When the Sun Rose in the west

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How we responded to the comment of Chris Matthews, “Obama came among us…”

What the reader should recognize is that Barack Hussein Obama is a messiah. There is no question about it. His words, his actions and his policies all tell the tale. The only thing is, he’s not a messiah of the God of heaven, he’s a messiah of Muhammad’s Allah; God’s nemesis. They are called mujaddids. Mujaddids are said to arrive at the beginning of every new century to advance the antichrist objectives of Muhammad’s Islam.

A promise is given that if Muslims exerted themselves to their utmost to uphold the cause of Islam, they would be in the ascendant (hh. 3, 4). There is a further promise that divinely inspired persons, called mujaddids, shall appear among Muslims to revive the faith (h. 5), and that a Messiah shall appear among them to carry the message of Islam to the Christian nations of the world in particular (h. 6). – A Manual of Hadith, Chapter XIX, Introductive narrative, p. 206
A person thus raised by Allah is called a mujaddid (one who revives) in the terminology of Islam. The mujaddid is a muhaddath (one to whom Allah speaks though not a prophet) and he is raised up by God to remove errors that have crept in among Muslims and to shed new light on the great religious truths of Islam in the new circumstances which Muslims may have to face in every new age – A manual of Hadith, Chapter XIX, verse 5, note 3., p. 208
Though these are mythical characters (Muslims are not prophetic – particularly accurate of their founding “prophet”), there is nothing to stop the fanatic from attempting to assume this role. 
Surely Allah will raise for this community at the beginning of every century one who shall revive for it its faith – A Manual of Hadith, Chapter XIX, verse 5, p. 208 
Particularly disturbing is Baraq’s apparent adoption of his being a mujaddid. In A Manual of Hadith, the supporting word of the Qur’an, there is a particular mujaddid who is stated to arrive and rise in the West.
This is a further prophecy relating to the ascendancy of Islam. The son of Mary is the Messiah, and Muslims are told that a Messiah would appear among them. This Messiah is called imamu-kum min-kum i.e., your imam from among yourselves. In a hadith of the Sahih Muslim on the same subject, the words are wa amma-kum min-kum i.e., he (the messiah)  shall be your imam from among yourselves, leaving no doubt that a member of the Muslim community would be raised to the dignity of the Messiah (to the dignity of the Christ Jesus) – A Manual of Hadith, Chapter XIX, verse 6, note 4, p. 209
The appearance of the Messiah among Muslims thus meant only the appearance of a mujaddid “in spirit and power” of the Messiah – A Manual of Hadith, Chapter XIX, verse 6, note 4, p. 209
Like Muhammad was called the “Sun of Righteousness,” this rising star in the West will also be known as the second “Sun of Righteousness.”
The son of Mary will appear among you as a judge, doing justice (between people), and he will break the Cross and kill the swine” (B. 60 : 49). This clearly shows that the Messiah would come when the religion of the Cross will be in the ascendant, and that his work will be to spread Islam among the Christian nations of the world in particular, which in other hadith is described as the rising of the sun in the West, the sun standing for the Sun of Islam and the West for the Western nations. Thus this prophecy speaks in fact of the final ascendancy of Islam in the world – A Manual of Hadith, Chapter XIX, verse 6, note 4, p. 210
From what we know and what we see, Baraq is doing everything he knows how to do in order to claim this title and the kingly seat which comes with it.
This is what Muslims mean by the “Sun” will one day rise in the West.
Now, keeping in mind that Muslims are not prophetic, look at Baraq’s attempts to fill this mythical seat; he does so in much the same manner that the Iranian Shiites believe that nuking Israel and wiping them off the face of the earth will give rise to their overseeing Messiah, the Mahdi, as their actions will raise him up out of the deep, deep well (what you and I recognize to be the Abyss). Though their actions will not raise the mythical Mahdi, their actions will fulfill Biblical prophecy and bring about the consuming fire:
And he performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men – Revelation 13:13
So I made a fire come out from you (Satan/Allah), and it consumed you, and I reduced you to ashes on the ground in the sight of all who were watching – Ezekiel 28:18
Suddenly, in an instant, the Lord Almighty will come with thunder and earthquake and great noise, with windstorm and tempest and flames of a devouring fire – Isaiah 29:5-6

Baraq, the self-proclaimed Islamic messiah, the mujaddid, has not been prophesied – not by Islamic teaching. But, like his false prophet Muhammad, baraq is a man of lawlessness who has changed the Laws of God (abortion, gay-marriage, Islam adoration) and is attempting to remove the Constitutional laws of this nation and institute shariah – the changed laws of the Qur’an. (Reference Daniel 7:25)
The readers have largely not recognized Baraq’s Islamic governing style, because they have no previous interest as to know what that might be… No reason until now, that is.
See this man for what he believes himself to be, an Islamic messiah, and all of a sudden, everything he does makes sense.
He is a Muslim masquerading as a Christian in order to advance Islam and conquer these once United States of America from within her own borders.


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Chris Matthews: ‘Obama came amongst us’

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