Obama Betrays Israel!

On November 8, 2013 by Admin

In a very swift move, Barack’s administration uses the distraction of Obamacare to betray Israel and give Iran the nuclear weapons they need to “wipe Israel off the map.” As
a counter to their sworn enemy, Saudi Arabia just purchased nuclear warheads from Pakistan.

Now, three Islamic nations (four with India) possess nuclear weapons.

Barack Hussein Obama is everything we’ve been saying he is.

And we say he is the second-most evil man in history; second only to the false prophet Muhammad.


Headlines 11/08/2013

Geneva fallout: Iran becomes a nuclear power, followed by Saudis. Israel loses trust in Obama

Major Israel-US rift over Washington plan to let Tehran continue enriching uranium with sanctions relief

Nuclear accord with Iran could create fierce diplomatic storm between U.S. and Israel

Netanyahu warns Kerry: Israel not bound by any deal between Iran and West

Netanyahu blasts U.S.-Iran deal

Foreign ministers scramble to join Iran signing in Geneva

Report: Saudis have bought nukes from Pakistan

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