Surprise, Surprise… an October Surprise

On October 9, 2012 by Admin

How many October surprises does it take before no one is surprised anymore?


Headlines 10/9/2012

From the horses mouth: “The U.S. representatives reminded the Iranians that President Obama has stood in front of Israel, preventing the Jewish state from attacking Iran over its illicit nuclear arms policy”

The “first day of the first month of the (next) year:” We knew “the Islamic regime has already crossed Israel’s “red line” and is closing in on nuclear capability” – This was 1/19/2012 (see

Iran’s secret nuclear-bomb plant revealed

Current event: “…the Iranian-Israeli war is already at hand”

Obama miscalculated: “US intelligence recently warned President Barack Obama that Iran’s nuclear breakthrough point is much closer than formerly estimated, i.e. approximately 7 weeks off”

US sources: US, Israel plan October Surprise. Others: Israel can do it alone

U.S., Israel considering joint ‘surgical strike’ on Iran’s nuclear facilities

U.S. think tank: Iran could produce a nuclear warhead within 2-4 months

Did Obama Just Throw The Entire Election Away? 

Barack Hussein Obama: “I am one of them”

Obama’s ring: ‘There is no god but Allah’

Intel Personnel: Obama Admin Covering Up Iran, Egypt Involvement in 9/11 Attacks

White House Comes Clean: No Protest Outside Libya Consulate

Biblical warning: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become  a heap  of ruins” – Isaiah 17:1

Official: Syria debating full military mobilization

Suicide car blast reported at Syrian Air Force Intelligence complex

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