Are you ready for war?

On November 16, 2012 by Admin

We have released two new pages: The Beast Out of the Earth is Muhammad and The Number of Days in Daniel

Please make some time in your day to read these new postings. War is at the door. And this one is like none other in the history of this world.


Headlines 11/16/2012

Israeli ex-general: ‘Declaration of war’

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv under Palestinian rocket attack

 Hamas: ‘We targeted Knesset, Shimon Peres’

Overnight IDF Strikes bring Target Total to 500

LIVE BLOG: Rockets slam into Israel’s south in third day of IDF operation in Gaza

Current Event: The City of Destruction, Al-Qahira – Cairo, won’t leave the Muhammad mini-me’s on their own

Report: Egypt’s Morsi decries Israel’s attacks on Gaza, Cairo won’t leave Gaza on its own (Reuters)

Palestinian rockets strike Jerusalem, Tel Aviv. Reserves call-up expanded

REPORT: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards overseeing missile fire

For Netanyahu, Gaza escalation could pave the way to Iran strike

Diplomats: Iran may soon step up underground nuke work

Petraeus testifies CIA’s talking points changed

Franklin Graham: US Has Turned Its Back on God



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