05. 11. 2012

One nation under God? Not with Obama!

“If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” – Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan was likely one of the brightest Presidents ever to lead this nation. Twenty eight...

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01. 11. 2012

The First Resurrection

There is much speculation about the coming reign of Christ. The common understanding is that Jesus will return to earth and reign from the land of Jerusalem for a thousand years along with those...

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23. 10. 2012

Isaiah’s man of Five ‘I’s

We are excited to reveal our newest page. Inspired by the performance and words of Barack Hussein Obama during the debate on Monday night, we have pulled together our best attempt to simplify...

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17. 10. 2012

“No God but Allah?” or “No God is Allah?”

The following comments are in response to: Islam and Iran: Why Obama doesn’t get it Our view: By the mere submission of Obama to Allah, as is evidenced by the engraving on his ring, that...

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15. 10. 2012

Obama: From One Muslim to another “As-Salamu A’laykum”

In a time of dire uncertainty and great anxiety, our nation needs to be founded in a patriotic understanding of God and country. Such a foundation seems to have been set aside in recent years...

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11. 10. 2012

Because They Refused to Love the Truth

No matter who you are; no matter who you voted for; no matter who you had planned on voting for… the unfolding events in the last 24 hours are damning  and condemning to the...

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09. 10. 2012

Surprise, Surprise… an October Surprise

How many October surprises does it take before no one is surprised anymore? __________ Headlines 10/9/2012 From the horses mouth: “The U.S. representatives reminded the Iranians that President Obama has stood in front...

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08. 10. 2012

America… This is your king!

Barack Hussein Obama: “I am one of them.” http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#t=28 _________ Headline 10/9/2012 Obama’s ring: ‘There is no god but Allah’

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05. 10. 2012
Obama debate

United Are: CAIR – Obama – Muslim Brotherhood

Will America ever acknowledge who this man really is? Headlines 10/05/2012 __________ October Surprise? Obama secret Iran deal cut The Ulsterman Report:  Valerie Jarrett and The Muslim Brotherhood Jesse Jackson, Wright ‘arranged’ Obama marriage...

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23. 09. 2012

We’re close…

When ordinary men are given an extraordinary ability, how do they communicate such ability in a manner that does not come across as crazy? So far, we have failed to do so on a majority basis....

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