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Headlines 5/9/2012

This is the 1,205th & 1,281st day since Barack Obama was given authority to rule by inauguration & election – Daniel 12:11-12

At three and a half years (the middle of ‘seven’) into Obama’s reign, he has broken the long-standing alliance between Israel and the U.S. by betraying Israel and the American people with; side-dealing, delaying, leaking confidential information and being a liberation theologist (at best) – Daniel 9:27

So, what happens in 55 days?

It would seem that the weekend of July 1st may be a big moment in the future of Jerusalem


Israel Throws Down Gauntlet: Iran Must Stop All Enrichment

Clinton: ‘Terrorists Keep Trying’

“Wilders told CBN News: ‘I don’t want to live – and my children to live – in a country based on Sharia law. It’s the worst thing that could happen. Democracy would end the day after Sharia was implemented.”

“Wilders told CBN News: ‘I believe that the biggest disease in Europe today is called cultural relativism. And I want to fight with all my life this misconception by politically correct, often liberal and leftist politicians, who invented the multicultural society, that all cultures are equal.”

Wilders: Islamization of Europe Can Happen in America

Hillary Clinton: “Obama ‘has sent a very clear message of respect and appreciation of all religions, and in particular, of Islam’”

Savage said of Obama: “America has become a ‘land where our worst enemies are praised but our allies are stiffed’”

Savage said of Obama: “He treats radical Islamists in the Middle East like friends then stiffs Israel and Western European allies”

Safwat Higazi: “The capital of the caliphate – the capital of the United States of the Arabs – will be Jerusalem, Allah willing”

Michael Savage: Obama’s lies about Islam deadly

“The author of “Willful Blindness” has now presented us with further proof that Islam is a dire threat … and our government is complicit.”

Jihad in America: Quiet, effective, deadly

“From Libya to Egypt to Yemen: The Obama administration has turned its back on or  actively removed leaders who — whether we like them or not — have kept radical  Islamists in check”

Support For War In Afghanistan Falls To New Low, Poll Shows

The Evidence: Obama Is Undermining U.S. Troops in Afghanistan to Put the Taliban  in Power

“The whole point is: Simply that you don’t rewrite the nature of God’s design based on the demands of a group of adults.” – Amen

Amendment One, North Carolina Gay Marriage Ban, Passes Vote

The “Christian” Obama endorses gay marriage and encourages wayward men and women to suffer the wrath of God’s judgment – and that’s loving how?ers

The “Christian” Obama endorses a change of law from that of God to that of a “progressive” society. What’s next, legalizing marriage to fourth-graders? Muhammad did…

The “Christian” Obama: I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about members of my own staff… He went to everyone but God

Obama ‘Disappointed’ in N.C.

Obama officially endorses ‘gay’ marriage

According to the image of the beast: “The sixth class (of zakat) is… Islam requires that all members of the society to live in a free atmosphere, and those burdened with debt must therefore be freed of their burdens.” – Qur’an 9:60a

Anti-Capitalist Obama Administration Targets Debt Collectors

The whole point is: Simply that you don’t rewrite the nature of God’s design (his Book) based on the demand of a group of (Roman) adults

Rev. Raju Policetti, One Of 32 Catholic Priests Who Have Fled Country To Avoid Prosecution

“To paraphrase Burke, evil flourishes when good men turn from God”

Stand Up to Dan Savage’s Bullying

We’ve been saying it for over a year now, PIIGSJA won’t go away – it just gets worse

S&P Sinks on Greece Turmoil


Obama flips and the world flops.

Today’s post is actually a composite of responses to today’s headlines. The first is in response to someone who sheds no tears for the imminent loss of Israel and our America. The second is in response to someone who claims to be a U.S. soldier who doesn’t care much for Israel or Zionism.

And – just in case you don’t take time to read through the articles – Barack “the Christian” Obama gave the middle finger to God today and endorsed same-sex marriage…


In response to:

“Our alliance with Israel is not dictated by the president, but by his globalist puppet masters.  That’s why those who support Israel are also supporting the agenda of international bodies like the United Nations.  The UN does not really favor Israel; they are using that nation as an excuse to take control of all the resources in the Middle East.  Once that is accomplished, Israel will be destroyed or will at least become their next target for “regime change” as they will be considered too dangerous to their masters.” As was posted at Carney: We have alliance with Israel  

Because of this president we no longer have an alliance with Israel. After our decades long covenant with them, Barack – the black liberation theologist – Obama has broken our ties with Israel. Obama’s secretary of Defense told Iran when Israel would attack. The Obama administration leaked the cooperation of Azerbaijan and the use of their runways as a staging area for Israel. And just three weeks ago, Barack Obama gave the Persians another “hallway pass” in the way of five more weeks of uninterrupted centrifuge spinning, bomb building, and nuclear hide & seek.

