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“I don’t consider the koran to be prophecy.  According to the Bible:

Revelation 8:10-11 – “And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.”

This speaks of a “star” falling, burning as it falls.  This is clearly a celestial object of some sort, that causes the waters across a third of the earth to be poisoned, and unfit to use.  No one is digging up centuries-old remains to poison half the waters of the planet.  Mohammed was a human being, and isn’t a star, by any stretch of the imagination.  Satan is Satan.  The Antichrist is a man that will be possessed of Satan.  The False Prophet is one that will be there at the same time, causing the Antichrist to be worshiped.  That figure cannot logically be someone dead for centuries.  Islam will most likely play a major role, but assigning labels as you have done doesn’t make any sense, either Biblically or logically.

Satan is certainly around, and has been for a long time.  He hasn’t been here “always”, though.  He was cast out, and was, before that event, in Heaven.  The Antichrist has NOT always been around, though I believe he is now.  The False Prophet likewise hasn’t always been around.  Whatever tools or systems that are used will certainly be established by that time, but they haven’t been around “always”, either.  The enemy has used many, many false religions, over the millennia, to mislead people.  Nor will it be here that he is punished.  The earth will be remade, and it is NOT the “lake of fire” spoken of in the Bible.

God never told us a single thing about “allah”.  You give far too much credit to a lie of the enemy.

Ezekiel 28 is a prophecy against the king of Tyre.”

Our Response:

The Qur’an fulfills Biblical prophecy. It’s not prophetic itself. Satan is not prophetic.
The fallen angel, Allah, initially presented the “counterfeit miracles” of the Qur’an through his false prophet – Muhammad.
Within it are the ‘seven’ thunders of Rev 10 and “the ‘seven'” of Daniel 9:27. These ‘seven’ can be found in chapter 1 of the Qur’an. They are called the Oft-repeated verses because they are to be recited thirty (30) times a day.
“In the middle of ‘seven'” is the verse which instructs Muslims to serve and seek help from him – the fallen angel; in doing so, Satan/Allah “puts an end to the ‘sacrifice and offering’ ” of the Christ Jesus upon the cross… for all Muslims.
You referenced Rev 8:10-11…
That “star” is the devil. He’s called: Satan, Allah, Muhammad, serpent, morning star, dawn, dragon, Baal, the two horns, etc. (Look to Isaiah 14:12 and Luke 10:18)
Muhammad calls himself An-Noor and as-Siraj-un-Munir — “The Light Personified” and “the Light-Giving-Lamp.”
It was by Muhammad’s vomited word and Allah’s confirming of that word (his “covenant”) by the gathering of the Qur’an into book form – 18 years after Muhammad’s death. That book confirms the actual names of Muhammad and his Allah in Rev 8:10-11 and fulfills Daniel 9:27.
God calls his truth “water.” God also calls men “water.”
The devil mirrors him and does the very same thing (Qur’an 21:30b). The devil’s “water” fell amongst men.
And his “water” has fallen upon two-thirds of men. Two in every three men oppose the Spirit of God – whether it is Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist or whatever denies the Spirit of God.
This is consistent with Zechariah 13:8-9. And the “thirds” are consistent with the numbers of men on earth today.
One third calls themselves Christians or Jews.

This “third” is verified by Daniel 7:10 and Rev 9:16. There are 10,000 times 10,000 who stand with God in Da 7:10. That is one hundred million (100,000,000). There are two hundred million who oppose him in Rev 9:16. This is not intended to be the actual number of those who stand with God but representative only of the thirds.
There is a hadith which describes a worm eating the call of “Bismillah” into a wooden placard on the Ka’bah.


Allah willed to save His messenger and his fellow believers from this disaster and grant them deliverance. Woodworms ate the document of the blockade hung in the Kaaba leaving only the name of Allah safe. Gabriel told the Prophet (a.s.) about that, and the Prophet (a.s.) told his uncle Abu Talib saying to him, “My Lord Allah the Almighty has sent the woodworm to the document of Quraysh, and it left every name that was of Allah safe in it (the document) and removed injustice, alienation, and falsehood – Seerah, Life of Muhammad 1

Now, you can understand the prophecy of Isaiah 30:25 better:

In the day of great slaughter, when the towers fall (9/11), streams of water will flow on every high mountain and every lofty hill.

