Obama’s Democratic Platform: No Room For “God” & “Jerusalem”

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This is the 1,326th day in which we have had to endure Barack Hussein Obama’s reign as “king of (this) kingdom.”


In a stunning revelation today, the attendees at the Democratic National Convention were called on three separate times for a “Yay” or a “Nay” in regard to returning “GOD” and “Jerusalem” back into the Democratic Platform.

In what started out as a simple question of “Why” from Fox News anchor Brett Baier of Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, Durbin went into a defensive tirade of accusations against Mr. Baier, Fox News, its Network, and the Republican Party. Durbin immediately began accusing Baier of suggesting that the Democratic Party was “Godless.”

Then today, in an astonishing turn, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, the head of the Democratic National Convention, called for a vote on returning “God” and “Jerusalem” to the Platform. What he got in response was stunning… In what he thought would be a routine motion-call, Villaraigosa was confronted by a divided hall who seemed to equally split the vote. He called again – and again the response seemed divided. The moment was classic! Villaraigosa was dazed and confused. He looked around as though in search of some assistance. Then, an administrator stepped in and directed him to call the vote again and the delegates would “do what they’re gonna do.”

After the third failed attempt to get even a majority call, Villaraigosa made a desperate call and recognized the motion PASSED by two-thirds majority! He left the stage to a booing crowd.

In what may very likely be the turning point or this dead-even presidential election, the election committee for Barack Obama just had a very bad moment. Recorded and re-played are the echoing boos from the representative Democratic Party and there displeasure in recognizing God and Jerusalem.

How can any American go to the polls and cast a vote for a man – who represents a party of “Americans” -who want nothing of God and who want nothing of Jerusalem?

As it turns out… God may very well have just shown up – whether they like it or not!


There was a time in our history when we “Pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.” We don’t do that any longer because an allegiance to this country by its citizens has become somehow offensive.

There was a time in our history when we “pledged allegiance to the republic for which the flag stands” – which has also become somehow offensive to many who call themselves “American.”

We were “one nation, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for all.”

But according to the face-off at the DNC today, it’s obvious that that too has become somehow domestically offensive. And that offense seems to have divided the Democrats 50-50.

Until the Islamic, Liberation Theologian was elected President,  it wasn’t necessary to proclaim the capital of Israel to be Jerusalem. But since he’s gained office, the idea of the Israelis staking claim on Jerusalem has somehow become “offensive.” Might that be because he’s an Islamic Liberation Theologian who wishes to have the Israelis displaced by the Palestinians?

Nah… that just can’t be. That would be too obvious – just like the DIVISION in the Democrats as portrayed today. Today, half of the Democratic party recognized “who” and “what” the other half is. And the “other half” is of those who take offense to God, allegiance to the United States, and allegiance to our Israeli allies.

The “other half” makes us DIVISIBLE.

Headlines 9/05/2012

Biblical warning: “…I will blind all the horses of the nations” – Zechariah 12:4

Israel readies ‘secret weapon’ for Iran attack

Current events: Like it or not, we are Israel… and like Israel, some of us are considered part of Jerusalem

Iran: “The Zionist regime separated from America has no meaning, and we must not recognize Israel as separate from America”

Biblical warning: “The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East” – Revelation 16:12

Current events: The “water” that flowed after the fall of the Towers (Isaiah 30:25) was the U.S. military. On October 21, 2011 (the 1st day of the 10th month – Ge 8:5) – Barack Obama announced the “removal” of that water by year’s end. The great river Euphrates flows from the northernmost to the southernmost ends of Iraq. Barack Hussein Obama cleared the way for Iran to attack Israel over Iraq and Syria.

Iran Supplying Syria Over Iraq

Biblical warning: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins” – Isaiah 17:1

Report: Over 170 people killed in Syria fighting on Wednesday (Haaretz)

All the nations: “The Obama White House has given itself a free hand to follow the Palestinian position on the refugee issue too like on Jerusalem”

Massed US, UK, French navies for drill simulating breach of blocked Hormuz

Pro-Israel language yanked from Dem platform

Jerusalem deleted from US Democrats’ platform

Warning! What Happens when America elects a descendant of Islam who has spent the last 20 years practicing “Liberation Theology?”

The 2008 Democratic platform: The peace process “should resolve the issue of Palestinian refugees by allowing them to settle there, rather than in Israel.”

The current Democratic platform agenda: The 2012 platform contains no language on the matter.

Democrats remove pro-Israel language from platform

Democratic platform drops US commitment to Israel’s qualitative military edge

Uh Oh! “It makes me feel as a pastor that all respect and reverence for the Church and clergy has been removed from the Democratic Party,” Stevens told CBN News.

Dems Scrub ‘God’ References from Party Platform

Durbin Attacks Fox News: God Is Not A Franchise Of Republican Party

Democrats Boot God From Convention Platform

DNC Video: ‘Government Only Thing We All Belong To’

WOW! – 50% of attendees at DNC REJECT inclusion of “GOD” and “JERUSALEM” in Platform

Resurrection: DNC Overrules Delegates, Rams God and Jerusalem Back into Platform


‘Mr. President, please be quiet’

U.S. drone strike kills 5 militants in Yemen (AP)

The result of “fundamental transformation…” 

Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan vows to ‘flood’ streets to press for democratic reforms (DPA)

James M. Arlandson: Thirty Shariah Laws That Are Bad For All Societies


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  • This has always been the fanudmental problem with reaching any kind of peace agreement. The needs of Israel either aren’t considered at all or they are given only superficial consideration. Supposedly we want to prevent a nuclear war. At least this is what our leaders tell us. Presumably Israel has a “tipping point” at which they would use nuclear weapons to defend their country. If you weaken Israel by giving land to the enemies of the state, you make it much harder for Israel to defend its self and the tipping point where Israel would need to use nuclear weapons would be reached much sooner. If Israel uses nuclear weapons, others would probably join in as well and a major military confrontation would be much more likely to ensue. It also makes it much more likely that we would be pulled in somehow. In other words, the current peace proposals actually make peace less likely instead of more likely. At a time when the US faces massive national debt, a struggling economy, and worn down over stretched military it seems insane to push policies that would make another military confrontation more likely but our leaders are doing it. Now contrast America’s situation with the situation Russia currently faces. Russia’s primary source of revenue is oil sales. A new war in the Middle East drives up the price of oil. For them a new military confrontation in the Middle East makes perfect sense. By pushing the current peace proposals we only play into the hands of more capable adversary. I’m pretty sure they would the proceeds from the increase price of oil to continue upgrading the conventional and nuclear forces.

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