Do Muslims Believe in Jesus?

Quick to proclaim their belief in Jesus, Muslims follow the teaching of Muhammad by way of his self-proclaimed miracle – the Qur’an. From this literary piece can be drawn the answers to the questions about Jesus’ role in Islamic culture which is absolute and definitive.

“The Messiah, son of Mary, was only a messenger…” (5:75) – Made clear throughout the Qur’an, Jesus was not the prophesied messiah nor was he the Son of God. He was just a messenger. He and
Moses were two prophets before Muhammad; two prophets who were mistaken in their word.

“When We sent to them two, they rejected them both; then We strengthened (them) with a third, so they said: Surely we are sent to you.”(36:14) – According to Maulana Muhammad Ali (MMA), Moses and Jesus were merely preludes who prophesied about the coming truth of prophet, Muhammad. There is no doubt that both Moses and Jesus warned of a coming prophet but he had little to do with truth.

“The Bible speaks of many of the prophets of God as committing the most heinous sins; it speaks of Abraham as telling lies and casting away Hagar and her son; it speaks of Lot as committing incest with his own daughters; it speaks of Aaron as making a calf for worship and leading the Israelites to its worship; it speaks of David as committing adultery with Uriah’s wife; it speaks of Solomon as worshipping idols; but the Holy Qur’an accepts none of these statements, definitely rejects most of them and clears these prophets of the false charges against them. The unlearned (illiterate) Prophet of Arabia swept away the errors which were a blot on the face of prophethood (sic).” Qur’an, Maulana Muhammad Ali, I-38 – So, the prophets preceding Muhammad were inaccurate in
their Biblical writing, which would include nearly two thousand years of supporting history, and they were corrected by the third of three – Muhammad. By this and numerous other proclamations, both Moses and Jesus were mistaken in their writing; writing declared by Muhammad to prophesy his coming truth.

Maybe he can shed some light on the seemingly impossible tasks taught by Jesus of loving one’s neighbor, loving one’s enemy, loving the God in heaven and for forgiving those who sin against us. It would seem the latter prophet has a better idea.

“O you who believe, take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends of each other. And whoever amongst you takes them for friends he is indeed one of them. Surely, Allah guides not the unjust people.” – Other than verifying the ugliness of this command, there is little to say. By the words of three country leaders, the integration of Islam into France, Germany, and the U.K. has been deemed an utter failure. Is there really any wonder why? Quoting MMA, “When two nations are at war, an individual of one nation having friendly relations with the enemy nation is treated as an enemy; that is exactly what the Qur’an says here.” The question is, “When is the nation of Islam not in a state of war against the disbeliever?”

“… I am with you, so make firm those who believe, I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. So smite above the necks and smite every finger-tip of them.”(8:12)It’s not taken out of context. It means exactly what it says. The narrative for this verse confirms that Muslims are to kill and disable the enemy so they can no longer resist.

“And fight with them until there is no more persecution, and all religions are for Allah…” (8:39) – Again, it’s not taken out of context. It means exactly as it says. The nation of Islam is to fight and remain in a state of war against all other religions until all religions are for Allah. If Allah was the God of heaven, wouldn’t all religions be for him? Muhammad seems to believe they are different gods. And if they’re different gods, isn’t there a choice to make? Before making any choices, be well informed. It seems that the deliverer of truth was a little confused about a few things.

“And when Allah will say: O Jesus, son of Mary, didst thou say to men, Take me and my mother for two gods besides Allah? He will say: Glory be to Thee! It was not for me to say what I had no right to (say). If I had known it, Thou wouldst indeed have known it. Thou knowest what is in my mind, and I know not what is in Thy mind. Surely Thou art Witness of all things.” (5:116) – He might have considered himself a prophet of Allah, but a scholar he is not. One of the many disadvantages of being illiterate is that one needs to rely on those around him for interpretation. Growing up in the very outskirts of the failing Roman Empire, Muhammad was subject to the flaws of Catholicism run amok. He, the supposed prophet of some new god, knew of the Trinity only that which he
was told. Now, whether it was his god who told him or those that he plundered, his miracle – the Qur’an – states that the Trinity consisted of God, Jesus, and his mother! Roman Catholics may follow false, man-made traditions but not even they will go so far as to distort the Trinity by replacing the Spirit of God with Mary!

