Iran vs. Israel – Back to the Future

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  • we should bomb Israel and Larijani has cleirfiad that it is not our policy and certainly not militarily. What he meant was that the good will prevail on evil in the end. This is a Shiite Islam worldview and is not literal nor is it immediate. The shiite Imams were killed centuries ago and the Shiite Islam is still in hope of eventual victory over those who have usurped their rule. However, the nuclear technology is of far more strategic importance without even being used for weapon development. Iran has no nuclear weapons and it is agreed among experts that they are not yet building weapons. The point is that I feel that the question of weapon development will never become crucial as we are going to be bombed far before the capabality is matured.So the whole point is? Well, everyone can form his or her opinion on why a counry chooses to go down the road to destruction. It is not easy to figure this out and it needs considerable knowledge about the world and most importantly about the people who live in this world. I have formed my own ideas.In my current old age there are very few things that can impress me, but still it is pleasantly interesting to be treated to kind words, good cop,,, you know what, it is the right thing to do, just like the war itself.

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