It is likely that on May 23rd, the master of delusion will give the Persians even more time to refine their offer to reduce or terminate their nuclear program. But you and I know different – wink… wink…

Curious isn’t it? Barack – the son of sons of Islam – Obama will have been in office exactly three and a half years on July 1st…

Before Barack, the United States was about the only voice of reason and protection for Israel at the U.N. Their bias against Israel is so obvious and pervasive it’s laughable.

The U.N. is using Israel to take control of all the resources of the Middle East? You mean like we did in Iraq? Or like we’re doing in Afghanistan? How about Libya and Syria – are we taking their resources too?

Are you an Occupier or just the quiet type who hates the American Dream and its Dreamers; Dreamers who are under attack as “Fat Cats?” Are you a revolutionary who follows the Master Revolutionist (B.O.) in his Occupy attacks on America and his Arab Spring attacks on the Middle East and ultimately Israel?

No… the resources of the Middle East have been claimed. And they’ve been claimed by a nuclear Iran and its monopoly buddies Russia and China. With their new-found nuclear capabilities, Iran has a lock on the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, and (thanks to B.O.’s Egyptian democracy) the Suez Canal.

With Russian oil serving Europe and Persian (all of North Africa, Saudi, Kuwait, Iraq and whoever else) oil serving the rest of the world, including China, the American Dream goes the way of Bill Ayers. The revolution wins… and America dies.

Oh yes… and (according to the Persians) Israel will be destroyed and the United States dropped to its knees. Isn’t that the plan?

Isn’t that the Hope of Change verbalized by Obama’s sculptors: Bill Ayers, Derrick Bell, Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Louis Farrakhan, Michael Pfleger and (of course) the prophet of Islam – of which Obama calls ‘great?’

The Persians might be going by their book but it’s a little scroll. They haven’t the eyes or ears to understand our Book – the Book of Truth – which is unfolding before your scaled eyes and approaching with the winds of the tempest before it.


In response to:  In  response to:  “You Zionist losers crack me up.  Someday people will realize Israel is the problem, and not our friend.   If Israel wants to attack Iran, let them go spill their own blood. U.S. Soldier 2001-2011.” As was posted at Carney: We have alliance with Israel

Thank you for your service.

The day that people saw Israel as a problem began almost 4,000 years ago when their numbers became to great in Egypt and the Pharaoh realized they would have to be enslaved in order to keep them from becoming an opposing army. Upon their exodus, they sinned. Within their settled land, they sinned. After building two temples and resisting six conqeuring empires they sinned and were scattered across the world. Just as God said would happen. Then, Islam settled in Israel. It was the end of the seventh century, 600 years after Rome destroyed Jerusalem. The peak of the Jewish oppression came with Hitler as he surrounded the camp of Israel, loaded them on boxcars, packed them into gas chambers and immersed them into lighted furnaces. With God’s face turned away from them, the Nazi’s used the Jews for fuel – like logs in a fire. Three years after the Nazi atrocities and against impossible odds, Israel was born again. It’s people returned to it. In doing so, God has turned his face back to Israel, his anger resolved. Now, we see armies surrounding Jerusalem (Christians and Jews), with men like A-jad saying, “Come, let us destroy them as a nation so that the name Israel be remembered no more.” We have a Commander in Chief whose religion calls for the Jews to be dispersed once again. The man in the Executive office looks to divide their land and exchange it for “peace.” But, by reading the Qur’an, one learns  that “peace” from  Islam comes only when all men have submitted to Allah and there is no other religion. And even then, judging by the hatred between fighting sects, Islamic “peace” is a proven fantasy.

What Islam wants of Israel, Islam wants of the United States. The events of 9/11 were just the initial attack that started this final world war. We’ll either stop Iran’s nukes or we’ll be ruled by them. A nuclear armed Iran controls the Middle East oil fields and the shipping lanes through the Red Sea, Suez Canal, and the Persian Gulf.

The oil markets would be controlled by Russia, China, and Persia. Our way of life ends by energy starvation. Our threat from Persia is not immediately existential as is Israel’s but it’s just a matter of years before our children are forced to say, “Bismillah!” You served for ten years, again – thank you. If you have a daughter, would you want her living the life orchestrated by Islamic men and their laws? Whether one believes in God and the Bible or not, his word is playing out right now in the Middle East. The instigator in all of this is none other than our Commander in Chief, a son of sons of Islam. He, too, hates Israel. That’s not a good sign for the future of this country in God’s eyes. Barack Obama was seated to fulfill God’s purpose. And that purpose is to “finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy.

Barack Obama is not who he says he is…

And his “authority to rule” has lasted nearly three and a half years.

Men are now divided into those who are with Jerusalem and those who are against her.

I’ll pray that you are with her…

And – just in case you missed it the first time – Barack “the Christian” Obama gave the middle finger to God today and endorsed same-sex marriage…

Obama flips and the world flops.

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