How Evil Progressively morphed into something called “good”

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The following commentary is not that of our own. The author is known only as “stlouisix.”

This is what we call “an author…”

“It’s high time to CALL THE LIARS, LIARS in terms of differentiating between the culture of life and the culture of death.

The culture of life worships the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The culture of death worships the god in the mirror. The culture of life is received from the Lord. The culture of death is received from the devil. The culture of life recognizes God as the author of life and the universe as opposed to a Supreme Court decision rendered that gives man the natural right to define life and the universe any way he desires. The culture of life recognizes a greater good in a social context and especially in a spiritual one whereby the actions of man are not totally autonomous and have a profound effect on his fellow human beings. It is nonsensical in the culture of life to say that “I’m OK, you’re OK,” that my morals are not your morals in a relativistic sense because the culture of life recognizes the truth of the natural law. This is in stark contrast to the culture of death that confuses freedom with license, moreover making unlimited freedom the defining characteristic of a soulless man. The culture of life recognizes the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. The culture of death is the antithesis of this position in that a lexicon formulated by the devil is used to anesthetize the very concept of life through its entire spectrum from conception to natural death. Babies are referred to as fetuses, euthanasia is called assisted suicide, and infanticide becomes dilation and extraction or a late term abortion procedure. The culture of life has an answer to the question “what happens when A’s rights conflict with B’s?” The culture of death doesn’t in that it embraces the fallacious concept of unlimited freedom for the totally autonomous unencumbered self as made law by Planned Parenthood vs. Casey.The culture of life affirms the right of every human being to recognize the sacred value of human life and to have this primary good respected to the highest degree. The culture of death recognizes no such right and makes man independent of his neighbors in regard to his actions as the greater good of the human and political communities is ignored. The culture of life recognizes the hypocrisy of those who call for the killing of the unborn but for the grace of God they would not be here to foment such despicable opinions.

The culture of death represents the eclipse of reason. It has enveloped the world in a new dark age where the disciples of the endarkenment employ intimidation, coercion, lies, and force to give the illusion that public opinion is one with their dark schemes. Obfuscation becomes the name of the game as polls are only quoted which further their ends. This eclipse of reason is more rightly seen as an eclipse of the sense of God which inevitably leads to materialism and atheism which breeds individualism, utilitarianism, and hedonism. Prime examples of these disciples are the Obamunists, who by their actions, should be recognized for the despots they are who can’t wait to go to a place whose existence they deny and take as many with them as possible.

The culture of death embodies consummate evil. It at all levels is the most heinous of lies told by the “father-of-lies”. It serves those who have no ultimate end but their own self-gratification and pleasure to the detriment of everyone else. It is selfishness personified in that it is the result of man creating himself into the image of the devil. It worships the god in the mirror with no concern for the common good in a natural must less a supernatural sense. It infests with its tentacles the highest levels of world governments by blinding man to the fact that all legitimate laws come from God who is Ultimate Perfect Truth.

Actions speak louder than words. They must if we are to transform a culture of death that has turned evil into good into a culture of life. To quote the late Ralph McInerny, Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame, in Crisis Magazine Jan. 1999, “the culture of death is a debased culture and relativism and nihilism are not viable philosophical options; they are the negation of reason and of the dignity of the human person.” McInerny reminds us further, “The rise of philosophy was accompanied simultaneously by the rise of its dark twin, sophistry. The philosopher sought to be a wise man while the sophist was content to be a wise guy, employing language for gain, skeptical that such a thing as truth was worthwhile even if it were within reach.”

The contemporary sophists go by another name today – “spin-doctors”. Their battle cry is judge not lest ye be judged. They reinvent history and religion to accommodate their vices. They ask for forgiveness without repentance – an impossibility. They don’t want their actions overlaid against universal moral norms to the total ignorance that our system of positive law collapses leading to anarchy. They populate an “isle of liars” with the father-of-lies their god. They must be exposed whenever and wherever they raise their ugly heads for the sake of the souls of our children, grandchildren, and us. Playing fields can no longer be conceded. Games can no longer be forfeited. We’re talking about finality in its truest sense – salvation or damnation for eternity.”




Headlines 4/27/2013

Bill would stop abortion infanticide in D.C.

Obama to Planned Parenthood: ‘God bless you’

Palin hammers ‘radically pro-abortion’ Obama

Marijuana laws new tool to ban gun ownership

FBI informant: Taliban already in U.S.

Obama’s scrub of Muslim terms questioned

Boston Bombers Had Links to al Qaeda Terrorist Cells

U.N. official blames U.S., Israel for Boston attack

Israel to U.S.: Act on Syria chemical weapons

“Obama’s 20,000-Troop “Surge” to Shield Jordan from Syria”

Obama’s non-response to Assad’s chemical weapons would encourage a nuclear Iran

Tehran and Assad slide past US and Israeli red lines – nuclear and chemical

White House to Congress: Assad has used chemical weapons. Israeli jets down Hizballah drone opposite Haifa

850,000 young Iranian girls, as young as 9, married





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