“No God but Allah?” or “No God is Allah?”

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The following comments are in response to: Islam and Iran: Why Obama doesn’t get it

Our view:

By the mere submission of Obama to Allah, as is evidenced by the engraving on his ring, that he knows Islam. Any man who has a Farsi speaking Iranian rubber stamp his decisions, policies, and speeches knows Islam. Committed to the “prophet’s”  false religion and “foreign god,” is the man who presents his vows to Muhammad’s re-invented “god” by the ring on his finger – which has engraved  the Arabic symbols for, “There is no god but Allah.”

Obama gets it alright. He understands Islam…


“Christians also must believe that there is no God but Allah (God).  Jews, Christians, and Muslims, are all monotheists, and whether you call the diety (sic) “God” or “Dieu” or “Gott” or “Bog” or “Allah,” He is the same One God.”

Our Response:

Just like the 120,000 men and their families who were addressed by Muhammad in April of 632 A.D., (man) cannot tell his right hand (the God of heaven) from his left hand (Muhammad’s “god” Allah).

It was the false prophet Muhammad who fulfilled this warning of Jonah 4:11 – by way of his “Final Pilgrimage.” (Reference – “Google” Muhammad, Farewell Sermon, 120,000)

We cannot fault men like (this man) for this line of thinking. It has been this way, men have been deaf and blind to this truth, for nearly 1,400 years.

Just ask yourself, does the God of heaven teach us:

“The only punishment for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger or who strive to make mischief in the land (those who refuse to worship the Qur’an) is that they should be murdered, or crucified, or their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, or that they should be imprisoned?” – Qur’an 5:33

This is the teaching of the “SAME” God who gave us the gift of the Christ Jesus?

The Commentator would have you believe that this “Allah” is the same God who lived as flesh among men (the Christ Jesus) and told unrighteous men to drop their stones and quit inflicting their vengeance upon one another. He would have you believe that the teachings of the Christ, 600 years before the appearance of the false prophet Muhammad and his foreign “god” Allah, were in error. – Reference John 8:1-11

Can it be that this “Allah” is the masquerading angel of 2 Co 11:14 – who calls itself An-Nur (Qur’an 24:35) or “The Light?” Keep in mind, this is the same “deity” who denies the Father and the Son. Is not such a spirit that which has the title of Antichrist as per 1 John 2:22?

The bottom line is that Muhammad’s Allah is not the God of heaven. He is however the serpent which has crawled all over this earth since Eve. He/it is the nemesis of the God of heaven and his life-giving Son.


Headlines 10/17/2012

Current Event: Russia, Syria’s ally, parks anti-aircraft missiles near Turkish border

Russian S-400s relocated near Turkey. Hizballah shifts units, rockets into Syria

The Destroyer of Revelation 9/11: His name is Al-Mumit, “The Causer of Death” or “The Destroyer.” You know him as Allah… Listen to the screams of, Allahu Akbar!”

Syrian Rebels Down Helicopter as Fighting Continues

One of the few Obama accomplishments: Iran’s successful transfer of centrifuges to an underground facility

All of Iran’s advanced enrichment centrifuges now removed to Fordo

Diplomats in Vienna: Iran continues to install centrifuges in Fordo

Newspaper Report: UAV Built in Germany, Purchased by Iran

Current Event: “The Cairo (the City of Destruction – Isa 19:18) government aide claimed that amending the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel is important to help restore Egyptian control over the lawless Sinai Peninsula”

Morsi Adviser Calls to Change Israel Peace Treaty

Bin Laden is dead and blah, blah, blah…

FBI detains Al Qaeda-linked person charged with plotting to blow up Federal Reserve in Manhattan


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