within the image of the beast (Rev 13:14-15) – the Qur’an. These are the changed laws and directives which guide the four-winged drones and workers (bees) of Islam. Those who refuse to worship this image of the beast are to be killed – just as has been determined by Islam’s history.

The dragon’s deceit has been delivered by evil men throughout history. The seven heads of the beast are the kingdoms of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greeks, Roman, Islam and now the eighth – Islam – which is one of the seven. The god of the seventh and eighth kingdoms is Allah.

The ten horns of Rev 13:1 and 17:12 are the early biblical territories settled by the descendants of Noah. They are listed in Ezekiel 38. These ten territories; Cush, Put, Meshech, Tubal, Beth-Togarmah, Gomer Persia, Sheba, Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish are the lands and people surrounding Israel – the lands that have been occupied by all seven previous conquerors. All are named descendants of Noah except for Persia – Persia is the leading actor in today’s evil. The devil’s army is the body of Islam and their sympathizers like Russia, China, India, North Korea, and Obamistan – and they all possess nuclear weapons.

Walid Shoebat is wrong in that the army of the Antichrist (Muhammad) has already landed and attacked this country. On 9/11 they began their assault. Today a son of sons of Islam, the black liberation theologist of Jeremiah Wright’s delusions, sits as President of our United States. He has control of the puppet-strings that makes us all dance.

A snapshot of this picture can be seen at Click on “Telling the right hand from the left” in the header.

Although the Antichrist has been here and is long-gone, his directed bees remain to fulfill God’s word. Of them is the biblical liar, Barack Hussein Obama, an antichrist (1 John 2:22) who proclaims that the Christ-denying religion of Islam is “great.”

Walid Shoebat is wrong in that he looks to the future for the prophetic liar who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Like all eschatological writers to date, Shoebat fails to understand that the characteristics of the three frogs in Revelation 16:14 are the false god – Allah, the false prophet – Muhammad, and the body of the beast – Islam and the six empires which preceded it.

Although Walid Shoebat is mistaken in his future expectations, his analysis of Islam as God’s opponent is spot-on; as is Shoebat’s determination to seek the truth of God and recognize the evil from which he fled – the delusion that is of Allah’s Muhammad.

Men would be well-advised to follow Shoebat’s example and flee from that which he has been fed through tradition and seek the truth that has been offered to men for over four thousand years. We can’t speak for him but in his pursuits it appears he has accepted God’s free gift – the ransom paid by Jesus the Christ.

Seeking the truth takes effort through reading – effort that the majority of men have dismissed as ludicrous – be they literate or not.

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