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This is the 1,329th day in which we have had to endure Barack Hussein Obama’s reign as “king of (this) kingdom.”


Revelation now seems to be pouring out. With every new dawn and every new day, we are given the opportunity to reveal more of what God has promised us for four thousand years. Following are the comments in regard to the Huffington Post piece: HuffPo: ‘Was Jesus a jerk?’

Our Comment:

The meaning of this verse is lost on HuffPo and all readers who have no faith in the Christ Jesus – like half of the Democratic party. Jesus answered the woman in the appropriate way. Outside the gates of heaven are left “the dogs,” those who are overcome by sin and lies.

Each of us are “fed” the knowledge of God or gods. what we “eat” of that knowledge (Eve’s Fruit) leads to our life or our death. The woman’s other children are to be fed the good food of God’s love. They will find life. This woman also realized, as do we, that sometimes even a scrap of the “knowledge of God” gets through to those made ill by ill-gotten food or “knowledge of other gods” and they can be saved – just as the “dog-girl” in the story.

We are fed honey by God. There are others who are fed something that appears like honey but sours in the stomach of the consumer – it’s a “beverage of many hues” which appears to be honey but is not. This “beverage” can be found in the Qur’an, chapter 16, titled “The Bee.”

This “honey” is warned of in Revelation 10 of the Bible. It is the knowledge fed to the “dogs” by the fallen angel who holds the “little scroll” – the Qur’an. In the first chapter are the ‘seven’ verses which outline the entirety of this book of “knowledge” – like Eve’s forbidden fruit. These ‘seven’ are the seven thunders of Rev 10.

And in the “middle of ‘seven’ is the verse which ends the sacrifice and offering of the Christ Jesus to the men who deny his gift and place their trust and souls into the man of sin, the lawless one – Muhammad and his “god.”

The Commentator:

“You say that you are ‘an ordinary man’; yet you CLAIM to be able to explain the Revelation of John, the book of the Seven Seals; even DESPITE Revelations 5:5.

Just explain to me how that is even POSSIBLE.

Now, with regards to the ‘honey’ of Revelations 10:9-10. What it refers to is the Knowledge of Truth as conveyed by the non-dualistic, 2-dimensional ‘flat’ space ‘observing consciousness’ Created ‘by and in the image of God’ (Genesis 1:27).

The Knowledge of Truth is quite sweet when it is received.

To the ‘fallen’, dualistic consciousness of the ‘self’ and the ‘thinker’, however, it is quite SOUR and OFFENSIVE.

You really should NOT speak about things of which you have NO Knowledge.

It is referred to in the Torah as being a ‘false witness’.

In other words, you are claiming to be a ‘witness’ to the Revelation of the Truth; something to which you are NOT a witness at all.

You are merely speculating or conjecturing with the ‘beast of the earth’ consciousness of the ‘thinker’.

And, according to the Quran, ‘Conjecture is NO substitute for the Truth.’ ”

Our Response:

When you read the post again, you will notice that the substance in Rev 10 is “as sweet as honey but soured in John’s stomach.” Does the word of God sour in man’s stomach or is it something that “appeared” to be like the word of God?

The “middle of ‘seven’ in chapter 1 of the “little scroll” states:

“Thee (Allah) do we serve and Thee (Allah) do we beseech for help.” – Qur’an 1:4

Does this not “end the sacrifice and offering” (Daniel 9:27) of the Christ Jesus upon the cross as the gift of ransom? Was this “covenant” not made with and by tens of billions of people over 1,400 years?

Is not the lion of 5:5 Jesus? And does not Daniel 7:4 describe Satan (veiled today as Allah) as “like a lion?”

Does Revelation 22:16 not self-describe the Christ Jesus as the “bright Morning Star” the Root of David (as does Rev 5:5)?

How then can you explain Muhammad calling himself Al-Tariq, “the bright morning star” and his Allah calling himself Al-Falaq, “The Dawn?” Are these two names not intended to masquerade as a “Christ-like image” – an angel of light? And if that’s not enough, Allah calls himself An-Nur, “The Light.”

Many of you may understand the significance of these names but for those who do not, look to Isaiah 14:12 and 2 Corinthians 11:14.

The knowledge of truth is life-giving. The knowledge of lies leads only to death. Sin is death. The god of Islam calls himself Al-Mumit, “The Causer of Death” or “The Destroyer.” Are both of these descriptions not that of Satan?