“And for their saying: We have killed the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, the messenger of Allah, and they killed him not, nor did they cause his death on the cross, but he was made to appear to them as such. And certainly those who differ therein are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge about it, but only follow a conjecture, and they killed him not for certain.” (4:157)- That’s right, the book of Islam directs Muslims to believe that Jesus was nailed to the cross but came off of it alive. Not only did Muhammad deny that Jesus was the Son of God but he denied that Jesus ever died on the cross.  As the reader sees in the following verse, the Islamic Jesus does return on the Day of Judgment only to condemn those who believed in his death, burial, and resurrection.

 “And there is none of the People of the Book but will believe in this before his death; and on the day of resurrection he will be a witness against them.” (4:159) – Muhammad just keeps hammering nails into the hands of god. Causing his own people to perish, Muhammad, the man that got the Trinity wrong, teaches his people to follow a god who has no son, who denies Jesus’ death on the cross and who tells those that trust in him that Jesus will return to condemn his own followers for believing in him.

It’s very clear; one either believes in the sacrifice and offering of Jesus on the cross or he does not. One is a believer; one is not. One is four thousand years of documented, prophetic history; one is twenty three years of verbal diarrhea. One is – one is anti. One is God; the other – the anti-God.

“They take their doctors of law and their monks for lords besides Allah, and (also) the Messiah, son of Mary. And they were enjoined that they should serve one God only – there is no god but He. Be
He glorified from what they set up
(with Him)!” (9:31) –
Playing on half-truths, Muhammad calls Pharisees (doctors of law) and Catholic priests lords.

The dangers of Catholicism, Mormonism, and all the other isms whose Jesus traditions vary from the word of God are best represented here by the master illusionist. When asked about this verse, Muhammad responds, “Was it not that the people considered lawful what their priests declared to be lawful, though it was forbidden by God.” (sic)

Whenever a religion has appeared and tagged itself as a Jesus follower then teaches and practices contrary to the word left to us by those who walked with him; it leaves itself open to easy ridicule and degradation. After nearly six centuries of Roman influence, most of the so-called Christians Muhammad interacted with were Catholics. See Is Catholicism Christianity?

Missed many times is the last sentence of this particular verse; Be He glorified from what they set up (with him)! What glorifies the god of Muhammad is the agreement of his worshippers to follow him. In doing so, they reject the sacrifice and offering made by Jesus’ ransoming crucifixion. Refer to Daniel 9:27

Isn’t that the very thing that the devil does to lure men away from the God in heaven?

                        “Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived
the inhabitants of the earth. He ordered them to set up an image in honor of
the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived.”

Revelation 13:14                       

Can it be argued that history has given names to the beasts?

            Because of the signs (false miracles) he was given power to do on behalf of the first
beast (Allah), he deceived the inhabitants of the earth. He ordered them
(Muslims) to set up an image (the Qur’an) of the first beast (Allah) who was
wounded by the sword (seventh kingdom – Ottoman Empire) yet lived (to become
the nation of Islam).

If your skin’s not crawling it should be! It is worthy to note that Muhammad is also known as the First and his second in command was of course known as the Second. Muhammad was struck in the face in the battle of Uhud. His injuries were severe enough to spread the rumor that he was dead. Yet, he lived – for a little while.

“I (Jesus) said to them naught save as Thou didst command me: Serve Allah, my Lord and your Lord; and I was a witness of them so long as I was among them, but when Thou didst cause me to die Thou wast the Watcher over them. And Thou art Witness of all things.” (5:117) – There is only one way to properly interpret this verse; and that comes by way of MMA; “This verse is conclusive proof that Jesus died a natural death, and is not now alive in heaven. Here Jesus says that so long as he was among his followers he was a witness of their condition, and he did not find them holding the belief in his Divinity. The logical conclusion of this statement is that the false doctrine of his Divinity was introduced into the Christian faith after his death, after “Thou didst cause me to die”. Qur’an 5:117, 117a

“They desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, though the disbelievers may be averse.” (61:8) – Muhammad did exactly as Jesus told us he would do; he deluded people. Challenging the Prince of princes, Muhammad was destroyed but not by human power (Da 8:25). He was slain and his body destroyed… Those he created have lived – until now (reference Da 11-12).

The light of Allah is not the light of God but that of Satan;

“And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

2 Corinthians 11:14

So, do Muslims believe in Jesus?

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