22. 11. 2015

Who and/or What are Muslims?

Quite simply, Muslims are men and women who follow the teaching of a single prophet. They are disciples of Muhammad. Invented as a religion and a category of people, Muhammad and his followers...

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01. 03. 2012

Carney: Israeli military action threatens greater instability in the region

Headlines 3/1/2012 Israel maintains that Washington’s Iran policy can be summed up as “shifting red lines,” enabling Tehran to jump its nuclear program forward Pentagon prepares “aerial refueling” for Israeli planes striking Iran...

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04. 02. 2012

The Devil

Headlines 2/4/2012 Today’s headline is the new page listed in the header called The Devil… Persia with all of its troops, hordes and nations – Eze 38:5 Americans talk about an Israeli strike...

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31. 12. 2011
Taliban fighters in pakistan

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Headlines 12/30/2011 Sheba, Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish get more planes Saudis Buy $30 Billion in U.S. Jets Egypt will not escape Egypt Raids Condemned Qur’an 9:60 – …to free the captives...

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14. 12. 2011
Muslim women

Beheaded Men, Rising Peaks, and an Intelligent Israel

Headlines 12/12/2011 I Saw the Souls of Those Who Had Been Beheaded Saudi Woman Beheaded for Sorcery The Tops of the Mountains Become More Evident Obama Hails ‘New Day’ In Iraq Taliban: In...

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06. 12. 2011
Multiple launch rockets

God’s people Israel stands alone – just like He said they would

Headlines 12/06/2011 The People Will Be a Mixture and Will Not Remain United Kabul Blast Kills Dozens Car Bomb Kills 4 Near Egyptian Embassy in Somalia Something Like a Huge Mountain, All Ablaze, Was...

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