“False witnesses” are mistaken. If you believe us to be mistaken, please, be specific in your example.

If your eyes see and if your ears hear, are you not a witness? Are not the two witnesses of God that of Himself? First, by way of the Spirit of God who guided the pens of the prophets? And second, by way of the Christ Jesus himself? Are not these two witnesses perfect in their image of God?

Are we, his faithful, not to be able to recognize Him and His Word as we “keep watch?”

The “beast of the earth” is but two… spirit and flesh. They have attempted to mirror God’s image and masquerade themselves as Him. But the reflection they offer is in direct opposition of truth. Their scheme, that of the evil spirit Allah and his false prophet Muhammad, include a body of believers and a book to reflect their own image. Is not that image the very thing that people must worship or be killed? (Rev 13:15)

And looking at Rev 13:18, does the name of both evil spirit and flesh not reveal itself in a name? You don’t have to understand Arabic to recognize the name of “Muhammad.” The simple three piece puzzle is depicted at “Four Fathers Revealed” under the subscript “Revealing the mystery of 666.”

I am just an ordinary man. I looked to the Father and the Son for answers. And with them, I am never alone.


Headlines 9/8/2012

Current events: As another 9/11 approaches, so does one of the vultures who wishes America and Israel annihilated – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Mideast showdown looms over New York skyline

IRGC Dep. Com.: If attacked, Iran will take the war to enemy soil

Iranian warships scoot through Suez

Gen. Hossein Salami: “One is that the supreme leader, who is the deputy of the Hidden Imam [the Shiites’ 12th Imam], rules with power, knowledge, penetrating the hearts; the other is the martyrs who shed their blood for the greatness of the country.”

Gen. Hossein Salami: “God (Muhammad’s Allah – mistakenly called “God”) states in the Quran that martyrs are alive and not to consider them as dead, as they had the art to exchange death to life and reach eternal life.”

Iran threatens to bring war to U.S. shores

McCain: Iran situation a ‘train wreck’ (AP)

As per the efforts of Barack Obama: “There are 133 states that recognize Palestine with its capital in Jerusalem and additional states with which we share diplomatic relations”

Abbas: Palestinians will seek UN recognition, despite U.S. pressure

The Democratic Party: We, like Iran, recognize the changing Arab world and no longer recognize you as a terrorist organization – such language has been removed from our platform

Iran to Hamas: Changing Arab world presents opportunity for Palestinians

Haniyeh: Hamas will not recognize Israel’s right to exist (Army Radio)

 Hamas’ A-Zahar holds talks in Lebanon, Tehran

Current event: “The United States then admitted that US officials and intelligence agents were training and aiding Syrian rebels from positions on the Turkish border – and therefore directly intervening in their operations”

Chemical threat is back. Hizballah, Israel close to clash

Biblical warning: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins”- Isaiah 17:1

Syrian opposition groups must unite in order to oust Assad

Jihadists join Syria fight, eye Islamic state, French surgeon says

Biblical warning: Egypt will not (has not) escaped” – Daniel 11:42

Egypt getting assertive with military

Biblical warning: Islam – a divided people – Reference Daniel 2:41, 43

Current events: Is it any wonder that the United States is divided under the leadership of the son of sons of Islam?

Eight die in bombings in three Shiite mosques in Kirkuk, northern Iraq, 70 injured (AP)

At least 6 dead in suicide attack near Kabul NATO HQ

Suicide Bomber Kills 6 in Kabul

Current events: What people or empires in Biblical history opposed the Jews who were not also in opposition to God?

U.S. Muslim lobby fights measure to protect Jews

Nashville Muslima threatens coworkers, saying she was “ready to die for Allah” and should “shoot all these people”

Biblical warning: ” ‘Be ever hearing but never understanding; be ever seeing but never perceiving.’ Make the heart of this people calloused; make their ears dull and close their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn and be healed.” – Isaiah 6:9-10 

HuffPo: ‘Was Jesus a jerk?’

Of Barack Obama: “So there we have it: Jarrett as Our Lady of the Secret Service, Plouffe as the Man Who Owes the Ayatollahs a Favor, and Donilon as The Double-Dipper Who Traded Away Our Secrets for a Re-Election. If the media wished it, each one of them could have a scandalous ‘gate’ attached to their name, as in ‘Jarrett-gate,’ ‘Plouffe-gate,’ and ‘Donilon-gate.’ ”

The Audacity of Cronyism: Jarrett, Plouffe, and Donilon

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