Frequently Asked Questions

Is Four Fathers Revealed a New Religion?

 In a Brief Few Statements, What is Islam?

 Who is the false prophet?

 Who and what is the devil?

 Is the God in heaven and Allah the same God?

 How could the devil amass an army of men?

 What does God consider a falsehood and lies?

 Of the many religions who lay claim on Jesus, which is correct?

Do Muslims believe in Jesus?

 Is Barack Obama the Antichrist?

What does God consider detestable?

Does God hate?

What is s the Arab Spring and is it a good thing?

Are all Muslims terrorists?

Should I bow before a statue of Mary, the Pope, or to the Kah’ba (to the east)?

Doesn’t what is considered to be the truth vary based upon religious belief?

Isn’t there supposed to be a seven-year warning period and multiple, obvious catastrophic events prior to God’s promised end to this generation of men?





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  • Mar30Dusty Kat Thanks Bakes. They both find balance iiwhtn the others voice. God’s voice. What I meant by that description is that God spoke through (not as) each one of them. The Prophet had been isolated and imbalanced in his relationship with people. He spoke to people strictly with anger/correction because He didn’t really want to interact with anyone. What I’m bringing out from his isolation that he could do not experience God’s love the way God wanted Him to by strictly being a one-man-show with God. However, he ended up finding God’s voice in an unlikely place. Should even a prophet find God’s voice in the sinful people? Or does his calling remove him from that? The City-Girl found balance through God speaking (through) the Prophet. She needed correction and direction and the Prophet gave it but this time He gave it out of empathy and not (just) judgment.The Brawn and I discussed Prophets last evening. Were OT Prophets, because of their calling, given special grace to be alone? Prophets don’t have best friends the Brawner. True, but did they have any sort of community or accountability iiwhtn there calling? Or was it just God and prophet. If they didn’t is it different now for people living iiwhtn the new covenant. Writing a parable is interesting. What is the point/richness in writing something so vague unless you’re an unknown author. That Shack guy got hell (and I’m not talking about Shaq-daddy but let’s be honest he got hell from Hakeem Olujawen) from pastors, interpreters, scholars and his book was an allegory. I’m not saying that book was spotless theology but people read into it a bit and even some saw it literally. It is much more likely that a message will be misinterpreted through this mode of storytelling than prose or something with explanation because of its vagueness. I wonder if it would be wise to give guidelines prior to a parable, telling to how to interpret and than let people know the interpretation will be given a few days later? I don’t know. Your thoughts Baker’s dozen.

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