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Headlines 5/4/2012

This is the 1,200th & 1,276th day since Barack Obama was given authority to rule by inauguration & election – Daniel 12:11-12

At three and a half years (the middle of ‘seven’) into Obama’s reign, he has broken the long-standing alliance between Israel and the U.S. by betraying Israel and the American people with; side-dealing, delaying, leaking confidential information and being a liberation theologist (at best) – Daniel 9:27

So, what happens in 60 days?

It would seem that the weekend of July 1st may be a big moment in the future of Jerusalem


Who’s the bigger chump – Obama or his body of supporters who believe Iran is anything other than evil and murderous?

Iran official: No justification to close underground nuclear site

Joe Biden: “The Taliban per se is not our enemy”

Suicide Attack Kills 20 in Pakistan

Biblical warning: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins” – Isaiah 17:1

Syrian Forces Fire on Thousands

The ‘Axis of Evil’ nuclear armed Atheists…

North Korea’s submarines disappear off radar

Barack Obama’s sculpted political-religious revolution in Egypt: “For in Egypt, it was the moral force of non-violence – not terrorism, not mindless killing – but non-violence, moral force, that bent the arc of history toward justice once more.”

Hamadein Sabahi: “I support Al-Qaeda when it kills Americans.”

Two Egyptian Presidential Candidates Endorsed Jihad Against US

From the lovers of death: Thank you Barack Obama – our brother…

“Arab Spring” Libya: Life in prison for insulting Islam

From the lovers of death: A new day dawns on Tunisia

“Arab Spring” Tunisia: TV station chief fined $1,500 for showing film insulting Islam

From the lovers of death: Another ‘stan’ from the former U.S.S.R. assumes its role as Beth-Togarmah (Ezekiel 38:6) and eats its fill of flesh (Daniel 7:5)

Dagestan: Jihad mass murderers kill 13, wound 122 in bombing at traffic post

To the lovers of death: From a lover of life – A letter of truth…

Kuwait: Death penalty for cursing Allah, Qur’an, prophets and Muhammad’s wives

Biblical warning: “Come,” they say, “Let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.” – Psalm 83:4

Thousands in Jordan call for end of peace treaty with Israel

In the image of Barack Hussein Obama’s fundamental transformation and institution of racial warfare and revolution…

(An idiot) posted a video of the assault online, explaining: “me an[sic] my boys helped get justice fore[sic] trayvon.”

Wave of black mobs brutalizing whites

“The legitimacy of Obama’s presidency is about to come unglued.”

Sharpton’s anti-Arpaio segment shows White House ‘scared’

The Executive office warns the Judicial office: Fundamental transormation of the United States of America makes you no longer viable.

Obama Warns Supremes: Don’t Overturn Healthcare Reform

Barack Obama’s: Sculpted religious revolution and warfare upon Christianity

Anti-Bully Activist Under Fire for Bullying Christians


A response to Kuwait’s death penalty for cursing Allah, Qur’an, prophets and Muhammad’s wives…

To the Most Vulgar Allah,

In accordance to the truth of the Bible and Isaiah 47, your days are done!

Take your seat in the dust, Allah; sit on the ground without a throne you fallen angel. No more will you be called Beneficent or Merciful. Take millstones and grind flour (like a slave); your veil has been removed. Lift up your burqas, bare your legs, and wade through the streams of God. Your nakedness has been exposed and your shame uncovered. God will take vengeance; He will spare no one. (1-3)

Our Redeemer – the Lord Almighty is his name – is the Holy One of Israel.

Sit in silence, go into darkness, you Devil; no more will you be called Malik-Ul-Mulk, Owner of the Kingdom – your 84th name in the “little scroll.” God was angry with his people (the Jews) and he desecrated his inheritance; he gave them into your hand, and you showed them no mercy (the Merciful my ass).  Even on the aged you laid a very heavy yoke. You said, “I will continue forever as Al-Hayy (Qur’an 2:255; 3:2, 2a; 25:58; 55;27), the eternal – Al-Baqi (Qur’an 55:27) queen Al-Malik (Owner – Qur’an 3:26).

But you did not consider these things or reflect on what might happen.

Now then, listen, you wanton creature, lounging in your security (Al-Aqsa & Dome of the Rock) and saying to yourself, “I am and there is none besides me. (Qur’an 2:163, 255; 3:2; 4:87; 6:19; 14:52; 47:19; 52:43; 64:13) I will never be a widow (none but him) or suffer the loss of children.”

Allah has no Son… and as queen, he merely has someone else feed the larvae of the eggs he laid – someone like Muhammad…

Both of these will overtake you in a moment, on a single day: loss of your deluded body of men and the extinction of your companions. These things will come upon you in full measure, in spite of your delusions and your man-made traditions which lead men astray.

You, Allah, have trusted in your wickedness and have said, “No one sees me.” You call yourself Al-Batin, the Hidden (Qur’an 57:3)

Your wisdom and knowledge mislead you when you say to yourself, “I am, and there is none besides me.” (Qur’an 2:255; 3:2; 4:87; 47:19; 52:43; 64:13)

“Disaster will come upon you, and you will not know how to conjure it away. A calamity will fall upon you that you cannot ward off with a ransom…” – Allah, the seventh and eighth face of the devil cannot rely upon the ransom paid by Jesus’ life upon the cross. It was he, the dragon, who made the ransom of Jesus necessary to save us.

