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When ordinary men are given an extraordinary ability, how do they communicate such ability in a manner that does not come across as crazy? So far, we have failed to do so on a majority basis. But we’ll try again. Here goes…

Jesus is God and he spent his years between thirty and thirty-three telling us so. Would he not then be considered a witness of God? Is it reasonable that Jesus, testifying between thirty and thirty three, could have done so for three and a half years?

What are the only two things which are of God and have stood before Satan here on earth? Might they be His Son and His Spirit? And if this is accurate, is not the Spirit of God represented by the prophets who are spoken of and who have written the books of the Bible?

Has Jesus (as God) not promised to “devour” his enemies by fire in Luke 12:49? Did Elijah (the Spirit of God – Jesus) not do that very thing in 2 Kings 1?

What happens to those who deny the gift of God? Do they not all perish?

We know that Jesus, being God, had the power to shut up the sky so that it would not rain. But didn’t Elijah (The Spirit of God) do the very same thing in 1 Kings 17-19?

Was it not the Spirit of God which gave Moses the power to turn water to blood? And was the Christ Jesus not that of life giving waters mixed with blood – turned from the water of life to the death of blood and back to the water of life again?

From Scripture, we recognize the plagues upon Egypt as those created by the Word of God, His Spirit. We know from Jesus that he has brought about the plague of division. He has divided light and life from death, the man of sin, and his darkness.

The testimony of the Christ Jesus was concluded (not ended) 2,000 years ago – as was the testimony of God’s Spirited writers. And, at the hands of evil men, powered by the Destroyer and the Causer of Death, Jesus was attacked and killed. His prophets have been attacked and killed as well. They have been murdered, crucified, beheaded, stoned, imprisoned, and even cut in two. (Reference Hebrews 11:36-38, Rev 13:14-15 and then compare to Qur’an 5:33)

Jonah, the Spirit of God, was attacked and killed. He lay in the belly of a “great fish” or a “beast out of the sea” for three and a half days (after three days and three nights). When asked for a miracle, the Pharisees were given only the comparison of Jesus’ death to that of Jonah. The only difference was that Jonah left from Joppa and was headed to Tarshish. Could he have been “vomited out” upon the same shores as those of the merchants – those families who traveled between Sodom and Egypt – who were also the victims of Muhammad’s evil rise in Arabia? (Ezekiel 38:10-13)

And does this land near Joppa not include the site of the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus in Jerusalem?

Neither Jesus nor Jonah was given burial. But each was entombed in the belly of the beast. Jesus called it the “heart of the earth.”

Then, can we further understand that “the heart of the earth” and the belly of “the beast out of the sea” are one and the same? And what lies within the Abyss or within the “heart of the earth?”

Most men know of the stories of Jesus and Jonah. For three and a half days the (majority) of the world rejoiced because these “trouble-makers” had made the ‘seas’ (of men) rage. To this day, the world mocks Jesus and the Spirit of God. To this day, Voluntary Gifts (the bodies and souls of men as defined as “gifts” in chapter 8 of the Qur’an) are offered to the spirit of evil, the beast which has risen from within the Abyss.

These two prophets, Jesus and the Spirit, have caused torment because of their division between good and evil.

After three and a half days (after three days and three nights), God restored life to both of these men. Jesus rose from the tomb and Jonah was spit out of the beast. Terror struck those who saw Jesus and terror struck those who saw Jonah. These “dead” men walked, talked and spoke the Words of God.

The ending of the book of Jonah is ominous. It is left with God’s concern over the 120,000 men and their families (considered to be worth no more than cattle to the devil’s men) who could not tell the God of heaven from a foreign “god.”

In Muhammad’s “Final Pilgrimage” it is proclaimed that Muhammad spoke to 120,000 men and their families (left unmentioned). In his speech, Muhammad told his audience how the God they called “Allah” (the God of their fathers – including Ishmael) was now to be properly named “Allah” and that the inaccurate portrayal of Allah as God by the former prophets was to be corrected by him. According to him, and only him, his “Allah” was the actual and only true “Allah.”

In April of 632 A.D. (10 A.H. by Muhammad’s changed “set times”), the men and women of Nineveh (Arabia) could no longer tell the God of heaven from the “god” of Muhammad. He mixed truth with lies and told all of the newly formed Islam, that his “Allah” was the God of Abraham. To this day, most of the world cannot tell their right hand (God) from their left hand (Muhammad’s Allah). To this day, 1.6 billion people believe that by exchanging “Voluntary Gifts” (the lives and souls of men); they will be honored by their “god.”

They do not understand… that although their left hand appears identical to the right, it is actually the exact opposite of the other. They do not understand that Allah opposes the God of heaven.

Elijah (the Spirit) was raised to heaven in 2 Kings 2:11. Jesus was called to heaven as per Luke 24:51 and Acts 1:9. Each did so with their enemies looking on… where “looking on” is not necessarily at the ascension of God, but looking on toward their own evil intent.

At the time of God’s calling, there was an earthquake in Jerusalem (Mt 27:51-53) – just like there was an earthquake outside of Elijah’s cave (1 Kings 19:11).

Might there have been 7,000 killed in the quake as per; 1Ki 19:18, Mt 27:52-53, Romans 11:1-6, and those of the first resurrection in Revelation 20:4-5 – including John the Baptist?

Terrified were those in the boat after Jonah was tossed (Jnh 1:15). Terrified were the centurion and those with him – those who recognized, post-mortem, that Jesus was God. (Mt 27:54)

In my mind, which is of a common man mixed with the tie-dyed determination of a physicist (not to be confused with brilliance), I understand God’s two witnesses to be that of himself as the Christ Jesus and the Spirit which guides those who choose to drink of the living water of God. These three are in agreement (1Jn 5:6-12)

It is with this understanding that God can righteously continue to justify his perfect decision to give life to the “chosen” people, the Jews, who have yet to recognize Jesus as the Christ. Without them, prophecy has no conclusion. Without them, transgression could not be complete.

It is for them that we might understand Luke 12:4-12. It was by the grace of truth that 7,000 (Jews) were chosen. They are those who spoke against the Son of Man (as have we all) but who did not bend a knee to Baal and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. And it is the Son of Man who, upon the cross, called upon his Father to “forgive them.”

It is only the spirit of death and destruction which has power to “throw you into hell.” It is only the Spirit of God who can defeat the power of death and destruction and raise you into heaven.

The name of the God of heaven is/are; The Father, the Son, and the Spirit; these three are in agreement.

The name of Death and Destruction is/are; Allah (Al-Mumit and Al-Qahhar), Muhammad (Al-Tariq), and the evil spirit (that of the Qur’an and those who believe in it) which defines them; these three (frogs – Rev 16:13) can agree on nothing – not even the lies that spill from their mouths.

When ordinary men are given an extraordinary ability, how do they communicate such ability in a manner that does not come across as crazy?

And when men repeatedly insist (mostly under their breath) that this is crazy, how do we present the tens of hundreds of pages we’ve written linking historical and current events to God’s promises and warnings?

Until that’s answered in any other manner, we’ll continue to chip away.


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