Benghazi… they knew!

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Obama and Hillary knew…
They knew that there was a coordinated attack being planned against Americans by Islamists.
They knew that there was going to be killing, stealing and destroying.
They knew that the Muslim Brotherhood was going to exploit the lack of security which was obviously lax for a purpose.
They knew… and still they said, “It was the movie.”
They knew then just how and why the attack occurred. Yet, Barack came out in front of the UN body – just days after the attack – and said, “It was the movie.”
Barack told that body, and the entire world that, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
Barack Husssssein, the Commander in Chief of these United States of America, chose that moment of a terrorist attack against this nation to side with the enemy.
He did so in his own words.
Barack has fulfilled one promise – the one he is credited to having placed in writing:
“I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Audacity of Hope
By his own admission, Barack “the Husssssein” stands with the Muslims (our enemy) in these times when the winds have clearly shifted in an ugly direction.
Can it really be argued that Barack Hussein Obama is not a traitor to this nation? He has made it apparent that he stands with the enemy. He stands with Islam. It can no longer be denied. He has said it. He has placed it in writing. And he has acted on it.

We have a Commander in Chief who stands with the very people who want to see us all dead.

Like the Nazis of World War II Germany, we – as a nation – stand aside and let it unfold.


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