A new and unfamiliar world

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This is the 1,325th day in which we have had to endure Barack Hussein Obama’s reign as “king of (this) kingdom.”


We live in a new and unfamiliar world. What was performed by murderous back-alley profiteers just thirty years ago is now a state-funded “right” for women. What was understood to be detestable and unnatural relations have replaced natural ones in the name of “equal rights.” Even those who know God’s natural design and the interactions between the sexes have been deluded by the desires of men and the corruption of society. So pervasive is the “progressive” incorporation of the “needs” of society that not even those who do not wish to partake in such actions – still condone those who do!

As a majority, America elected a man without a document-able past. After the Towers fell, they elected a man named “Hussein.” He promised Hope & Change. But he delivered the endorsement of gay-marriage, five trillion dollars in additional debt, state-funded abortions and the Federal control of health-care. The Messiah of the masses endorses the religion of his fathers – a religion not known to the fathers who preceded them.

We look ahead – which now appears to be in one of two directions. By looking ahead, we look either “UP” toward the God of heaven — or — we look “DOWN” and into the Abyss of the devil.

Israel has been cast aside after Obama promised them that he “had their back.” Now, he makes deals with Russia and Iran – around Israel – which endanger Israel’s very existence.

Americans were quick to take his word that Barack Obama had adopted Christianity. They believed him because he “said so.” But the Christianity he studied under Jeremiah Wright was “Liberation Theology.” Liberation theology is the Catholic offshoot – created ion the 1950’s – which was developed to support Palestine in their ousting of Israel from their land. Even more radical than liberation theology is “Black Liberation Theology.” Black liberation theology advances the idea of yielding the United States to those considered to be “oppressed.” According to Barack Obama’s studies, Israel belongs to Palestine and America belongs to anyone but the achievers in her past.

What few know and even fewer will tell you is that when asked if the Reverend Jeremiah Wright converted Barack Obama from being a man “steeped in Islam” to a Christian – Jeremiah Wright responded, “I don’t think so.”

We live in a new and unfamiliar world.


Headlines 9/4/2012


Hold Israel back? The Axis of Evil is alive and well – and it is accredited to Barack Hussein Obama!

Why Obama’s chances of holding Israel back from Iran are fading

Biblical warning: “War will continue until the end” – Daniel 9:27

Modern-day warning: “The position of Israeli military attaché in Washington is of paramount importance in a war situation”

New IDF Operations Chief named amid rising military tension

Who is the Betrayer of Israel?

Democrats Remove Pro-Israel Language from Platform 

U.S. Democratic Party removes reference to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital from official platform

“Obama, if he is reelected, will make Netanyahu pay”

U.S. informs Iran that it will not back Israeli strike; Obama working to curb Israeli offensive against Iran

Nasrallah – another lover of death: ” ‘The response will not be just inside the Israeli entity – American bases in the whole region could be Iranian targets,’ he said. ‘If Israel targets Iran, America bears responsibility.’ ”

Hezbollah: Iran could strike U.S. bases if Israel attacks

If Israel attacks Iran, US Mid East bases will pay dear – Nasrallah

Biblical warning: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins” – Isaiah 17:1

Current events: “Two car bombs rocked an area around the government military command in Damascus Monday”

Syrian forces accused of killing 144 people Sunday, many “execution style”

Russia advises citizens to quit Syria

Biblical warning: “He (Muhammad’s Allah) will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape” – Daniel 11:42

Egypt confronts Israel with 6,000 Sinai Islamists as an approved militia

Biblical warning: “Just as you saw that the (2) feet and (10) toes were partly of baked clay (Hagar) and partly of iron (Abram); so this will be a divided kingdom” (Sunni – Shiah) – Daniel 2:41

Afghanistan: Jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber murders eight 25 at funeral

Obama’s Arab Spring includes: Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, Bahrain, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon

Bahrain uprising leaders held ‘intelligence contact’ with Iran and Hezbollah, say prosecutors

Biblical warning: What is a man considered to be when he changes or endorses a change in the laws of God?

DNC Chair Talks Gay Marriage, ‘Obama’s America’

Now it’s biblical: ‘Obama 3:16’ at DNC



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