Like the Qur’an fulfills Biblical prophecy, verse 4:78 ordered this act of razing those Towers on 9/11:

“Wherever you are, death will overtake you, though you are in Towers raised high”

The “star” is the two horns of flesh and spirit given to us in Isaiah 14:12 – the two names of Muhammad and Allah. These are also the two names given to us in Rev 13:18 (Arabic calligraphy identical to χ (Chi -600), ξ (Xi – 60), ς (stigma – 6).
The bitter waters are the very same thing as the “honey” which soured in the stomach of John in Rev 10. This is the beverage of many hues, from the bee, in Qur’an chapter 16.
Muhammad called himself “The Christ” by taking the title of “morning star” – as the title of Jesus in Rev 22:16. But Muhammad was of the root of Ishmael – NOT that of David or David’s lineage.
Muhammad was the flesh possessed by Satan (one of his demons).
He delivered the word which became the “little scroll” of Rev 10. It is held and presented by Satan, the fallen angel, the ultimate Antichrist.
You say “same time” thinking that God is mistaken by Daniel 7:11-12.
God is never “mistaken.” Muhammad is as relevant today as he was 1,400 years ago.
Muhammad is the bear-beast that was slain – not by the power of men (Daniel 8:25) – but by the Word of God. Muhammad did not die by the hands of men. He died by fever.
Look to the Dome of the Rock – that temple built in honor of Muhammad’s god. Men worship him. Even you believe him to be God by another name. If you didn’t believe that, you would know that anything worshipped as God but isn’t God IS Satan – the Antichrist.
If you were to go to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, North Africa, East Africa or any of the Islamic nations and say, “Muhammad’s a dead liar” – they’d kill you; just as Rev 13:14-15 and John 16:2-3 says they will.
Satan’s power was crushed by Jesus’ defeat of him, Death, two-thousand years ago. It was then that Satan was imprisoned – Rev 17:8
Satan has been here since Adam and Eve. As far as man’s history goes, that’s forever.
Think about it for a minute… You are actually saying that Satan is NOT in opposition to the Christ?
Of course he is… That is one of the most basic teachings of the Bible.
Again, two-thirds of men TODAY disbelieve in the Father and His Son. That is the number of Zechariah 13:8-9.
The earth gets destroyed. Rev 11:18 tells us so.
The free Jerusalem above is our mother. Galatians 4:26 tells us so.
This earth burns… God tells us so. This is hell. Ezekiel 28:18 tells us so.
Rev 10 describes the fallen angel presenting “his” book – the Qur’an.
God gives us the name of Allah in Rev 13:18. His Arabic script, his name, is identical to the Roman numeral “Xi” or “60” – as is shown above.
The “king of Tyre” is Satan. Satan is the king of this earthly kingdom – Rev 9/11. He’s also called Al-Mumit, “The Destroyer” the “Causer of Death.” God doesn’t cause death, sin does.
Everything I have given to you is in writing and has been fulfilled by history.
Everything I have given you is presented as prophecy in the Bible and delivered by Muhammad as the flesh and Satan/Allah as the evil-spirit of Rev 13:11.
These two horns mirror the flesh and Spirit of the Christ Jesus. But, unlike the Christ, they speak like a dragon because they are the flesh and spirit of Satan.
Everything fits Biblical prophecy…
You can’t change what is written history.


Headlines 11/3-4/2013

Biblical warning: “War will continue until the end… – Daniel 9:26

Mystery explosion at Iran’s Arak heavy water reactor

Bolton: Israel must make ‘fateful decision’ on Iran strike

Iranian leaders not optimistic about nuclear talks with powers

Iran, NKorea to continue nuclear, missile cooperation

Turkey and Iran sign secret intelligence cooperation pact. Ankara rolls up anti-Iran spy rings

Betrayal of Israel…

U.S. signals it won’t be backing Israel

Biblical warning: “…whoever fails to find me (God) harms himsef; all who hate me (God) love death – Proverbs 8:36

“Death to America” slogans in Tehran

Biblical warning: “On that day, when all nations of the earth are gathered against her (now), I will make Jerusalem (the free Jerusalem above) an immovable rock for all the nations” – Zechariah 12:3

Will Israel Act Alone on Iran’s Nuclear Threat?

Biblical warning: “Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them” – Romans 1:32

Obama blogs in favor of sexual perversion

Biblical warning: “The great dragon was hurled down–that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray…” – Revelation 12:9

Qur’anic fulfillment: “And fight with them (jihad) until there is no more persecution, and all religions are for Allah.” – Qur’an 8:39

Sheikh: ‘Allah Alone Will Be Worshipped’

Biblical warning: Egypt dis not escape (Muhammad’s Allah) – Daniel 11:42

As Kerry met Egyptian and Saudi leaders, planning advanced for a Russian naval base in Egypt


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