Muhammad: “A Deranged Psychotic?”

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Headlines 8/19/2012

This is the 1,309th day in which we have had to endure Barack Hussein Obama’s placement as “king of (this) kingdom.” 


Biblical warning: “On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations” – Zechariah 12:3

Home Front Minister: Israel faces its first existential peril

Look who Iran’s warning now

Words of antichrist: Fight those who believe in the Father God. Replace them by those who believe in, worship, and submit to his opponent

Iran Supreme Leader: Muslim world must unite to fight Israel, free Palestine

Words of antichrist:  “Come, ” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more” – Proverbs 8:36

Iranian Muslim cleric says Islamic unity will obliterate Israel

Ahmadinejad: Israel’s existence is ‘an insult to all humanity’

Words of antichrist: “…the Jewish state is a ‘cancerous tumor’ that will soon be destroyed”

Ahmadinejad: Israel Is a ‘Tumor’

Biblical warning: “The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water (American troops) was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East” – Revelation 16:12

Another of Obama’s lies: “The media stress the Obama administration’s extreme reluctance to disclose Iraq’s aid to Iran so soon after US troops left the country”

Iraq is helping Iran stand up to sanctions

So says Nasrallah, a lover of death: “Hitting these targets with a small number of rockets will turn … the lives of hundreds of thousands of Zionists to real hell, and we can talk about tens of thousands of dead”

Hezbollah says its ‘precision rockets’ could kill tens of thousands of Israelis

With his back against the wall, Nasrallah may seek to provoke a war with Israel 

Syria’s neighbors braced for chemical threat. Assad warns Turkey on Stingers

Biblical warning: “Jerusalem (as represented on earth by Israel)… surrounded by all the nations” – Reference Zechariah 12:1-9

Syria rebels aided by Germany intel ship in fight against Assad forces, report says

‘Iran strike worthwhile, even to delay nuke program’

Seven Americans killed in NATO helicopter crash in Afghanistan

His hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him: “Afghan military and police partners have attacked American and international soldiers 31 times this year, killing 23 Americans”

2 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan 

They will be a divided people: “…just one day earlier. Officials now say that over 90 people were killed in the strikes” – Reference Daniel 2:41, 43

Funerals Begin in Iraq Attacks

Pakistan: Islamophobes force 20 Shi’ites off buses and murder them — no, wait…

The dehumanizing of Israel: What other ‘world leader’ called for the annihilation of Israel and a desire to rule the world?

Saudi cleric questions Holocaust


Comment posted at ‘Iran strike worthwhile, even to delay nuke program’ by an Islamic sympathizer (at best) about Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: “Netanyahu is a deranged psychotic similar to the communists Lenin, Stalin, and Mao.”

Our Response:

“…a deranged psychotic.”

Did you ever notice that the directives of Qur’an 5:33…

“….The only punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger (Islam) and strive to make mischief in the land (those who will not worship the Qur’an) is that they should be murdered, or crucified, or their hands and feet cut off on opposing sides, or they should be imprisoned….”

…are identical to the warnings of just such Satanic directives as warned of as imminent events in the Bible? The Biblical warnings were written 600 years prior to the directives of Muhammad as compiled in the Qur’an.

“Because of the (miraculous) signs (called “ayahs” in the Qur’an) he (the false prophet Muhammad) was given power to do on behalf of the first beast (Satan aka Allah), he (Muhammad) deceived the inhabitants of the earth (particularly ALL PEOPLE who would become Muslims). He (Muhammad) ordered them (Soldiers of Allah) to set up an image (the Qur’an) in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword (1. Satan aka Allah – imprisoned for a thousand years by the Word of God; 2. the Muslim Ottoman Empire as was dis-banded after WWI; 3. and Muhammad himself – who was thought to be fatally wounded by a rock to the head in the battle of Uhud) and yet lived (lives now in the form of the nation of Islam). He (Muhammad) was given power to give breath to the image (the Qur’an) of the first beast (Satan aka Allah), so that it could speak (by way of “miraculous signs”) and CAUSE ALL WHO REFUSED TO WORSHIP THE IMAGE (the Qur’an) TO BE K*LLED.” – Revelation 13:14-15

And don’t you find it curious that Muhammad demanded that these people believe in the Qur’an (forehead) and act in a manner (right hand) which makes the entire world submit to Allah or be killed? – Reference Revelation 13:16

And don’t you find it curious that according to the rules of Buying and Selling in “A Manual of Hadith,” chapter XXII – titled “Buying and Selling,” pg., 240, rule #5 – it states that all monies measured out must be weighed on A FAITH BALANCE? Meaning: No faith in Islam – no buying or selling. – Reference Revelation 13:17

And don’t you find it curious that the three Greek symbols of the number 666 are the three puzzle pieces which make up the optical image which portrays the messenger of Satan (aka Allah) – Muhammad? – Reference Revelation 13:18, and “666 at ‘Four Fathers Revealed’ ”

So, britt… Would this evidence not make the false prophet Muhammad THE “DERANGED PSYCHOTIC?”


Tell us britt, in regard to Qur’an 5:33; are those directives to be honored by Muslims or are they to be disregarded as the hateful rantings of a”deranged” false prophet?

Proclamations from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the last 48 hours: “”Like a cancer cell that spreads through the body, this regime (Israel) infects any region. It must be removed from the body,” he (Ahmadinejad) added.

Proclamations from the Ayatollah Khamenei in the last 48 hours: “…the ‘star of hope’ that shined on Iran during its Islamic revolution, and in its 1980-1988 war with Iraq (also Muslim) “will also shine for Palestine and its Islamic land (taken by Soldiers of Allah in 635 A.D.) will definitely be returned to the Palestinian nation (of which there has never been such a thing).” He railed against Israel, saying: “This bogus and fake Zionist outgrowth will disappear off the landscape of geography (So says a Soldier of ‘The Destroyer’).” Friday’s rallies, he said, would be “a blow to the enemies of Islam and Palestine” and added that Iran views supporting the Palestinian cause “a religious duty.” – Meaning that no matter what Israel does in the way of peace, peace cannot be attained.

Proclamations from Hezbollah’s Nasrallah in last 48 hours: “We can talk about tens of thousands of (Israelis) dead,” Nasrallah said in a speech to mark Jerusalem Day, commemorated on the last Friday of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan according to a tradition established by Iran’s late Ayatollah Khomeini. “I tell the Israelis that you have a number of targets, not a large number … that can be hit with precision rockets … which we have,” Nasrallah said.”

(Post-script) Proclamations from Omar Ould Hamaha, the military commander of Ansar Dine or “Defenders of the Faith”:  “We will come to the USA, we will come to London and conquer the whole world. The banner of Mohammed…will be raised from where the sun rises in the east to where it sets in the west.” (, 8/19/2012)

(Post-script) Of Omar Humaha’s actions: “Hundreds of thousands have fled across the desert into neighbouring countries. ‘They’re leaving for fear of having a hand cut off, or being whipped or stoned to death,’ said (Malian) Deyda Mohamed, the police chief in Fassala on the Mauritanian side of the border…” (, 8/19/2012)

These are the men who follow the directives of Qur’an 5:33.

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