“…a catastrophe you cannot foresee will suddenly come upon you.” Just like the Mullahs in Iran, you believe your power is greater than God. You, Allah, are soon to perish.

You have kept on, with your deceit and your delusions which you have labored at since the birth of your followers. You thought you would succeed, you have caused terror. All the counsel you have received has only worn you out! We have seen your people of the moon and star come forward, those men who make promises of death and destruction. Let them save you from the fire upon their hands.

For they too are like stubble; the fire (that they deliver) will burn them up. They cannot even save themselves from the power of the flame (which Iran gathers). Here are no coals to warm anyone; here is no fire to sit by.

That is all they can do for you – the Godless men you have deluded. These are the men you have labored with and sold as slaves since they were able to speak. The translating author of the Qur’an proclaims, “Bismillah (love and mercy / tender and delicate) is the first word a Muslim utters.” Chapter 1, pg. 1.

Each of these people goes on in error; there is not one that can save you…


To the Next Most Vulgar Muhammad (though he be dead and un-hearing),

In accordance to the truth of the Bible and Isaiah 14:12-14, your days are long gone!

How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star (Al Tariq – Qur’an 86), son of the dawn! (Al-Falaq – Qur’an 113:1)

“You have been cast down to earth, you who once laid low the nations!” – Muhammad laid low the merchants of the Mediterranean, Mecca, and Medina. Since his death, his nation of Islam has cast down all the nations surrounding Israel.  With the Libyans (Put) and Nubians (Cush – Sudanese) in submission, not even Egypt could escape.

“You said in your heart, “I will ascend to heaven…” – Muhammad is said (by Islamic doctrine) to have ascended to heaven during his infamous Night Journey.

“…I will raise my throne above the stars of God.” – During his night journey, Muhammad proclaimed to have met; 1st – Adam, , 2nd – Jesus & John the Baptist, 3rd – Joseph, 4th – Idris (the devil), 5th –  Aaron, 6th – Moses, 7th – Abraham, and above them – he ascended to the Lote tree – above the stars of God.

“I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain.” – Muhammad sits enthroned upon the most holy ground on earth. Muhammad and his foreign god sit as God and his representative Son within the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock – the abomination that causes desolation standing where it does not belong. – When the reader recognizes the impostors seated in God’s house – run to God. “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel – let the reader understand – then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.” – Matthew 24:15-16

“I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.” – Ninety-five people in a hundred recognize Allah and his prophet as God and his Messenger. They have made themselves like the Most High – Father God a his Son Jesus the Christ. The Spirit of God, as represented by His body, is mirrored as well – by the evil spirit of Islam and the other deniers of God who make up two-thirds of the world’s population.


In regard to their book – the image of the beast,

It is everything that the Bible said it would be. It is the “little scroll” whose seven thunders are the seven verses in chapter 1. They outline the entirety of “counterfeit miracles” called “ayahs.” In the middle of those ‘seven’ verses is the one which – according to the image of the beast – “…is expressive of man’s (Muslim’s) entire dependence on Allah.” (Qur’an ch. 1, the Opening, pg. 2)

This is the verse which causes, “…an end to sacrifice and offering” of the lamb upon the cross. (Daniel 9:27)

By believing in and following this directive, Muslims are cut off from the saving grace of Jesus the Christ. The substance that tastes like “honey” in the mouth of John (Revelation  10:9-10) is the beverage of many hues as described in chapter 16 of the Qur’an titled – The Bee.

As described by the truth of the Bible, those who do not worship the image of the beast – the Qur’an – are to be killed; this, by the direction of Muhammad and the Causer of Death (Al-Mumit). You know him as Allah….


To all of Muhammad’s wives,

By name and order you were: Khadija, Sau’da, Aisha, Hafsa, Khazima, Um-e-Salma, Harith, Hajash, Habiba, Safiyya, Maimuna, and all others who his right hand possessed (as sex slaves). All but Khadija were made Muhammad’s wife in the way of Islam. The way of Islam is to murder the fathers, husbands, and brothers of the women; possess them as captives and rape them as your wife. There was an exception…

Muhammad’s only virgin wife was his third – A’isha. She was the daughter of Abu Bakr – Muhammmad’s closest companion. Muhammad proclaimed her to be his wife when she was five years old. He was gracious enough to keep his penis busy with his other captives until A’isha reached the consummating age of ‘nine.’ To you and me… she was a fourth-grade girl. To Muhammad… she was “a virgin.”

To all the women of Islam: The men you bow to are deluded by a lie. While there is likely no escape from the grasp of Islam’s atrocities, there is the escape of its finality. That escape is the belief and free gift offered in the ransom already paid for you… by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ – your Savior.


To all the Kuwaiti people,

The liar that is your god directs other deluded men to murder you if you question his direction. The god you call Allah is known to you as The Causer of Death, Al-Mumit. You should know that the God of heaven is not a causer of death – that’s the devil’s work. Your god performs the devil’s work. That, in and of itself, makes him the devil.

“But whoever fails to find me (God) harms himself; all who hate me (God) love death.” – Proverbs 8:36

To all the people deluded by the deceit of Allah and his prophet Muhammad, God calls on you to, “Come out of her (the queen) my people.”

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