A Manual of Hadith

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  • What Islam Is All About IBTS, 1997,396 pages, $17.95Yahiya Emerick 1-889720-14-3 What is Islam about? That is a common quoetisn asked by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Some people study for years and years just to answer this quoetisn. The author of this book is one of those people who studied a lot about Islam. Now he finally has an answer.This book was written by a Baptist Christian who converted(reverted) to Islam. It tells you everything you would want to know about Islam, from Muslim daily habits, to the lives of the Prophets, and even to Islamic government. The author has a very good understanding of Islam and it shows in this book. Since he was a Christian till college, he knows the views of Christians and tells the Christian view of just about everything.This book also shows a lot about science in the Qur’an. For example in the Qur’an it says that all life was created from water. Today we know that water is the basis of all life and that humans have a high percentage of water in them. Also the Qur’an states that all plants were created with paired organs. Now we know that plants have both male and female reproductive organs. The Qur’an, as always, holds true. These little facts and many others make the book very interesting.My dad was the one who sparked my interest in this author. He bought every book he could find written by Mr. Emerick. I thought that if my dad thinks he is good then he must be at least mediocre. It turns out I was wrong. He was better than mediocre, he was excellent.I would highly recommend this book to any Muslim who feels they are missing something in their religion. I would also recommend it to anyone that wants to learn more about Islam or just want to pass some time. In my opinion this book is a masterpiece. 5 stars.

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