02. 01. 2012

When day has no dark of night

Headlines 1/2/2012 Persia… US sanctions on Iran’s central bank. Tehran has called this an act of war Iranian missile spin closes Hormuz for five hours Iran Test-Fires New Missiles Gomer… See, Damascus will...

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22. 12. 2011

Over the river Euphrates comes Islam, the kings from the East

Headlines 12/22/2011 ┬áDon’t Stop at Iraq: Why the U.S. Should Withdraw From the Entire Persian Gulf This will be a divided kingdom, the people will be a mixture and will not remain united...

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16. 12. 2011

“Democracy is the power of the people”

 Headlines 12/16/2011 Syrian Defectors Kill 27 Soldiers Syria deploys Russian anti-sea missiles on coast, Scuds on Turkish border Iran reports all its nuclear installations now underground Hamas renews call for the end of...

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