22. 11. 2015

Who and/or What are Muslims?

Quite simply, Muslims are men and women who follow the teaching of a single prophet. They are disciples of Muhammad. Invented as a religion and a category of people, Muhammad and his followers...

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22. 11. 2015

UNREPENTANT by Ronald B. Stetton

Now available at Amazon UNREPENTANT compares the many biblical prophecies about the false prophet to the statements made by Muhammad and his “Allah” with the Qur’an and A Manual of Hadith. Utilizing these...

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22. 11. 2015
We can only recognize Muhammad by his actions

Who was Muhammad?

Using Isaiah to record His words, God mocks Muhammad as Lucifer who fell from heaven. In His exact words, Isaiah testifies as to God’s mockery of Muhammad: Muhammad has done this very thing....

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06. 05. 2014

Bitter is sweet, evil is good & darkness is light

Explained at Breitbart.com is the article linked below. It is the utmost in vulgarities when speaking of today’s religious idiocy and the falsehoods and lies which were promised to follow Jesus’ Teaching. Islam...

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01. 03. 2012

Carney: Israeli military action threatens greater instability in the region

Headlines 3/1/2012 Israel maintains that Washington’s Iran policy can be summed up as “shifting red lines,” enabling Tehran to jump its nuclear program forward Pentagon prepares “aerial refueling” for Israeli planes striking Iran...

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29. 02. 2012
syria baba amr

Hezbollah: the whole region will be set alight

Headlines 2/29/2012 Taqiyya… Iran: No Nuclear Activity at Site See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins – Isaiah 17:1 Hillary: Assad Could Be War Criminal...

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15. 02. 2012

“Sunni and Shia… will agree on one thing: destroy Israel”

 Headlines 2/15/2012 Persia… Ezekiel 38:5 Iran Oil Exports To 6 European Countries Stopped, State TV Reports U.S. military told to prepare for Iran ops The man who says, “I know him,” but does...

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31. 12. 2011
Taliban fighters in pakistan

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Headlines 12/30/2011 Sheba, Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish get more planes Saudis Buy $30 Billion in U.S. Jets Egypt will not escape Egypt Raids Condemned Qur’an 9:60 – …to free the captives...

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29. 12. 2011

Why the fire? Because men worship and serve other gods…

Headlines 12/29/2011 From the east I summon a bird of prey – Persia, Cush (East Africa) and Put (North Africa) will be with them U.S., Israel Discuss Triggers for Bombing Iran’s Nuclear Infrastructure U.S....

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27. 12. 2011
Pakistan crush America

Islam: ‘religious freedom’ is an oxymoron

Headlines 12/26/2011 So says the man whose administration just gave Iraq back to the Destroyer Taliban Welcome Biden’s ‘Not our Enemy’ Remark Afghanistan Funeral Suicide Bombing: At Least 19 Killed In Northern Takhar...

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